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So here is a look at the Genome science building. This is one of the most modern buildings here on campus. It's not like the traditional brick buildings like you can see that our beside it, uh, it really stands out on campus. Everyone knows about genome. There's other holes you could talk about like, Where is that? What's that? But if you say, Do you know? Everyone knows what you're talking about. A lot of the science classes take place in here, and then a lot of the science professors have their office is in the upper levels of genome. I had a psychology class here, but there are a lot of other science classes and labs and things that take place in here. And like I talked about, the bell tower you can hear is actually going off right now, so that means it is definitely the fifteenth of So this is my friend Peyton, and she is going to talk to you guys about her experience here at Carolina. Hi, I'm Peyton from a suburb of Chicago, and I'm a sophomore here at Carolina. I chose to come to come here because of the balance and had I wanted a big school with much people in me. I want a Greek life. I want a good academics, but also like big sports teams and just active student body. And my major is in business with a minor in computer science, all right, and so can you kind of like, describe to us just like the typical student body here at Carolina? Well, I think there's a lot of different types of students. There's people who are really into the school work and people who aren't as much. I think everyone is involved in something, and there's always people who are trying to, like, do this club like five different clubs focusing on school. But they also like to go out. So I think people who like to have balance in their life it makes a social, academic and active things to do. Okay, And then what is your favorite and least everything about Carolina. Uh, my favorite thing is I'm never bored. I'm always very busy. Whether it's going Teo Random sport event, like gymnastics or fencing or going like a Carolina women in business, meaning there's always something to dio My least favorite part is how no. The business school's really far from campus of, you know, a car kind of sex, and there's no parking and parking get set. All right, thanks. Now I am standing in the upper quad, which is called Poke Place, and straight ahead you can see is the Wilson Library. And then to the right is Di Hall, Gardener Hall, Haines Hall. And then to the left is, um, Murphy, Carolina Hall. And in the steel building, which is the home to academic advising, you could make appointments their economic advisors at any time. And then this is the South building, which is home to Chancellor Carol Full. So if ever you want to try and make it a point to the chancellor, that is where you can find her. And then this flagpole, it's kind of interesting. It's called We called the Smokers Pole because it is the only place on campus where you're actually allowed to smoke. You have to be like, within certain feet are certain feat away from a building on DH. So that is the only place on campus that actually needs those requirements. So between classes, um, you will actually see a bunch of students over there at the five pole smoking cigarettes, which I think is kind of gross. But I rather them do it over there than like Okay, introduce yourself and explain why you chose your school. OK? My name's Camille and I chose you see? Because obviously it is best school in the nation's not, like a biased, and but of course the academics here are excellent. And the athletics here. So fun, eh? Just the community. Awesome. Describe the student body at your school, the student body here. Super inclusive and just very understanding. It doesn't matter what background you come from. Uh, you'll always find people here to make you feel like what's your major and describe its academic climate. I'm majoring in business, and the academics here are definitely tougher than high school. But well, cause you to grow in ways that you never would have expected. Uh, and just the teacher and teachers and staff here, like, really invested in the students, which I never would have expected coming to such a large university. But they really care about each one of us and helping us learn and get where we need to be in life. What's your favorite? At least they were part of your school. And why My favorite part of UNC is definitely the people here. I've met some awesome. Get? Um, Hey, guys, I'm saying you see, I'm suffering Quincy. Um, so I may dream advertising entrepreneur. Uh, so I think this out of here is definitely very dieter's, which is awesome because you get to interact with a lot of people that maybe I wouldn't otherwise, um, kind of and in a very, you know, close environment, uh, coming from I'm so experienced cries and isn't being able to interact with different people spent almost done, um, and just learning about their stories. I would probably say my fear part about Nancy. The community here, um, it's really been just in awesome. A group of girls who really of the Lord in. Yeah, it's just been really great meeting people, Oliver the country and just really getting to know them on it. Um, and then I would probably say my least favorite part about UNC It's pretty intense school in all respects, whether that be academics are socially. Um, yeah, it's very sensitive. Pretty third place cut their place, but it really is awesome. Um, enough. Gribble of It's much more over the past couple years. Just being in trouble. Hill, uh, being a school that has so much school spirit and just I really love and wanna see their people are growing drive has been awesome. Many with Rachel and I chose you and C because it was just a really good opportunity, and it was close to my where I'm from, and I just felt like it was my best option. So describe the student body at your school, Um, I would say a lot of try