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Thinking about Liberty University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Liberty University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Liberty University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Liberty University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Liberty University experience. These Liberty University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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All right, So this next video is goingto outline the Reaper Thomas dining hall, or the way we referred to it on campus to the rot. Um, there's a lot of good food options that you'll be able to see in the video, but I like I'm going to say in the video, I highly suggest that you come here to campus to experience it yourself. Um, we were voted the best dining home, the nation two years in a row of a couple of years ago, actually. So if that doesn't tell you how the food is here, I don't know what else will. But here is the dining hall. All right, guys. So this is inside the main dining hall on campus. Uh, you have a lot of options in this place. I suggest you come here and experience it for yourself, but I will out lots from the more important places. Um, the most important to me is the sushi that's over there beside global fusion, which is in front of me right now. I'm really creative sushi, and it's really good. And I suggest that you all eat sushi anyway. So, um, the dining home has a lot of options. As I said, there's the drink options right there, but you can get anything from a burrito to a salad. Two cheeseburgers that you make yourself chicken patties. Um, see Oriental foods like Chinese Japanese food. There's pizza and pasta, as well as a custom pasta bar in the very back right corner of the rot. Um, and then there's also a great dessert section, which you're going to see in a second. But at the desert sexually, you like ice cream made to order and stuff like that. There's a cereal bar right there, which is also an awesome feature, as well as the breads over to the right right there. So as far as the meal plan works, you Khun get either the basic plan or the plus plan. If you're on campus, the basic plan gains you entry into the rock at all times. But you know you have to go on Lee once every hour. Um, but the plus plan allows you to get different food options that all the dining locations on campus where the basic plan you could only get some options, but, uh so yeah, that explains the rot and the, uh, meal plan. So thank you guys for tuning All right, guys. So these next couple clippers going to showcase just some of the classrooms that air here at Liberty University and what you can expect from the size of the classrooms and just how many people will fit in the classroom, I put it in the video. I put in one large classroom and one smaller classroom that's typically the size range of the classrooms. There's not really any in between, because either you're going to be in classes that everyone in your major is taking, which are more of the introductory classes. Or you're going to be taking the higher up classes of up above three hundred level classes like I'm in and you're going to be in the smaller rooms because there's less students that are taking that class than the introductory courses, because the introductory courses sometimes cover many of the majors that air here at the school. So a bunch of people from a bunch of different majors take the same class, and therefore this just a bunch of people taking the same classes. They have to be in the bigger rooms. So I'll show you one main lecture hall and one of the classrooms. So here you go. All right, guys. So this and here's what a typical lecture hall looks like. Uh, as you can see, there's a lot of chairs in here, so these are for, like, introductory class is that a bunch of the freshmen are going to be taking. I actually took creation studies in this classroom, but as you can see, there are a lot of chairs in here. I am on the fourth floor currently. So if you ever take class on the fourth floor, this is probably gonna be one of the lecture halls that you will be it. But let's go take a look at some of the smaller classrooms that I actually got to. Okay, so this is one of the smaller classrooms here, my voice echoing a little bit in here. But as you can see, the teacher stands right there. And there's two white boards on both sides with a drop down projector right there. So this is where when you get up in your major, you're more specific classes. You three hundred four hundred level classes. This is typically the size of the classroom that you'LL be in. Once you get up higher in your degree. This is the lowest level of the library. The terrorist level. And what's really neat about liberty is that it is really focusing on research. Was here a lot of, well, all the freshmen and sophomores, how to take research causes, but now it's really good, actually, three. Get to come, Teo. All different sections of the library figure out what we need. Lots of resource is here. Honestly, no. So they're people doing a group project in there. But there are so many databases, so many books here that students get to use. It is where I really like to study because it helps a lot. But like a hotel, any normal library Hi, guys. What's up? This area? Welcome back to my channel. Okay, so today and in my car, I have my phone and we're going to be having a little college chat. So today's video is gonna be all about advice that