Jobs with A Wildlife and Wildlands Science and Management Major

Many people don’t consider the effects that humans have on the environment and biodiversity around us, but for those that are interested in the wildlands sciences, the impact is felt at every level. As someone with a keen interest in protecting wildlife and the wildlands, preservation is the main focus. This is why preservation is a huge part of wildlife and wildlands science management majors. You will learn how to make decisions about the conservation of nature and the animals that inhabit it.

Plus, choosing to study for a wildlife and wildlands science management degree means that you will have an incredibly wide range of careers open to you upon completion as a graduate. You’ll be able to follow down paths that include working outside within nature or even specializing down a route that provides for working with animals. Specializing allows you to grow your wildlife and wildlands science management major salary faster and concentrate on one specific area.

Is a Wildlife and Wildlands Science Management Degree Right for Me?

This is not an easy degree, and it requires a deep understanding of how animals (including humans) will impact the natural world and how best to help them thrive without destroying the natural world. It requires plenty of hard work and dedication.

This degree is part science, part geography and geology, and part sociology, with a big focus on doing the right thing, which is not always the easiest or clearest option presented. Graduates need to be able to think on their feet, but they also need to be deeply ingrained with the natural world and feel completely at home in the great outdoors.

Wildlife and Wildlands Science and Management Degree Careers

While a degree in wildlife and wildlands science and management sounds like an interesting study path, you may be wondering how well it lends itself to your further career and what kind of role you might move into with a degree in this field?

Some of the top careers for a wildlife and wildlands science management graduates include:


This will see you working to preserve buildings and working on new buildings to ensure their impact on the natural world is as low as possible. The average salary for a land surveyor is around $48,500.


If you want to work within the biology field to study the impact that the natural world has, then the role of a naturalist is ideal. This role is very specialized and can earn an average of $48,000 per year. Your main responsibilities will include studying different species within their environments, looking at how they interact with each other.

Veterinary Technician

A veterinary technician will work with veterinary medicine graduates to perform tests and help with diagnosis, usually in a reserve or zoo typesetting. Depending on the setting and your experience, the average salary for a Veterinary Technician or Technologist is around $34,400.

Choosing the Right College for Your Wildlife and Wildlands Science Management Major

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