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This is so it asked us to show you guys a lab. I can't get into like a bio or can blab classroom because I'm not enrolled in one of the classes right now. So I could show you a computer Love, though, that we have in the staff building McMaster, which is open twenty four hours, and you just need a code to get in. And I'll soon get the code and there all the time using there's bunch computer. So here is the footage for that. It's really helpful when you need to edit things. It's not nearly full, there's sometimes classes and that you can't go into those times. But the other time, you know everybody reason study room. But if you're in our major, I guess All right. You see, you write like you talking to me, master, and it's just we're about to go into the lab. So my classes in this in this building are usually pretty small rooms of pre small. Yeah, Like I said, I I couldn't get into a science lab because they don't take the glasses. But those labs were pretty small to because I did take one. The lectures are usually big for science classes. Abs or smaller, like twenty of thirty. I didn't want it here, but it's just a room full of computers, as you can see, perfect for editing. But the rest of the building's pretty funny because it is not. There's that infamous Crouching Man sculpture sculpture right there, which, like everybody and McMaster knows about, they have to say gallery right there. So pretty, always something going on, no matter where you are to school, which is make one of the reasons that I love it so Now I'm going to show you all our library. The Thomas Thomas Thomas Cooper Library. It's nice in huge. Okay, There's a lot of places. Rickety windows was like bunch computers. There's a lot of study rooms like in the basement, Tio. It's just like, never ending. I don't think I've ever been in the entire Thomas Cooper lever Is this huge? Which is great because I love the school. So, uh, where's that? Very well, um, I'm not a big library person, actually, like more doing in a room. Banged a logical are more focus when you gonna live. Very long difference there all the time. You could reserve study rooms, all stuff, but when that more in the video So this is Thomas Cooper Library. It's open twenty four hours for students. As you can see, I didn't go inside to film because it's finals week and it's packed in there and I didn't want to bother people, but that's one big thing to know. It gets really crowded during finals. Ah, but you do have rooms you can reserve in advance on the website, which is nice. And, yeah, it's not my favorite place, but a lot And here's our other dame, which is much newer. Come strong. It's gorgeous. It is so tall. There is always a machine open the area where it's like more weight lifting machines usually gets a little crowded, but it's every gym here leave that. They have a bunch of different machines, a stair stepper and different times of ellipticals and bikes have the bikes where it has a global screen, where it looks like you're you're riding around, which is fun and the triples of TVs. And they have a track on the inside, and so is of a pool on the roof, which is fine, and they have locker rooms, and they have just kind of or the big dance rehearsal room. Yes, workout rooms with really big mirrors and that kind of saying you could go. And if nobody's in there, what is that? Yeah. So this is strong. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to film on the inside. I apologized. It would have had to get it approved and it would have taken too many days and so I couldn't show the inside. But there are some fiction website. It's it's just huge. Like I said, they have so many different machines and of each machine they have like a least seven and it's open later than Blatt and it's all new and pretty. I really not to completely crap on black, but like, why would you go to Black if they were strong? Now it's time to talk about our gym's. I used good two more and I don't regret it, but I do work out a lot here, but to be completely honest is a little frustrating because it's hard to find parking really close to either one of our gym's like I park in a garage is like at least a fifteen minute walk from the James. I don't. That's why I don't feel like going, which is an excuse. But still, that's a part that I don't love that I can just drive to a lot that I could, you know, pay for. Isn't it really close to Jim? But Arjun are so pretty. We have an older one name black, which I'll show you now, would it? Going to be completely honest. There's not a lot I can say about black because it's kind of old and small and I really I truly never go. I always go too strong. But I also couldn't film in there, but it's just another option in case you're closer those side of campus. Building and show you what is Gambrell. It's really common for classes or so many classrooms in this building. There's Electoral, having English class there at my