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Hey, guys, in here, Christi Ann. And we're in the library and I want to show you guys one. Of course, the library has four floors, and each of them has a large amount of study space. Right now, we're on the fourth floor. We have archives and labs also like research lives. So I hear you can see the rest of the library. Here's some more cities, Picard Slab. There's a class going. There's something no study. There's. Pure learning and tutoring center here, where you can get a personal tutor if you need. Your study space. You got books? There's more space study species. And that's basically the layout of every floor on the library. There's some spaces that are louder than others. The bottom corners, like a bull like caucus odyssey, want space. There's some completely silent spaces where you don't even have people like working in groups. And they're like almost pods. Yeah, it's pretty cool place, and I love doing work here. So at Wellesley. Since we're in the North East, we have four seasons currently who were very much in the winter season so, well, campus covered in snow. I think it's really pretty in the snow at night. Fall is pretty moderate to you Don't need a big coat until maybe mid November. Early December spring's really pretty. Everything blooms. We have daffodils, which I think are beautiful and summer's pretty hot. But most people aren't on campus. Um, but like my Hot and King ninety's the highest. Okay, guys, I'm taking you to my favorite place on campus. It's really slowly right now, so it's not like it. Usually it is. But the place is called Tupelo Point, and it's just a little stone outcropping that looks out on our beautiful equal button. Um, I'm coming up on it now. You can see the lake from here. It's pretty big, takes about an hour to walk across and it's really fun bonding experience that a lot of friends or couples or groups that well. So you d'oh um and you on two points, so it's usually not covered in water like it is now. And it has a really nice sitting spot. When it is warm, you can see the lake, which is super beautiful. And it just really peaceful out here. And you could just hear the water. And I've done readings out here. I've studied. I really like it. Um, there's some steps onto the water itself. We're not technically supposed to swim in the lake, but it is on the fifty things to do before you graduate. Wellesley. So do with that what you will. So I'm a scorekeeper for lacrosse, and I'm heading to agree right now. I understand you are soccer and also the lacrosse field. When I come up, product, we'll see does have a lot of sports. They're all District three. Um, the only thing we don't have a split while I think, and then accept because it's a women's college on DH. Um, like going to sports fence isn't super, like, hyped in common, but the people that do go really enjoy it. So this is the lacrosse. Why and go blue, I hope we win. So here it Well, we we don't have sororities are any like technical Greek life. But we do have societies which are on our campus only, and, um, more small. They bring lectures to the school. They have social events. But it's not like to the volume of, like, a state school. So some of the societies like our political action one. And, uh, I think our classics once don't have houses. But our, um, literature one and our music one do. So this is D A, which is eight Alfa. They have this big white house right here. And then we're coming up on Tizzy, which is Tee hee hee, and there's a few other houses on this lane. This is called Tupelo Lane. Um, summer for like older students called Data Scholars, which is a separate program that Wellesley has summer for that. The next student summer for African American students, Asian students. They're more like safe spaces. It's really nice that we have these pretty sources on campus because there's also Dean's that can help you with specific issues within the houses. So, yeah, this is the house through Nice had never been inside, but it seems like a good society, okay?