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Katie shows you around umrath house
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Umrath and South Forty Residential College is comprised of Umrath House and South Forty House. Umrath House is designed as double and triple bedroom units, each unit having its own private bathroom. South Forty House is designed as primarily 3-person or 4-person suites with a few double suites, each suite having its own private bathroom. As a domestic or international student, you ought to be concerned about your stay at Washington University in St. Louis. But even if you’re a local, WashU housing is excellent, to say the least. It is a friendly and healthy community. It has everything you need for an amazing time at Washington University in St. Louis. What could be more satisfying than having everything accessible at one housing facility? Access friends, living utilities and tons of amenities right when you need them. WashUd orm rooms are spacious and consist of all the essential components you require to feel content, quite like how it is at home. In this Washington University in St. Louis dorm tour, you get to experience what it is like living at the housing on campus. This dorm tour takes place in Umrath House, a dorm and residence hall. Other residence halls includes South 40 Colleges, Hitzeman, Hurd and Myers Residential College, Lee & Beaumont Residential College, Liggett & Koenig Residential College, Park & Mudd Residential College, Robert S. Brookings Residential College, Shanedling, Dauten & Rutledge Residential College, Thomas H. Elliot Residential College, Wayman Crow Residential College, and William Greenleaf Eliot Residential College. The university provides everything you need, including comfortable beds and large storage sections. Washington University in St. Louis housing in Race Street Hall on campus makes it easy for you to appreciate your time at the university while securing full use of the amenities. The modern dorms vary from two-person suites, three-person-suites, four-person-suites, and six-person-suites. Most rooms are decently sized and often have room for a refrigerator. Washington University in St. Louis University dorm rooms are great just as they are though you can always give them a unique look with inspirational decorating ideas. In this Washington University in St. Louis dorm tour, you will get to see what it is like from the inside of a dorm room to provide you with a clear picture of what to expect. With distinct residence halls on campus with different styles, you are far away from being disappointed. This WashU housing video tour is an amazing way to experience life on campus. So be prepared to make use of the accessible and affordable housing on-campus to compliment your stay at Washington University in St. Louis. Different room sizes and room types are available to accommodate different setups and needs. Spend your time among the robust residential community and benefit from the variety of living options for your peace of mind. Making Washington University in St. Louis dorms your home means making the most out of the Washington University in St. Louis campus life. So begin your journey with confidence and progress towards becoming self-directed individuals. Washington University in St. Louis housing on campus means relaxing in the height of comfort with eco-friendly and stylish room furniture. So come live the Washington University in St. Louis life and use this Washington University in St. Louis dorm tour in Race Hall as your gateway to the glorious days ahead.

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Another really cool thing that we have here on campus. That's very unique. We haven't our museum right on campus. It's called the I'm Reading off a sign. Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum. Um, I came here one for a Holocaust Holocaust class, and I'm in. They had something on, um, like how we process grief. So this is it, right here. It's right by the art school. Um, it's right by the our school, So it's all all the art stuff is kind of in one corner of canvas, but it's really cool. Is the cafe right across from it? This is a really cool place if you're really in art. One of the best things about wash u is the car shit. No, They collaborate with Enterprise Car rental car company till you. Teo, since you're signing for carding, I can write a car. They're looking all around campus for however, whenever on it's so cool exercise you to export Respect the housing. The majority of freshmen and sophomores tip. We live on campus and there's a whole area of campus called the South forty, where all there freshmen sophomore dorms. Kid, It's nice to have everyone in one place, and it's super nice to just be so close to your friends and in distance because anyone bigger schools, that's I would say so. I have a couple one friend who's actually transferring away from wash you who had just trouble integrating into the community. I guess you could say, aside from that, I really haven't seen anyone have that trouble. But I would say people might find difficulty in, I guess it really you have to bring yourself and make sure that you're working to find the groups that with people that you're similar to and that you believe I've with. That's not the important part. Campuses, you know, everything is available, but unless you take it for yourself, really immersed yourself and find the people