I would give my freshman self or give you buzz if you guys really Frenchmen in college. So I'm also just gonna be answering some questions that you guys have given me about college and about liberty and about my major and everything for you guys who don't follow me on instagram. I definitely recommend it because I do like questions on my story and us much hands to ask a question. If he carries about something and I will respond to it in a video, starting off with the first question, I got this one a lot. And it was How did you know that your school is the right school for you. So I got a Liberty University. I'm gonna be a sophomore. I already finished my freshman year. And so the story is I didn't know that my school is right over me until three weeks before school started. I don't even know I wanted to go to college until, like senior year. But, junior, I did apply to seven schools. I think I have a video up about my college decisions and acceptance process Island Get down below. And I just talked about the schools I applied to. I got into all of them except I was weightless it for Virginia attack. So it was cool. Excited, a lot of options. But it was also complicated cause I just didn't know what I was looking for in a school. And then I started to, like, narrow things down about what I liked about certain schools, why I did it. I did a lot of touring. I learned that I like schools that are bigger. I like like a bigger student body. I like schools that are involved in extracurricular activities like I like when they have, like, a football team or they have like athletics, and they have a lot of clubs, and I like that They have Christian organizations on some campuses, so that was just like some things I thought about to narrow down my choices. But then when it came to, like, find out the right fit for school for me, Ultimately, the way that I made my decision was God, because I also chose this one school for just not the best reasons. The reason why I shouldn't have chosen at school and I did it for the wrong reasons was it wasn't cause I like the school comfortable there or like I could really see myself there was because I was too scared to go to any other school because I thought it was my best chance to succeed. So it was just basically based off of me being fearful for my future and not trusting God. And I don't know. Right before I left for that school, I just got really anxious and I was like, I literally cannot go to that school. I just don't think that it's right for me and I prayed about it. I wanted to go to the Christian schools. I was looking at three a Christian schools and Liberty was one of them, and I didn't think it was an option for me to go to liberty. I thought, like I would have to wait a year then transferring, but I just didn't know. So I got it. This is your will for me to go to look pretty, make it really know, like, allow me to go to this semester because it's not like I'm gonna look other schools and I don't think liberty will be the Christians will end up. And then I spent an email asking if I could still, like, go to their school. Even the school's about to start in three weeks, and I'm sure all the crosses and the housing and everything was closed. I'm an email like an hour later, and it was like, I know you were still accepted. You have scholarships waiting for you. There's housing and classes open and then literally within the next hours, off for school. So it was so easy that I just kind of knew that I was the right school for me and then being there on campus, too, and like no other people I know having experiences I've had, I definitely see that it is the right school for me because I feel like it is my home away from home. I feel comfortable and I love my major love, my friends and my classes. They're so also here's thing Thio. If your school is not the right school for you. Transferring its very easy. And it is very common and normal, and a lot of people don't think it is. But it is because a lot of people will find out that the school is not how I thought itwas or it's not a good match or they won't teach the major. Whatever it is, it is common in normal, and it does happen. So it is not something to be afraid of, too. If that happens to you, this employee is spelled a t about the Liberty Boys. Ella. Well, okay, girl, honest. Guilty about the college boys in general. So this one is really funny because I honestly need to hear this before I went to school. Ah, lot of people expect just because you're in a college campus and everyone is an adult that the boys were 70 like, 10 times better than like marriage material. And that you're gonna find your dream husband and a lot of girls. You're going to look good evening like we like. Let me my husband I'm gonna burst your bubble. A lot of the boys that you knew in high school are so going to your school and just like you, they really haven't changed yet. You only haven't seen them for a few months and they might not be the same boy that you went to high school with. But they're like a representation of them, and one difference is they have is that now they grow. Moustache is. But besides that, they're still the same maturity level, emotional awareness and sensibility as high school boys. They're just like a few months older. I'm not saying that there aren't really great guys on campus, but I'm just saying that especially as a freshman, the freshmen boys were still very similar to high school boys. So be aware, and also you need to learn that just because a person is a good guy I