film media studies class, there now. It's nice. It's just it's a pretty building on the outside's pretty on the inside. There's a bunch of places that you can eat they sit outside of. It was really like, So you're next, Okay, first off, I want to show you all this clip really quickly. These people literally to standing and saying Good luck for finals, just got a bridge. Housefly was at anyway, this's gambro. I had to walk on that bridge to get there. So that's why I took that footage. But she's got a really pretty, you know, design right there. It's just like this big rectangular building of the bunch of offices and classrooms. Um, this is the inside area. Got some benches to jail if you're like, early to class. And then next to it is humanity is with this Starbucks underneath. And let me tell you, I'll go to that Starbucks all the time. It takes your meal plan. And so there's really no reason not to go, especially from early to my humanities class. You know, that I have in this building, which is Spanish. And so I think if you take any language, you're probably gonna have it in this humanities class Thanks. This morning. Okay. Hey, guys. And good morning. Um, welcome to a day in my life as a college student. I am a sophomore this year, so my routine is a little bit different. This is going to be a collab video with my good friend here on YouTube. Fit Sid. She is actually in her freshman year of college. So she's gonna be doing a day in her life. Um, from a freshman's point of view, And I'm going to be doing a sophomores point of view because she's, like, you know, still in the dorm. So she like her schedule in the way she does Things is slightly different than the way I do things. I am living in her apartment this year, and so it's a little bit different lifestyle situations right now. It's really early in the morning. I am doing some homework at my desk. Currently on trying to get ahead. I have to take a quiz really quickly. Um, so, yeah, I'm doing homework right now. Not fun, but trying to get ahead of it so I don't have to worry about this weekend. I was heading for a small Theo. Wait right Now I'm getting ready to leave, um, and go to class. It's nine o'clock and my class starts at 10 so I have to walk there. It's a long walk. Not excited. I'll show you guys what I'm wearing really quickly, and then we're gonna go. My car was so far away. That was not a formal gluten free protein bar thing. Um, for breakfast. Most important meal of the day. Kids so engaged. You're wondering what I'm doing right now. I drive to this parking lot that is like a lot closer to campus than my apartment complexes. So what I do is I drive and park my car in, um, this, like, parking area. It's actually where my old dorm was last year, because parking on USC campus is extremely difficult and there's never any parking. So I have to literally park like 10,000 miles away. But it's still technically closer to park there than if I was to park at my apartment and walk all the way like that would be terrible. Wait. I've been forcing myself to eat a lot more keen while lately because I feel like it's healthier then, like pasta. So you're wondering. I haven't usually will put budgies in my keen well, but today I'm just eating it straight. And I had oh, sweet potato mixed in there, too. So good. I would like to make large amounts when I cook it so that I had, like, leftovers, and I'm gonna get, like, throughout the week. Um, so I don't cook lazy college hacks yet. I'm going to my last class of the day, which is my stack class. So I'm driving over to the class now. E I look terrifying right now. I just put on that face mask and I look like I'm from the purge slash a 12 year old boy, So that's cool. It's like peeling like it looks like I my skin falling off right now, So I'm gonna end the log here. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, please make sure neither a thumbs up And also make sure to subscribe down below for more college videos from me. And I will see you Another landmark on campus, I would say, is the third floor of Gambrell uneconomic building. A lot of people don't know about this. I may even show like my peers this video because they don't even know. But there's just like this huge, like RUF on the third floor Afghan bro, where you just can't walk out. And it's just like it's. It's huge open space and you're threatened by all these trees and it's so pretty and there's never a bunch of people around and it's so quiet and peaceful. I love it there, actually. And if it's called, there's like you can go right inside. There's like, you know, top to bottom windows where you can still see out, you know, as if you're on that roof thing that's at the top floor, twenty third floor. But I love going there. If I have to kill time. Remember one of the wash in athletics and I don't like you in the library. I just go there and there's barely anyone there, and I could just chill So this is the inside area. But you know those big