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Okay, so right now we are in Han or culture Garden. It is actually the first time I've ever been here. So I don't really know what to say except that a lot of people have like, Photoshoots here for like, organizations, Senior photo shoot or just like Fortress. They wanted Cooper Link Stan or just new Facebook profile picture right there. Look. A cute little gazebo. Did you like it? Birth day. If you want to bring someone here I don't really know. Let's just walk around. So. There that big He's your man. Phone doesn't want to do. Hey! A little bridge. Well, you can see here. He's like, well, garden mice. When it's at night, you light up on the hill tree along this enchanted power in another pond. Hail. So right now I'm coming to you from outside. McComas and Shepherd. So this is sort of like a health hub. Schiffer is our on campus medical care. So if you're sick, whatever. If you get sick and you need an excuse note from a class or test or something, you gotta come to shepherd. They gotta check you out. Be like, Okay. You're actually sick. And then they'll send notes here, Professor, so you could get out of whatever, But they are always the best actually treating What's wrong with you? If they know what it is? Great. You're going to get what you need. If they don't know. You're here to get some allergy medication, pain, reliever, whatever. And they'll send you on your way. But attached to is McComas. McComas is one of our two Jim recreation facilities. But McComas is, quite frankly, too much nicer one. The other one is war. Memorial War Memorial does not have air conditioning, which is terrible, quite frankly. So you're gonna want to come to McComas. Mick always has air conditioning, a full size pool, cardio area, weight rooms of fitness classes. Everything you could possibly want is right here, So I'm gonna go inside first sight. Give me a little look around. There's no cameras allowed inside the weight room type area, so I'm just gonna get a peek at the So right now, we're gonna go inside of War Memorial Hall. So building it has a lot of the educational teaching classes for education. The grease. Yeah. And also hands from one of to Jim Conklin For one thing about this that doesn't have a C. So when you work out against really hard way on fitness rooms have like used fans, I guess from what? Building. Swimming pool. Yeah. Like back spaces for racket. I'll show you those two. I'll show you a couple of the racquetball court. Yeah, people were here. See what? You don't like how this feels when people are actually let me show you. Fine. So hot in here. Go grab a coronary. Your room and you can What? Your cookie I need to get I really want. Well, looks like what? Yeah. All right, So right now we are and lit in Reeves Hall, specifically the auditorium. This audio term isn't the biggest. I hold about two hundred people, and as you can see, there's like a stage back there. Unlike the other auditoriums with pages on campus in Grieve this audio. But technically it's still considered a classroom, unlike Bird Auditorium and Haymarket Theatre, where you have to reserve that those venues months ahead and pay for production, you really want to have, like, a performance there for the great thing about the market. You know, about this bay from Henry's is that it's free on you. Can any student organization can reserve this phase online for, like any practiced it for, like any moving, you just had to be an off separate student organization. I'm a clip the camera so you can see the whole room? No. Okay. Never mind. Yeah, not a big auditorium. Get some things done. All right, everybody. Snow were on the lawn in front of the patio in front of Dietz Place and the convenient store. So here we have Cassell, Coliseum, Cassell Coliseum is where we hold our basketball games, which are very popular. They get very, very loud. I used to live in dorms on the other side of campus. And, you know, when we score for football games, everyone in Blacksburg knows and we score is for football games. They shoot off a cannon. The corps of cadets does whatever. We had a touchdown there, usually fireworks and whatnot. So you don't have to be a football games. No. For winning or not, we're usually winning mouth on that behind me, You see? Muzzle, turn around. See this? The upper level is our buffet style dining hall. I tried to get in there, but they don't want me filming in there, So I wasn't allowed to. And then see down there You go where we just work. Stop. Got a little bit of orientation here. We have this big one that usually hold the pipe tailgates on this lawn. And then right here, I'm gonna go show you between the ages a J's are the Ambler Johnston dorms. They are ones that people live in for two years. So if you decide you want to live on campus for sure past your freshman year than he usually try and live in Easter West. Paging. And we're gonna go take a look at those Torgersen Hall trying. I want to show you toward this in bridge, but before I do on the show, you want cool features toward this atoll. It's like, Jeez, I don't know what color basis that's these boards on the water and you get like your ears really close, like dampens all they found and George are on the way. So it's like, really, sadly, I just think that's really cool. Just show you guys, so that's walking and I want you to target