What Can I Do with An English Language and Literature Degree?

English Language and Literature is one of the oldest and most prestigious degree choices in the world. Unlike other, more new degrees; however, the skills you’ll learn and career paths you can work in are very open-ended. You can make the degree work for you in almost any career path, as the skills of research, analysis, and communication are universal. That being said, English Language and Literature majors often find their stride in publishing, journalism, marketing, and in academia.

What Can I Do with an English Language and Literature Degree?

There are so many jobs with an English Language and Literature degree as part of their necessary qualifications. Any job that emphasizes communication, narrative, grammar, copywriting, copyediting, and research are all roles that are suited to those with a degree in English Language and Literature.

English and Literature graduates can work in almost every industry, though the most popular English Language and Literature careers are those in publishing, marketing and research.


The most popular choice of career for English Language and Literature graduates is in publishing. The entire industry is run by English graduates, from the editing department all the way to the marketing and sales. Due to the variety of roles, the average English Language and Literature salary depends entirely on your experience, role, and even the city you live in.

Advertising, Marketing, and PR

English and Literature graduates also gravitate towards advertising, marketing, and PR roles. They use their skills to create real-world narratives and work to connect their employer or client with customers.

Teaching and Academics

Another popular role for English Language and Literature graduates is to go back to teach or work in academics.

In public schools, the average salary for a teacher is rising and is currently at an average of $61,730, a 2.1% increase from the year previous.

Wages for English Professors is higher, with the median salary resting at $92,660, though this wage increases substantially with years of experience. The higher median for that role is $149,631, making it a very profitable position to work towards.

Everything You Need to Choose the Right English Language and Literature Degree

Almost every college and university will offer an English Language and Literature degree, which is why choosing the right one for you can feel like an impossible task. Despite what it seems on paper, they are not equal. Quality of the degree, of support resources, of the careers department, and even the quality of campus life will all play a significant part in how worthwhile your degree is.

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