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Thinking about University of South Florida-Main Campus and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of South Florida-Main Campus in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of South Florida-Main Campus’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of South Florida-Main Campus, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of South Florida-Main Campus experience. These University of South Florida-Main Campus video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello, beauties, Look back to town. It's part of the people. You Yesterday and today I'm basically going to be concluding my campus field campaign. It's been such a pleasure and such a joy, but let's just get past the intro so I can tell you guys my experience with this camera. First off, I just want to start off by saying Thank u campus role for giving me this opportunity. Although I could have done this on my own, I would have never thought to do something like this. It's been really fun, and I kind of wish that when I was coming, I would have seen someone post videos like this prior to me coming. Not that it would change her mind. That would've been cool to see some things and know the inside scoop on certain they should deal where I should stay clear of and different different parts of campus that I would not have known. Coming into it, I don't have much to say. Besides, I'm so happy I did this and I hope you guys like to and again the huge campus. Really, I think if there's one, that last piece of advice that I could say or Reineri is just when you come here or when you come here or any other university, just focus on yourself. While you do want to make friends and make connections, it's important to remember who you are and where you are and where you come from, and to make sure you have time for yourself to figure out who you are before you go out and explore this whole new world. There's so many different opportunities. Don't take advantage of every single thing that comes your way. Even if you're hesitant, even if you're scared, even if you're nervous, you don't have anyone to go to an event with. I'm telling you, Just suck it up and go, and it will be worth your while. And yeah, that's my last piece of advice. If you guys like this video like this serious, go ahead and get his beer giant thumbs up. Let me know what your favorite episode and the Siri's wass. And if there's anything else you'd actually want me to show you guys here on campus outside of this whole campaign? Yeah, I guess until next time I will see you guys in my next video. ride that bowl, starting the log off at Publix. It's your boy. I'm not sure if this is legal, but it's going on YouTube. But, guys, we're doing it. Wow. I would like to highlight the fact that it is like, 80 degrees in Tampa right now. And I was just in New York and was, like, 40. So if you guys are watching this and you're from the North, like, come to Florida, this is like I'm said this on the log so many times because I'm just so appreciative of the fact that I live in Florida anyways, Guys, I literally just got off work at three o'clock and I got stuck there till 3 30 because computer training is a thing. I forgot my ear pods in my car. Says, you know, when a man doesn't have his airpods, it's just things don't go right. The world has an earthquake and, well, uh, back to business, right? Who is that? What's going on? It's buddy. What's up? You did actually. Yeah, I do. Ben got a gimbal for his gopro iPhone. Still right? Yeah, I'm gonna use it. So see this? It's like that, huh? No. Wow. This is something else. This is, like, so sensitive with the rotation, you're Oh, my God. Guys, look at the clouds. It is. And then look it. Whoa! Look at the truck. And then I didn't get that way. Oh, my goodness. Daniel's not gonna know about it until the block. Basically the gimbal stabilising. Basically, we're redoing a boys trips from What was it last October November Thing going everywhere right now? It was long ago, but it wasn't a vlog. So this is like, the same act, the same events that are taking place. Yeah. Guys, I'm gonna make a go Fund me. I'm just getting 130 bucks. I just need to pick up two more ships, actually. Really? You know, like when you walk it like Jeter's way, way now? Yeah. Oh, that's cool. Okay, we're gonna try to park in here loading dock, access parking. Alex's gold. Accurate. Thank you. Guise of meet Brock. Hey, guys. Ambrose thing. This is Daniel's boyfriend. Yeah, going to your strong now, so wait a second. You know, I didn't realize that iconic you on those that is so dope. I'm still trying. Try to mess around with this thing. We're right now at a tailgate for USF softball game to keep the center USF softball game. Wait, wait. I'm doing b roll like, three or four seasons ago. Coming out. Hang out again Because we're, like, fun times, Like out of the woodworks. You guys are having the best time right now. Say hi, men. I've been second burger guys Have any? I haven't eaten since last night. Way Stop by a softball tailgate. Real quick way Saw Brock. We saw Daniel's boyfriend. We had cops in free food. I haven't eaten since last night. Your heart. I am hydrated. I've had water today. Daniel. What do you want? You. Oh, my. Well, wait, That's another vibius Cool shape. This is a trick. My record. I'm getting it. Good offer, sir. Contra brother, You wait right here and cover block Here. It's Oh, Okay. Well, that's open late. So we're kind of like what does it Actually, it's none of us. One of the gas, so we're literally just We're trying. We're trying to ride the bull. Hey, honestly, this is my first uber. So what? You said the pickup location too took this place. But this road right here. Tell it right here. All right. No. Take the town road till I can no more Take my host. The town road. Tiller King? No. My God, Your stock is It is my idea. Black got a boost riding on towards you. Get with your board. I've been in a valley being about their pores. Froth. We're going to bed right now. You're super exhausted, so we'll see you in the morning. Continuing the advanced Alice Bowl. Like in a comment. You think I need a haircut? Way made it Remains of Perkins. Over here. I longer have the model I was calling a gizmo before, but it's not against middle gimbal hold in Oslo. So you're combining gimble in on me? This is why I'm a business major, not English. This'd smooth 9 49 Is that? No, I don't know. What do you get it? I didn't prepare for this moment. Especially the hearty man. Move. Let's call that crap. Perkins was a nice meal, Was it? Wasn't it? It was a delicious meal. It was so it was so good that I forgot to take a video even even though Ben told even over and told me to, uh, guys were temple don't wear at radio church wear. Well, I've done some line dancing way out here one last time of lager taking that church. Oh, God. Weight hair is doing everything doing the most. Yeah. Wow. Shoot out here just got finished. Service is incredible. Saying goodbye to the voice