mean, he is a great guy for you, and that is something that I've learned this year because there's a lot of people that I do love. But way were dating. Now just be a match. Next push in that I got is what was your biggest fear before coming to college. My days here was not making any friends or not feeling like I fit, and I have like a preconceived notion of how my school was before I went there. And also I was like, I don't have just not used to making friends in high school special. When you're seeing here, you can have the same friends that you've known for like a four years band. We're like a three year span or you've known them for at least some time. And in college it's just a complete fresh new star. And I didn't really know anyone at my school that, like I was friends with the new people. But we weren't friends, were just like an acquaintance says That was something that was nerve racking to like many people and make friends. But honestly, especially a college people are so like welcoming to friendships. And they want to get to know people like people want to get to know you and make friends because they're all in the same boat as you. So that was something that definitely went away when I went to school. Even though you attended Christian University, do you still feel any social pressures of college? Oh my gosh, Yes, people have this misconception that just because of the pretty is a Christian college doesn't mean that we don't have college issues is called stressful. Is it fun? Okay, so, yes, it is stressful because it can be like, depending on your costs and depending on your workload. It can be stressful at times. But this dress just go. Why? Because your bosses move really fast but is really fun. It's just a fun sees in life. You just live with your best friends, and you've been just kind of do whatever you want. You all have, like the freedom to do a lot because you're not like working full time jobs and you're in school. So it is like a really fun time. It's also were time. How is the moving process? Honestly, it's actually really good. I know a lot of schools don't have the best moving process. It's very crowded and it takes forever. But liberty was really good around, moved in. They had a bunch of people waiting for me. They move your stuff in and almost gets moved in like 15 to 30 minutes. Tops wasn't stressful at all, so the moving process is really good. Is liberty very strict? No, and a lot. People are surprised by his answer. It seems like it's direct, but honestly, when you're on campus, it really isn't the one big thing that strict is just being in your room by curfew. And I mean, they're strict about, like drinking, partying, that something like drinking and partying and drugs is something that all colleges were strict against. If you get caught with, especially your underage, so no one comes celebrity like not knowing the rules. Everyone knows the rules coming to liberty. Some people might think they're strict. People might not like. You can always read the rules, understand what you're signing and agreeing to by going to that school. And if it's not for you, it's not for you. And that's understandable. And like so many other great colleges you could be interested in. Okay, so the next set of questions when we're talking about his health. So I got a few questions on how to stay motivated, workout and also how to eat healthy on a college campus to answer your questions. I honestly do struggle with the both of these because I have a very fast metabolism, so that causes me to just, like, not abuse my body. But take my health for granted sometimes. So don't always make the best eating choices. And I also don't make the best exercise choices. There's a lot of people who love to work out. I am not one of those people. I'll be honest. I hate it. I honestly hate it and it just so annoying hating somebody. But the way I do try to stay motivated as much as I possibly can is by asking my friends to come to classes with me and then taking out workout classes like at the gym. So at my school we have working classes that are freakin sign up for taken spin, taking yoga taken like Pallotti's taken bar. So that's why do you stay motivated to work out when I work out, which is not often by definitely to start, and I probably will more this year. So for food, that was something that was an adjustment for me, because before school I was begin and then I stopped being begin when he came on to college campus because it is very hard to be begin. It is possible, but it's hard. It is kind of hard to make why physicians on what to eat on campus because there are a lot of temptations and very easy access to as much as you want. And I just never really grew up eating junk food or eating food like that. So I was like, Oh, my gosh, like one of my best life and I gained some weight because of that, and I also just fell on healthy because of that. But it's really just making conscious decisions on how to stay healthy. And also, I recommend eating and a regular like pattern a lot. People will gain weight or being healthy not because they eat unhealthy meals, but because they eat unhealthy snacks and we'll just eat like whenever they're bored or whenever their stress, which is a lot okay, And the last question and then answer is gonna be hard to have a job and be a full time student. So for that, I would say it honestly depends on who you are as a person yourself. It is definitely possible it may be challenging if you're not gonna time management or if you have other extracurricular