What Can You Do with a Degree in Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinary medicine degrees are one of the best options for people who want to dedicate their life caring for animals. Working in this sector is rewarding in many ways. Not only will you be helping improve animal welfare, but you will also receive a financially rewarding veterinary medicine salary.

Veterinarians are called upon to work with environmentalists and human medical doctors to further the health cause and make medicine and the environment work better for the health of the planet, human and animal populations. With concerns about how domesticated pets are raised and the impact of factory farming habits, taking a veterinary medicine degree can be the stepping stone to many jobs and careers. Therefore, you aren’t just taking a degree. You are taking a major in veterinary medicine that is a great first step on the journey to a healthier future.

Is a Veterinary Medicine Degree Right for Me?

If you are looking to take a degree that will result in job satisfaction every day, studying for a veterinary degree could be ideal for you. You should enjoy learning the subject of science, prominently biology, and also have a passion for animals and research. The competition for veterinary medicine, like human medicine degrees, can be tough, so you will need commitment, dedication, and the drive to succeed with this.

Jobs with a Veterinary Medicine Degree

After you have graduated with a veterinary medicine degree, you can choose to go down several routes. Some of the top careers you could enter include:

Veterinarian in a Small Practice

The need for well-trained veterinarians has never been so high for domesticated animals and non-domesticated animals. Both small and large animal vet practices are in great demand. Your job will involve providing high-quality care to the animals who require treatment. While a veterinary medicine salary might not be what initially draws you to the job, rest assured veterinarians can make a very good income, especially if they specialize in specific fields, with the median salary for an experienced vet sitting at around $98,000.

Veterinary Assistant

For those looking to take their veterinary medicine careers across the world on more compassionate grounds, you could choose to work as a veterinary assistant. Your job will involve assisting veterinarians tending to needy animals on all continents and in hundreds of countries. According to salary.com, you can earn $31,114 a year.

Veterinary Educator

If you would rather guide the next generation of up and coming veterinarian professionals, then a veterinary educator is ideal. Your job will mainly involve working with students, but you might find yourself often working with animals when teaching clinical care. As an educator, you could expect to take home a yearly salary of $51,266.

Choosing Your Veterinary Medicine College

Choosing a veterinary medicine college that works for you is the first in an important step towards your future career, but you need to make sure you’re picking what’s right for you.

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