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That I was in Alaska, which is really have, like, a thing kind of music, he, But not really No, no. It was just a smaller place, and I was excited to live this off course. That's why I wanted to. But most of the rims are two room devils, just pretty great. So you like, Here's the door you walk in Here is your room. There's a door off. And then there's this. And mine had a door to the balcony, which was wonderful. And there's like meetings, and I think in every of these special housing options they're meeting, so it's tries to make it. It's community based. So Jared sort of options if you wanted to classic like freshening experience, where you just in a big dorm with a lot of different people, like Mark Bennet butts, and then, if you want to do Yeah, in terms of like the housing options for freshmen. How does it work? Just like they give you. I'm not like when you come here if you're admit it, but you get you get the choice toe. You know, you could buy yourself. You could live with a roommate and you could just choose like you know where you are. You don't. You can put where you want to live, but does not guarantee, you know. And so Yeah, you have a couple different options. You can live in all freshman dorm, which is Those dorms are called Bennett and Clark, or you can live like we're freshmen and sophomores. And that's called the Butterfields. I would prefer to live in Clark and Bennett because both of those norms have been renovated and they have a C an elevator, while the butts and I mean Butterfields and and the other dorms don't are not, are Okay, so it's a really nice day out, too, even though it's like early February and since we are in Connecticut, it does get pretty cold during the winter months. So since it's like, really warm out, everyone's outside. So I wanted to show you my absolute favorite place. Which is False Hill, which is like this giant hill I'm standing on right now. And the reason why False Hill is like one of people's favorite places to go is because when you're standing on this hill or sitting, you can see really like the heart of campus. So, like over there, you have used and which is the like dining hall and like where we get it's like the main, I don't know, a student center. Then we have like the administrative building, the chapel that hosts like all sorts of religious events for all religions. Then we have the ninety two fear, which is a student run theater than we have the psychology department. Judd, I don't know. And then we have old in over there, which are library. And then you have Clark Hole. And then over there, there's some people eating outside at West Coa, which is a program housing option for a freshmen sophomores. I'll probably get into that and like a housing video. But yes, O and then over there is like Hewitt, which is another like dorm option. And there's also the observatory. So, yeah, there's a lot to see here. And the reason why Foss Hill, in addition to just like seeing all the kind of important or just like pretty buildings on campus. Ah, a lot of concerts are held here in the warmer months. So, like the September October and then like April, may so like, there's a lot of concerts. Here s O People will bring out blankets and play music and eat and drink. And then there's also the baseball field. So, like, that's the baseball field where you can watch baseball in the spring or you watch football in the fall. So that's a really cool place. I personally love it towards the end of semester. I usually come out here and just sit and relax. In between classes. I'll do homework on False Hill so hard. Boss Hill is really the heart of campus, and that's why I love it, and I find it to Okay, Alice, What's your favorite spot on Leslie INS campus? My favorite spot. It's probably the CF A tunnels. So last spring we took a photo class and I for class, had for alive and the Center for Yards. Colonel. And what's really cool about tunnels? Is that all the building of the Center for the Arts. So the theater buildings, the music buildings, the arts buildings are all connected on the room tunnel, and the turtles have a lot of like who really, through things, and they have photo live. They have a bunch of, like, Phil more jobs. They have the print shop and they're just, like, really cool to walk around, and they always have. Students are hanging everywhere, and it's pretty cool. Hello. My name is Grace Stanfield. Um, I'm a rising sun and I'm from Boston area. Attitude it. Yeah, and mostly I'm involved with, um, theater. I do a lot of cedar. Not really. Peter. The second stage, which is all student run. I did three plays there this last month. Really? I really liked that. It's really easy for me to do awesome. Just wonderful. There are a lot there, like twelve or so pretty great. And then I club called Ash Oh, chance for adolescent sexual health awareness, which our main goal is to go to a local high schools and teaching more comprehensive sex ed, which has been amazing. I was involved with anything like that at my high school, so this has been really great and then chose Wesley for was close to me, which I was really important for me to be able to get. Except transportation. It was land, not