What Can You Do With Taxation Degree?

If you have got a head for numbers and you’d like a related degree which allows you to take this further, you may have considered going into accounting. A Taxation degree is a more specialized progression from accounting, in which you focus on the study of personal and corporate taxes.

This study may include a wide variety of taxes, including income, payroll and property tax. While an Accounting degree is broader, a Taxation degree allows students to home in specifically on the taxation part of accounting and prepare for careers in this area.

What Can I Do with a Taxation Degree?

All individuals and businesses need to pay taxes, which is good news for job prospects with a Taxation degree. This degree will set you up to be a much-needed tax professional and open up many accounting careers prospects, with a stable future.

With this degree, you can therefore go into tax-specific job roles, to assist individuals and/or businesses with their tax processing. Taxation salary within these roles will vary depending on responsibilities and the clients you are working with.

If you’re considering which jobs with a Taxation degree are out there, the main examples are listed below.

Taxation Careers

Once you’ve gained your Taxation degree, you may want to consider the following respectable roles within this industry:

Tax Analyst

The responsibilities of a Tax Analyst include calculating the amount of tax which an individual or business is liable to pay and then processing their tax returns. Within this role, you would scrutinize a business’s tax policy to ensure that it’s all-in line and abides by the law.

Becoming a Tax Analyst will develop further understanding of local, state and federal tax laws.

This role can earn an estimate of $54,890 per year, according to labor statistics, therefore is a role that will always be in-demand with a respectable and sturdy salary.

Tax Manager

The main responsibilities of a Tax Manager include being responsible for directing a tax plan for clients. This means creating a tax management program for individuals and businesses, seeing it implemented correctly, and overseeing its progression. This role means efficiently managing clients’ tax reporting and making sure that everything is in line with legal obligations.

Accounting and Auditing roles can earn an estimate of $71,550 per year, and Financial Managers can earn an estimate of $129,890 per year, showing a highly impressive salary for such a fundamental role.

Where Should I Get a Taxation Major?

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