Interior Architecture

What Can You Do with an Interior Architecture Degree?

Whether you see yourself working as an interior designer, pursuing a career in architectural and engineering management or you fancy trying your hand at teaching architecture, there is a wide range of exciting and creative opportunities within the field of interior architecture.

If you want to be able to walk into the position you want and command a high salary, you need to make sure you have the relevant qualifications. In this case, an interior architecture degree.

Within the below guide, you will find out everything you need to know about succeeding in the world of interior architecture, plus, how much you can expect to earn once you qualify.

Is an interior architecture major the right choice for me?

Do you pride yourself on being both creative and meticulous? Would you like a career that involves marketing your business skills, preparing estimates, configuring contracts and managing projects? If yes, then this is the perfect degree program for you.

The role of an interior architect focuses on the actual architecture of a building and its construction rather than just the interior design, meaning an interior architecture major is ideal for those who are keen to learn technical skills such as drawing techniques, computer visualization and graphic design.

In terms of salary, you can anticipate earning more by choosing an interior architecture degree than one in interior design.

What can I do with an interior architecture degree?

As briefly mentioned above, there are several rewarding and creative careers that you can go into once you have your interior architecture degree. That being said, many graduates do decide to continue studying, choosing to pursue a specialist Master’s degree in a related discipline such as product or surface design.

Below are the most popular jobs for graduates with an interior architecture major.

Architectural and Engineering Manager

As an architectural and engineering manager, you will be responsible for developing the overall concept of a new project or for solving technical problems that prevent the completion of a project. To thrive in this role, you need strong analytical skills. Be detail-orientated and be organized.

The average salary for an Architectural and Engineering Manager is $144.830, with an expected job growth of 3% between 2019 and 2029.

Interior Designer

Responsible for undertaking design projects from concept to completion, as an interior designer, you will advise clients on aspects of interior design including space, color schemes, fabrics and fittings.

The average salary of an Interior Designer is $56.040, with an expected job growth of -5%, meaning you will have to be confident in your abilities to succeed in this position.

Architecture Professor

Creating lesson plans, delivering lectures and evaluating the work of your students, if you want to become an architecture teacher, you may want to consider pursuing a doctoral degree.

The average salary of a Post-Secondary Teacher is $79,540, with an expected job growth of 9% between 2019 and 2029.

How do I choose the right college to study for an interior architecture degree?

While you will want to ensure that you pick a college that offers the course material you want to study and one that encourages you to develop your own individual style, these are not the only considerations you need to make.

You also need to think about the quality of campus life and how that will impact your learning journey.

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