activities and things that you want to do outside of work in school, I do recommend, though your first year released her first master. Don't really get a job. Just focus on school and getting adjusted. And then once you're used to that, then you can bring in work and kind of learn to bounce your schedule, your social life and your education. That was everything that I'm answering for you guys, I hope has helped for you. Incoming freshman has given you some peace of mind and answered a lot of the questions that you have about college. I will see you guys next time with the new bid. If you haven't already made sure to get video thumbs up such bargain blow and the next time. What is this area? Welcome back to my channel. So today I'm literally so excited because I'm kicking off my back to school series I'm taking Goes with me as I go dorm shopping. I go back to school so soon in, like, a month or so, and I just need to get something cute to core stuff. But I wanted to change up my style this year and how I decorate my room. I'm gonna be a sophomore at Liberty University. So that also means I have a lot of, like, the basic necessities for my room already. And I was getting the fun stuff today. So, guys really exciting. I'm gonna go to a target walmart Goodwill, and do some online shopping and bringing us along. So for my room last year, I had a room tour up. So I'll think about down below if you want to see what my dorm looks like. And it was just, like, all over the place, because me, my roommate work remains of the start. Like I moved into a room. So we're gonna room together again this year, and I want more of a theme, and I'm just gonna be like switching things around and making it more like Bohemia. And this year I have new inspiration for my dorm room, and I'm gonna put some pictures around what I want my room to look like. They're all from Pinterest pinchers like dorm room board, and I like it down below. It's so cute you want to go out with If you're going my channel, make sure to subscribe. Gives video of thumbs up because I do a college law travel logs and stuff like that. And also, if you have a calming down low, I will heart and respond to it. So with all that said, let's go ahead and get Are you guys I am back with my shopping but e high. If you guys haven't seen my videos before, this is my twin brother, Justin. And what school do you go to? So we're going Door was shopping or about to go target. Right now we're waiting in line at Costco to get gas, and there are a bunch of cars in front of us. After this. We're just gonna have over Thio target and get some stuff. I'm so excited. All right, we are in the construction. And they have these really cute plants. I looked like a lot of plants. My room, because otherwise, it's just kind of depressing. But this one is so cute in a house like the gold. And I have one of these plants and life at home, so it kind of reminds me of it. Yeah. No, it's fake. Found this cute pot from sale for 2 50 kaput little plants in it. Found this clear and section of all these fake succulence. And I got this one put into my little jar and have, like, a little fake plant. Okay, I'm in the essential oil section, and I really want to get a diffuser because t m my my room smells disgusting as we eat in there. And we don't leave our food for, like, three days. So they have these diffusers and have all these, like, little sense, Would you say What did you say? Nothing. You just getting on essential oils? No, but the's works so well in my rooms. Most so bad. Sometimes I kind of want one. What do you have against scent oils? It does work. It was just the smell when they have all these different colors. So I get this one if he's not a hater. I'm literally so awkward in public, like I'm so shy and it's like we're walking right now like I'm scared. So it's gonna be like but awfully no, no one cares, You know? Okay. Blowing against my weakness and open heart is like my favorite brain from Target, so I really want to get a blanket. But I know I don't need one, but like this one is so cute, it has the little pom poms like Matches my room team. Why aren't you constantly being this card? This one? You think it's soft to warn? What? It's a blanket. I found this pillow, Justin says. It's ugly. I kind of like it. So I'm thinking about getting this one by a love like cream in the fringe house like bohemian. I just found this rug and it's so cute. Much is our theme, but the only thing is it slides. And that was like a problem with the drugs we had in our room this year because even though I put down like non fighting stuff, it's still what's lied. So we will see if I end up getting it. I'm not kidding. I'm like, obsessive everything here. And I actually cannot wait until I'm like old when I bought a house and I get to decorate all que because nothing makes me more committed than a room decor. I'm looking for the comforters right now because I want to get, like, a new white comforter set like a do they His mind's patterned and it's kind of stained, so I'm just gonna get, like, a new, fresh white one. Okay, I'm editing right now, and I'm sick. I have my retainer. And but, like, why am I getting a white comforter? If I stained my other one? Because isn't white more prone to stay ins? Just a thought? This is a comforter that I'm looking for, and it says it's in stock. I literally cannot find it. This is me. Should hang us in my room. Okay, so we just live Target and I honestly did not find anything there and store. Everything I wanted was like online