What Can You Do with a Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies Degree?

Are you interested in working as a manager for a resort, hotel, or cruise line? Perhaps you want to become an activities director or event planner? Maybe you simply want to avoid a standard office setting and work outdoors? If so, a parks, recreation and leisure studies degree can supply you with the training and education to pursue those types of roles.

The following guide will provide further information about the program and further details on the type of available jobs with a parks, recreation and leisure studies degree.

Parks, recreation and leisure studies major: is it worth it?

If you have good interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, and you want to work in a position helping the public to lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy fun activities, a degree in parks, recreation and leisure studies makes a lot of sense.

An assortment of subjects are covered in the degree, with classes including physical education, travel and tourism, sports science, therapeutic recreation, business, administration, and sociology.

While not one of the most commonly available, this degree still attracts a significant number of students each year across the United States. During the 2018-2019 school year, parks, recreation and leisure studies was ranked as the 152nd most popular degree.

What can I do with a parks, recreation and leisure studies degree?

When it comes to parks, recreation and leisure studies careers, those armed with a degree have a wide assortment of roles available following graduation. Below are a few examples to consider.

Recreation and fitness studies teacher

This role involves teaching courses which cover fitness, leisure, and recreation. Along with teaching students, the position can also include conducting relevant research.

Known as one of the better parks, recreation and leisure studies salary, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the 2019 median annual wage for this position was $72,190.

Recreational therapist

For people suffering from illnesses, injuries, or disabilities, a recreational therapist will put together treatment programs which revolve around recreation. Programs can include everything from aquatics to arts and crafts.

In 2019, recreational therapists landed a $48,220 per year median salary according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Lodging manager

A lodging manager is responsible for ensuring guests have a favorable experience when staying at their accommodation. They can work at hotels, motels, and other establishments that feature accommodation.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics notes a lodging manager earned a yearly average of $54,430 in 2019.

Which college is the best?

When you have a shortlist of colleges that offer a degree in parks, recreation and leisure studies, there are various factors you have to compare against each other before settling on the right place to study.

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