What Can You Do with a Law Degree?

The question should be what can’t you do with a law degree. Whether you want to be a lawyer, a politician, a manager, a journalist or even a police officer, pursuing a law major will arm you with the skills needed to succeed in a wide variety of esteemed and lucrative professions.

That being said, if you want to enjoy all of the above career options and more, you first need to undertake a law degree. Known for being one of the most rigorous and demanding majors, you need to think hard before committing to this degree program.

Within the below guide, you will find out everything you need to know about pursuing a law degree, including what the degree entails and how much you are likely to earn once qualified.

Should I pursue a law degree?

As briefly touched on above, a law degree is an arduous and stressful degree, that not everyone is suited to. You will be forced to practice applying theory to individual cases at an early stage and will be taught transferable skills such as public speaking, giving persuasive presentations and paying attention to detail.

To succeed in this degree, you need to have a strong sense of justice and a desire to improve the defects in the system. Put simply, you need to want to effect change.

All of the above being said, you will find that once qualified, a law degree can take you just about anywhere and allow you to enjoy a highly lucrative and rewarding career in your chosen field.

What can I do with a law major?

Law graduates have a multitude of career options, including roles within sectors such as media, academia, commerce, social work, and politics.

Below are the most popular jobs for graduates with a law degree.


As a lawyer, you would be required to advise clients on all aspects of the law, as well as present cases at court proceedings and hearings.

The average salary for a Lawyer is $122,960, with an expected job growth of 4% between 2019 and 2029.


The job of a paralegal is to support lawyers by maintaining and drafting documents, organizing files, and calling on legal witnesses. You could choose to work in family law, with a personal injury attorney, in a corporate law department and with many other types of lawyers.

The average salary for a Paralegal is $51,740, with an expected job growth of 10% between 2019 and 2029.


Diplomats need to have excellent judgement and high integrity, which is why this position lends itself so well to law graduates. Your duties will include overseeing international relations regarding peace deals, trade, economics, and human rights.

The average salary for a Diplomat is $89.078 per annum.

How do I choose where to pursue a law degree?

Although you may be tempted to choose a college based purely on rankings, without visiting the campus or understanding what the school offers, it’s very hard to know if it’s where you are meant to be.

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