What Can You Do with a Computer Programming Degree?

Computers have never been more important than they are today. The modern world is continually evolving, becoming more technological, and relying on programs and systems for many aspects of day-to-day life.

This is why a computer programming degree can be so advantageous from a career point of view. Not only is there a general increase in demand for computer programming majors, but the yearly salary for them is particularly enticing. Plus both of these elements are only going to grow.

However, are these two points enough for you to chase a degree in computer programming? The following guide will help you to answer this question, by showing what type of individual best fits the profile of being a computer professional, the type of career paths available, and how to decide on the right college.

Should I gain a computer programming major?

If you have a passion for computers and technology, computer programming is one of the most exciting and rewarding degree programs you can choose. While it’s particularly tempting for those who want to create code to develop and design new applications, various other IT occupations are suitable for computer programmers. Simply put, if students understand the basics of computer science – and they will with a computer programming major – they have the skills and potential to work at almost any industry and level in IT.

If you want to land a lucrative role following graduation, it is extremely beneficial to add relevant work experience when possible. You could put together a portfolio of independent projects done outside of your studies, which could range from creating a website to building an app. Completing such projects demonstrates to potential employers not only your interest in the subject, but also your creativity, initiative, and problem-solving skills.

What can I do with a computer programming degree?

As stated, there are many jobs with a computer programming degree available. The below list covers some of the most popular IT-related occupations for those with a bachelor’s in computer programming:

Computer network architects

A computer network architect is responsible for creating both local and wide area networks. This is done for data communication. While a computer science degree can open the gateway to this career path, a computer programming major is ideal.

Based on research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, network architects feature one of the most financially rewarding computer programming salary packages. 2019 statistics highlight the average pay was $112,690 on an annual basis. 2019-2029 job outlook projections for computer network architects are also expected to jump 5%.

Database administrators

A database administrator normally has to cover numerous tasks, including the management of data and data processes for a company. They will also produce systems to store, collect, and retrieve data. Additionally, database administrators deal with varying data set types, ranging from patient records to financial information.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes the average annual wage for a database administrator is $93,750. The job outlook is also high between 2019 and 2029, with it anticipated increasing by 10% during that period.

Web developers

A web developer is tasked with building websites. Their job revolves around writing code, and this is used to format a site’s appearance and functions. Along with crafting the website, they are also responsible for optimizing its design and performance, and analytical tools are used to measure statistics such as visitors and bounce rates.

In 2019, a web developer earned an average yearly wage of $73,760. From 2019 to 2029, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the job outlook for this role to increase by 8%.

Picking your college

Those computer programming careers may look enticing, but you first have to earn your degree. While you may have spent plenty of time deciding between studying computer programming, you have to dedicate just as much time when picking a college.

While there are various factors to ponder when doing this, one of the most important points to consider is the actual campus experience. You want to enjoy a campus which is vibrant, welcoming, and supportive of your goals.

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