Sunday Scaries in Club Belk PLUS Library Tour

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Bella Branham

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Belk is one of Elon's many study. There are three floors, the first floor is where you can be loud and talk and meet with groups without having to lower your voice, generally I get distracted on the first floor because it's a little too social for me (first floor is why they call it Club Belk). The first floor is also home to the writing center which is a really great resource that I use. You can bring any piece of writing to them wether it's just an outline or draft all the way to a 15 page research paper and they will go through and help you revise it. The second floor is where I prefer to go because you're allowed to talk but at a lower voice/whisper. It makes it a lot easier for me to study there. Then the third floor is absolute silence, personally I have never even been to the third floor and was asked to not bring a camera up there BUT it's basically the exact same layout of every floor. ALSO WANT TO EMPHASIZE THIS for some reason the library was not packed in this video like it usually is. I waited until Sunday to make this video just so I could show you the real Club Belk but sadly it is only the second weekend of school so a lot of people don't have much work yet (besides me and Julia for some reason).