the bridge. I can't really talk in toward us in bridge because it's a quiet study area, so I'm just going to show you. So you created a really quiet in there. And now we're heading to Newman library about Bridget get all you're offering. And this is also where directed Gopro. Hail. So start taking you through the dining centers. Here we have West End, which a lot of people consider to be the nicest signing center on campus. Virginia Tech consistently Brinks as one of the number one places for food. So we have some amazing, amazing food. We have a football game coming up. Says You can see people are getting really excited about it. We do a lot of sheets with stuff make in front of the other team. So we had a really great one for college gameday a few weeks ago. What, nigga, see another one? We have a lot of spirit here. Right now we're going to go into McComas Hall. It is the other Jim on campus. And good thing this one actually hasn't a thief. I'm still not changed for the job. So we're just gonna themed waken do. Okay. Just think about me. Coming home is on the other side of this door. It's like a health center. You like, Get take anything or you need any counseling, so get going. He's really nice. So as you can see right now there's just full with people in their activities. More area of becoming car Just show you what look like clothing. Cool, obviously. And here that just shows like different levels of like, like warmer, more Cokie idea student ID to work out. I like it. So it was just like one of the basketball court. And if you look above, you can see, like, a track that goes around. I'm like this even afford any way further bag all the cardio training stuff, so, yeah. Four hundred, which is one of this studio places for like architecture students. It's kind of a small room, but usually like for small Fracture like personal studio spaces for the perfect time to talk to the studios twenty years less okay. So one interesting. Think about it. These are like I don't know what material it is you can make pin up your work. There appears on protective like critique your work stone. I was on the wall. What? Right now they're cleaning, so it's usually not. So somebody just do your spaces. Just a big technically. Yeah, And right now they're coming in. All the faster they wanted came forward for the coming school here in the park. All right, so right now we are in a global pasta, and as you can see right behind me, there's like a glass of spirit. And there's four around us right now. And a phone fact about this plaza. Is that actually a haul freight below us called Burchard Hall? It's just another hall for the studio majors. Architecture, landscape, architecture, industrial designing, Terry designed to get the work. So right now we're gonna go into the hall. So this is what's called a haul of flexing in front. But this is the place where I do all my all nighters and do all my work for his studio and pin ups. So fun fact about how we entered bridge, probably over water thing way. Enter through that floor for this interesting, And right now I love you. So you were just, like, intimidated student work along the walls and it's big. So you can see like all these marks, just just many things. Go right here. A sample of his studio space can every year is doing. Get the phone and they get to keep the desk waiting. Here we're getting do their work, leave their stuff at Paige's Sometimes people have food in here. Leave the laptop and cheers and back there is a glass wall and during the evenings was behind that building. Good wind hall. It's just so beautiful. Oh, yeah, there's a strict example of how open studio They also want take you through the different stores. We have a billion across from the athletic centers, So here we have Pete's place on this side. You get coffee on the side, you get any more ideas? Ice cream? Get him in the milkshake. About what? All right. This is a bigmain patio. We have a large field over there that's in front of basketball center. So wait. We have some, uh, cement on my left. You can't really see through, but here we have our general store right now. They're doing well. Fifty percent off. Still outside. We're gonna takes that. Go on through C C. What? We've gotten her general store pretty good, already goes through. It's just like any convenience store you would have. Stuff here is really overpriced. But you can use your passports, your suit ninety to pay for it. But you're like wandering type money. But here you go. Getting good or what? Yeah, we're gonna go back out. This is where it's at. So now I'm walking towards targeting Paul. And from this side, you can see like, a I don't know if you can see it because of these trees, but the drill field, which basically divides Virginia, tackling the residential side to the academic side and on the opposite side, I really want to show you is a torture Cambridge. So let's go. It's really quiet place to study. So I'll show you their I can't really talk. Well, that's just gonna be walking. Now there's like a better view. How is the road and another that targets in bridge? Are they which gives, like praying that we do the real deal. So let's take a look at that, too. Silence from the model. I don't remember all of them except pros. Um, which stands that I may serve. And here's the fun. Go, Tristan. Choosing on a human marble. Let's take what the world looks