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All right, So this next video is goingto outline the Reaper Thomas dining hall, or the way we referred to it on campus to the rot. Um, there's a lot of good food options that you'll be able to see in the video, but I like I'm going to say in the video, I highly suggest that you come here to campus to experience it yourself. Um, we were voted the best dining home, the nation two years in a row of a couple of years ago, actually. So if that doesn't tell you how the food is here, I don't know what else will. But here is the dining hall. All right, guys. So this is inside the main dining hall on campus. Uh, you have a lot of options in this place. I suggest you come here and experience it for yourself, but I will out lots from the more important places. Um, the most important to me is the sushi that's over there beside global fusion, which is in front of me right now. I'm really creative sushi, and it's really good. And I suggest that you all eat sushi anyway. So, um, the dining home has a lot of options. As I said, there's the drink options right there, but you can get anything from a burrito to a salad. Two cheeseburgers that you make yourself chicken patties. Um, see Oriental foods like Chinese Japanese food. There's pizza and pasta, as well as a custom pasta bar in the very back right corner of the rot. Um, and then there's also a great dessert section, which you're going to see in a second. But at the desert sexually, you like ice cream made to order and stuff like that. There's a cereal bar right there, which is also an awesome feature, as well as the breads over to the right right there. So as far as the meal plan works, you Khun get either the basic plan or the plus plan. If you're on campus, the basic plan gains you entry into the rock at all times. But you know you have to go on Lee once every hour. Um, but the plus plan allows you to get different food options that all the dining locations on campus where the basic plan you could only get some options, but, uh so yeah, that explains the rot and the, uh, meal plan. So thank you guys for tuning All right, guys, say hey to Connie. She's helping me out. She lives in my hall. So go ahead and introduce yourself and, er, why you came The liberty. Okay, I'm Connie Frankovic. And I came to liberty because I just fell in love with the atmosphere. Assumes I came here for see fall, and I just realized that it was such a welcoming and fun community where I could just talk about my faith so easily. Just relate to people in that way through the gospel and through what they believe in. Just talk about Jesus and saw him and every aspect of my life. Cool. So what is your least favorite? And your most favorite thing about liberty? Um, my most everything is that is just like I said, a community and it's really good has really good leadership, and resource is available for any of your needs. On my least favorite thing is that it's really like a bubble, and you don't really get as much exposure to other believes and other. Yeah, believes in something cool. Um, so how would you describe the student body? Like the people you meet here? Um, super friendly and outgoing and open about everything and super approachable. Nice. All right. Thank you, Connie. Okay, So another kind of confusing mix up is that right here is the student union and over here is the student union. But if I walk down this way I am now in DeMoss, so it's like two buildings in one. But student unions just kind of like a place to hang out. That's where some like food places are. You get to eat, chill, do whatever the moss is more of the academic building, and I'm going to take you up to probably the fourth floor, and I'll show you what classroom hallway looks like. So just got off the elevator and I'm gonna walking through the path that I take to my site cross you nice decorations around. It's not a super exciting hallway, You know, it's just like this is where they're also math classes, this building. So it's not my favorite place, you know? Understandable. But you just got classrooms. We'll make sure that nobody's in here. Shoot. It's locked. No, it is the weekend. So some classrooms are open, but some are also closed. Uh, and I can show you the department of psychology, too. Okay, let's see. No, but I guess you could see him. That's nice. Like ten costs room. Very cool and exciting. I know is the best part of the tour. Um, anyway, so this is where Department psychology. That's where I meet with my advisor. And that's where we pick out my classes for up next semester, next year or anything. Let's see. I want to show you like a smaller classroom and not so small. Let's try it again. But, uh, yeah. This is where I spent most of my academic days, because this is where the psych department is and currently a freshman. So I'm just taking Janet. So culture general studies down there, you let's go somewhere a lot more exciting. Let's go to the rooftop. This is it, guys? I found a small classroom. This is probably where you'd have, like, a foreign language class because, you know a spend yours a lot easier with, you know, twenty, maybe twenty five of you, Father, rather than, like, you know, three hundred. All right, guys. So these next couple clippers going to showcase just some of the classrooms that air here at Liberty University and what you can expect