really been real real? What? Hey, you guys for watching until the end of the vlog. Hope you guys enjoyed this one. We're gonna go into the Bible verse of the day. First off of the sermon notes when we went to Radiant that Sunday morning. So yesterday Ephesians Chapter two, verse 10 for we are God's Handiwork. Traded in Christ Jesus to do good works. Which God prepared us in advance for us to d'oh the key word right there I I highlighted was handiwork also in different translations. It says Masterpiece were God's masterpiece were God's work that he created for us too literally be a spit image of him were called to contribute toe work our land to have a purpose of what we are supposed to dio I created us with creativity. He created us in his nature. God created you with certain talents would certain passions and God created you for, ah, main purpose. And whether your transition into the college, whether you're young and you really don't know what you want to do with your life, just know you're gonna be okay. God's gonna leave you. He's taken steps in advance. He already knows what you're going to do. And it is your choice whether that you're gonna follow those God created things inside of you. Or if you just you're gonna live a life that your parents told you, or if you just get a little life, that culture has told you to live. So, guys, please just be yourself. Chase your dreams. If you're passionate about something, it's more than likely that that influences because God created you that way. God created you to love kids. God created you to own a business. God created you to be a musician, anything, whatever. You have to roll with it because God created you perfectly and you have no idea where your life is gonna be. So guys don't plan too far ahead. Cutter's already gone in advance and prepared the way for you. So I'm going to leave it off on that note. Thank you so much for watching again. Four of life sitcom Summer's coming soon. Just keep on with the channel they give for supporting me. Peace out guys like the first half is like sweaters. It's amazing. I mean, it's not noon yet, but it's still amazing. I'm ready for the gym guys over this past month becoming huge gym nerd. A lot of stuff going for me. I don't know. I kind of like it. But to give you a little insight onto us up campus regarding fitness, they're like three or four gyms, four thorns like hidden somewhere within the health section. But there's the fits, which in the brand new villa, just like the newest soon we have the recreation center. Then there's also different one that's off somewhere. I'm sure you confined, but the main ones with a fit Iraq erases Senator. I don't necessarily like going to those only because they get really busy. Some of the people are kind of intimidating. I don't think I'm past that now, So if you're a U. S F student, you get it for free. We'll have to do is swipe, but I don't do that. So I gotta crunch here like 20 bucks a month. And what that does for me is I get to go to any location back between stairs. Soda and Tampa get a whole bunch of different perks discounts? I don't know. It's a membership I started off with, but something that's worth keeping. So it's his choice of that point. But USF games are We're back. Oh, also update. I got new prescription sunglasses pretty lit. I needed them very badly because it sucks being in Florida with out wearing sunglasses when you're driving and you can't see so prescriptions the way todo coughs go skin way, Have a couple things to do way. Have class at 6:30 p.m. My speakers are going bonkers when you turn those off. We have classes 6:30 p.m. But first at three o'clock or 3:30 p.m. way have ambassador stuff to do so we're going to iron clothes. Let's try a little bit about what we do. We're gonna be going nonstop. Hang in sight. This is my after Jim ritual. I don't usually eat this much, but this is just for show. Chicken rice. Nachos had a protein cheek. The fruit you don't judge. Okay. L a county enough. I'm just kidding us. This is the USS along my center. Yeah, we're going to class. I'm really hungry that, like I had a lot for lunch. And now I'm just kind of sitting here like, Did I get more? But I think the answer is yes. We're gonna get some more food. What the ambassadors really is. I know I'm wearing the green jacket. I said, I'm doing ambassador stuff, but I have really explained it. If you guys watched Steve log from last year last spring how it became a USF ambassador, there is a little explanation there, but really, what it is is we are basically the Lia Zone between the alumni Association and the students, and what we do is seven events were the spirit of us stuff. We are the representatives of USF and were the best and brightest selected out of the U. S. F. Student body of leaders of involved people of different personalities, cultures, ethnicities. I think you get it now, But now we're one of the best, most popular student organizations on campus. So if you guys are coming to us, F and you guys have contacted me about moving in and different stuff. So if you guys want to seek out a leadership position, go ahead. My Instagram is on is linked in my in my channel. I'm opening the link below in the description as well. Go ahead and ask you some questions. I'm always held by the respond to every single comment. Especially if you respond on YouTube. All respond. Instagram all respond. Go ahead, ask away guys. But that pretty much concludes it. Let's get some more content in this log. We made a quick stop like, 10 minutes. Get to class. We're going to get the Starbucks tea because I'm feeling under the weather and we're gonna change your clothes, so let's see if we can do this. Oh, wow. You guys want me the log? Unless you already are. Now. Oh, my gosh. Hey, Carson. Wow. Hello, lovers. Five minutes, man. I'm sorry, guys. I got distracted. I'm back in the car. I have my my, uh There it is. There it is, honey. Citrus Minty way. We're finally at the class. I know. I've been logging in the car. Whole bunch. Trust a driver. I'm a bit of water, so we're going to Do you have any glass? Show us a little bit around and we're gonna get this done and get through class Man's sticks for two and 1/2 hours. What have we gotten ourselves into? Here's your quick update from before I was over there. I feel in my center do ambassador stuff and I'm over here. There's a building right here in a minute. Doing business stuff so very jumpy. Very jumping around this. Let me tell you, this campus is like a little town. It is very much like a village where everything around you spread out roads, circuits, buses. Doesn't have a news to take different ventures too. Design what? Selling such a easy kid. You fill this scene. This is the start of something Great. We might wait. Hey, but least we're on our way. You classical is over. Statistic socks t did nothing and literally did nothing. I feel even worse. I'm not sure on that works, But, ah, this is coming to a very sad ending doing this project that is due at 11. 