like. Cross the jewels. So sometimes how, like come here during the night just like, enjoy the meal. People live here in black and peaceful. What time did like a timeline here over barristers to watch us from that grand turn out. Well, so I did it again on this really feels like in the middle. So we turned back around PC towards but now I'm going to tour. Right now we are in Fleisher kwab, and that building behind me was my freshman dorm. I live on the fifth floor, and one of the greatest things about this building is that one. It is the tallest building in Blacksburg, so that's something worthy. And two. Because one of my freshman dorm was facing the East Side East Side every morning, the sun revised and like Wake me up inside of my alarm clock, social power and through their back there. It's like the lobby like part of the building that connects plus your power and you're away. Flusher wing is, like really long, only three storeys tall. So one thing about Flusher replied. It is cold doornbos, but divide the gender by four. And on the other side of the quad, thinking, Campbell Campbell Campbell, he's Campbell Hall is a call girl's dorm, while Main Campbell is a cobra. And, of course, there's a volleyball for those who want to play during the warring weather like some fire little pinch for like a little bit of barbecue and stuff. I never used it because I never had time with them. I need to get food for grilled food Yeah. A little picnic area for those who want you like gather. Fortunately, I don't live on campus anymore, so I can't really show you what the dorms look like, but I hope the outside work. No. Camp is real, my name is raining long and I'll be your guide for Virginia Tech. And as of right now, it is eleven thirty PM on a Saturday night and you're wondering, Why am I doing this at this time? Well, people usually sleeping at this time of war out having fun with adult shoes. I'm not eat, so I can take in doing activities. So a couple of phone fax about me that I am from Virginia I was born and raised in New Jersey, My major's architecture. Er I just went three years here at Virginia Tech, meaning I have two more years because the program here for architecture five years. Yeah, the summer right now. And I'm here doing doing the third. Go. This tour may be a little weird because not many people on campus, but I still try and make it fun for you guys. No. Yeah. Click on the next video. You're currently approaching the creatively named new classroom building, which is our newest classroom building. So we're gonna go ahead and check this out. As you can see, it has a lot of natural light comptel when you're in the classrooms as well, because just the walls are all windows. Much nature. Yeah, so right now, where that Doug, It's like on the west side of campus. And as you can see, actual, Doug's here, the great thing about bridging it. They're running away. I was about to say, like, these ducks are not afraid and like, one of the more friendly once. Okay, it went in the water, so let's just take what we could do with you. Careful where step. Because they asked me. Just took all over the place. So this is like a bunch of mention picnic areas similar to Hong card. So get one saying that this is also a cute face to go on that day. Yeah, possibly that here. It's all the really nice thing. Just get up from the door or from the booth. People fish here. I don't think you can really do much on the water inside, and sometimes I bike along this path and further down that path. It's like or the cadets courses and like that I could call to a part of campus. Is one of the biggest auditoriums in bridging attack its birth auditorium, and it holds about a couple of value. Let's go. So as you can see right now, no one in here and it's huge and a bit dark because right now there's no summer lecture classes this big, technically supposed to be in here, I'll show you ways. So one of the classes that in here is world regions and a lot of people used to take it because it's usually one of the most easiest. But I think now they're doing that class online, someone people get. And besides, from just being a actually place for that, this hall and other times usually a place for, like performances, culture shows any big performances that school has planned. So yeah, I'ma get help before I get All right, So this is the main entrance of the library. Over here. We have the circulation desk. Or you can check out anything. You needn't return books, check out books, whatever. Not over this way. Have printing. It's like twenty cents. Paige gets really expensive. It's easiest to just bring your printer. But we also have a circulation of various displays. More about different cultures, whatever. The university has decided to talk about that. There you go. Sir. Right now we're going to go into the hall. So a fun fact about Pan Hall is that it's only for civil engineering students and not a very big ball, because it was once in office registers for the professors. But now they converted it into my classroom buildings. Just take a look around. So I have one friend. That's a couple of friends during the civil engineering program in its ranks really well. So, Yeah, I really like your friends on these stores. We talked now keep its characteristic even though Richard and think it's constantly trying to keep renovating buildings around here and with my favorite