from the size of the classrooms and just how many people will fit in the classroom, I put it in the video. I put in one large classroom and one smaller classroom that's typically the size range of the classrooms. There's not really any in between, because either you're going to be in classes that everyone in your major is taking, which are more of the introductory classes. Or you're going to be taking the higher up classes of up above three hundred level classes like I'm in and you're going to be in the smaller rooms because there's less students that are taking that class than the introductory courses, because the introductory courses sometimes cover many of the majors that air here at the school. So a bunch of people from a bunch of different majors take the same class, and therefore this just a bunch of people taking the same classes. They have to be in the bigger rooms. So I'll show you one main lecture hall and one of the classrooms. So here you go. All right, guys. So this and here's what a typical lecture hall looks like. Uh, as you can see, there's a lot of chairs in here, so these are for, like, introductory class is that a bunch of the freshmen are going to be taking. I actually took creation studies in this classroom, but as you can see, there are a lot of chairs in here. I am on the fourth floor currently. So if you ever take class on the fourth floor, this is probably gonna be one of the lecture halls that you will be it. But let's go take a look at some of the smaller classrooms that I actually got to. Okay, so this is one of the smaller classrooms here, my voice echoing a little bit in here. But as you can see, the teacher stands right there. And there's two white boards on both sides with a drop down projector right there. So this is where when you get up in your major, you're more specific classes. You three hundred four hundred level classes. This is typically the size of the classroom that you'LL be in. Once you get up higher in your degree. Good morning of its Abby and more again on our way to breakfast at the rock. Um, we're running kind of late because way have room checks on Monday. Wednesday, Friday, your girl was not prepared at O, So that took a while. Um, but, yeah, we're just going to breakfast, and then we're going to go to a first class. It is currently, like eight. Thirty eight, forty nine eight. Forty nine in the morning. I woke up at, like, eight. Twenty. It's on its college life. All right, guys, way just got out of her nine twenty class New Testament. And now we're waiting in a combo wide convo. We have three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday toward it is mandatory. You get one skip a semester, but it's pretty good. Yes. Okay, so what complication is way? Have worship to start off with worship, collective love them. And then we have these world leaders now thinkers just people have great influence. Come in, talk to us. They share their stories, their testimonies and just ideas. That kind of just impact the student body. It's really cool. It's just right now. There's this. Well, I guess the lines a little bit shorter now, but it goes, Oh, back. Just security measures, you know, trying to keep us safe. But, yeah, we're going into this dome building that looks like Epcot, but it's called the Vine Center and No, All right, guys. Right now I'm in a triple room on East. I live in a double, which means there's two people, but a triple means that there are three people living in the same room. I actually lived in a triple my first year, but I found that there wasn't a lot of room for all the stuff that I had, especially being a twit streamer. I had a lot of cables and a lot of wires that I had to keep up with, so I opted to go for a two person room my second year, and I've never looked back. But to go on more into detail about the three person room, it's just like the two person room. The only thing is, you know, there's the bed here. There's a bed here in a bed here. The difference with this bed, though, is underneath. Here is a loft, so if you look down here, this is the loft down here. You can basically put another desk down there. You could put your dressers in there. This is what the three person closet looks like. It's a walk in that's a little bit bigger than mine in the double, so there's more room for the third person. Have their stuff in the room. Um, see the bathroom in here. Go happens also a little bit bigger. A CZ. You can see there's a thing. And the mirror There's the toilet again. Home. All right. S o. Yeah, There's There are different options on east. Um, typically, there just the two person, three person. Yeah, that's my side of campus. Uh, if you guys want me to, I can go overto another part of campus and do videos in there because I know some people that live on one of the comments on the hill and all of them in terms of price, East seems to be the more affordable option. Um, it's definitely not the cheapest by any standard, but it's also far away from the most expensive option. I think the room I live in, I pay about twenty two ninety per semester, and with the triple, it's about eighteen ninety. So it's really affordable. If you're not looking to spend a lot of money, the Commons is, surprisingly the most expensive option. So just let you guys know that little tidbit. I'm actually gonna be registering for a housing here soon, so