that you want to be with. But I would say that really holds true for a On the social scene is very inclusive, you know, no matter what. People are always trying to bring people out to things, even at parties, and also it's very inclusive on the student body is getting warm divers, I would say, But there are a lot of nice, you know, a lot of nice organizations set up to help students of different ethnicities and religions and all really have had their own group, but also fit in one else, which is really nice. I would say that for me on person have like three groups that I always associated with my This is fraternity friends, my friends, religious organization and I just a bunch of other guys from the South Asian community. And it's nice. Multiple groups gets something a So I'm gonna show you what? My favorite parts of campus this is the underpass because we're under a bridge. It's like the last part of the South forty before you get campus. Um, and it's one of my favorite parts because you can see behind me all of these signs for different events are on campus, and these change, like, every two weeks. So every time you go through here, there's like a new ad. There's like a concert going on or this, you know, so wordy, a sorority is putting on something. There's no capella concert to go to. There's a fundraiser for something, so it's a really nice place to stay updated and see what's happening around campus. Hey, guys. My name is Katie Whitlock. I'm from Dayton, Ohio. I am a freshman here at Wash U. I just started. Second semester classes start tomorrow. Actually, um, I'm majoring in biology with a minor in to be determined. I don't know yet. Um, and I'm excited to show you guys around campus. We're going to talk about housing We're going to talk about so my favorite buildings on campus somehow to get involved in research on basic, just overall student life here So I don't see you see that white staying up there? This is Crow Hall and they haven't observatory in there. So you can go in. You can check to see on the website if the place is open and you can go up and like look through the telescope at the night sky and see all the stars. It is super cool. I just want to set the record straight when they don't have any of you have ever been on a tour of Washington. Whenever you call onto here, I came like twice, and they always point out this statue and they're like, Wow, what is bunny statue screen? It's a real symbol of I don't even know what they told me, But I just gotta tell you, nobody cares. Nobody cares about that statue, Everything they tell you on the tour, it's fake. Listen to me, nobody cares. Okay, So to start off, I'm going to show you my dorm. I live in a modern double, which means that here I'll wash. You have a choice between modern and traditional housing and modern means that you share a bathroom with one other room and then traditional means that there's a communal bathroom for the whole floor. Um, and modern double the double means that I share a I have one room and we share a bathroom with one other, uh, room. So there's two rooms with two means each. So this is our bathroom. Um, you there's a staller on the toilet, which is nice. You have two sinks, and then we have our shower over here. Um, and then on the other side of that door, there is the other room. So that's our suitemates, who we share our bathroom with. And then here is the dorm. Uh, this is my side of the dorm. Uh, we have You can rent a fridge from wash you. They let you rent fridges and Michael ways, which is really nice. They give you some, George, but your clothes and they give you a desk. They give you the best frame and everything. Um, so you have a law storage space, and then each roommate gets their own closet. So it's like, pretty roomy, too. As long as you don't have like a massive amount of clothes. I have enough room to hang all this up. And then I have enough room for one of these, like hanging shoo things and then some extra hangers. So as long as you're not bringing like your entire high school like war drove to college, you will be fine. You won't really need to buy anything else toe store, any of your clothes in or anything. Okay, so I'm kind of in the middle of all the engineering buildings right now. They're kind of spread out ish, but they all are, for the most part, like on the northeast side of campus. So for an engineering socks, you'll be walking toe all your buildings fifteen minutes away this time. So this is the part a hall right here. What? Engineering and applied science. So that's really cool. This building I saw here, even if you are in engineering the Cal Kelp Room, which if you're in any calculus class, you need help what you will. He will need help because they're impossible. Uh, the couch help room is always open. There's, like, always to TA is in there. You just walk in and you're like, Please help me with this. Terrific. And through the cinder girl and the Utopia. And it's really nice here. This is kind of in Lincoln underpasses engineering. It's the other side of engineering. Okay, I'm heading to my research job right now. I work in the lab about four hours a week or so. It's not a huge time commitment, but it's really nice. I get undergraduate research experience as a freshman, which is super cool. Wash you is really, really well known for its undergraduate research. Like I forget the number of some crazy high amount of freshman work in the lab. Her undergraduates