parts about this building back what? I just hung up on the wall. Just the character of the world. No, thanks. Please keep looking nice and keeps the character Right now I'll show you War Memorial Chapel and its great wonders. Meet the pilot. Back about people. Alumni of reaching you. What? Sometimes you're now big trouble. Hey! But I think Yeah. And turn conforms Statue No. What? I don't sorry, Case had that much of this much of this chapel, There's not much definitely serve like a purpose and the hold of place and many alumni are they could get married here. All right, So this is the second for Newman. Just pop in real quick. We have decent DVD collection. If you want to come and grab something because you don't have any streaming services. For some reason, that's more brutal, comfortable study areas. And then I'm gonna go return this phone charger because you can check out pretty much anything you might possibly need. Chargers, headphones, whatever. Not from the circulation desk, so there are no next. Wait. The cameras. You get the mail. Okay, try and get everyone else's nail out. All right, So I'm sure the first thing you ever heard about Virginia Tech was our football program. For that reason, we're checkout Lane Stadium. All right. We're currently in your classroom building. People are holding classes. Right now. We're gonna be a little choir. But we have a lot of art on the walls, and he's got a big monkey. Everything collies, glass classrooms, class. Come on in here. And then there's a ton of study spaces. People love to use this building when classes air out during exam weeks. Teo, sit down and have a place to work so you can always commandeer one of these All right, So right now I'm on the lawn in front of McBride Hall. I can offer a money back guarantee that freshman year you were going to have a least one class and fried so this year, McBride as he rotate right there is Holden Hall than an extensive staircase down to the drug field where we were earlier. Non creepily catching up on video. One of our buses. You have an excellent transportation system. Uh, it goes to pretty much every corner of Blacksburg will take you back to campus wherever you need to go. So that's really great. If you don't feel like dropping money on an uber, especially every weekend. The nice thing about campus is on the weekends. When you decide to go out, you can take the bus for every need to go. And then they'll bring you back in the end of the night. So you don't have to worry about, uh, DDS or anything like that. You could save yourself some money. So there you go. That's McBride Hall and the Nobody. Wow! Game all, baby, Let's go. Get a room. So now we're walking into the quad joints of the main dorm buildings. Also maternity. Good view. On this pavilion, we have some pretty large GTS. Those were scattered pretty much everywhere. There's a lot of really cool detail. Hit it in the buildings here, like there are a lot of gargoyles and the like. A lot of people say this place reminds them of hog words. So big Harry Potter fans, Probably a good place. All right, so no one will come out right now. That is Pritchard. Pritchard is pretty much the biggest freshman warm there is, with the exception of slasher. But that's justcause slashers really tall, so you can just stack people. And then right there we have Lee, wholly is the engineering norm, but not just engineers live it. But a lot of engineers lived there, and then that building could be pretty much anything. It's under s'more construction right now, so it's likely the changing the name of it. And then behind me, we have new residence Hall East, which, you might guess is a new Residents hall on the east side of campus. And, I think, and this one here is Pedro Yates, but everyone just calls a P Y for the sake of simplicity. But there you go as this quad. There's a lot of space out here at the beginning of the year. It's really popular. Freshman come out here. It's a great place to meet people housing residents. Life holds a lot of activities. So I think when I was a freshman, they had, like, glow in the dark freeze tag. So you basically just covered yourself in glow sticks ran into each other. It wasn't necessarily the safest game, but it was a lot of fun. All right, Ron. So I was looking at up to catch one of our traditions, which is game ball, where the corps of cadets runs around with the ball from the next football game and all students touch. It's the speed of good luck. We're definitely gonna kill the game. All right, so right now we're in what's generally called Owens Quad. Over on this side, we have Owen's dining hall, which has two sides. One side over here on that one has more faster grab and go. There's a chick fil a Dunkin Donuts keeps a hood. All the stuff you could ever want. Teo, grab and just go study in the library with and then on all other sides, we have freshman and connect norms. There you go. We're gonna go inside and check out what's on the table today. Hey, also, I'm coming to you right now from the architecture quad. As you can see, right here we have hand clock hole that's not so much an architecture building as it is a lecture hall. But outside here, when classes have ended for the day, you see a lot of skateboarders and whatnot because they love all this big open space. Get going and, uh, hop up on everything here. So it's skateboarders paradise over