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Hello There

Hi, everyone. So I thought that I would say good bye here on college row, which was one of the first places I saw, um, at Wesleyan when I visited my first time as a pre frosh, pre frosh week. All freshmen frosh and then pre frosh. You get it? Um, see, I just want to say bye. Here. Um, thank you so much for following a week of my life, and I hope I could get across, You know, just some logistics. So, like, housing, dining, um, schedules, stuff like that. But here's some people going to class. But yeah, I really hope I really hope I portrayed it in a good light. I really, really, really love Leslie and I This was a very, like, specific experience. Just because everyone is so different at Wesleyan. I mean, so I don't know. I just love it so much. And I hope you enjoyed it and liked it. And I hope you saw some things that I see in it. And yeah, I hope you come to us. Hello. Okay, So this is my room. First, there's my friend Julia. So I where I live on campus, is called Boss one. And this is a two room double. Which basically means I saw me. But we both have our own rooms, and our rooms are just connected by this store. Right here. Um, a couple things I love about this dorm is that we I have a lot of storage space. So for one, I have a closet right here, Which is amazing. Anything you want here. I put my fridge in here and my clothes, and then I also have this dresser, which is great, don't ask. Every single room has a dresser and a desk, which is great. Um, what every doesn't have is that on my roommate's room, we have more closets, which is great, because I can still use this one. And I use that one. And he's right here. It's a ton of sports store space. I love it. So this is my room right now. It's not really that decorated. Get something else I really love about. This location, though, is that we have our own balcony and that we share with everyone else like right here, which is like, I don't know, maybe five other people. I really love this stopping in particular because it looks over. Hey, it looks over campus. I can see only library, which always amazing and it's just really great cause everyone's always walking by. It's also right above West Shop, which is the campus grocery store. So it's I don't even have to leave my dorm ticket, which was amazing. I expect to spend a lot of money the semester because of it. Yeah, so listen. Okay. This is you to start off lit. You have meeting rooms with your insides sometimes where you know practices will be held or very groups are auditions with house here, you hear me? Their culture's TV. There is a prince. Uh, basically, like you could just come here and chill out. There's a pool table over there, and that's pretty cool. There's also a store with my food and drinks and coffee. Are you just gonna grab a quick snack before class? Also upstairs is the cafeteria, which is really great. They're too big sides of Korea. Simple. Y your idea food to choose from. This is also where the mailing room is. So you come here whenever you ever package or we check your mailbox for any male that maybe your parents sent to you, so it's pretty cool. are less, like, literally starts right now. There are three people. It's 5 30 I intended to wake up at five. So this is already going very well for you. Okay? We need to do work. I'm gonna do my German homework, and then my music homework, and then my asset, which is due tomorrow, and I haven't really started writing it, but I have a really good outline and talking about Professor today. I'm now eating breakfast, which is Morning Star and Apples off. I finished all my immediately do work. But I also did the logic break because, um, I know that you don't think me and then everyone I don't want to know, though. Just friend and I never wanna know. Wanna know that it's not meant to be but I don't put it on but let me so it could be a thing is my upper today I'm feeling I'm feeling a little more friend today So here we are I have a cancel What? What's wrong Way? Let's wait for the sound of a camisole And a necklace that my grandmother gave me I was talking about I wear it so much. I love this Nike sweatshirt, which I got a thrift store, actually, like eight bucks thes came a pants, which are from Forever 21 I think, um, yea, fast fashion, I guess. And on these socks are from Muji, and Jews are Mickey Espy's. This is the outfit. I'm also gonna be wearing this like athletic shirt over this camera, so because it's a little bit cold out, so I don't want to God, basically, my pants are falling down. Jeez, look at my midriff. Modesty. Also. Side note. This is my friend Georgia's camera, because I'm trying out the G seven X. This particular camera has a little bit of trouble with focusing, by the way, because there's some, like dust in the lungs. Feel like a really youtuber, you know, to be fair, I