only. So I am just going to do some online shopping and order a doob a set and then also ordering a pillow, and I think you'll find other home stuff, other places. But I just honestly didn't find that much from Target. Which is kinda disappointing because it said on the actors a lot in stories. But when I showed up and like, there wasn't so way Okay, so we just left Target, and now we're Goodwill. I've never really got home stuff from a thrift store before, but I thought I'd give it a try because I'm all for saving money. And I lost working for clothes, so I don't know why I went through for room stuff, too. So we're gonna go in. This is my fair. Good will always get, like, my clothes and stuff here, so hopefully they have some cute room stuff in here. What you doing? You see? There it Richard Who? How much is that? 399 I found this. A white board from Goodwill for 2 99 We look so cute on my desk. That's so creepy. I just found the salt lamps for $3 is innately granny. What stone? The packaging way. I'm in warmer. I'm getting just like utility stuff. So I'm getting a curtain rod today. My current got some dish Ope, the Coke you and training. This is and then I'm also in the bathroom stuff and I want to get some, like soap accessories and a little mirror and all that kind of towels. And I want to get some black towels. Soft hand. They don't get stained. All right, we're leaving. Warmer. So I'm on Amazon right now, and I found that these adorable little shells, they're literally $15. That's so good for two. And I think that would be so cute in my dorm rooms. I'm ordering these off Amazon. Look how huge this little Butterfly poster is. I think it's really Q. And I like butterflies, and I also really love this one. I know I'm never gonna get this one. It's like a cacti I succulent poster. And then I found this Bees and honey one, which I just really like how it looks like. I think it's like really retro vintage, and I also like the warm tones. I just think it looks like you and I also found this one, which is another Plant one, and I think it's really cute, too. So I think I'm gonna order a few these and I will show you guys in like a dorm. Holla end up getting but the website's called Retro Planet in case you guys want order stuff and it's literally so cute. Okay, so, um, order some stuff from Target because as us so I really didn't find anything I liked in store, and this is basically the stuff I was looking for. I really wanted to get betting from Target cause I love they're betting online. I'm getting this white comforter. It's a twin X cells. It's my dorm bed. And then I'm also getting this, like, white bohemian vibes pillow Conrad's of anthropology. But it's like so much cheaper because this 1 25 and it wasn't anthro are so frigging expensive I can Hi, guys. Good morning. What is up? So today I'm moving back into college after Maya Winters, Master, I am literally lost it. And I don't want to go back because I just don't wanna go to school. Like I miss my friends. I just don't want to do school. That's the tea. This is all my stuff that I'm bringing back to liberty. Really have so much clean laundry camera bag ready, Like my TV, my backpack. And we're here to case just a very quick word of the day. American Eagle System content on leggings from Harry. And I'm gonna wear my shoes Curly in the car. And I'm listening to Alicia Marie and Remi Ashton's pretty basic podcast. And I'm about to go to Costco. Get your ass. I have half a tank of gas for my move. I'm moving. Drive back, and I literally you like this drives would be so it's all good, All good, all love or whatever. It is getting gas, and I'm literally freezing so guy literally can't feel my fingers s. So I'm about to just start driving to Lynchburg now. Road trip is already three hours. So recently, I really been into podcasts. These air the three that I've been listening Thio she podcast by Jordan Lee Dooley's really good pretty basic with Alicia Marie and Remi Ashton, who are youtubers And then stuff you missed in history class, which is just like a history podcast and rain on listening to a brief history of ballet. Okay, Log update. I'm in our in 30 minutes into driving so halfway there, and it just started snowing. So it's like a little light pieces, and they're not staying on the ground, Thank Jesus, because I don't know what a drive ins. No, I really don't. So I probably crashed, but hopefully just doesn't stay. I'm just listening to a podcast right now and just driving. And I'm kind of scared I'm getting pulled over by the Po Po because I did last night. I was driving back to school, and it was just, like, the worst thing ever. Little cost me $200 we all know I'm a grown girl, so I don't have $200. Yeah, okay. I just got to the Trader Joe's, and I'm just gonna run in and grab some healthy food. I'm just trying to run in and run out because I really want to get to Lynchburg since it is starting to snow. Just got a Trader Joe's Island did not even try too long because it was literally mad chaos and everyone was just like freaking out in rushing around. And people are just, like, not happy, just like pulled out of camp runs are talking myself. People would just be angry. So right now I'm about to just go drive another hour and 1/2 like an hour to liberty. You guys can probably definitely see the flurries coming down, so you need to go. I'm kind of scared. Way are. Finally, we're book. This is the room that we left and we had to like stripper sheets, everything pretty much before we left for winter break. So now