Natural Sciences

What Can You Do with a Natural Sciences Degree?

Natural sciences cover a multitude of job options, so if you’re thinking about studying for a natural sciences degree, you have plenty of career choices available. Top options include laboratory technician, teacher, conversation officer, and forensics, to name a few.

The study of natural sciences is becoming more popular, so it may be challenging to pick the right college for your career path. With this in mind, it is essential to choose a place where you get the most immersive experience, which ultimately creates the best job opportunities in the future.

This guide below shares some insights into why studying a natural sciences major could be for you, including wage information and typical natural sciences careers in the sector.

Is a Natural Sciences degree the right choice for me?

If you are naturally inquisitive, enjoy research, and have a passion for studying the world around you, then a natural sciences major is a top choice. The variety of jobs available is suitable for people that have bachelor’s degrees. However, there is also often a requirement for master's and doctorate qualifications depending on the route your take in this career.

What jobs can I obtain with a degree in Natural Sciences?

You’ve certainly got a wide selection of available jobs with a natural sciences degree. Take a look at some of the most fulfilling and well-paid careers below, including the average natural sciences salary:

Environmental Scientist

Natural or environmental scientists focus on using specialist knowledge and research techniques to help protect the environment and human health. To flourish in this role, you will need skills such as the ability to research and evaluate information, as well as communicate your findings.

The median wage for this role is $71,360 per year, and job growth is expected to be 8% between 2019 and 2029.

Natural Sciences Manager

A position in management typically comes after working as a scientist for around five years. You will supervise the work of others and plan and implement strategy and resources in laboratory and field settings. Job growth in this area is projected at 5% from 2019 to 2029, which is higher than the average.

Other roles in natural sciences include:

How do I choose the right college to study for my Natural Sciences degree?

Choosing the best college to study for a natural sciences degree is vital to get you started on the right path. It’s also essential to find a school that offers an engaging and positive experience to ensure success in your studies.

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