59 tonight, Rahman. Because I'm not I'm feeling good. I need that That hotness. All right, guys, I'm in bed this night has consisted of projects after projects. Got my retainer in completely vulnerable completely. Just going to bed right now. We'll make up the morning, we're gonna be going to class, finishing of log out and hopefully continuing to provide you guys more information. So go bulls. Have a good night. I'll see in the morning questions. All right. We're in class, so we gotta go when I found them again. Bad look, my shadow. Josh Shadow. And it is just haul. We're out of class with Jasmine. JD is now introducing yourself. College life too. I'm planning out of this one. Get in for passing. He's the 1st 1 The 1st 1 has, like 5000 by That's fun. You guys watch the previous five years I did show you bull market. Right now it is very dead because it starts out like 88 or nine. It says the end that, like one. So it's like 12. 30. This is ending way are headed into the bookstore right now just to walk around. J D Don't buy anything. You can say what you want when you want. You can go. How does a few What are you? You could say what you want when you want because you can't go. How do you know what this was? Just the upstairs or not upstairs like the first level that I just showed you as far as the bookstore goes, But basically everything else down here, he's all textbook stuff. So when you order your textbooks, either online through us up bookstore, if you want to get a person, you would come down here online pickup is actually upstairs, so I'm gonna go upstairs. That's where Janey this went for the bookstore is your hub for literally everything. Merchandise wise. You wanna buy apparel for your family? You want to buy off the supplies and trinkets? Wine glasses with logo's on. Um, little bit have everything here. But the key is to not use the USF bookstore to buy your textbooks that he is to go on Amazon, read them, find them for cheap, figure out if you actually need them or not. Based off that basically decide. We found a Star Wars cookbook, but this one is BB eight. So look at the look of these names. Guys would go back. Thio the sky waffles. Yeah, Luke Skywalker falls. What? Even it scared again. So you remember me, but you know it's way solitaire to the food court gave us this lovely table, JD and I got six fillet and a slice of pizza from Papa John's. It was a power move. Jasmine with plastic. Oh, my gosh. All right, ladies, gentlemen, we're going to be doing the Bible verse of the day. Yes, we're still doing this. My car light is giving me Is that good right there? All right. I'm just gonna go with this bottle. Worse. The day Very popular verse. Jeremiah 29 11 for I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you hope and a future Something along those lines came from my memory But I know a couple words of the exact first is gonna be right here, guys. But what's this? Versus saying plans to prosper you to give you hope in the future. God always has a hope for you. God always has a future set out for you. He made you with a plan. He made you with a purpose. Whether you're called specifically or you take the general calling that he gives to every human that ever walks the earth. No matter what you're going through, guys, he has a plan to prosper. You dot isn't here to sit here and judge you and to point at you and to be like you're not doing life right? He has a plan to prosper you. He wants to bless you. He wants you to rely on him with your love, your trust, your faith, your finances by tithing and much more. It's about it's about showing up toe have a relation with God because he wants to give you a future. She wants to prosper you. He wants to set you for to something that you don't even know it's gonna happen in your life. You may think you know, but little do you know that the plant got has you on is going to burst you into a miraculous occupation. Something you dreamed of. Something that you had no idea you ever were going to love. But that is the gist of this first that I wanted to share with you guys. Thank you guys. So much for hanging on us stuff. College life to officially concluded. I hope this compares to a self college life. One hope it gives you information that you didn't know about before. Once again, if you have any more questions feel free to reach out to me via Instagram via Twitter of the comments section of this YouTube channel. I do respond as fast as I can. So once again, thank you. I appreciate you guys please leave alike and the comments I will see you guys in the future. Peace out Goebbels. Hello, ladies, and welcome back to channel it in a video for you guys today. And this is another video and my chemistry campaigns to base camp doing a tour of the U. S. A college campus. But today we're focusing on one of the academic building. Cooper Hall. It is one of our older buildings here. So basically, your general class is going to be in this building here. Alright, let's not do any two chatting, beginning and jump right into this video. So this's what the hallway looks like Just standing hallway. And then there's your classrooms back to back to back, to back to back. So this building is full of cash terms. It is, I think, three or four story building, so it's just nothing. But I'm not sure there's any light office. Is there anything in here? Yeah, this is your basic everyday come from hallway do house, Um, bunches. So you come early or your teacher and he's running behind. You can have some nice seeping out here just to tell it, Relax for your class starts. So in this building goes to elevators here. They're very rickety. Guesses this older building so standard for this, we should try to get to class. There's showing before having this area. It's really uncomfortable. So here is one of the classrooms in Cooper Cooper is a run down building. I don't like that. It's an older building. It's a question of a more traditional style traditional set up. So basically, you're first in your campus are going to be an thiss building here. So, like your English classes and special writing class is your basic, you know, court costs that everyone has teeth is gonna eat this smoking here. And also these costumes have to be a bit smaller than, say, your lecture hall. Our music selection hall are John Norma's compared to this, So let's go ahead and go back out in the hallways and chasing other parts of the building so attached to people. We do have a subway, but somewhere pretty cool because they do offer like soup. And some ways that I've been to you don't have a suit off topic. But if you're ever running passages with ago, although it does get pretty busy and I don't get along. But they do have two ways that you have. I'm trying to process there a little bit in front of a subway. We do have a time of outdoor seating for you to sit down, enjoy your lunch or just sit back and study and wait between process here. This whole cute Erin here and all around this courtyard is a bunch of picnic style. So that's all that I have for this video for you guys today. If you like that, he's