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USC vs. UCLA Last Basketball Game of The Yearrrrr! | Campus Tour 2019

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This University of Southern California Campus Tour was taken at Galen Center.


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Jala Beasley-Williams
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Here we are at the Galen Center for the last basketball game of the year! The Trojans took on our ultimate rival, UCLA. The games are free to us, and such a great time. 'SC students have so much spirit! If you come early enough, students get free gear, whether t-shirts, jerseys, or long-sleeve shirts. Sporting events sort of make me feel like I'm out in the regular world again because people of all ages come, especially alumni. Celebrities show up (tonight DJ Mustard and RJ came). And they hire entertainment for halftime. My favorite part, though, is when they pass boxes of pizza throughout the students section and everyone shares a box with the students sitting around them. To be honest, the camaraderie students feel during sporting events is probably the biggest thing that makes many feel like they're part of the Trojan Family.