work in the lab, which is super cool, if you're into that. How I got this job, I before you even got here in August, I emailed professors that I thought were doing really cool research, and I asked if I could meet with them and I found about three or four of them and the one that I enjoyed the most that I enjoyed being around. And I thought that he it was a really cool guy, and his research is very interesting. I asked if I could work for him, and he said Yes. So now I work with a postgraduate, which means he already has his phD and I come here about two days a week, and I stay for about two hours and I get paid and I get undergraduate research experience, which is very valuable if you want to dio any like summer internships or it looks good for graduate school and it's really fun. But this is one of the biggest places to eat. Uh, when you're on campus, um, you can see behind me there's like it's a bunch of years behind that five. The fireplace right there. There's like a whole other room, full chairs, bears. It's other room over here, full of chairs. When you come here on a day that I actually like has classes and you're around lunchtime like this place is packed. You I can't even find a chair to sit down. Sometimes it's called the duck. It's called the duck. Um, and then this is where you get your food. They're all closed right now because we're still technically on break. His classes start tomorrow, but there's This is my favorite ones You can get like a taco salad. They do Mexican. Um, there's a Chinese one, like, all the way down here. And then right here, there's one that you like comfort meals. So they have pasta. Must have garlic bread is really good. And then oh, you khun d'oh pretty much anywhere on campus, actually, Just getting I think it's just the duck and bears then. But you Can we have a nap? Well, you can order your food like before you come and pick it up, and then when you get here, you don't have to wait in line and you could just get your food, but sometimes they mess it up. Sometimes it's like not super reliable, so order at your own will. But the lines are never usually aren't too So we are heading out for dinner on We're going to go to the loop, which is a place right near campus is in walking distance. And it's basically just the street that's full of restaurants and full of ice cream places and a lot of shopping. Thiss, my friend Shana, we're going. You'll see her later. Andi, I'll show you guys, as you can see behind me, This is the loop. It's basically just like a big, long street. And as I said before, it's full of restaurants. Um, there's some shopping a little bit. Uh, there's dessert. You could get to start here. It's really nice if you have a group of friends and you want to go out. Um, it's like a four minute override from campus. It's a really good place for a date. There's some pretty good restaurants for that. Um, and this is a lot of times, unless you're wanting to go into the city or into Clayton, which is on the west side of campus, this is usually The weather in St Louis is actually really weird. There will be some days where, like you wake up in its ninety degrees and sunny and then by the end of the day it's storming and like freezing. So you never really know what to expect. There are a lot of times I have to go back to my room in the middle of the day and change my outfit because the weather like change so drastically throughout the day. But it's really nice. Att. The end of the summer, like right when the school you're starting, that's probably the best time because it's really hot out and the weather is less unpredictable. Then, um, and there's also there's a pool on campus and a lot of like nice places to hang out near campus when it's nice out. So that's probably my favorite time of the year. There's a park like right across the street from Wash use main entrance called Forest Park. It's huge. There's like a golf course there. There's a zoo. There's an ice skating rink, which we go to in the winter. On DH, there's an art museum, and it's really, really nice. So what it's nice out. A lot of times we'll just go there, hang out, like bring food, um and So wash u's campus is really, really nice. A lot of people describe it. It's like a mini Disneyworld, um, and my favorite outdoor spaces are probably mud field in the swamp. Mud field is like this huge field in the middle of Main campus, and it's always really nice during the days when it's sunny out and hot out. A lot of people go in like play sports. They're just hang out with their friends. That's great. And then the swamp is. It's like right outside where the freshmen and sophomores live, and they have like a beach volleyball court, basketball court swings and just like a big grass area. Now I'm gonna take you on a tour of my favorite building on the entire campus. Rudolph Hall. It also so happens to be the room, the building where I work, but no coincidence. So there are two reasons, three reasons why this is my favorite building first. If you can see all of this, this is like a museum in the bottom and send the basement of the building. So is the Earth and Planetary Sciences building. So they have, like, fossils. That's a giant. I don't even there's a school of something. There's minerals everywhere over here. There's some really cool colored minerals. Since this I just come down here and, like, spend forever. Just like looking at all this stuff. I'm not even super interested