in this area, right here. We have Cowgill Hall. This is the main architecture building. Virginia Tak has one of the greatest architectures schools in the United States, so it's very competitive and put forth some great things. If you look around, we have a student center right there that has the subway in it. If you're so inclined to subway and then over here is the rear side of Births hole, I'm gonna show you the front of birth hole later, which is much better. Absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous building. As you can see, we have not your traditional brick lay out every building. It tech is built out of hokey stone, which is a stone that is native to around here. So we have a lot of character to our building's versus just standard Brick. So there you go. All right, everybody, welcome to Lane Stadium. This is where all the action is. Her football game. I'm not technically still being here, so we'll be fine. But this is the student section, so it gets really loud in here. We have a lot of great traditions. If anyone Schultz, let's go. Everyone else has shot Hokies and that just keeps going. I'm planning on going to tell you this weekend, So playing about people are get excited and do that. But I'm tired in Iran. And there you go. Just massive massive stadium. Absolutely love this place. Game day is what tech is all about. Fantastic football program, everything. All rights now are in McComas. You get a good view of the pool down here. Additionally, Yeah. As I mentioned, this place has airconditioning. Most of the dorms do not. So a lot of people like to come in here to study. And someone where they have air conditioning. They don't have to walk us faras the library, so Because right now I just walked out of Newman Library. I really wanted to show you inside, but people were studying, and I didn't want to interrupt them. So I guess I just show you the outside of Newman Library right now, you can tell Newman. So we're not that far from the pilot. What I showed you earlier or targets. And so right now that's the outside. And there's also another part of you, that library thing, very distinctive and very different in terms of architecture. Er, from the rest of campus, like a half semi circle, which is completely different. All the other buildings on campus, like rare, very bagnall and boxy. But with this curve huge curveball. Stone stone. Yeah, basically. So you were. The library is let me see if I could get further away so we can see it better. So right there. That's like the main for thought of Newman Library on underneath. It's like a little cafe. Every way you can get, like coffee and some pastries to like, Help you help energizes you when you study. Yeah, for years, like a view. Several stories each floor has, like a perfect a couple for dying. Or just clearly studying and group some force, like clearly studying without talking like intense crap shooting. But, yeah, you're you're in library. All right, So here we have Torgersen Bridge, which connects torque hole in the library, and there's study space up there. You have to be incredibly quiet, though it's the strictest place on campus, about complete silence. It's really great for studying for midterms stuff. And then over here, that's Newman library and going back All right now we're on the hook. A girl's gotta arms right there. We have Chick fil A. We have a BBQ place on over on this side, we have a pizza hut All right. So this is a dorm room and daughter, you've got a sink right there on ly. But so much space as you can see. But you can stack things we have. The people were kind enough to let us in. Yeah, Yeah, but there you go. That's what a lot of standard dorm room looks like. All right, So behind me is the drill field divides the campus from their resident or side and the academic side so meaning all the fresh man's and anyone else that lives on campus basically has to cross this drill field every day. It's not that bad. When I did as a freshman, the only topic. Ten minutes for me, for my dorm, get a studio. It wasn't bad. So I guess this would be also a good time to explain, like the weather of Blacksburg and bridging attack. Because we're in the mountains, we experience like weird rapid weather changes. And what I mean by that. It's like there's this one week during the spring semester where we expand like four different weathers out one time. One day it was like thirty degrees and snowing. The very next day it was raining and thunderstorms. The third day, it was like eighty degrees out and really hot. That doesn't make sense. But on the fourth day, it was really windy. So what? We have what we say here at Virginia Tech. It's like If you don't like the weather here, just wait five minutes and it will change. So basically when you try impact, pack everything to need, not just for the season, because you never know what's going on. You never know what the weather is going to be tomorrow. Few friends and I like put up mechanic and just like around under the trees, drank some bubble tea and like crazy. But this is also like a really nice place to just hang out because I know during, like Paul and like end of spring, people would come out, play soccer, Frisbee, flag football with their friends and there's definitely more than enough space, yeah. All right. So now I'm with Tommy. So what you're made to Tommy? I'm a biological systems