ideal. The train is thirty minutes away and kind of expensive and small classes. That was really important to me. I came. Give her Milton Academy, which is an independent school and has really small like biggest class. Fifteen years is like, very small, and so there are big lectures that I took interest sight, which was like two hundred people. But I think that's the biggest lecture, so But everything else is smaller. So I was. We did, and thank you. Yeah, the Theatre Theatre. Being accessible was another big, important Flash Hill. It's, um so the campus is sort of like there's this big field and it's during sports football fields. But that gets taken. It's taken and this is the hill in this hill. Whenever it's nice, it's just like Vered with people, and that is amazing. That's also in the winter. I'm sad because I just don't. It's easy to see people without Kenshin Racine, but it's just it's so nice and it's everyone just be there. And it's big enough for like a lot of people just to be in whatever groups or just like life himself on DH. Then you're looking the baseball field. Watch baseball. Her what? Yeah, and that just overlooks College row, which is like worth college like the ninety two, which is where, second stage. But Simpson shows just all this, and you sort of see the whole campus like, used and, you know, I really like it. Which it was great. No, Okay, just typical Friday night at Wesleyan, I'd say a lot of the social life that I dove into. It's a lot of concerts except theirs. It was a stupid diet. Then West Linn called. It's really silly, but it seems to permeate throughout the entire culture. There's in the dining hall. There's like get side where they don't play music and then allowed cyber. They do play music and that I'd sytems to be like artsy, you know, like that Wesleyan stereotype and then outside has, like, Jackie. I don't know kind of thing. And so those world kind of go out into the social life, too. So there's like fountain, which is a street where when you're senior there they have seen your houses and fountain is this very populated street with seniors and on Friday nights close them sometimes kind of dead. But it has, like more frat like parties, any um, and that's often like till outside scene. So it's like sort of someone knocks with the ox, just like playing kind of hits of the time on DH. Then there are other parties, and I'm not saying this is just for us, But at the start and then their concert four, it's so it's so stupid. But it's true for like, quiet people. So there's like Earth House all these programme houses that sophomores and juniors living so hurt. House arthouse, Russian. How's Romero? And then maybe you've heard about the eclectic music, so it's like this huge house. Okay, so this is actually on this holds the signs library, which is not quite as Poland. You can speak in there, but you do need a quiet space. There is the fish bowl located over there. Twenty four seven access. And you can go there and it'll be one percent quiet. Super greater. Like white boys. Man like that. I'm during the day. You can stop a pie cafe where you can get, you know, coffee, bagel, cereal. Anything else you need. We also have a Texan er and that helps you for you. Anything that's technology. Like your phone or your computer? No. There. There are also multiple levels. The science library. Just really great, because you can always No. And I'm only centre for two classes. Sounds great. You want your cover now? Election? No. Okay, So we have fossil back here. It's the epicenter of campus is where everyone comes. Okay, This where you go to chill or something like that? Especially on the weekends. Boxes filled. We have certain days during the year. What? Fosse's literally packed. Um, you know, April twentieth, a couple of days of the year. Uh, it's a pretty cool place to come and just Okay. And this is Freeman. Um, so Freeman is the gym here at West Land. It's really, really nice. It's up to date way. Have everything from tennis courts, Teo ice skating rink to an indoor track and so much other things that I honestly cannot name. Um, uh, I'm not any of that often, but it's super great when I want to work out, you know, hiding anything. Yeah, we have hockey rates, basketball courts. And you, Jacques. We got trainers, come on. Squash courts, witnesses, football fields and more. This is actually science Center. Is that his real name? The science, sir. I don't know. It's actually I spent majority of my life in here. That's okay. So actually, yeah, this is the whole sign center. And that's where the science library is, where I have another video on that. This whole part and then this area is like all the professors offices and then pie CalFed cafes down there. We're gonna love my meals. And then there's a bunch of sci fi classrooms in The stairs that we hear a lot about that was a student body. Is that their alternative arts your heart into a liberal for left leaning and free spirited? And I think that the stereotype is this stereotype of definitely Lecter of some portion of the student body. However, I think it would be wrong to say, like everyone is completely like that, because that's just not the case. Like any other place, there is a difference of