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What Can You Do with a Mechanics and Repairs Degree?

Whether you envision yourself working in electronic maintenance, the HVAC industry or in the automotive sector, the mechanics and repair industry will always need fresh and enthusiastic talent.

That being said, if you want to be able to enjoy job security and strong earning potential within this field, you first need to ensure you have obtained the right qualifications. In this case, a mechanics and repairs degree.

If you are not sure if this is the right further education option for you and your career aspirations, within the below guide, you will find out everything you need to know about working within this industry including how much you can expect to earn and how to choose the right college to pursue your studies.

Is a mechanics and repairs major the right choice for me?

You may be surprised to hear that a mechanics and repairs degree was the 27th most popular degree in the United States in 2018/2019 and that there are currently over 700 colleges nationwide that offer this degree program.

Why is a mechanics and repairs degree so in demand? It’s very simple. Machines and appliances break down all the time, whether that be in a factory, hospital or power plant, and this machinery needs fixing as soon as possible. Therefore, the skills acquired during a mechanics and repairs major will always be required, ensuring long-lasting job security.

There are many different mechanics and repairs degree levels available, from an associates degree to a master’s, the highest mechanic and repair degree you can obtain.

What can I do with a mechanics and repairs degree?

Once you have qualified with a degree in mechanics and repairs, you will have the skills needed to pursue a wide range of exciting and lucrative roles within this highly sought after industry.

Below are the most popular jobs for graduates with a mechanics and repairs degree.

Electronic Engineering Technician

Responsible for identifying and resolving equipment malfunctions and working with manufacturers to source replacement parts, as an electronic engineering technician, you will need to have excellent technical skills and the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

The average salary for an Electronic Engineering Technician is $59,141 per annum.

Vehicle Mechanic

As a vehicle mechanic, your daily duties would include ordering and replacing parts and components, repairing body damage and performing regular inspections and maintenance on working machinery to ensure proper upkeep.

The average salary for a Vehicle Mechanic is $42,090 per annum.

Heavy Vehicle Service Technician

One of the more lucrative careers within the mechanics and repairs industry, a heavy vehicle service technician works on machinery that is considerably larger such as lorries, buses and construction vehicles.

The average salary for a Heavy Vehicle Service Technician is $51,590 per annum, with the highest 10% earning more than $76,830.

How do I choose the right college to study a mechanics and repairs degree?

Choosing a college to study mechanics and repairs can be a challenge, even though this popular course is offered at institutions all across the United States.

If you are struggling to pick the perfect college, it may be because you are focusing too much on rankings and too little on the overall college experience. The impact that the quality of campus life can have on your studies should not be underestimated, so you must investigate this element of your preferred colleges in full.

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