hopefully I'll be able Teo, get where I want to be, which is right in the same room. I showed you guys now for next year. Yeah, guys, that's the triple room. Just a few. Just an example of some of the different options around campus. The triple room with three people. I would recommend it if you're just getting here and you want to be more sociable. It's a good way to do that. I know all three of the guys that live in this room, and they're great guys. Uh, one of them's really obsessed with Nintendo over there. He's got a switch and the peek atyou thing over there, so that's pretty cool. So, yeah, I'd recommend that for social. And if you're looking for more space later on, move into the double. So yeah, thank us for watching. I'll see in the next video. Uh, be sure to look into other housing options before you come, though, because this might not. This may seem like a good fit for you, and then you get here and it might not be. I also recommend coming to college for a weekend to truly find out what places you might want to stay in like you've seen me go over the East rooms. But you might want to stay somewhere on like the Hill or Commons or even South Tower or South campus have the quads. Um, there's just a few little tips that I have for you guys, So I'll see in All right. We're inside the mosque now. Uh, I'm just gonna show you guys one of my favorite places in here, which is the computer lab. Uh, I don't have to be quiet when I go in here, though, because there's a lot of people that are typically working on stuff. So I'll talk to you guys in there. All right, guys. So this is your lab that's on the second floor of the marsh. This is another one of my favorite places to come and hang out. Uh, as you can see, there's a bunch of PC computers lining the rows of the computer lab itself. I usually come here to do work sometimes. Uh, have my own laptop. I don't really have to go here. Is often some other students right there. Some printers. You can actually print out a bunch of stuff for your work. Uh, while you're waiting, I also got a lab to just hang out, and, uh, I actually play a game called scribble dot i Oh, that's actually really fine right now we're heading to the back of the student union. I'Ll mention this more later, but this is the threshold between Dumas and mob you were in Ma be right now, Uh, these are some of the elevators to the left that can take you to the different floors of the student union. Another place I really like to hang out is the game room, which is right in here. Um, as you can see, they have different systems. A lot of other people playing different systems. Xboxes, PS, fours. There's also a pool table, a ping pong tables. It's a really cool place to go and hang out and really just get away from the whole busy lifestyle of academics and studying. All right, guys. So another really cool spot I like to hang out in is a place called Argo T. It's inside the moss. They have the best. Like I don't even know how to say it. Like artisan tease. I usually get apple hibiscus tea. But this next clip is going to show you guys me walking down the hallway in the mob. You student union, which is behind the moss and I will walk into the ark ot lounge. And now in this area you'LL see there's some chairs and tables all around it. Student activities on campus actually holds a lot of events in the lounge, like open mic night. I've actually participated over magnet before I actually have a ukulele, and I get up there and I've sung like, name songs from, like, All Star I mean, from Shrek the song All Star by smash mouth, which was really fun to do. Um, so yeah, here is Argo and the back side of the mosque. The Mon Vieux student union. All right, guys. So this is the, uh, the inner session between, uh, the Moss and the student union. That's the blackboard over their student activities. Usually has some kind of, like survey that they put over there and people can write on the boards. Uh, this is the official, like threshold into Mont View the back. Yeah, right here. They haven't tiem as well as, uh, the newsstand for the champion school newspaper. Uh, right here when I take a left and go into the Argo Tea Cafe over to the left. There were some goons city for a while around here, The actual space, What they have on my night, Uh, you'LL see the back wall once we hand over the back wall with the TV on it, that's where open Mike. And that's the cafe. It's so, uh, cafe has a lot of options in terms of tea. Uh, this is actually a way to go out from the side of democracy, But going back Teo Argo it's one of my favorite places to hang out because number one that he's great open Mike nights. Great. And it's really just a quiet place that you could get away and you could you can typically study and also just hang out with friends. So that was Argo and, uh, thanks for let me Hey, came Israel. My name is Noah Mayhew, and I'm a student at Liberty University. I am in my third year, but I'm classified as a senior. I had some credits that came in before actually came to liberty. I'm excited to take you guys along on a tour of Liberty University. Uh, hope you guys are excited. So Liberty University is a campus that has about ten thousand residential students. It's a campus that's really packed all the time. It's really big people here. Great, typically their scene, you know, walking around like right