normally use a DSLR when I'm blogging. Like that's better quality than this is. However, after Bobby was a dslr for awhile, it's is annoying. Now I'm ready from a day, so I am going thio work on this essay and maybe go to the music studios and practice drums because I have my drum lesson today and I haven't practiced. It's my last one, which to be fair, my last lesson was like two days ago. I haven't had a lot of Chinese practice, but I should have practiced. Okay? Update. I just been a long time playing music instead of doing my sight. Yeah, but I wrote another like part of a verse that I feel good about. I really like two paragraphs from my sight like, No, not even that much like collectively a paragraph. Let's see how many words that 200 could you? I think I'm running into a problem. And I feel like I'm really prepared to write this essay because I, like, prepped so much. And like down the outline, which I didn't do it out one last time to be, which is not like that. But I need to do better than that to get into my major suit. I have Teoh, right, the whole thing. And I didn't really think about the fact that writing is different than just brainstorming. I feel like I am getting so much footage and none of this is going to get into the blocks. It's actually like, very nice outside. It got a lot warmer in the last two hours. My first class this morning is German. So that's what's happening. Weight class. Right now you can't see anything. What? Hockey. Walking in the same direction. Which is why it sounds like that German. I don't. It is a very normal day. Oh, my God. I don't know where the buttons there's no one in this classroom right now are, like, literally starts right now. And there are three people. Uh, I gets it gets worse every week. Like everybody shows that humorously every day. You two personality, what you see? Oh, look, look adorable. Uh, right up. So we just had a music class. It was fun. Could not get a shit. You're 20 minutes late starting. There were literally, like, four people. I woke up on time, and then I live in my head for 1/2 an hour on my phone. Sometimes paste can be a little slow tonight. We just We love learning school. Yeah, practice drums practise. Yeah, because I have my lesson in, like, less than an hour. Haven't you know? That's that's that's That's a move. I have to practice trombone for performance tonight. It probably won't. They're showing that music studio works fast Welcome to the drum room. Very exciting. Happy to be here. I need a pee. But I also need a practice. So practicing is happening also, I'm so hungry because I ate at, like, five A as a lot. That needs to happen. Care. So see you later. Got some practicing. I'm gonna get some food. I'm a big boy. Hungry. So I talked to my help Professor made me really think about like, how much I have to do open. I have a lot to do. I'm sort of I'm stressed. I'm on my way to talk to my math professor right now because I couldn't figure out who find you to do walking, blogging, talking all at the same time unbelievably difficult that he was not breathing between everywhere because I was gonna be so annoying for me to edit. That s I feel like this dog is gonna be so bad. I don't really have, like, a story or narrative to be telling through this, like, it's literally just me, like renting to talk to all my professors and writing a paper. And I woke up early, and that's the special thing about this, I think is Anna? Yes, she is from Pennsylvania. Um, she's here for West test. Apparently, she watches e like I love it here. I have lied, Edie. So I'm definitely gonna be here next year. Craziest. Like what? I saw that I just went back to my dorm and I think the stars so that my coffee's cheaper. I'm gonna find a corner right now and try not to cry from Jason. I was working the library fellow of it was your show, but I wasn't being super active. So I'm going to go back to my room and maybe chill out for a second. It's time for an update. Um, it's the next day. I don't have even, like, a fruit strapless this essay. I've been writing it and I keep kind of writing the same thing over and over again and finally studied, like, incorporating actual, like, specific examples into my writing. But I just like I've barely been able to, like, just sit down and do it. That student, it's doing literally less than 12 hours, and I'm like, I have class in like, an hour, and I should just, like, bang out a draft before then, but I know, I'm probably not gonna I'm not being good to myself. That's the update. It is a 23 p. M. Please. It's turning into the stuff of lager. Me writing this paper. I'm not even done like a first shaft. But I sent what I had to my dad so that he will look over it, but Oh, my God. I feel crazy. I was later. I don't know, but Okay, boys, I didn't turn it in, like, 10 minutes before the turn in time. So, feeling good? I'm gonna go to