in rocks, but it is super cool. And I'll show you another reason why I like this. Okay, we're still in the basement. We're gonna go. So you wanted this, right? Regular rocks. I mean, I'm pretty cool, but, you know, whatever. But look at this. You press this button, the lights turn off, you give him over here. Big, low, UV light. I guess when you put UV light on rocks, they glow. And I should look at that. That is so cool. It's like a whole showdown here. More lights over here. More lights. Look, it's Christmas. Look at this. But look at that one. He's just regular rocks and they glow. It is so cool. Okay, there's a third reason. I like this building. So much going to go upstairs from the basement. And since this is an earth in planetary sciences building, you know, the planet. Part of it is the professor here. Her works, Uh, the curiosity Rover on Mars. Another professor who does he hated Venus Stuff? Food. It's an exact replica. Uh, I think this is curiosity, spirit and opportunity. Just kidding. It's opportunity. This is one of my professors. Hello In that cool. It's just in the building. We just have this whole thing. We are heading and we're in the basement the right now, and we are heading into the pool. Um, so they do have times we can just, like, free swim if you just enjoy swimming. Um, but also, like, obviously, if you're on the swim team will be down here a lot. So this is what looks like. You can see the diving all the way on the diving boards all the way back there. Lifeguard, you're always safe. Always safe here. I have not ever been down here, but it is So we are. Right at what? I guess I would call our quad. We don't really have a quiet, but I guess if we did this would be it. So I was saying earlier, the campus is kind of split into, like, the different schools. You kind of see that here like this. So don't. Here's a humanities. Uh, that's the business building right there. Starbucks is really nice. Um, this is a lot of science and math all through here. Um, over there is where you take your Jin Kim class. We'll go there later, and then, uh, through past Graham Chapel. This scratch up right now, over there is a library, and there's our engineering buildings. And then way, way over. You can't even see it, But, uh, there are schools, like way on the other Another cool thing about this gym, which I don't even know hat until, like, two seconds ago. And I saw the sign. We have racquetball and squash courts, so you can see I mean, obviously you have to go down a level to get in there. But there's thiss there's another room was just like one ping pong table. It looks intense. I think they're people in here. Yeah, they're playing racquetball, squash, whatever that is. I don't know what they're planning, but we have it just We're right outside the C um and just is the last thing. The track is right there. So if you're on the track team or if you just enjoy running, which is weird, but you run over there or that his courts right there. So here, there's like a wreck tennis team. I think there's like a club, so there's a lot of opportunity used to get involved if you want to So on a typical Friday night, there would either be probably a frat party. So if you're in authority, then you could You might have like a mixer or pre game with fraud. Or they're also always a lot of open frat parties, which is just for anyone who wants to go. You don't have to be involved in Greek life. Um, and then there are also a few organizations run by Wash U students that it's like a party planning organization. So they rent out bars and we'll throw events there just for wash you. You have to buy a ticket, so I'd say we have a good balance between on campus and off campus Okay, so just, you guys have any idea like where we are campus doing this tour? I'm gonna show you this map. So this part down here, just like little square itself. Forty. That's where all the dorms are. Uh, small gym. Is that where you eat on DH, then all the way up here is actually campus. So this is where we are right now. The big field. It's that big field there. And I work in a lab over here. It's from from my dorm, which is one of twenty right there from here, too. Where I work in the lab, which is this. I think that's like a fifteen minute walk. So it's not that bad. It's pretty. It's a pretty small campus. Um, you never have to walk very far. Okay. We're heading up the stairs from real off poverty causes on the northeast side campus. Way in the corner. We're heading back on the canvas in this place. It's called Brooking's. Every year. We have some concerts here. Uh, they're called wild in the fall. We'll do. He was right right there. This is the front of the school right there. If you buy a postcard or something, that's Oh. Right there. That's the front of school. So we are all the way on the campus. This is really nice to play. This is Holmes Lounge, my favorite place to eat. So when it's warmer, um, I really like coming here, getting a sandwich and just eating on the grass in Okay, We're now going into the South forty gym, which is right above Beatty and pausing go. So it is on this house. Forty. If you don't want to walk very far, it's really nice to come here. It's not as big of a gym, but like the weight, it is having many weights. But, uh, it's really nice that you're looking for a small work out. It's not here. It's nice over there is a little room where they have weights and they have balls work on, and then