I have to. It's Saturday thing back up and bring out the rest my stuff. But I'm literally so glad to be back. I'm so happy. So there wasn't no till last 30 minutes that I should be driving back Lynchburg, and now it's actually falling really fast, like it's sticking to the grounds outside. I will show you guys it's crazy and I just have a bunch of stuff I need to bring up. So hopefully all do that many trips. This is all the snow that is sticking outside is actually insane. Like, I think we're gonna have classes canceled warmer. And I just settled for this peach tea. Even though we all know I don't normally drink this, you're being healthy. That's 2019 New Year New. I got this one kale blazer in my Lacroix dog haircut. She's stunning you guys, by the way. We found the slime and it's Mermaid on Ashland. Got Dragon because we're gonna do in a zafar video with eyes looking thing. I got you. But do they? Do you? I was so satisfying. We finished that one. We are now going to the rial home. Target Target. We're on target now. I've just learned that, but I just learned that I'm not a hat person. Really Looking months, guys, you just come back from Target a warmer and like, all room is trashed like three hours in, but it's okay. So instead of cleaning your room, what should be a priority, we instead are gonna get chicken wings, food, cleaning our room Okay, so this is what it's come, Thio Because that's not the same space hearts a space. But I'm restocking our fridge, so I'm gonna give you a little grocery store hall, got spin it, got some bananas, got two packs of Berries, and I thought raspberries and blueberries got malt o meal pancake and waffle mix. So we got some biscuits, dry shampoo, scum. And then I got some tea, and then I got literally the biggest thing of oatmeal, and that's somewhat lemonade. And then I got of course, lacroix, because I'm literally an addict and from Target. I got these little Moretz and that calendar on the floor, but I'm too lazy to pick it up. Sto I just finished setting up my bed and this is what it looks like. And then I need to fix my string lights that fell over break, and I'm also going to rearrange my room. So I think my bet is gonna be this man over here. So it's five in the morning, and I basically rearranged my whole room by myself because my roommate is out tonight and I wanted to re arrange your room. This is my desk with a TV on it, and this is actions Desk. So I don't know if I like the l set up with the desk so I might push mine down that Hearst out have a TV splitting between those two in the middle, and this is fashion's bed, her bookshelf and then my bookshelf. And then this is my bed, and it's like, right by this wall now, instead of being here a long way. But this is like where my headboard stock was like my tapestry of my mirror, Good morning. Next door, neighbor. Three degrees. Cute, though. Thanks. Morning. So it's 9 14 We've a 9 20 Okay? And we're going to come. Okay, so once today, Because it's my busy is also being quiet right now, because it's just the morning. So you're saying you'll see us after we go to convo and I have more crotch today. Graphic design, little done. We take the biggest napping ever. Wait. It's only because Western did the welding. I'll leave it to you. Meaning to say. Guys, this is Michael. We're going to the raw after convo. Hey, what do you think of convo? Those ridiculous. How were forced to watch them have fun. And if we don't watch them, we have to pay it. $10. Assam tea. Hello? Look who I found My R A. Hello way. Really? Have your boy your name. I'm Alex. Nice to meet you. I've logged. Going. I don't want to interview people Scared. We're at rock eating lunch and they're trying to convince me toe interviewing people you do am I'm shy. You do it, Michael. I'm eating chicken and Mac and cheese and fries and looks nasty. Okay? I don't know if this is too exposed, but I'm hearing aid and we're walking to class. Guardian High last summer day. Not really good. A little leather working. Maybe tomorrow 10 pages. Let's go way took into your pictures and was just annoying the rock for, like, two bits. But what do you know? I didn't either. That was so dull. That's probably so. Karen Jean Hi eyes. So I just got back from my last class of my Monday Wednesday Friday schedule scrap design, and I just turned in my final project today. And then we just got to leave after, like, 10 minutes, got new project instructions, and I took the last back. But this is a different day when I threw this block off because my lens broke No. $300 in debt because if I knew what lens for my camera. But it's okay, belongs back. I got lunch all the way back from my class. I got to play and that's nuggets, fries and some water. I'm trying to help and some chick lie and then watch TV miniseries umbrella. Wait. Okay, so I got on my homework done for today, and I'm about to just like, take a nap and go to sleep. And I don't really think I'm gaining later for getting dinner, just hanging out with some friends. So I'm gonna end this log right now. