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So about our school. We're about like seventeen thousand kids. Some Kamu, some live on campus after about sophomore junior people will start living off campus, which is right, right next to the university really easy. So what I want to talk about is our student body were very diverse here. You will meet all kinds of people from all kinds of places. Usually people that go to Westchester are from Lake New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Need where? North. But we do have a lot of people from different countries. Tip. So I love that it's diapers here. You meet so many people and the fact that there is so much to do here, you will make so So right now we're in front of Main Hall, which is on the quad. You're calling a class or two. And here of basic classrooms in there and they usually range from lake twenty five to thirty. Kids. Not big? No. So I guess like depending on your major depends if you'll be here or not. But this is like, a big academic building for well, truster, because a lot of kids do you have classes in this building? Matter what? Here you are. Good morning, guys. Today I'm going to show you my daily. So right now I'm just starting my day off with breakfast. Usually have something healthy. I'm having cereal days. I'll have piece of toast with economy neighbors, something delicate matters. But you know what? A little bit. I'm going to head off to class. And then luckily that's right across the street today. But since I'm on South campus, they do have Tio show to north campus. So I'm going to show you with shovels like and then next class is going to be an election. Also, you see that? And then after that, I have my free time till the next class at four clock. So every day is a little different for me to have three. Authorities will have one hollow days off too. So usually all my free time. I'll either go to the gym or see friends get food, you know? So my free time. And then Yeah. So I'm gonna finish your breakfast now. Headed off to class. I just want to show you guys on my walk is like It's really not bad at all. The health science building is literally right across the street, So it's a pretty easy walk. There's some students starting to walk too close also. And then the shuttle's will run back and forth from north and south. Here comes one right now. It's pretty easy, yeah. No. Wait is that haunts me. They don't never got the same what I want to. I'm the same as I was with you. I would jump t get you. Oh, could you? Usually, no matter what class I'm going, Tio. It's basically the same routine every day. Just going to the gym and in between classes or, like, having lunch or something. And then after class tonight, I'm just gonna have my dinner and then that's usually my day. But get with purpose were rigged. Looking. This's ramming you're famous. Yeah. So this is a typical a lecture hall. I guess it depends on your class whether there discussion based or luxury based. But this is bio through fifty nine, so it's pretty much lecture beast. But on the professors here, Really nice Tio. So that's my present nice guy. So to talk about safety on this campus. We are a highly safe campus for public safety. Here is amazing. There are emergency if you're ever, like, feel unsafe on campus, are emergency finds you compress and they'll come to you with in, like, two seconds, this campus police, like twenty four seven something I'm going to be honest. Sometimes it's Ah, it's a little annoying when you're trying to get parties, but, um, I'll be of them that it's really nice to know that I feel secure on this campus and every building you go in, you need a key to get in. That's when I'm gonna be talking about this key and we're going to show you how that works, so follow me. For South campus. You needed this key as your second. I need to get in. Heart and then mother into your run just five and then you're in. So I would say the security I feel very I'm not only on North South campus, but also on North campus everywhere, almost campus is very safe, and the best part is even outside of it safe. The town is great. It's so cute. People go there all the time. There's restaurants. I'll show different video town, actually such a So this is the quiet. It's really dead right now, But usually people are sitting on benches or chairs and doing their work, or this is usually where a lot of the involvement fares are and stuff like that over here. They usually have tents for whatever is going on. This is the main area for everything that happens on Oh, hey. Right now in front of Starbucks response on campus. Everybody start wary. Go to Starbucks. You think you're gonna do work in the Starbucks, but it's not like it's very loud and there's always long lines right now. Yeah, So this is the Starbucks, and then that's a library that it links to. Most people will just get their drinks and had also library and do their work. So that's it for the Starbucks, and I just want to say is part of the squad. So you have the library in the Starbucks, which are right next to each other. Hello one. Right now, I have to show you to your recreational center. You're No. So this is a studio which they hold classes in for workout classes. They're really intense and enjoyable. And that is the schedule. Right here is the main part of the rec center. So over here, you have the the wall that you can climb on and those are rooms for doing racquetball. And then over here is where you check in. You need your car to come in on the tour. They're not going to take you there. Not going to let you go upstairs without your card. And over there is where you can get some movies and smoothies are my favorite here. I highly recommend so right now up stairs like kidding. No. So right now we're upstairs on the story. We don't get this upstairs. I'm gonna show you. Where are the top view of everything? The law? This is the track that people walk. It loops around high. And we have treadmills. Everything luxurious. You are going to love it. Here is my favorite spot on break here is where people usually will do abs or get their mad and do workouts outside. But unfortunately, it's raining right now. You can see are beautiful, don't you? See you right here is pretty much basis for every Yeah, three. Hello, guys. My name's Julianna. And I'm gonna be taking you guys through a tour through West Chester University. I just wanted to start that. I'm a transfer here, sophomore my majors exercise science, and then I'm gonna be going into OT through that. I love Westchester, and I hope you guys will love it, Teo. And they're very interested, So go rooms.