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Ashley Walker

Tour Guide

Here is the tour of the main part of the campus! Our campus is pretty small so there isn't much to see. The library is in the back of the roll, we pass Loyola Science Center, which is the absolutely gorgeous science building built around Saint Thomas Hall, the theology, history and philosophy building. We also walk onto the Dionne Greene which is the common area. During this time of day its pretty calm but from 4pm on there are people in hammocks, sitting in the amphitheater, friendly soccer and frisbee games, and just people enjoying the outdoors- only while the weather is nice of course. At the far end of the Dionne Greene is the DeNaples Center. This is the main building on campus. We visited it when we toured the dinning hall, it was on the 3rd floor, and the rest of the building has many purposes including a ballroom, theater, and the student forum. This part of campus is the plateau of the hill, so I apologize for being a little out of breath from walking up to it.