Washington State University Dining & Food

Over here. Mark it. Don't go there because you don't take RG ET so Yes. Cash. We have a baby. Right here. Report over here is the bookie. It's two levels. The first level is textbooks. Have a makeup placing a clinic bar in there. Other, like I guess school supplies, school supplies and they have other stuff for your dorm room. Plastic ones? Yeah, Local here. Okay. They also have They also have a cortex. Oh, store. So you can, like, get computer there. Fix your computer there. Get other Elektronik stuff. Yeah, there's lots of state cables down here is required consumers. Kid over here is the Cougar card sent to have a problem with your car? You could go there like that. There's a little coffee study place over here. You consorted with your friends if you want. Teo, Uh, there's another bank can see us being. Oh, we're here. Lt's the coffee place. Over here is cook Prince. Plus, if you want to send packages or mail or make posters, print out your textbook single there. And they do it for a really good price. So that's helpful. People. We're gonna go out and they were gonna go to the upper level. Really? Cool Bart Stadium. Okay, so we're walking to the mainland. Here's the booking. Yeah, it's Starbucks. It's not actual Starbucks. You can't use any sort of gift cards. Lots of places to study here. They have one to two days in here and they play games like that. We're going to go grab some food at my place. Eating campus. Carlitos, a Mexican place. There's lots of question here Freshens takes are Carly just takes arguing subway and pizza pie plate and expressed what get in line. I love this place I love. So I love coming here. It's kind of loud in here. Everyone comes here. Yeah, the line's kind of long today, but him my hair is going to get here is the pork case d'Oh, right? Yeah. You? Yes, really cool about this is there's an app called Get up and you could order food from certain places and just like, come and pick it up and, like skip the wine. Carly, this is one of those places, so it's freshens the one in here in the oppressions initiative to and they actually have like food items like salads, wraps the freshens in the cub Only those movies and yogurt. No, switch it up.