What Can You Do with a Real Estate Development Degree?

Property is a great investment and investing your time in this degree can be a great choice, too. A Real Estate Development degree sets you up to better understand the property market, property appraisals, the financial aspects of the job, and the legal aspects, too. Therefore, if you have got a keen interest in property development, and the economic and legal side of things, this degree will be a highly informative and engaging one.

What Can I Do with a Real Estate Development Degree?

If you’re looking for jobs with a Real Estate Development degree, there are plenty of options for you. There are a high number of fundamental roles which go into the property buying and development process, and with this degree, you can fulfil roles such as sales broker, property manager, sales consultant or a real estate analyst.

This degree may even help support you on an entrepreneurial journey. Many real estate agents would like to open up their own real estate business and choose their own clients, so if this is an appealing path for you, a real estate development degree is certainly one which will make a difference.

What Real Estate Development Salary Can I Expect?

Real Estate Development careers can vary, which means that the salary expectations will vary, too. Not only that, but some real estate roles may see you starting out on an internship and working your way up the real estate career ladder to earn a higher pay.

Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents

Those who help clients to manage their properties can earn up to around $50,730 per year, according to 2019 figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, but salary can improve or change based on the drive for more property sales and an increase in clients.


If you’d rather try the financial side of real estate, appraisers who offer estimates on land and property can earn a figure of around $57,010 per year as a steady income within a role that is much-needed in the property world.

Studying for a Real Estate Development Major

Studying for this degree will see you on a valuable career path and offer an opportunity to combine personal fulfilment with career fulfilment by choosing a campus you can enjoy, and an educational institution in which you can thrive.

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