hards. Everyone here, everyone that goes here is they're smart, you know, Everyone that goes here is from a place where they're used to getting good grades and everyone's like, ready to be really good at what they do here. And then we'll get here. We're just kind of like, well, love smart people here. What's your major? And described the academic climate around it. I'm an undecided major, but I was accepted as a physics major. Eso are more stem than anything else, and that is a really hard field here at UNC. There's a lot of stigma around it being very challenging, which is entirely true. Um, but needless to say, nonstop majors are also equal. Glee is difficult. What's your favorite and least favorite part of your school? And why? Uh, the best part about human see is it's cold like support for basketball. I wouldn't say that's like the best best part because there's some great things about it. But basketball season is truly magical, and I recommend going to as many names as possible. But probably the worst part is putting in more effort into your academics and you ever have before and not getting results. Um, it's a lot of learning about how you learn best to be honest. All right, guys, this is my friend Trinity, and she is going to tell you guys about her experience here at Chapel Hill. All right, you guys. So, like she said, my name is Trinity Turlington. I am from Orlando, Florida, and I'm a first year here at the University of North Carolina. I initially came here primarily for the J school, and that is my major median journalism major with the double and management of society. That's awesome. Um, okay. So can you tell us a little bit about the overall, like campus community here at Chapel Hill? Yes. So, as I'm sure I think the mains you nobody here. I can't think. Can't agree with this that we have a very diverse campus. Not only that face value, but we have strong academics, drunks for a strong community on. We all just have a similar goal of trying to make the world just a little bit of a better place. That's awesome. And so can you tell me your favorite and least favorite part about this university? Yes. So I think my favorite part is definitely like I said, that diversity that we have it's fairly easy to find a balance. Of course, it is challenging here, but they provide you a stony different resource is and help you along the way of ensuring that you're very well rounded. That's my favorite part. The beautiful campus is an additional bonus, but my least favorite part is that we cannot double major and double liner. I think a lot of people here Carolina would love that, Even, you know, fifth year seniors. Fun with your senior. That's my choice. You know, I wish we weren't limited to that, but I understand they want us to graduate on time. Well, thank you so much, Trinity. Okay, so right now it is eleven O'clock, Major run lunge, rush hour. So as you can see, there are a lot of lines formed and people are waiting to get lunch so you could get sued. Sorry, men, A deli place or theirs? Over here. We have other three options. One five Chick fil A. There even tell it is like super crowded in here, so you can get there, pay them a card, or you can page have swipes on your stoop count. And so you check out lines here. There's a lot of seating options over there that appears. This is the top of your dining room, so that's like a normal, like Catholic Syria, where they have, like all you can eat on. These students are just swiping in, and then they take the escalator up top. And that's where there are in this food options. And so, as you can see, it's super duper crowded right now. But this is where most people come to eat. We have a choir in her singing. So, yeah, this is where a lot of people come, ian between classes, but it's right in the heart of Everyone. This is the old Well, this is definitely the most well known monument here on Tapajos campus. You've ever been to like any of the UNC websites or see any advertisement? Most likely, you have seen the old well, or you've at least heard of its stories. So it is an actual, like, water fountain. Uh, I'll show you guys, but, um, legend has it if you drink out of the old well on the first day of the new semester, Um, so see into the water, but that if you drink out of it that you will get a four point knows that semester. Um, I tried it the very first. Messer didn't work out for me, but I know a lot of kids that have had luck, and they they swear by it. So in the old well, you can see calm is and everything. And this is a great place to come and take pictures. Especially like for formals in the spring. If you're dressed up and then behind the old while you can see is the lower quadrant. McCorkell place. Um, so, these air, like some classroom buildings, that's a residence hall. Um, and just things around it. I normally don't have classes over here. There's also like like the visitor center over in the corner and like certain, like, specialty buildings and stuff here in the lower quad on DH. Um, I went back to my dorm. Now I am going to stop by Rams, which is the South Campus dining hall. If you're under a campus, you're gonna want to goto. Nor if you're on South campus you're wanting, you're gonna want to go to Rams just because of distance. It's a lot closer. Um, in my opinion, Lin or the throat is a little bit better. But if you're on campus and don't feel like trekking ten, fifteen minutes, Eleanor Ramses. Definitely a good option for you. We're going to head over there. Check it out. What? You guys kind of see what is raises. Also smaller than London. Or with Eleanor. There is a top of the north, and there's also a bottle of wine or the top of the. Nor is the dining hall. Bottom of Lenore is all like different Russia on Save Subway, Mediterranean Deli Chick fil A Sushi Nara. Stuff like that. Rams is just simply a dining hall, but bottom Ram. There's a Ram's market, which is kind of a gas station working. I'm so I'm sure you