going to try and thumbs up. That's parent's motel. Without further due, I was you guys in my next you wanna be in my locker, Mondo, be so biting a blood blawg. That's what you want. My blood did our mother. You're already famous. You know I am. Yes. He was even more famous. Jazz is as I was too focused on the and then Oh, my goodness, no, but I gotta I gotta be had a little quiet. Um, I got a little quiet because it is 12:20 a.m. And I'm doing a I assume project for extra credit, which is due tomorrow. I don't have any time to do tomorrow would be recording and do its stuff. But that's what we're doing right now. The first thing to start off us. USF College life, too, is going to be procrastinating. No. So to give you a nice college field, sometimes you procrastinate. Jasmine. Let's go. Come on. Updates. It's been a while since I've liked. Has a little got back on the ground. Right. Okay. First decision has been made. Honest tea. Really? It's what I do. Okay, so it's a little bit, but I'm really craving, but it appears they don't have any. This is just sucks. This is the spot market. What? This place is it's connected to Jennifer popular. And it is a place open till, like, very early in the morning. Only days to 1 a.m. At night or in the morning. So open a long time and has all your essentials, like just snacks, drinks, frozen stuff, breakfast up on some like batteries. You know, toiletries. Anything really you could do to this. Keep your dorm intact. With the time being, Jasmine does not know what she wants. You guys is a market. If you don't know if you're coming to college and you come in, the U. S s definitely stay in J. P because you get access to a part market. But if you say the village, you don't you get, you get a dining hall. But but the pile Marquis is a move, especially at 12 years at night. I mean, it doesn't get any better. See this hair a 56 AM here right after a shower. Just woke up from the sleep that I needed more of. We have a class at 9 30 but this time we're actually having a field trip to go to the USF Botanical Gardens. Um, so I'm gonna walk over there. I got to get something to eat with next 2015 to 20 minutes. So I put you guys right here, and we're just gonna go. What is it? You're isn't me. It's going. Okay. We're not bringing the tripod today. We're gonna go walk there, but of long, a little bit. See if I can flog during the whole class s it. I don't know what we're doing. I don't not bringing a backpack or anything, which could go either way. But I don't want to be walking around at a field trip with a laptop and books in my bag. So I'm just gonna be like you know what? It's okay. It was gonna be naked today. This tour are things rooms too early? This room is going to be given to you guys. So I'm going to show you what it's like how to set everything up, give you some information. Kind of like I did in the last USF college life. But expect that we're going to go on our way. Grab some orange juice, crab, banana, whatever, breakfast. We can walk over there and see us f and the sun is back full force, like usual. I just picked up two girl of ours and this is the back of Jennifer Popular. We're just getting a head start over here. It's really most morning is so nice of a morning. I'm hoping I can really cool cinematic us at Botanical Gardens. Considering I haven't been to have been there and I've been here for, like, a year and 1/2 if you count of summer and just having fun Well, hang out tonight and tomorrow will be done. You got it over time. What one. And I'm doing just fine. No, Bye. USF is amazing. U s s amazing because it gets fields like this. I think there's like there's like three or four of them that are open to everybody on the reserved for sports competitions. Intramural sports. When you just want to go throw the football or hit the soccer ball, pass it back and forth, it's always good to get out. And there's just like, this. University is amazing for doing recreational things and outdoors things. So it's just a really, really good for that. My classmate right there heading to the same exact place which is right between those trees. We are very close. I am going to put down the camera until Ian gets you. Ian has been in the blog's before. He is a very funny person to be around. He was in one of the most recent logs from last semester and our accounting class making loud noises. So it's a way for him to come. Um, yeah. Hi, My name is Ian Lateness Burner and welcome to USF Botanical Gardens Garden Vibe. Then the assignment here. So identify plants, plant, shop So we're a shade garden. There was a cat over here somewhere. That's not the cat. Call for what? Follow the link to your destination. We have to find the carnival IUs plants, carnivorous plants. They're like the like the Venus flytrap, so we can't find them. It's the last thing. Your five minutes is dramatic times. I'm stressing out They're not gonna get a glass. This isn't it. Better, Best way. Try their best together. I have to make a sound effect. Yes, here we go. We're giving up all hope. It's like a log. There's no kind of his way past us, like eight times. Wait, We got a whole crew with us. You couldn't find it. Way found. All right, guys, we're back. I told you guys, I would give you a tour of the rooms the guys would look like. And at least a suite level of Popper Hall. So here we go. Right out the door. We have tell Arak when I was coming organized, but I could make this a lot prettier, but, yes, we have, like, a tower act of Hang your stuff. Um, this is our corner room. So this is different from your regular suite level room. We actually just walk into the corner here, and there's just this extra hallway, but in a normal room, they would just be the, um it would just be a door straight on coming from here, and then the sink would be placed. You kind of like turn the sink. This would just be like facing this way with the mirrors on this wall. There's people all right here. So just there's a little bit more room. I'm in this area, but you won't get me have a fridge. Microwave kind of stores, groceries and everything. We got our waters once again. This could be a lot more organized, but, you know, just storage. And then this is the sink area. What's up, guys? Filmmaker of look crazy. Anyways, command stripped hangers, guys commands from everything. If you watch my video about moving in command strips of the way to go, we have literally everywhere hanging up all of our stuff around the place. Yeah, this highly recommended. Get some storage units right here. You know your toiletries? No, Like on the stuff causes space. We haven't divided shoe hangers. Everything you needed hamper. You know, we got a little more hangers. This is my area. That was my roommate Tyler's. Um but we share the right side of ways. This is This is what we got, man. We got all this frozen goods, all the foods that lacroix the orange juice for. Please get stick with experience right now. Kind of walk in here like this. So we still got the Lacroix tower intact. We have some carpet. This is my food