What Can You Do with a Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other Degree?

Philosophy and Religious Studies combines two important areas of study: namely, the meaning of life, existence and how people do things, and also how this relates to religion, culture and a sense of identity.

Some ideas you may explore within this degree include:

Religion has a significant impact on everyday life, from politics to culture and behaviors in society. Studying this alongside philosophical beliefs and ideas can mean a rewarding degree path for those interesting in the meaning of life and culture.

What Can I Do with a Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other Degree?

The available jobs with a Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other degree can be applied to a variety of fields. You may want to go directly into teaching Philosophy or Religious Studies in an education environment, or there are various other sectors you may which to pursue jobs within, such as public service, non-profit organizations, religious institutions or social services.

What Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other Salary Can I Expect?

Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other careers will hold a broad range of salary expectations, depending on the position you decide to pursue.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are some estimates of the kind of salaries you can expect in line with specific roles:

Postsecondary Philosophy and Religious Studies Teacher

Share your skills and passion with others through the rewarding career of teaching, and work with students to learn more about world religion. At $88,970 a year, this is not only a rewarding career but one which can see you earning an above-average salary while working to inspire others.

School and Career Counselor

Support the learning environment of a school and explore the meaning of life more deeply by helping others to realize their career dreams, or to be mentally and emotionally supported in their everyday lives. $57,040 a year will see you earning a stable income whilst working to support the lives of others.

Studying for a Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other Major

Your college environment is going to be crucial to your study success, as you need a stimulating work environment to get the best out of everything you do. While you work to achieve a Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other major, you need a college which gives you the best of both education and a social life. The learning experience and journey, after all, is just as important as the degree itself.

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