What Can You Do with a Religious Education Degree?

If you want to both understand religion and potentially seek a career in which you teach it in schools, then a Religious Education degree sets you up to explore the world of religion and educate others on its importance in the societies around you.

With a Religious Education degree, you will work to inspire others regarding the significance of world religions, and the beliefs which other communities carry.

Any degree focused on religion is going to help teach you a valuable and compassionate skillset which you can carry forward.

Would a Religious Education Major Be Right for Me?

In seeking a Religious Education degree rather than a general religious studies major, you should have an active interest in pursuing a career in teaching. Through a Religious Education major, you will be able to hone a career which allows you to work with others and share religious teachings and experience in an educational setting.

Therefore, a keen interest in learning about religion is encouraged, but also the want and need to work with others and teach, too.

What Can I Do with a Religious Education Degree : The Available Jobs with a Religious Education Degree?

Religious Education Teacher

The most prominent career choice with this degree would be to become a Religious Education teacher. This may be in a primary or secondary setting, or you may want to specialize further for higher education. Religious Education careers in teaching at a postsecondary level can earn an average of $88,970 per year, according to US labor statistics, which means a rewarding salary for a rewarding career.


There are other career paths available with varying Religious Education salary estimations, depending on what you would like to go into. Although this degree option has an education focus, you can still use the teachings of this degree in job areas outside of teaching.

An example of this is Fundraiser. This role will see you organizing events to raise money for charities, and comes with a salary of $57,970 per year, meaning you can earn a steady income as well as working for a good cause.

How Do I Choose the Right College to Study for My Degree?

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