time. Brought from home. It is a very convenient dumb. When people come over, they can spend the night on it. It pulls out into a bed. Obvious food time got palling sitting in there on my favorite pillow carpet to kind of keep it down, got rug holders and everything, but know that we have our desks and our bed set up the exact same. So we got This is my area, you know, the same exact set of his last year. Another less, um, gaming work. More work buyable miscellaneous. This is for the ambassador stuff later today. Bed up top. You know, USAF soccer, same old, same old guys. Just so you know, this is the corner room. It's a little bit wider from this wall right here. It's a little bit wider, and you're gonna have a lot more room, so we literally get the bathroom to ourselves Here, See, there's no door that would usually be there. I'm connecting the room. So it is super duper nice to be able to live in the spot where it's just, like only remain gotta worry about. So that's the room tour. Thank you so much for washing us self college life to the first part. When I was editing this, I realized I had way too much footage to just do one vlog, and it had been like 20 minutes long So as the army just casually stares of the camera saying nothing, we're gonna go right into our Bible verse and then we're gonna have another Bible verse of the next one too. But these Bala verse is gonna be second Corinthians verse. No, no longer the in chapter nine, verse six. It says, Remember this. Whoever so sparingly will also reap sparingly. You ever says generously will also reap generously. You re put yourself three. Whoever reap the harvest, reap, reap the harvest. No, seriously, like, if you're gonna sow seeds sparingly, that means that means whatever you want, Thio are like whenever you feel like you need to, um, then you're going to get sparingly, blessings out of it. You're gonna get spare blessings are gonna get stuff like it's not gonna be generous, not gonna be abundant. But if you're giving abundant lever giving generously and you're serving people and you're like, let me buy your dinner, let me let me buy you these Eminem's you know, like I don't know, I bought my friend evidence and that he dumped the others. You know it is No, it's true. You give and you get if you give selectively, you're gonna get selectively. So if you're sowing the seed of talking bad behind people's backs, just thin, you're gonna be repeating. People are gonna do that to you. But if you're trying to shut that down and you're you're speaking positivity, your sewing, that seed. You see, these seeds aren't I like to focus it on financially, but nearly brought up a great point. You're so in seeds in everything you do. Yeah, yeah, your your actions, your attitude. And you're gonna get back. You know, three other people you wanna be treated guys that came from the Bible, you know, But thank you guys so much. Watch it again, please. Leave like comment and described on the video The thumbs up. That was such a youtuber thing to do. Red button. Hello, red button below us. Self college life to part two. Coming out just little bit after this piece. Basically what this place is. What's up? Okay, make a All righty. Welcome to the US Off tips and tricks Siri's. Today we're gonna be talking about moving in to your dorm on the new U. S. Self students coming in. I know it can be difficult. I know it can be a rough experience. You guys don't know what necessarily, To prepare for what to bring, What's gonna work? What's not. So hopefully I can share with you guys my experiences. I have seven tips for you guys. Thes seven tips have worked for me, and I hope they work for you as well. So let's get right into it. We got tip number one. Always bring boxes, bring boxes because when you get there, you're not gonna want to carry little things up. You're gonna want to carry mass amounts going up the elevators or the stairs. I hope you don't use the stairs, but yeah, you get it. Also, they're at every single location, if not every single location. They definitely should have it. They have carts that you can literally rent out. So if you have these big boxes, you put him on the cart and it makes your life 100% easier. Also, keep the box is folded up in your room because when you want to move out for that winter break, or maybe that summer, you already have everything there, so it's easier to pack up into those boxes. That way, Mom and Dad will have to come to arrive up or fly in and bring the box is for you. So there you go. Bring boxes and also a little bonus for this tip. Ask for help. There's going to be lots of people moving in. When I moved in, I asked for help. There's a lot of people available that like, Hey, can I help you out there part of these organizations that they just want to make your process keys here. I'm gonna be doing that next year. So guys ask for help. If you need it like there's there's no shame. Ask for help. Just do it. Tip number two. Don't forget to bring the essentials. I'm talking microwave mini fridge, bathroom supplies. Let's see. Ah, printer Printer helps a lot. I got a printer and yes, you guys need any help. But setting that up either call the I t. Guy or if you just damn me on Instagram because I've helped a lot of people do it lots of different times. And also, if you guys are gamers or you guys like to use a PC tower for any Any reason that you guys do have Ethernet access in your in your room. So by an Ethernet cable, it makes the connection, like 100% better. Just trust me on this. I'm a huge gamer. I love playing video games. You know, I stream whatever the heck you want to call it. May I used to make all duty videos by me, the night cable. It's a big difference. The WiFi USF is being shared by all those thousands of students entirely. And with an Ethernet cable, it is direct access. So that is definitely a move for you guys. Tip number three Water, water, water. Drinkwater. Have water. Have excess water. Okay. I can't stress that enough. The of the smart ways to approach this, you're gonna want water in your dorms at all times, right? You can either go to the store like I did every single week because I work at Publix. It was kind of convenient for me. I would just buy, like in bulk, like maybe like two or three 24 packs of water bottles, rape and then just pop in the mini fridge and have him. But the thing is, is that us human beings drink lots of water, like, I hope you guys realize that and you guys run out very quickly. So the smart, the smart way that I found out to approach this is like you save money by not going to store every every frickin week. To get water, you get a Britta filter. Invest in that and then you get a huge water bottle. That's not to be huge, actually, just just a water bottle that's comfortable for you. And what you do is you just go downstairs the water, Fallon, because we have those safe, purified filters. Everywhere you fill it up, you feel the britta filter up. Then you fill the water bottle up, and it's just like you get tau constantly. Use that filtered water