The best places on campus to eat. I would say our well. So the place for freshman software is that I was talking about was called, Help bears Dan. It's the closest factory to them, and it's great. There's a lot of different options, but after a little bit after a couple months, it takes a while. But you can. You can definitely feel yourself getting through on this. All the options. So the different cafeterias have really nice variety so well, if you head over to the other side of campus, there's the village cafeteria, which is one of my favorites. Probably just because I don't need there's much, but there's a lot of opportunities for food. The meal plan essentially works on point, so each food item is worth a certain number of points on DH, so it makes it easier. The athletic culture at Wash U. While she was definitely not a big sports school. Um, I think I've gone to a couple sports games, just like I have friends on the team. But it's not like a state school where you like tailgate all day and then go to the games. I think people would go if they have friends on the team, but it's not like a big Washington. Perhaps sciences building. It's where, uh, Jin Kim and Kim lab are two separate courses, and they'll both be in here. So if you hear people talking about your classes and lab side three hundred, that is this giant room you walk in. I don't know. He's in here. Oh, it's dark. Oh, that's him. Okay, So how do you see it was joining us? Um, every day Monday, Wednesday, Friday, less musters in here. Ten a. M for Jin Kim. Come on. And Kim Lab, your lecture will be in here and then yeah, I have not. The protocols are in here through the multi multipurpose room tonight that the this lapse I three hundred. It's so big because a lot of those classes were like, intro classes are like giant lecture classes. Um, and like, basically, everyone in stem needs them. So that's why those classes were so big. Because no matter what your major is like, you're probably gonna have to take chemistry or you're probably gonna have to take him lab. Um, so that's why that, uh, what's The room is so big. And then now we're walking down the hallway and Kim lab. You have a lecture on Monday and then at some point in the week, you have your lab period. It's three hours long. You want experiment each week? The socks? Um, sorry if you love kimbap, but this was my room. Um, we'll backtrack, actually. You can see it's kind are we can see through here. Each person has their own lab station, I guess is what you call it. He do the experiments by yourself, and you have pre labs and stuff, and you can work with other people. But why? You're in your laugh. We're doing it by yourself at your own, your You know, at first I think when I began the process, I didn't really expect to be out of the way. I started out of the Northeast that ended about Midwest. But I think what sold me on washing was Number one has just amazing business school. Really, That was not my number one. Number two is just an amazing atmosphere, really bright kids, but really respectful and and kind kids. And I love that screw there and announce a number three. It was my scholarship actually saw him. There is an old and distinguished business scholar. That's one of the best things about watch you, unlike many other schools of its of its kind is that it gives has all the opportunities for Marrapese Act options, So at washing, we're lucky to have, like such a beautiful campus, all the buildings have just really nice, its structure and all and on their most number. Brand new, really nicely built any inside, especially the business buildings, trying to swing anyone in the business world, but definitely some of the best buildings on campus. So so my favorite busy building on campus is is definitely are the two built business building two. There's Simon and our hall, especially our wallets, brand new, beautiful staircase and all. And where a lot of my classes are, which, um, it's just a really beautiful building featured on you know that Washington No, no. And so my finger outdoor spaces, probably. Hey, fuel, which is right. It's sort of like a quad area for where all the majority of Candace buildings buildings are sort of centered around. It's just beautiful place, especially when it's warmer. Okay. We are at the architecture building. You guys don't see it behind me. It's a really pretty building. If you're in the art school, you'll come here first studio and some other stuff. I'm not the art school, so I don't really know. But we'll go inside and take a look around. I would say that. So going on with that streams that arrive at Wash U, you know, they really do care about education, and they want to do the best that they can. They want to learn as much of the candidate when the coolest things I see is that a lot of people are just focused on unlearning whatever they're passionate about, just go for it. And I think that's incredible. I would say those type of students that can follow their fashions in that way are are the ones that drive at Wash U on DH ones that really focus and are dedicated to what there think that comes along with passion. No, but I see that the ones that are able to focus on what they love but typically the best So now we're walking into doors, closing. We're walking them our craft, which is where the campus bookstore is. Um and then we also have subway, which is super nice subway. They take your meal points so it doesn't cost you