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Want to rep USF? | Campus Tour 2019

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This University of South Florida-Main Campus Campus Tour was taken at USF Bookstore And Cafe.


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Makenna Lutz
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This is a very short video kinda of showing you what our school bookstore looks like. I only filmed the first floor, but the downstairs is a library-type setting where you can purchase books, and the top floor has books more for recreational purposes as well as stationary and other fun things like that. Should you chose to buy your books through the bookstore and you by them online, upstairs is where you will find the pick up center for them. THAT BEING SAID, like I said in the video, go straight to Amazon to purchase your books. They are infinitely cheaper. I have also rented from Amazon which brought a $250 book down to $27. Wait until the end of the first or second week to purchase books, though, because often times you won't even use them.