Meet Frankie, Rachael and Emma! | Campus Tour 2019

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Ashley Walker

Tour Guide

Meet my friends Frankie, Rachael and Emma, all occupational therapy majors. They talk all things Scranton; classes, student body, professors, the weather, what it means to go to a Jesuit University, and International Service Trips. To highlight what they say, Scranton holds its students to a high standard, following the Jesuit values. The student body and professors are very caring and look for the best in each other. Academically, the school is a little challenging both inside and outside of our major. Our school having a Jesuit affiliation means that we are required to take theology and philosophy classes. I can honestly say, though, that professors keep it very open and do NOT try to force religion onto, but educate you on it. Frankie, Rachael and Emma all went on International Service trips. They talk about their experiences in country, and the application process to qualify for the trip. They went to Belize and Ecuador, but there are also trips offered to Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and other countries in South America. These trips take part starting the day after finals of spring semester and vary in length between 5-7 days. Though they happen at the end of the year, it really is an active process starting second semester. There are multiple meetings with the groups along with other workshops to prepare the students for the trips. If you come to Scranton, definitely consider it!