University of Oregon Dining & Food

So this isn't Museo. I've never been inside. Put over here. In the new hall. What's it called? Color. Fallujah, Fallujah. What? Or something like that? And that's going to start really doing food. It's really pretty over here. This is the law library. It's very pretty inside too. People I love trees. All right. Let's see what it's called. Call it color. Hi, guys. We're here. The PM You are kind of the core area. You could spend your campus cash, which is included with your meal points. So behind me, we have to pull a here. You could see Subway way back there in Joe's burgers is pretty good. Hey, what's up? Um, And then over here we have a star BA, so the Starbucks is openly. A lot of times we come over here to study and grab a late night coffee. So we are currently and G S H dining. It's one of the bigger dining venues here on campus. And I thought, I show you a little bit what they have to offer here. They have some really good Okay, so I just got my breakfast here, and I thought I'd give you a little inside on toe food here. They have really good food. Like, I can't complain. I haven't gotten sick of anything yet. Uh, and they also accommodate for a lot of different people. So I personally, I'm vegan, and it's really cool because for every regular options have a vegan option. They have gluten free options, and it makes it really