Western Michigan University Campus

So this is downtown Kalamazoo. It's not too big of a city, but there is a lot of nightlife throughout. We have the Radisson Hotel and smother businesses, as well as smaller, less modern restaurants and shops. We also have many brewing companies in Michigan. This is the Kalamazoo River and another entrance into downtown. Some of my favorite restaurants are Hop Cat in the Union, which are located downtown, as well as Anna's house, which is not done tone. But it's a breakfast restaurant and the best place to eat from six a. M to three p. M. Any given day. I also work there, so I'm a little biased. Kalamazoo has many parks, um, downtown and also away from the hustle and bustle of the small city. So I'm currently in downtown Kalamazoo. You can see the State Theater behind me, and this is the Kalamazoo Mall. It is a lovely spring day, and the Kalamazoo Mall is where you'LL find the best restaurants and shops. What I love about Western, especially is that we have our campus separate from downtown, so you can still have the traditional on campus experience where people are walking around laying on the grass and hammock ing all the time and also have the downtown, um, city experience and city life. And there's always something going on, whether it's on campus or off campus. Downtown has so much to offer, um, over the summer. Specifically, there's farmers markets. Every day we have professional and community theater's. There's music events. There's festivals, everything you could ever want, so it's never old. So for campus quads, I'm going to start with the College of Health and Human Services. This is off main campus, and there's a part of East campus. But this is the main building in this building. There are four floors, including a cafe and many teacher offices and classrooms and common space to do work and study. There's computer labs, and it also has a great view. What you see, his main campus. And this is also main campus. That's the crest next to sing Grand Hall in the burn hard center. And further down is Woodhall and the Lee Honors College. Further down is the library, which is right here. And if you follow under that bridge great. There is more halls like the chemistry building Dalton, which is the music building? No *** Dunbar Sprout Tower. And this is the fine art squad. This was taken in the summer and it was lovely. This was taken in the winter. It was all so lovely, but we'LL stick with the summer for now that is Miller Auditorium across the path from me. And this is it in the spring, this is from inside of sprout tower overlooking brown Hall and the Gilmore Theater complex, so there are a few more quads on campus. Um, for the business college, you can check out Jordan's interview for information about the sciences. You can look at Sandra's interview, and if you are interested in aviation, you can look at Sahara Studio interview for more information on those specific places with over ten different colleges within Western Michigan University, I couldn't to our every quad, but I included some of my favorite ones and the places I go the most, and I hope you enjoy the videos that I didn't get.