instead of going out and buying water bottles. I mean, listen, it's up to you. You could go ahead if you like. The water bottles do it, guys. Water is very important. Along with water you're gonna have the option for groceries as well. We got public's around there, we got Wal Mart and we got target. We have different outlets for you guys to get groceries. If you have a meal plan. Honestly, it's a lot cheaper to buy groceries and make your own food, but it does come with the extra effort. Honestly, the option is yours. I'm just giving you guys my experience. Dining halls tend to get crazy around noon to 2 30 anywhere in between that lunch hour. It's crazy like you probably won't find a spot. It gets crazy, guys. So if you want to enjoy a nice meal, take your time and eats, I would avoid the dining halls around those hours 12 to 2 30 it gets rough Tip number four command strips. This is probably one of the biggest tips that a lot of people don't even know about. We have command strips right here. Guys, they are the little sticky things that Velcro to each other that you put that you hang up your flags. You're you're starved. So I don't even know your billboard. Whatever the heck you want. Put Underworld was right. I put up alliance. I put up the flags. I put up my terrible towel a whole bunch of stuff. But the thing is, in dorm rooms, you're on a lot of holes in the wall. You're not a lot of rip off the paint, So command strips are your go to friends. Go to Goto WalMart Target anywhere. Really, That has. That's like a general store. They're gonna have command strips. It's very college friendly. Like I said, all you do is you Velcro together. You still follow directions, stick it off and they're going to save your life. Ultimately, I went in there and I was just like, Well, how am I gonna put my Steelers stuff? My Pittsburgh stuff on the wall and everything? And then, my friend was just like, Oh, get command strips. And then my parents went to the target, picked up command strips, yada yada. Get these. They look like this in a box of all the directions. Gonna make your life a lot easier to number five transportation, bring a bike or bring a longboard. Or maybe both. USF is a huge campus. I'm talking about us up, Tampa and if you guys are going to send us a man's here. St. Pete, Honestly, I would still recommend bringing a bike or a longboard because first off, St Pete, beautiful place to be around beautiful campus. If you're not enjoying by taking a nice ride, then I don't think you're doing it right. But yes, Tampa Big campus. You're gonna want to bike, preferably over long boarding honestly depends where your skill level is that with writing them but long board. And I've seen a lot of people trip and fall in my time. Um, I even trip and fall at USF. So running the bike, you can maneuver a lot. You can get to class it within two minutes, and it's a lot easier than a lot of pathways that you can take even if you have a carpet in a bike, like please bring it. Bring a bike like there's a lot to do and that's gonna make your life so much easier. What we're talking about transportation. What we have for parking is is that we have all these different lots, but they're section off differently. Great. So you're gonna have resident parking student parking the ones that commute the employees, workers, the G three Z parking spot that you get the gold membership. So it's like exclusive. Whoever buys that partly at that spot, then you have the emergency vehicles. So USF are any university ot You're gonna have trouble parking. Luckily, we have, like, we have three parking garages on campus or huge, humongous. But the catch is that you don't want a park in a parking garage, especially if you're living there and you're moving in. So before you come to campus, you should get an email or you see, on the U. S. A. Portal you're gonna have access to buy a parking permit. Can either purchase like that, though of the full one year, the fallen spring semester for around 200 plus dollars. I think that's like 2 60 maybe, and then it's like 1 30 for a full semester parking spot. Market is gonna be crazy prepared for a buyer parking permit and just there's no way to avoid it. You gotta get spots before other people. That's gonna be busy all the time. Good luck. That's why I advise getting a bike so you bite the class or walk to class and try not to drive because traffic will build up Anyways, let's move on to our next tip. Tip number six. Target is your best friend, and I'm not kidding. You know, I work at Publix and I'm very biased. I'm like, sending all the people the public's. But guys, target is your best friend. You get all your supplies there, they have discounts and all the groceries. I mean, the crew is always on sale. They have all the essentials. They have the college stuff. They have the whole college section in the corner. It's cheap. It's low priced. It's family friendly. I'm not sponsored by Target. I'm just saying, as target is your best friend. So please, please go there. Especially us. Have Tampa their target literally across the street. Numbers batons. Number seven. Our final tip is gonna be about you going into college. You're gonna have a lot of freedom to have a lot of responsibility. Something that I learned from my own experience is that making a schedule and keeping track of what you're doing day to day is very important. I would advise getting agenda book, getting the calendar, making slots, time for study time, exercise free time. I don't know, like having fun working like whenever. Whatever it is that you do during your day, make us schedule because you're gonna lose track of time. I'm gonna have a lot of free time. You're gonna be making spontaneous decisions. I guys, I did all this and I in high school. I had, like, a thing, you know? You wake up in the morning, go to class and then come back and then go to the gym and then do homework and then sleep, right? So it's like, Oh, that's easy. You know, my days already full of school, But then when I went to college, I have only one or two classes a day for, like, an hour, maybe more. And then you have all that spare time and just like, what do I do in my life? I can neither sleep watching Netflix or I can go to the gym and all this stuff. So you wanna have a motivating factor that you wanna have a set schedule? You want to be able to push yourself to get out there, have some sort of organization to your days, and I promise you your life at college will be a lot more balance and beneficial. And I hope you guys take all these seven tips and apply them to your moving in process. Once you guys were fully moved in, you guys will experience the week of welcome. That is what USF puts on its a week fold of events that help you like you get adjusted to campus. You are making new friends. You start finding out all the different clubs, what you want to be a part of the different Greek life. Return of these and the sorority is going on, and it's a blast. Honestly, once you move in, I encourage you guys to go out in your living