sleep. That's like the end of this block. Don't do what I do. This is an example. So one of the things that's really interesting about college is that we're all always together. All of our friends are always like in the same place, basically. And because of that, I always find myself like running into people I like, really enjoyed being around. And I also just find myself working collaboratively with people a lot more than I did in high school. And this isn't just for like, classes or anything. Sorry if you hear he was rattling around on the ground. I was actually just working in a lounge with my film crew and I walked out and literally George was here skating. He's over there. It's crazy. I know this is like the prettiest tree I literally ever seen. Look at her. Oh my goodness, I can't even handle that. I saw this tree from a distance and I was like, I need to go. I just need todo experience. This fall is beautiful. One other super different thing about college is that you're constantly meeting new people. It's crazy how many people I've met in the past, like two months, who are now like some of my best friends. It's like actually insane and part of that is just we're all like together, and it's kind of what we got to do till, like survive as humans who need social interaction. It's just so fun to meet new people and form relationships. It's just something I personally, really enjoy. I love having connection with people, so it's just great that I didn't, like, meet new people literally every single day, like it's kind of an endless supply of literally amazing people. One thing that is true about college in general is you have to be really good about, like, managing your time in an effective way to get really overwhelming really fast. You can have two days where you're just like kind. Often you don't really get stuff done right away and then, like everything is off for like a week and 1/2 until you kind of get back into the group of construction. Things that I really enjoyed myself actually helped a lot like you to have a schedule like I do. It's club and stuff like that, where it's just like, kind of organized like this is a time when I'm doing something, but I really enjoy whoa from May whisper sure down by recently exposed for having a video. That's 10 things I hate about fall, which I didn't realize I get forgot I made that. And I just so I can't believe it right now because, like, why would I hate that? Like, look at her. Oh, I got really just sending it with the DSR lately like I'm just I'm just walking right now. It's great. When did I become this person? I don't know. Let's go talk to George even though he's really stressed trying to finish a paper but also skating because he gotta do what he loves, you know? Do you love talking, George? Because I love meeting new people, and I was just crazy to keep me people crazy, like they're just like an endless Yeah, I mean, it's my last freaking year and like everything is different this semester because I have new friends like you, like it's crazy. It's just constantly changing so much, and it's it's really good. You can be overwhelming, mostly good on the way. That's it for this video. You enjoyed that. Make sure you leave a like and subscribe if you want to see more videos from me. You can also go follow me on apple music at Iris Olympia. I've been making playlists on there. I have a fall enough right now. I've been asking you all to leave comments of your favorite fall songs, and you haven't been doing it. And it's literally for that playlist. So, like, help me out. I also have a single now on like apple music Spotify, Google play all the works. It's called Take your pills. It's been out for a while, but I just got it on all the major platforms. So if you want to, like, check that, I'll take your pills. Iris. Olympia, help me out. Um, yeah. Go. Listen, I'm just I'm so excited about it. I feel so official. Thank you for watching Livia. See you later. My legs squatting will do that to you. Let me just say colleges that you're constantly meaning me. My God, Pray for me right now. Bye. Oh, we're looking at your screen. everyone. I'm doing a weekend in life. I just want to take you through, like, kind of like a cozy weekend because it snowed on Thursday. So everything is a little bit cozier. I'm just gonna kind of show you what happens in the average weekend for me. I don't know. I feel like there's not really an average weekend. It's all kind of different. If you like this video, make sure you like and subscribe. Check out my other college content, my music content. I'm just going to get into Bloggin slogging away. So we're going on a little Walmart adventure, and I'm gonna block as much of it as possible before my camera guys, which will be very soon. Here we are in the Mason Mobile were here way. All right, let's Let's get it, boys. Let's go. Way have arrived at our