windows I was talking about and here's the outside. It's just like super Open, but there's always open chairs and tables like, If you wanted to meet with a bunch of people you got up here, don't try to film something up here because it gets really windy. But other than that, it's just so nice and peaceful. Nobody's like talking. There's no music playing. It's just very quiet, which is what I really like. What I have to like do work. This building is called Booker T. Washington. It's a little bit on the edge of campus, but it's near one of the gems that we have. It's where all of my theater classes are. It's really cute. It's kind of small. There's a lot of history in there, and there's a lot of pictures that talk about, like the history of our pretty. AE thinks that, well, this buildings on campus and there's this nice six sitting area that you could just chill out before you fear class. That's what like class does, find he gets another like majors and miners around of any machine, which is and then a lot of the big rehearsal rooms you never need to use us on. Here it is. So obviously this is poverty. Washington It's sort of on the edge of campus. It's right next to Black, the older Jim that I talk about in my tour. It's, you know, for Cedar Majors and minors. So I was a minor. So I have one class in here. It's mess. Usually it's nice being a part of, like, a smaller major, because I get to know the people really well in a lot of the theater. Majors and miners kind of hang out in this building as you can also tell theirs the's like photos to talk about the history of the building, which is just, like kind of a cool anecdote to like Read when you're walking the class. Now I'm going to show you, uh, one building that I go, Teo. Almost every day it's called me Master. It is for the School of Visual Art design, which I'm getting a degree. So that's why they're all the time. And it used to be an old elementary school. Now it's the stand building. So hear this again. This major is a little on the smaller side, a little less popular. So I get to know the people, the maid to really well, Hossa building so pretty. Obviously, the classes can be difficult, but they don't seem like it. Sometimes they kind of build up and like projects. And so you need to just no time management, but I suggest you for all majors. In this video. I'm going to show you the fountain that we have in front of our library. It's really pretty. It's maybe not. Technically, cooperative is a rectangle, so I don't know. There's benches and in front of the fountain, and there's a trees everywhere, and it's so pretty certain in the fall, you know, you don't even have to go to the library to do that. I recommend it said there have service sitting there, Detective Lassiter, but I definitely like taking phone calls there. Fountains. Not too loud where you could take a phone call on stuff. People just walked by and you can share a bed. Sometimes it's just very relaxing in this sound of wire flowing, so here it is. So here is the fountain in front of our library. Like I said, it's so pretty and we've got these benches you Khun sit at and they got all these pretty trees. I just took a photo shoot with my friend right on one of those benches and it looks so good. There's library, that nice sound, soothing sound of water. Okay. The use more like my fair videos to make. They were for the landmarks on campus. First up is our brand new cocky statue. He's like this sitting in the middle of campus and it's so Q and it's perfect for pictures. And he's huge. I love him and it's got like, these trees all around him. And it's so great. I'm so glad that you now and it's okay. So here is a video that Well, here's cocky. Uh, yeah. So you can see how large he is compared to these people that are bench is right next to him where you can just sit or take a cute pic for Instagram. Look at the leaves were so pretty. I just want to get that in there, too, because there were just so gorgeous. He's got that little cocky label there. And, yeah, it's just perfect for that. So these views about wives, we only really have one. Technically, I guess if you consider required to be like a big area like green grass and stuff, it is called a horseshoe, and that's how I'm going to show you in this video. This is what we call a shoe. It's our only quad. Like I said, it's so pretty when she because like me five percent of the year in the south the weather is beautiful today. I filmed it. You know, these videos, it was only chilli. So there weren't people sitting out but normal. They're people sitting homework literally like napping. Yoga. He's always dog that you can see we're playing with their dogs. Parents bring their kids if they want to play, you know. And Mike, Nice open space. People take pictures for four more for graduation. They turn out so pretty Well, she wouldn't, Sonny. Like here in this shot. So beautiful. I would have a blanket in my car just in case I want to sit on the horseshoe.