space, your pod, the common room, whatever you guys want to call it, whatever you guys have in your residence hall and start making new friends because, honestly, if you stay in your room all the time, it's not going to be the college experience you want. I know it's kind of hard to meet new friends, and it's kind of hard to get yourself out there, but once you do it, you're gonna have these relationships for the rest of your life and it's gonna really help you with your transition. So, guys, thank you so much for watching the video. I hope that these tips help the guys hope by experiences, healthy guys and the moving process. You guys have any other questions whatsoever? Could be literally about anything. I'll put my instagram down in the description below. Damn me on Instagram. Follow me on different Social Media's I will contact you guys. I'll respond and give you my two cents. Please interact. Leave a light comment and subscribe. I'm always here for you guys. Follow me on my social media's. I will put the links down in the description below Once again, Thank you for watching guys peace out. Hey, guys. So I live in Magnolia D, which is a complex that's mostly reserved for upperclassmen. It's kind of a first come first served with preference upperclassmen. It is an apartment style dorm. As you can see, we have a full kitchen with the living room, which is really bear because it's the first couple weeks of school. I do have two roommates, one that lives there, and there here is the bathroom. So I bought this from like a Ross or something like that. That was right up the road. It was fifteen dollars. Really, really cheap of its like literally about to, like fall over when you rocket, but totally worse. The fifteen dollars for the convenience that it held. Uh, this bathroom is actually for the handicapped room, So nobody in my dorm is handicapped, er, disabled in any kind of weight. But when they can't fill out space, they actually give it out too soon, so don't necessarily need it. The one thing that I would say about this if you're looking into it, is that you can tell the shower isn't exactly the most handicap accessible, which is a little frustrating. But this is what our bathroom looks like. We also have a spare sink out here, which again, I think, is one of the components of the handicapped room, and I'm actually living in it. So this is my room here. I made this collage from paper that I printed off. I'm going to talk about different D i Y projects that you could do to kind of like, spruce up your room. This is kind of like my art wall. I collect art from every place that I go to, so I'm missing a few pieces, but essentially, that's what it looks like. I went out and I bought this bookshelf from Target. I think it was like twenty five dollars. It's really great. Organization is absolutely key when it comes to these tiny dorm rooms. This one is actually really kind of big because it is the handicapped room. The lamp I got from Walmart for eleven dollars. Same with like all of my bedding. I one hundred percent totally love Wal Mart and how cheap it is. I one hundred percent believe that everyone should shot there for their things. This is the desk that they provide you with. I'm not really sure we're going to tell us that. But so these air, like all different things that I had, Um, as you can see, like, there's a lot of stuff that can fit on here. They also have different drawers that come out. They provide you with this desk, the chair, the bed over there, the mattress on the bed as well. And this little dresser here, this's the closet. As you can see, it's not super huge, but, yeah, they don't really provide you with a lot less so that you had to bring in. But honestly, most little rooms are small enough that you really don't need to bring a lot of stuff. In fact, I recommend that you bring the necessities and then assess what you need in how much room you have and then go from there. Oh, my gosh, this'd crazy. Could just be my thumb. Now I need a phone now, guys, I don't know what they're doing. He's cutting out potatoes and putting them on a big poster board. I don't know. Let's see here. Interesting enough. We're just trying to inform everyone about the struggles that Ireland has gone through in the past. We have a lot of potatoes and nobody can take any of it, because that's what we're going to take a trip to the financial aid office because they don't like to pay out scholarships on time. And your boy needs his money. I almost knocked over something that could have been very bad. Guys look, big longboard. Alex is gonna try Thio to sift through the school traffic, and hopefully I don't die. Okay. What do you say? That I saw your tweet get blackouts? Why do I need it? But I'm addicted to video games, and I get it. You won't see any, so I literally just sat here for five minutes standing, waiting for an elevator when I didn't even click the button. What a life. I'm actually very concerned. I'm gonna die because I don't have the best skills along boarding. So it's curly. USF Homecoming week. I just worked an event last night as an ambassador called the Alumni award ceremony one of the best moments of my life. You guys should definitely just apply the investor hit me up. Apply a great experience this year at USF. So much bull pride going around. It's currently parents weekend. So they're up here experiencing all the college stuff that they're students have. But it's alright. Still haven't died yet. Oh, my goodness. Welcome to the vlog, Travis, come in. How we doing? Pretty good combat, sir. Event right now. Oh, my goodness. I'm in a rush, so I'll see you later. I love you. Have to go on. That was Travis from the ambassadors. Really? Cool guy. Quick tip. When you come, the USF. If you're already at USF for any other college financial aid, it takes like a long time to get your scholarship. So just prepare for that kind of annoying, but not to go down the hill. So, to the cinematic shot three. I am very surprised with my long Gordon skills right now. Like I was always afraid. So long, board during the day you to the fact that there's people I could run into them. And I'm not very good at turns, so I would usually just go during the night time. Go down hills kind of beat to myself. It's going great. Yeah. How many potatoes do we have? Exactly? Zero. Because there's a famine. These are metaphorical potatoes. What's Whitey? So it's okay. I I accept you. That's fine. Why are you guys here? Oh, no. No way. Boys from Sarasota decide. Thio, just surprise me. Just getting this is like we've had this plan for, like, a solid month. The boy's coming to visit. I do this. I always feel like what? So we instantly found ourselves a Publix. Um, didn't really take that much, right. Will. Wasn't that more of a Dr? I completely forgot about this war, so I was always saying before I completely forgot about this morning. I didn't know that last. Yeah, I tried blowing in a football game. This isn't working. I'm about to get so much food into the next two hours. It's gonna make five Wait