destination. Wow, Look at this. Oh, my goodness. Mason, You've done us good. Have done us good. Didn't die. That's pretty much the only goal gets Oh, my gosh. He found the pillows. My pillows. I was lumpy and sad. I knew I lost you. I don't have service. He would have been lost forever. uh, honestly, I always end up picking up a bunch of, like, putting a bunch of it back. That's exactly what Mason history right now. No, it's it busted them back. Oh, my God. What did you do? Bastard? Child paying my tuition so way are packing up the car. Wow. I got so much more than I thought I was gonna get today. You know, I did it. Got everything back there. I'm kind of not looking forward to bringing this into my room. To be honest, it's a lot of right now I'm actually about to play some base because I have done that in so long, and I'm just really excited about usually. What I do when I play bass normally is I just, like, twiddle around just like do whatever just kind of, like jam out a little bit. Or I will put on a song in the background and I'll try to figure out what notes it is, and I make a little baseline for the song or, like, try to play along to the baselines. That's normally what I do because I feel like it's harder toe have sort of like a solitary jam session with face in that I think it complements other instruments really well. And it definitely is like the base for other instruments, like it holds everything together, but alone. You might not be able to appreciate it as much as it deserves. Really awesome based philosophy right there. So what I'm gonna do today place music on the speakers and just play along a little bit? I love doing that. It's so fun. And I haven't done in, like, a month basically. Sometimes also look at the courts this way. I feel like I'm living a weirdly aesthetic life right round round that I'm currently working on a song. I'm gonna be hanging out with George Amazing Tonight. But otherwise, like, I've just been kind of working on music e stuff because that's what I've been on the move part. I keep doing this thing where it's like I want a film like a certain like cover or something, and I'll be like, Oh God. But I wanted to be as good as possible. I need time to do that. And then that just never do it Kind of annoying. And girls Band also just froze on me. So This is my life right now. Just doing music stuff. I bet this is what making music looks like. This production, this is my studio. Don't need too much kind of need some stuff, but it's possible s it was in a different location that I'm just, you know, I had to, like, run there, and we just ran the money at the end of my face. Is red. Yeah, it lasted like an extra half today. No, I'm fine with it. I'm just gonna go back to my dorm and take a shower, and I'm getting dinner with someone who would I like, just kind of met. And I was like, Let's get food. I'll probably use a music. You stuff for the cover I'm working on. I really need to, like, work on actually doing the things that I need to do before I leave on Tuesday. I have a lot of things to get done before I fly out. My hands were shaking so much right now just cause, like, my body's kind of shaking and I'm out of breath. Been trying to say things. It is no looking after me. Sounds hard back at my dorm It's a disaster in here because I was working on music stuff when I left, and then I realized like I need to be somewhere in, like, 10 minutes basically, so I kind of just created a tornado in here, but I need to clean it up. It's kind of it's not great. So I know I've already said this. I'm gonna take a shower. I'm going to go to dinner with a friend. I met him outside my adviser's office. I've been meeting along two people, and it's just, like grab a meal with, um, get to know them and it's kind of cool. Like I like meeting new people, getting to know people decided, but it also exhausted. Um, I actually, before I get in the shower, do a couple of points. I get my abs working because I basically did everything else said. I accept her ass. I might as well yeah, get it. You know, I thought was cool. Aris, is that you like like picking? Yeah, I'm a Mason's room right now. Hence all the photos hasten. You are decorated. Well, thank you. Trying to be a homey that is it working out? It's working out. Just like the homies from around your family Photos you homies Because we're homeys is why it's so homey. You know that I broke it. You make your No. I broke my forearm. Tell you always backward stab, folks. Official advice from George Polo. How is life? How is life? I'm a senior is good. I mean, I've been stating a lot. I've been skating a lot of feel so good. Good, good. Yeah. I mean, it's pretty crazy that I'm growing up. Look, I can see there's such a thing. Is growing up joy? I don't think so. I mean, I think the more adult you become, the more you realize that adults are just big kids. But