engineering major. Lucky can explain that little further. Yeah, So basically, there's two areas in our department. Part of it is people go into water resource engineering, water management and environmental engineering. And the other part is go to work with pharmaceutical companies and more like the bio processing. Okay, so what made you want to choose Virginia Tech and set up like your other college campus choices? The campus is really nice. A lot of the other colleges don't have like their own campus, like it's more integrated into the city. And I really liked that Virgin cycles like its own campus. And it's got the feeling of it. So So cane, like describe, some of the letters were courses and your major What don't work course on like, how hard? So you take the regular engineering courses that a lot about their engineers take, like Statics and dynamics. So that's like a mechanical engineering course. Then you take courses like biology, chemistry. You have to save both semesters of chemistry. Okay, I just have to take two semesters of chemistry elective so that could be anything organic chemistry. True. That sounds very technical. So like where? Some advice, if you have the war is something you have to like. Incoming freshmen, that one toe come to attack. So manage your time. Well, make sure that you do your work ahead of times. You don't like waiting till the last minute to do it all so you could get help from your professors and make sure that balance your work and your social life. So don't, like, spend all your time studying. But make sure you enjoy the campus, join clubs and get involved in extracurricular activities outside of school. All right, everyone. So here we are in McBride. One hundred. It's thie. Most iconic classroom at all Virginia Tech. I guarantee you're gonna have a class here, but, you know, classic lecture style. We got our cookie stone up here, which is so pretty and very distracting when it's more interesting than what's going on in the actual class, but also very pretty. But you get a nice three sixty of this classroom. You got the little desks here that fold up what? You're nice. They don't have a lot of space. Those it's pernicious room for your laptop or a notebook. You gotta pick one. You're going to take a laptop because it's more versatile and most people end up on Facebook anyways. But this classroom is pretty great. I remember I was here last year and the hokey bird showed up coming through those doors back there, and the professor was just like, Hokey Bird turned around and left. It's kind of a shame, but it was nice to know that he came to visit us. So there you go. McBride one hundred Most famous costs All right. Here we have a grill menu. Vegan options like up here. First one in West fighting. Gobbler them here, have more of the sandwich crap type thing. Wired has desserts and coffee and whatnot. What going up that here. We've got J. P s Chophouse. A man. This is Leif. Ladle for all of your salad and soup needs. Very good. A lot of people really like their salad. Take a look up here. Over here is our sort of juice bar version of wired. Best fresh squeezed orange juice I've ever had in my life. And now gonna wander over to stroke friends? I don't know, people. Just call it the place where you get pasta and pizza at Western. There you go. Well, get up. Six seconds. Yeah, R So that's your dining flexion West has a beautiful view. All these windows here, seeing a lot of natural light. It's an okay place to set up if you want to study, but quite frankly, it's usually really, really busy. I got here five minutes after they opened for lunch today, so normally, this line here would be coming back to where I'm standing now. You can waiting as long as twenty minutes went during peak times for one. So we also have over here sort of a grab and go section, and you could check out right there for if you're in a hurry, Hail. So my name is ten. I'm a sophomore at Virginia Tech, majoring in international studies, and I'm here to show your on Virginia Tech's campus today. So behind me we have Norris Hall and then in front of me, as you see here we have Randolph Hall. So Randolph Hall is one of the engineering buildings here. Attack is mainly an engineering school. We do have liberal arts and a bunch of other programs, fantastic variety of majors and miners. But it is mostly an engineering school, but they're working reverently to begin to diversify interests. So if you want to walk with me, we're going to go over to the architecture's. All right, So I'm coming to you from the quad between and Laura Johnson and Cochran Hall. So Cochran Hall is a much more common freshman dorm house is a lot of people so easily. And they're the nice thing about Cochran and the antler Johnston's is West End is right there, so you can go. They don't serve breakfast, so you have to go somewhere else for that. But really great setup for lunch and dinner. It's why people like to live over here. You're right across from much parking lots. Parking attack. It's very, very difficult. So living across from the parking lot of a huge benefit. But over here we have West Ambler Johnston. You Seymour Johnson is behind this on the other side. Continue this love you and that's the outdoor seating for West End. So today is not a nice day. But if it were a nice day, you'd have the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy it.