opinion and cultural background, of course. Bush or sent Kitty that the way my name is Maty Za and welcome to my tour. I am so excited about me. I am a French major while being on the pre med track and I attend Wesleyan University. I am so excited to bring that along with me on my tour. This will be tour part one. And then I will give you guys a tour card too. As soon a second semester commences, I was having a laugh. Technical difficulties I recorded most. And if not all of my tour videos throughout the semester, you know, right when I was about to end everything, everything got lost. I don't know what happened. I was, but it's okay. Everything else for a reason. All finish that remains will be a part of part one and all the videos that I will record we'll Hi. My name's Tyler, and I'm a sophomore at Wesleyan University on from Larchmont, New York. Um, all right, on campus, I'm involved in the WC, which stands for Wesleyan Student assembly, and I'ma ICO facilitator, as well as being involved in many different production and a couple of productions during my freshman year on second stage on any stage, I also knew Gemma, which is a black student union and a couple different other clubs. But I chose Wesleyan because of the community, the community, the students at Wesleyan are really passionate, and it really drives you to, you know, work harder and perfect aircraft wherever that may be. And I didn't find that sense of Dr at any of the other schools I was looking at. You know, I looked at their nest cock schools and other little art schools, and I just didn't find that same drive as well as I didn't find that same sense of community that I felt Wesley and I did not find that in any other school. So that's what made Wesley unique to me, and that's So basically you can choose to go to any college. So there's But I mean, dorm is, but Clark and Bennett on DH Those air options that you could just be like, Oh, and Nicks and you could just, like, live here and so are a lot of force. Triples my year unfortunate because over grilled a school days so, yeah, so there's a horserace pulls their singles. If you need that, they have that option. Butts on the buses were some use that food option is, and that's a little bit further away. But it's real sorry. Bennett is to room doubles. Really nice, Ben. It's new and it's so it's in our opinion. And then there's West go. There's. Two hundred college, Um I'm sorry. Those are our school's on DH. Those are options that you can choose to go into. Two hundred two. You're in a church. Georgia church is more of a social justice place. You could just you just but and oh, and then there's writer's block. It's quiet. And if you're a writer, police and there are a lot of singles. In terms of academics that wasn't an is definitely one of the top schools in the country. And I decided to major in psychology. I'm still trying to sock I wantto, you know, mine area something because I'm very close to finishing the major. But so far, I like the site courses on. And, you know, any other course is that I've taken outside of, you know, psychology have been great as well. I think one thing that is, you know, great about Wesleyan. That is, that it's open curriculum. And so although you have toe, you know, take certain, you know, general courses, you know, you're not obligated to let you Khun basically to that. Of course. You want to take something, wanna major in dance and just take all of dance classes? You can do that like it's not limited. So you come to this campus, you're free to explore Fight. Okay, okay, this is Olin library, and a lot of people are always here. It's really great because that has these really big windows, which allows a lot of natural light to come into the room. So it's really great to study. They're they're really nice couches. So people like to sit there and read, Um, you'll find the people here are usually all night, but it's a really great place to Wait. Joy high. What's your major? What's your names? And you see, so, uh, I am psychology, huh? Um, and afterwards, Lane. I'm going. It's nursing. Love about, They're free. Way to be friends. France, another one of every lands are accepted. Money, trees the bourgeoisie Then be that way I stand and I ain't gonna live body And I think my luck is trying to open the door and exploring my I don't wanna blow But intuitions exploding even couldn't get I know people at Wesleyan are really are really smart and they work, they work hard. Ah, doesn't mean the academics are really rigorous. So if you don't work hard, it's easy for youto, you know, fall by the wayside on I think one huge there is about It wasn't students that their love them are activists, you know, wasn't It is huge on activism and really, you know, fighting for their cause Is that really matter to you or matter to your friends or people that is near you? Like you always going to have, you know, so then, is important to you than have that support system from people. And they really pushed the administration, you know, toe fight for everyone and, you know, try to have, you know, justice for all that aren't about our campus. And so, like, people are very persistent and try to advocate for the social issue that they think are, you know, most