way Just scored a touchdown against you calling. This isn't going. We're so much better than that way. I got good news and bad news. What's the bad news? I have good news. I have bad news. The good news is that Naomi Pepper, my girlfriend just got in the U S F Not just but she's going to us off, guys. So I don't know, maybe nail me pepper vlog at us. Maybe she's gonna start making the killer USF videos. Hey, don't hit us, Pedestrians. We almost got it. That was crazy. Oh, my gosh, This'd crazy. Could just be my thumb. Now I need a phone now, Ben. I don't know. You go to U S F. I don't Oh, actually, you know what we like to get that they were like, they're like Chang Green. Shake on. And then we were like orange boo. See, Michael? Denny, what's the theme of this Vlog appointments, ointments, ointments? No, it's called dying and accounting. Um, well, your cereal aisle your managerial. Right. So you can take account accounting, dying in accounting or studying for company. We're studying for accounting. We're not study ointments. According to Michael. Denny know? According to him, we are according to him. But what we are, But we're not financial accounting. It sucks. I'm not accounting, major. Neither is my managerial. Also. Jared, welcome to the ball again. It's been a long time, people. But it's Vincent. Last year you could go back. Okay, so you go back to May. But yes, this is This is how Sunday's work before exams. Just last minute procrastination and studying. But, I mean, we started early, so certainly procrastinating, is it? No, you're just cramming everything into one final day. Now, that's what this is. You've done slight preparation up till now and the remaining like, what, 75 8% you do today. So that's that's how it goes Pretty solid. Michael. Denny, what do you do to your homies at night? You know, like Tuck Amendment? Not, you know, a little kiss on the cheek. You know, say good night. Their tempers going on, guys, that you so much for watching the value really appreciate it right now it is time for the Bible verse, the day I am currently suffering from some sort of cold. I don't know. I just this thing going around a USF, it's like a cough congestion, but it's not really a sickness. I don't know how annoying, but we're getting through it. Guys, let's go right into the Bible verse, Psalm 1 12 Verse one says Praise the Lord. Blessed are those who fear the Lord who find great delight in his commands. And what this basically means is that basically, do you feared, Lord and what he teaches you do you fear his consequences. You know, when he says don't do stuff for a reason, dear, you're gonna listen to that. Are you gonna try to be a rebel and listen to your friend? You're saying go do it. Go do it. Go do it when you fear the Lord his commands eventually becomes something that you joyfully and willing willingly will follow. Because when your desires are lined up with his desires, he blesses you and he gives you the desires of your heart. He gives you, um, heaven on Earth. He will literally give you joy and peace because you're following him and he wants everything for you. He wants happiness for you. So as long as you find a light in his commands and you fear him and you're not worried about what career you on, you're not worried about who thinks this of you you're not worried about If you fail that an interview if you didn't make the soccer team all those things or fear of man. And what the fear of the Lord says is that Hey, I have a plan for you. And if you fear me and if you listen to my commands and you take delight in me, I would give you everything you need and I will fully bless you. So, guys, thank you so much for listening. They use so much research into the vlog. We got more to come working on more of a consistent schedule here. And I really appreciate everything you guys do. So please leave like comment. Subscribe piece. Daniel, you look pretty cute combined. That's my best. What? What? Oh, uh, this is a PG 13 log. I'm gonna have to cut that out. I'm here, argues Exchange, dining area and US. Second of foods. Thank you. Well. It is very, very good here. I recommend it. Very, very nice. As we are walking into juniper dining, which is the dining hall connected to the juniper popular residence halls. So you're going to swipe in there, and this is what it looks like. It's really open. It's a lot of fun. There's always music going on. And you can actually, like, change the music if you have a certain app on your phone. So it's a really, really great place to come and hang out. If there's, like several different meal plans on campus, there is the unlimited meal plan any fifteen where you could have fifteen meals a week. Ar fifteen swipes. We excuse me, and then there's another one, which is a little bit less than that. I don't quite remember what it is. It is the end of the day's. So all of the food is being put up. Uh, the dining hall is gonna close in a little bit, so I apologize for the lack of food over here. There's lots of different options for fresh fruit. Different soon. This is kind of the more healthy side of things way. Do have a vegan stir fry bar, which is really cool, actually updated it, and there's like tofu and different things rice, different spices that you can have. So I have the unlimited meal plan. So I actually started off with B any fifteen, because I don't eat that much. I didn't think much of it, and then by the end of my first week, I had already switched to the unlimited plan. This's like chicken fried foods, hamburgers, all that. So it's just in the unlimited plan because I realized that it is ultimately a social experience. People would come down at eleven o'clock at night just to grab cookies, and sometimes, you know, even if you're not hungry, it's something that you didn't really want to miss out on because people were going and you're making friends, and that's when a lot of people are really, you know, getting to know each other. So I one hundred percent believe that for your first year here on campus, Unlimited Plan is perfect because you don't want to run out of swipes because you're trying to make sure that you're not missing out on any of the friends than different experiences. We all know almost a real deal. We have the well flavour section, which changes every week every two weeks or so, and it ranges anywhere from any and food to Mexican food. I think right now they have tacos and there's two different sections for drinks here as well. This is just one of the many dining halls on campus. Like I said, this one's attached to J. P. But you can go anywhere on campus. You don't You're not restricted to this one. If you live in Juniper popular, you're not restricted to the HAB. If you're over at the other complex is on the other side of campus. Uh, it is one swipe, and then you can actually stay here all day. It is the unlimited buffet. So a lot of students will come in and they'll use one swipe in the morning. They'll stay there through the homework that have three meals, whatever they want, and then call it a day.