I mean, like, you grow up because you, like, become a certain age. But it doesn't mean what you always thought it did. How's life amazing right now it's fantastic. It is good. Right past me. That Sunny D Mason. You mean that? Oh, family friendly choice. No way. Way. But this one's extremely cool. This is definitely my zero. This isn't mine. Because you're my only drinking coke. Zero. This is a sponsor. Uh huh. I love the taste of Sunny D. This is really little lighting. All right, Be my viewers. Oh! Oh, Oh! Who is he? Twisty Forge. Julissa our fists. Your hand is soggy. That's boy spilled a whole Coke zero in himself earlier. I don't know what you're talking about. What is happening to this man? E don't know. Providing the baseline for this fight. I assumed it was a fight. It looked like a fight. Look at that stance, boy. You kind of got it, though. Today is Sunday. Good morning. I am going to the ski park today with George Mason. I've never been to escape part before, so I'm kind of excited. I'm also kind of like dreading it, but I just gotta do it. I'm changing my wheels right now from the cruisers that these guys, which came off the board of kind of I just saw someone to me like the weirdest double glance. It was like it wasn't like they were, like, weirded out by me. But it was like they were trying to figure out something. Mind to her body's from yesterday. Kung fu was like fun and stuff, but like I'm hurting real bad right now. I can feel it on the inside. I have been acquired by Pulis and TV. Yo, yo, buddy. Cop show on the case. Mason. Did he have something to say about your decade? Minutes? Yeah. This is spicy apple juice. Dunkin Donuts. Do not sponsor me. I will not take your dirty apple cider cider money. It's very disappointing. So we have arrived. It was nice. I'm enjoying this. It's fun. It's basically just the first part we want. It was very credit and I was like, Good. Of course, Lord bless you. Just call today how long we've been here. Guys show it is on the ground. He reached that point. Here's Mason. He's got a beggar on the summit. Is that even where it is? Did you get a clip of you dropping in for your video? I don't think so. Do you want to? I mean, yeah, I D'oh, I can film you. Yeah, I guess what you're about to do, Iris. About to drop in. That's crazy. I learned how to do this today. You learned it so fast to show the people light work. Good. We should get this off. I just love that bad boy. thank you, everybody. A wonderful teacher, my wonderful and courage. Gimme five on Uber. Thank you, George. Good progression. I think it close e feels so good to be back in my room. It really feels like the your name, even though it's not like it's 4 p.m. But like I'm like, OK, it's done. And like, it's time to be done if you enjoy the speed and make sure to leave it like and subscribe down below. I am trying to reach two K by the end of the year, and that's definitely possible, especially if you'll help me and you got to this point, make sure to calm it down below if you skate border. No, I know that a lot of people came to my channel from George's Channel and also just like I'm kind of curious in general. Do you skateboard? Do you do any sort of like physical activity or like sport for something that you really enjoy personally love running and like martial arts? Those were some of my favorite things to do with my body. Do you have, like, favorite things to do with your body? Thank you so much for watching it literally just means the world. I mean, I love reading your comments, especially like those who are like thinking about coming to Wesley and, like, it's so dope that you watch my videos like That's crazy like, Oh, I got like I so know so normally. D'oh! Um, do you guys think you don't know what you don't know. The semester I've had access to his recording studio, which is amazing, and I love it. I'm like learning so much about tragedy. Recording is so interesting, and I really want to pursue audio engineering and doing live sound for events and doing a lot of recording. And when my friends just asked me Thio use like the head engineer for his album that he's going to record in the fall. So I just, like, really excited. It's true that I came to Wesley and fulfilled, and I I think I don't know. I'm I'm also having a meeting with my music professor tomorrow to talk about the possibility of doing audio engineering as a track. But I think I'm gonna keep doing film and then do audio stuff really intensely and maybe not get like, necessarily, like university credit for doing specifically that just take a lot of classes that will help me be really knowledgeable, because that's what's important. Knowing the stuff is what's important and just like having a space like this stuff and oh my God, it's It's It's wild. There's also this, like classroom that sound here and It's always fun to see if there are people