University of Notre Dame Dining & Food

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So walking off of God cod, we are standing in front of the Lafortune Student Center, which, if you ever visit campus, you'll just hear people call this look fine in the fun. There is tons of spots for student to study. It houses all of the student government offices, and it has some good places to eat, including Subway, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Smash Burger, which is my personal favorite. So here I am in front of the infamous Pizza Bell, as the students call it, which is open until two or three in the morning on weekends. So you'll normally see a lot of students waiting in line here on a Saturday night after going out. And how could I forget? There's a Starbucks and we have something called the huddle, which is a little mini mart for students and headed over to the huddle to give you a tour. Uh, the selection there. You can have an idea of things you can pick up with the flex points that I've explained. So I'm going to describe a little bit about how the meal plan works. As an on campus student, you are required to buy a full meal plan, which comes with fourteen meals, wipes per week and a set number of flex points per semester, which is normally around four hundred twenty five. Starting with the meal swipes, the meal swipes can only be used in the two dining halls. And once you swipe in its unlimited all you can eat, you might say, Wait, you only have fourteen swipes a week, so that's two per day. So where's that extra meal coming from? One answer is from those flex points, so each flex point equates to one dollar that you're able to spend on any of the other campus food spots. So this ranges from Subway Teo, a mini mart we have on campus. Teo Starbucks Tio, um, nicer like organic restaurants we have in the Duncan Student center, and you'll see a lot of those places throughout the tour. Additionally, there are two dining halls on campus, and it doesn't matter which one you choose to go eat at or use your swipe sot. You can go toe either whenever you please. But depending on where a student lives, often decides where they're dining hall allegiances. If you live on South Quatre Westcott Quad, you're almost always going to say that South dining halls the best. And that's the only place you go. You live on Mod squad where I lived or North Quad. You're going to say that North Dining Hall is hands down the best and becomes a heated argument. Um, which is pretty funny, but regardless, the food is great here, and it's kind of a bonus fact. My first year at Notre Dame and it may still be, I'm not sure Notre Dame was thie number one gluten free, accommodating university in the country, which is great because I am personally gluten intolerant. So there are so many options for me, places where you can make gluten free substitution sze. Actually, it's smashburger. It's completely free tio sub the gluten free bread, which normally it's enough charge. And I've had a pretty easy time here, especially it being a college where the majority of what people are eating is pizza, pasta, hot dogs, burgers, things that are loaded with gluten. So I hope that explains the meal plan and dining hall system a little bit, and that will help you understand some of the other stuff I