pressing. So I would definitely know. That's definitely stereotype of students that wasn't it. My favorite building on campus. Uh, I really like all Britain because there's place, innit? Well, all Britons. Just really nice. A lot of love, the aesthetic of the camp. But I also came from the school. I knew it, Brick, I'm adjusting, but Albert and it's just really pretty. It's like three floors and then it has this basement. And in this basement there's a student run Catholic called espresso and it's great. And it's really small and cute and just like couches and things. And the cafe only runs like certain times. It's like nine. Thirty to twelve or something like that and two, So it's really cute. I sound we're about it. I went there towards the end papers and stuff, just fascinating place. The weather. Yes, code in Connecticut pretty warm in the fall, and then once it hits like November starts to get cold. And from November, it's like March is cold like freezing. Last winter it was terrible and end from April to May. You know, you get it's really nice I don't really have any favorite bill. Well, the gym because I'm after the play basketball. So that's my favorite spot to be, you know, feel like that's what I could be myself. So it just depends on it depends on you. But what say one of the nicest places to be on campus is False Hill, which overlooks like our football filled our football. Phillipe, I think, is the Otis like playing Phil, you know, in the country, you're something like that. And so you have False Hill like kind of looking out, looking over, you know, the football field. And so that's really like beautiful place, too, because you can like oversea, like all of campus and on abilities, you know, and the springtime is really nice that people go up there and just chilled and sunbathe and are all that stuff, so that's really nice. I'm standing in the middle of Andrews Field, which is directly in the middle of campus. There's Boss Hill, and then you've got West Co. All the library and College road, which is the old was part of campus, and you can see they used an students under a year, so kind of where everything I like the food. I think anyone can get sick of food that they're eating every day. It's a buffet. The salad bar's not that great. Unfortunately, um, but we have a possibilities. Which faster things. And then we have a sandwich bar for lunch that they make sandwiches for you. Bon appetit to service and then make classics and pizza fried that cries and burgers and whatever. And then we Mongo line, which is lunch. They make stir fry thing. And then night change it to be Kreps, our Philly steak or whatever. And then there's a vegan line. And then there's a kosher area. I have been pretty satisfied with it. And then there's also. West West Swings is just like West Wings, and that's like you pay with your point. So there's meal swipes in point meal services for that. And then less wings is like, I don't know, like wings and burgers. And they have a great thing. Pale rum. Yeah, which is just like in the eight, Your choice of avocado or bacon. Yeah, The restaurants are good around campus. Like when you go on Main Street, A lot of nice Russian arrives. It's pretty reasonable, too. So we got off to a fast food place is because you have, like, restaurants in town. Like sushi pizza. Thai food type was really good on timeto entertainment. We have a bowling alley near campus. You have a movie, theater skating and, ah, yeah, there's a WalMart not too far like, you know, I felt like I wasn't. It is one of campus is not, like in the middle of nowhere, like we are near the things that you were new to places that if you need something like you're gonna be ableto be able This is R. J. Julia Wesleyan's bookstore, actually, Fun fact. Hillary Clinton came to our bookstore to sign her book, um, and sell to Wesleyan students. And there's also ah, a restaurant and the bookstore where What's up? We're out here way all due. West African drumming in dance and we're rehearsing for our The campus at Wesleyan is beautiful. In my opinion, my favorite part of campus is probably false Hill. As you can see Olin Library, which is beautiful, especially as the Sun's going down. I think that it looks amazing sound, and I really like the architecture of the Wesleyan buildings as they're kind of different, like you have old style kind of buildings and then you have these really modern building, so there's a wide range. It doesn't all look the same, but I thought that is a really pretty campus. It's. Understand? No. Look at all these students work. What's up? My name's Tyler Wilson. I'm a sophomore here at Wesleyan University. I am from Larchmont, New York. I'm thinking about city government, and right now we're in It's all we have and we have to down holes here. The main one was just call used and we have another one, just small. They're called Summer Fields and Summer fields is, you know, more. I mean, I wouldn't say it's asked. Balance, you know, as using using you have a bunch options by summer films. You really like our order and like order, like a burrito or like order, Ah, chicken Caesar wraps and stuff like that. So no is it's not as balance as a CZ used in, which is why I prefer to go to