here. That's the library down there. Um, typically gathered around there were the vine center behind me that you can't really see. There it is right there. So that's where convocations held, which is where typically, you see most of the students. Typically, students are lounging around having fun, but they also take their studies very seriously. Just a couple things like stereotypes about Liberty University that many people aren't really aware of. There's a common stigma out there that Liberty students are trump supporters. And while the majority of that is true, there are people who don't support Trump here not to make it political or anything, because, you know we need to be unified as a country and not divisive. But I just wanna go ahead and clear that up because a lot of people just disregard liberty because of, uh, President Jerry Falwell Jr in his stance. Uh, not everyone at liberty is that Trump's for so we're just gonna get that out of the way now. Just so you guys are aware of that, I myself support Trump, but I support more of what he's done while he's been in office than the stuff that he's done out of office, you know, but aside from that, Liberty University is a great place to be. I'm excited to take you guys on a tour, and I really hope that you watched all the videos that are in my tour. Sorry, there's a light. There's a lot of construction that goes on here. Also, which is where I am behind. I'm in front of a blue blue taped panel thing. Um, because they're actually expanding the vine center. Believe it or not, we're gonna have, like, an actual basketball stadium, which is cool. But thank you guys for tuning in. And I really hope you get a lot out of my tour. Thank you. So something I forgot to mention, uh, my favorite part of Liberty University is probably it's community. As I mentioned in the first part of the introduction video, all the people here are really nice. And if you're having a bad day, they'LL try to, like, smile your way, send a smile your way Send an encouraging word. I was actually in the dining hall, They have a day and this random girl that I had never seen before She turns around after getting a drink at one of the drink machines and she turn to me and she said, I hope you have a great day which I think is awesome. Toa have campus like this, especially with the Christian environment. You know, all centers are depraved and some encouragement really goes a long way. And I think that's really cool. My least favorite part is probably the stigma that's around the campus itself. I've had some issues with some of the things that the leadership of the school have done. But, you know, I'm not knocking them at all, because, I mean, that's their personal opinions and how? How they think the school should be run. So I can't fault them for that. But yeah, those are my favorite things about liberty and my least favorite things, so thanks again. Hey, guys. So I'm gonna take you on a tour of my dorm room right now. I live on East campus one seventy four in the double rooms. So double basically is is that there's one person here and the one person here. This is my bed. It's not made. I don't make my bed. It's fine. Um, so other parts of the dorm, uh, in here. This is our bathroom. I got my Star Wars. Uh, shower curtain. It's pretty cool. This's the mirror. Then this sink area. Funny thing is, Mr, this is my stuff. My roommate stuff is underneath in the drawers below here, each dorm room comes outfit with the toilet, which is very good saying, because, you know, humans use the bathroom. Uh, I'm not gonna go further into that, but this is like the basic room area. This is my desk right here. I actually stream on twitch in my spare time. So I've got my computer over here for TV, and then my expires. Uh, see, there's the window. It's not really that free of you. I kind of see outside a little bit. We've got the view of a bike rack and an air conditioning unit. Uh, my piano here and I'm underneath the bed. There's a storage. I've got quite a bit of stuff here because I just got back from Beach, See? And then there's the closet. Each room comes with a closet as well. This is my roommate stuff out of. Here's my stuff. I've got a lot of games as you can see and mind. My stuff's pretty cluttered right now, but that poster actually fell down, so I had to put it there for a little bit. Now that clothes that don't go in my my clothes, George. Yeah, I'm going to clean it up later, All right, so that's basically the whole dorm room. Uh, you can customize a bunch of stuff in here like you can hang up posters like I have a cold plate poster on my hockey poster. But the only thing about customizing your dorm is that you can't damage the wall in any way like I have a calendar right here and it's got the thumb tack in it. That's it about the most you can do to the dorms. I mean, you can put up like the command strips. We have command strips and stuff like that by three m and actually think this is cool. This is my room mates, Captain America Shield. Anyway, you can Ah, you really customize your dorm room to your liking as long as you're not destroying the walls, which I think goes without saying, because then you'd have to pay money if you destroy the wall, which I don't think it's fun. But yeah, that's my dorm room. So thank you guys for watching the video. Um, move on to the next video to hear something