money. Money there. It's super nice is the bookstore. This is where obviously you can get your books. Um, but you can also turn around. There's a lot of apparel. It's pretty expensive. But however, there's books everywhere. You by your folders where my folders, notebooks, everything. I come here. What? I'm trying to get my books for class. Um, and then right down here, No. You can see the lower level, that green thing. There's a door right there to go down to the lower level. And that's where you would pick up your books. Like if you ordered them online. That's where you would go to actually pick them. I missed him. I forgot to mention, But Frank also has with theater like this Giant Theatre. So if you're into theater, you can. This is probably where you'll be putting on plays and stuff. Um, there's a this down here you can see. Oh, God. There's a place there's a basement where you can study. Uh, yeah. It's really nice. You can see the future leader tonight's, please. Um so I'd say academically wash u student body is very collaborative. I think people are genuinely interested in helping others out, which is great because it's definitely competitive in the sense that people are very invested in their academics and work really hard and want to do well. But I don't think it's cut throat and that people don't. I want other people to do well, so that's And so campus is beautiful. People always go to state the library personally. My favorite place to study is a room. I just, you know, work really well. Not rooms. Dorms are set up so nice. There's a temp repeating mattress in every dorm. A nice desk in on good side dresser and closet. Nels, i just love to study. Must the campus is so pretty. Keep over the net, rose. But it is, it is The post doc that I worked with him is there. He helps me learn science, and this is what our lab looks like. We work over here. Two days ago, we played it. Some sulphate producers. You know what that means? We have a lot of equipment. It's really fun to have a good time here. You have anything to say? Teach them the extraction. Point out. Correct things in your video went up. Biological laminar flow over this's you'd be like. What else? Apple hoods, chemical hoods. Aerobic culturing in aerobic culturing. I know how to make stuff sterile. Now you learn a lot of good stuff here. The post doc at work with your dog. Hello. I'm taking a video. Hi. Maybe if you work here, you should. You should try to work for a professor with a dog. Ashes on it. Ex China. Read something I can't read so we can do science, So I'm going to discuss washing student body a little bit. So this I would say that definitely is. There are some stereotypes about the Washington like tip wash his students that there a little bit nerdy, definitely worried about academics and all. But I would say the nicest thing about wash use that it's, you know, it's an amazing school, but it doesn't like I said, it doesn't a super competitive. I've I would say that stereotype definitely is a little bit correct. You no way we have smarter students, really care of academics. And all that would say Washington's really are just super kind. It's one of the greatest things about this school. Now, one of the other things that sold me that wash you was dead good, very lucky. It's consistently every year ranks as one of the top schools for its meals at all. So the Washington food is really great. Who don't campus there? Several different dining halls across campus and several different little cafes that usually take meal points. Almost all of them do it. There's even a couple chain stores like there's a job to send camps that takes milk points as well. It's it's really nice. There's some gourmet food is actually won a really fancy restaurant where you can spend your real points at. So that's awesome. Don't say that. Excellent. You know, in the in the closest closes cafeteria to refreshment most freshman and sophomore dorms. It just has several different stations of all different types of How's the food? So it's great. S O. My favorite time of the year is definitely second semester because St Louis is nice and that speaking over about the weather, but it gets warm pretty fast, so doesn't stay too cold for too long. It's not like jersey where it's just the long winter, especially last year got warmer pretty fast, and it was just so nice. It's stating this fifty sixty seventies for a really long time love that. So now I'm going to show you the South forty, which is basically just what we call the place where all the dorms are. So that's kind of the entrance. If you could see those stairs, you walk down. This is my building right here. That's a breath. Um, this is South forty, which is the other dorm building, um, in my residential college. And then this is also where bears did and pause and go R, which is where you can eat on the forty. And then if we walk this way, um, you can see all of the other Joran buildings on campus. A lot of them. Our freshman dorm. So you can see from here, Um, and then let me get over here so you can see there's a big field right in the middle. And then all surrounding this field, our dorm building says they're all dorm buildings. The mail room's over there. Over here. Uh, yeah, A lot of times people play Frisbee there. Um, there's sometimes some sales. They're like people have old books. Um, you could get him on this field. Um, there's a basketball court. Sometimes people look really nice