in There were people on that when I came in. It's like they didn't turn off the lights, though. So one of the things I wanted to talk about in this block are just kind of like things I've learned this year and since I'm in the studio. I thought it would be really fitting to talk about what I've learned in terms of audio music and myself. My world has just exploded, been opened so widely, so greatly. I am so passionate about audio engineering and technicians stuff, and I didn't realize that I would be. I'm just, like, so interested in less science, behind audio as well as like that technical skills that are required to do good recording, knowing microphones, nothing. Microphone placements. Knowing how all of that stuff works, which I just realized, I think I basically what I've learned about myself is that audio is something really passionate about, and it's something I want to proceed. Since I've been like so set on film, it's really hard for me to accept any changes in my directions for the future. I think that that might involve audio and film or something. Something created something technical. My professor of the semester has been amazing. He's really, really intense. I can understand why some people might have trouble in his class, but it just like, really works for me. On the music side of things. I've also learned what it's like to be in a band. It's like a three piece band and to be playing shows like at, Like house concerts and stuff. It's just like, Great. It's so fun. It's hope. I love my bands. I love the music we're playing. We recorded a couple songs and I'm so happy that again play with people who, like are just so talented and pushed me to be better. So it's kind of like a musical passion thing I've learned, you know, like what I want to do in the future and kind of like giving me more of an idea like, OK, what do we really, really want to dio and what is like not something I can sacrifice? But I've also learned like a lot of lessons in terms of emotional, well being, social interaction, connection that have made me grow the person so much. One of these things, which is something I learned very recently, and it's so striking to me and so important to me is that the expectation of satisfaction will lead to suffering. The way that this was articulated to me was by co star and it, like, totally made sense at the exact time does. It told me this, and I was like, Wow, whoa, minds loan. I've never thought about it that way. The cure to crushing desire is to experience longing without the expectation of satisfaction that is so important. It may be really like I can experience longing, and that is OK, but don't expect anything, because the minute you factor expectation into the equation you can on Lee let down and like that's also unfair to other people. That was just like a really important lesson for me. Another important lesson for me recently. It's just like something I knew before, but kind of have for gotten like I was really, really looking to other people for just like living basically so recently, I kind of got myself back on track. Been living from within, you know, went for some runs and the rain laid down in the field and the rain. That was amazing. That was great. And I feel so much back to myself, and I feel like my soul has been restored. I was in this weird situation with someone recently that just like, really, you talked with May. I just became so unrecognizable in my social interactions in how I was communicating. It made me like, kind of like, just like, kind of a monster. It was, like, bad. And that's not who I am. And I knew that, and I was just trying to figure out why. And it's like I have to be responsible for my actions. Yes, that is true. I learned this behavior in, like communication because it's the thing that were That's not okay. That's not something I want to keep doing. I want to be myself, you my own soul, and not be like, just attached and needy. And, uh, it was bad. I don't associate your expectation with things. Don't just don't expect things, you know, like you can You can be hopeful you could be longing, but don't expect things because you're just gonna be let down. That's unfair for other people. I think I was also is attaching like I'm not allowed to want anything that I can't possibly have. But in reality, that's sometimes how things were, and that's what makes us human. I really think someone's about to come into this studio. There's something else that I've been like realizing I don't know. I'm just like trying to come up with things to say that I've learned recently to be honest, but we'll go. We'll go with this one. There are people who, no matter what you do, it's just not gonna feel like you're ever speaking the same language. It just doesn't and you contrive for so long and so hard, and it just won't is just sit back. Now that they're gonna be somewhere, you just