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University of South Florida-Main Campus Champion's Choice

This's champions choices was one of the three dining halls we have on campus. This was my favorite dining hall because I just bought the food tasted better. We do have three different meal plans. Open access for you get unlimited access seven days per week. Any fifteen where you fifteen miles per week or bull block one sixty five or yes, one hundred sixty five mils per semester. It's very expensive to get a meal plan, but as a freshman living on campus, you are forced to because they want you to actually eat the ass out of this thing called Dining Dollars, where you can spend a certain amount of money at Starbucks, Chick fil A subway, Whatever campus restaurant you want him, I would suggest getting a meal plan if you want So here's looking like that towards the marshal Student Senate. So to the right over there, that's the theatre area. Dance all the music, everything like that. And then, um, right across the street from the first incident right there. That's the post office. So we have our own post office on campus. That's what they call Crescent Hill. It's really nice. There's a grass bull with Marshall students, and I'm bound to see somebody that I made here the central off campus and you can see everything's closed on Sundays. Obviously, um, nothing's open, but people come here to steal, to study and things like that. So I have a good amount of places I can take you, you know, close. We haven't Einstein's bagels for breakfast. That's what a lot of people go to get their breakfast when they work in the martial students. And I think like that. Then we have a job but Jews, which is one of my favorites. And then down here were the on ly campus in the country to have a beef o brady's on campus. So seaming and pretty slowly. Oh, I didn't know it was open now, so there's not much to the Marshal Student center. I'm on the second floor right now. I'm gonna show you the Office of Paternity Story life instead of your involvement. Um, but there's a bunch of other stuff in the martial student center. This's the center gallery. We hold open mike nights. Things like that here on the second floor of the Marshall Student Center. Then we have the Oval Theater. That's the big theater in the Marshes student center, where a lot of big presentation's or speakers happen. Hello, ladies. Welcome back channel. It's part with any of you guys stay. And today I have been here there, buddy, over my campaign, and I am here at Fort Pillow's Village, right on video. So Portillo's is one of my favorite place for my friends and I to come eat. Their food is so good, it's really their food. Whenever you want Teo and its channel once it's affordable, but it's really, really good, really worth it. And I got the chocolate cake shake for the first time. Tastes amazing. According to what? My friends out in the end, they're hot dogs are to die for, so I will try that next time. That was a quick little video. But yes, if you could do yourself good Portillo's or any other camp transport pales next to it. And you guys like this, you know, give them something to my channel. I was your next video. Hello, beauties and welcome back to my channel. It's bright with everybody for you guys today. And sorry for lighting is terrible. I'm saying in a parking garage right now, because I'm going to take you guys on a tour of one of our amazing food places called Argos. This is again part of my campus real campaign, and Argos is one of our newer dining places here on campus, and basically it has three different sections, and there's a flip kitchen, so basically has some main things, but there's some menu items that will completely changing, so it's always updating. Then there's another part that serves Italian food, and on Wednesdays it does serve wings. And then there's one of the part that's like a little cafe. You get a drink and a pastry and meal sweats, and you're good to go. So let's just jump right out into this video and take you guys on your way. So I'm back and I have my pizza this off. K City is going on right now. I mean, it wasn't much of a four percent of the food joining here, but it's not really much to show you just those, like two sections about cafe and then in a bunch over the fun funky, ceding my favorite part of the places you could just go swipe, work hard in order. And you don't have to, like, talk people use. Get your food to get Texas alerts when it's ready. And, yeah, that's pretty much Argos here on campus. Very nice. Also, there's an app called tap and go. So basically, you can just order your food on the go, just like most restaurants do. Now, you look here on campus, all the dining areas, for the most part, so I I think that is all that a half you guys today. If you like this video, please get Dr Thumbs up, support my channel, and I want you in my next So here's a college of education, and right here we have a point there began. This is one of the dining options on campus. It's delicious. It was actually a Burger King, but students voted for a healthier option. Then we got that, and then right behind it, that white building right here is you all age. The university lecture hall. It's just one of the larger halls on campus, so you know a lot of students. Nowhere. That is because a lot of students have classes in there. It really is random, whether it's math or mass communications or whatever, he probably may have a class. They're here to my left is the college of architecture. So if you are an architecture major, that's here. That's not me, not created in the slightest. But if you are, that's for you. Guys. I am out here at full market, which is kind of like a festival that we hold every single Wednesday. We're different clubs, can come out and kind of like showcase what they're doing or recruit for new people. We also have a few small businesses that come and set up shop like these guys over here. The music's really, really loud, so I'm sorry you can't hear me. But as you can tell, there's like so many people. It's right outside the MSC. I'll show you guys some of the different boots that we have shut up and like I said, this happened every single Wednesday and you can come out to see what different clubs there on campus see what everyone else is doing in dance around some of the music. Sometimes people come out here and just dance. So yeah, I know I once registered to vote out here. There are people that will allow you to do that, doing high during competitions. I know a lot of Greek Palace has come out really great stuff, guys. This is her. So over here is Crescent Hill. There's like a grass pull over there if you can see it. You got balls. Terrorists. Good. Bulls on the ground. Where's the marshal student center? Here's the car. Here's a way we have Panda. No subway exit and Papa John's. Then, right out of the gym, we have another one of our dining halls. Champions Choice. This is my favorite out of all the dining halls. It's delicious. It just closes pretty early as it closed right now. And there's a Jamba Juice inside. So a lot of people go and get their drama juice after they finish working out at the gym, yeah. Cool. She's so excited. Pigments So crazy. Is what? Unless Hibachi and sushi. Three eatery. I can't. So we're about to eat unlimited One. Telling a new school, right? Help? Yeah, It's is endeavor over here. This is so you know, so modern over here. I've been here all the time. You also get start now, you three Starbucks on campus. It would be so fun to, like, just walk out the door and be like I'm in Starbucks like now. We also have something else that's new. Have a burger five a burger fires for placing cries, No shit, all that good stuff. And I think it's the first one on any campus. Come show, you guys. I'm so jealous. I wish I had all this cool stuff as a freshman, but I did it. But now you guys have it, and I hope you can enjoy it.