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing, like, a college slash school day in my life. Honestly, it's just me going class, doing homework, watching TV, lie in my bed, eating food, just like casual stuff. But you guys think this video is interesting. He did. Make sure to give it a thumb's up comments. Describe, you know the drill, and All right. We're inside the mosque now. Uh, I'm just gonna show you guys one of my favorite places in here, which is the computer lab. Uh, I don't have to be quiet when I go in here, though, because there's a lot of people that are typically working on stuff. So I'll talk to you guys in there. All right, guys. So this is your lab that's on the second floor of the marsh. This is another one of my favorite places to come and hang out. Uh, as you can see, there's a bunch of PC computers lining the rows of the computer lab itself. I usually come here to do work sometimes. Uh, have my own laptop. I don't really have to go here. Is often some other students right there. Some printers. You can actually print out a bunch of stuff for your work. Uh, while you're waiting, I also got a lab to just hang out, and, uh, I actually play a game called scribble dot i Oh, that's actually really fine right now we're heading to the back of the student union. I'Ll mention this more later, but this is the threshold between Dumas and mob you were in Ma be right now, Uh, these are some of the elevators to the left that can take you to the different floors of the student union. Another place I really like to hang out is the game room, which is right in here. Um, as you can see, they have different systems. A lot of other people playing different systems. Xboxes, PS, fours. There's also a pool table, a ping pong tables. It's a really cool place to go and hang out and really just get away from the whole busy lifestyle of academics and studying. All right, guys. So another really cool spot I like to hang out in is a place called Argo T. It's inside the moss. They have the best. Like I don't even know how to say it. Like artisan tease. I usually get apple hibiscus tea. But this next clip is going to show you guys me walking down the hallway in the mob. You student union, which is behind the moss and I will walk into the ark ot lounge. And now in this area you'LL see there's some chairs and tables all around it. Student activities on campus actually holds a lot of events in the lounge, like open mic night. I've actually participated over magnet before I actually have a ukulele, and I get up there and I've sung like, name songs from, like, All Star I mean, from Shrek the song All Star by smash mouth, which was really fun to do. Um, so yeah, here is Argo and the back side of the mosque. The Mon Vieux student union. All right, guys. So this is the, uh, the inner session between, uh, the Moss and the student union. That's the blackboard over their student activities. Usually has some kind of, like survey that they put over there and people can write on the boards. Uh, this is the official, like threshold into Mont View the back. Yeah, right here. They haven't tiem as well as, uh, the newsstand for the champion school newspaper. Uh, right here when I take a left and go into the Argo Tea Cafe over to the left. There were some goons city for a while around here, The actual space, What they have on my night, Uh, you'LL see the back wall once we hand over the back wall with the TV on it, that's where open Mike. And that's the cafe. It's so, uh, cafe has a lot of options in terms of tea. Uh, this is actually a way to go out from the side of democracy, But going back Teo Argo it's one of my favorite places to hang out because number one that he's great open Mike nights. Great. And it's really just a quiet place that you could get away and you could you can typically study and also just hang out with friends. So that was Argo and, uh, thanks for let me Hello. All right, So it is a opening weekend of baseball season, and I have been going nonstop reviews. How awesome games are. So that's where I'm headed. I think a lot of people like baseball here, so I'm excited to see what all the hype was about. And it's a beautiful day. Look at that. Oh, yeah, baby, about to go in decided to join me for another video. I'm honored. Speaking of honored, I am proud to show you our football stadium. So cool. Just look at it there actually doing construction. Teo, make it even bigger and fit even more of you guys. I mean, I mean, future students. You know, I'm not even much of a football person, but I love game day. Obviously, one's going on right now. Know we're at a season, unfortunately, But do this nothing like game day hype. It is awesome. Marching band is awesome, and I love coming out to his games. It's a good time. Everybody loves it. People from Lynchburg come out to watch these games, so awesome and we're due on. Just throw that out there. Unfortunately, uh, like football, soccer is also not in season. Some of my favorite sports, but it's fine. But I can show you the soccer stadium. It's really cool. I think there's some people out here practicing right now, just fun. Oops. It's a really cool facility. I love it. There are people running a lapse. Why on earth would you do that to yourself? I don't know, but yeah. Track and field team practicing people who, just like soccer, come out to practice on the fields. Really cool. And people honestly come out here just to study because it's such a beautiful place. It's you could see the mountains. Yeah, Like what? Of you. I'm telling you, it's the best. Okay. Confession time. I accidentally showed you guys the softball stadium instead of the baseball stadium. How do I know that? How did I find myself corrected? Well, there's an actual game going on back there, and, uh, yeah, the other people, they were just practicing. And there's also this big sign that says Liberty baseball, so I don't even know Should go to the game. At this point, I'm just thinking to embarrass. Yeah, but it's pretty cool, so I'm still gonna show