Yale University Dining & Food

So we're back on old campus, descend their benches, students heading to class phone. I'm heading to Durfee Stat shop to pick up a few treats before I head off my conference. So also, you guys inside the actual snack shop, you know, speaking of the post office box, so we'll pick up some crackers. You see, as soon as they're doing yoga. Morning four. Walking terms. We got a page here. So where you going? Wait. Walking in. George. So this is the or captain entrance? Turkey. Story. What? Doing a little bit sick. It's only one topic, but h how sound freeze. Yeah. See, how much is that? So you know? What? You are allowed to. Come on. So I want to take you all on to Chapel Street because that this Chapel Street is another fun destination with lots of food places. And who thinks to dio some of my favorite cafes? Bookstores are on Chapel Street, including book Trader, which is both cats and a bookstore, Atticus, which is both the cafe and a bookstore. There's an art supply store called halls. There's also pizza places, sushi places, healthy food places. It's just a great time. So let's go, and I almost forgot about it. Judges Favorite Places to Study, Get It's so great person. One time pickles, traitor. However, in almost every school paper come that I hurt you two. Our experiment. Of course, we have obligatory scar books they're bred. Feel like every college campus means that one of walking. This is the university. You wei have many amazing. It's if it's there, including a marble sculpture. Guard and we have a few more days and then goes in there as well and finally favorite to get a treat. At the end of the day, our loses their. They have the best ice cream I've ever had in my entire life, and they make Okay. So now I'm going to show you off dirt fees, which is an eatery on campus. So instead of using your meal swipe at a dining hall, your lunch meals wipe, you can come to dirt fees and use it there. Inder fees. There are chicken tenders, chips through other snacks. There aren't as many like full meals, but if you're on the go and you really need to get something fast, your fees is the way to go. This is your style's college. It was open in nineteen sixty two. Let it be known for having the best diving for it has been incredible pizza of them on. Many people come here just for the pizza, and that is where the dining hall, usually if it's right there. If we walk a little bit more, you could see Payne Whitney, chairman of the painting. Jim, is yelled largest with him. Bradley was originally meant to be commissioned as a church. What? You have to use it as a gym, Not sure what history there is, but it is one of the largest college nations we are where in the world. So right now we're in Jonathan Edwards starting home. I'm here is my friend Ali and exams, all right. So, yes, Jay, you Dining hall is a super fun place I don't see in terms of food quality. J son solidly middle of the pack on the food sometimes really good. This food is sometimes not. It's good, but sense straightly apart is that our dining hall staff is so welcoming, so gracious, and they love every single student they know most of us by name. Yeah, I'll show you all what dining hall Actually, the