have to put in a lot more effort into making yourself understood and also like understanding in person. On the other hand, there are also people who, like you're just gonna immediately connected, and it's not gonna be a problem, and they're often just kind of hidden, like where you wouldn't like that. So it's important you, I don't know, necessarily speak those people out because oftentimes they're gonna show up when you're not looking for him. I just found my friend Jace on Boss Jase. You have wisdom for my audience. Some wisdom I've learned recently is you have a plan that requires other people pull through. It's most likely gonna fail. So that's a good mantra. Have is, if you can't do it alone, you probably can't do it all bases in Aquarius. Uh, any other other key advice? I don't know. Rising college freshman. Everything you thought you knew about how you're supposed to behave socially in high school is wrong. You need toe unlearn all that. There was little toxic behaviors you picked up in high school. First day Neto unlearned that immediately Because when you get to college, you'll meet people who didn't grow up around you On in high school, you only knew how to really talk to people who grew up around you, and you need to learn a branch out and accept new things. And I think I need Thio also realize you are not smart. You may think you are because you're good at high school. That's not saying like, college is hard academically. It's just you don't know what you don't know. Thank you. Day thing is a huge spider here, so I'm gonna try to fast and after plane. You recognize this spot? It's the observatory holed up here last semester for video. Put Elling to it up here. I was talking about similar things. So if you want more like things I've learned in my time here, that's a good place to find that. But one thing that I kind of realized more recently is that invulnerable is a sign of strength. But there are times when it makes more sense to just not. And sometimes you need to be vulnerable, like truthful and honest. Sometimes it's just like too much, because maybe like they can't really handle. So, like, it's important to keep that in mind. I don't know. I'm kind of prone to being like, really honest, just like everybody. No matter what their cases in which may be, Yeah, that's kind of big, but maybe you get you think I'm gonna let you off here really a flawed, But it's maybe just hopeful. Things I've learned is less so. Having a schedule important, more just like reality less in England. If you enjoy this video, leave like and describe more videos from me. Probably like the last you're gonna be, like, really set, like on campus, because I have finals next week and then I'm out of here for a couple. You have advice that you yourself would like to share? Leaving comments will. Hopefully I articulated myself well in this, but I think I might not have that's all. So throughout my tonal harmony class, Professor is his first time being a professor, and he also has another job lined up after the semester ends. So he did not care at all. But on the syllabus, he said, others At the end of the semester, there's gonna be like a three page paper on musical analysis. But he forgot about because yesterday homework, which was like a bunch of random stuff. He said that was the last thing besides the final that we needed to turn in. So you completely forgot about the paper. He didn't talk about it all semester. It was just a thing. Someone some idiot raises their hands like, Hey, So what about the paper we have to do? You haven't talked about it at all, and he was like, Oh, I forgot about that Yeah, three pages. Uh, I was like, you fucking Yeah. Oh, my God. Already gave us a take home exam. What more could you want? Giving you the class? Oh, wow. That's right. Now, after I was so close to being me and Michael of babe we're talking about we're in the same tonal harmony class way we're equally. But now he was more mad because I missed that. I missed yesterday. I overslept. So Michael was there when the person raised their hand, asked this question. I cannot imagine. I feel like at that point, I probably would have told him the shot. What is YouTube like? What am I doing? Everyone today I'm doing a dorm room tour because I'm a freshman in college. What you gotta do? You like this? Make sure subscribe and check out the song that I just put out on a bunch of platforms. I know I've left it in, like, my last three videos, but, like, I'm really excited about it, so make sure to calm it down below. Like, what stage of life are you like? Are you a high schooler? A college student? Just like let me know. I'm really curious. Let's just do this. You walk in to see my Saturday shift, my summer soups, shower shoes and my birds because I wear those around. And then here is much closet of top. I have some containers with, like, cleaning supplies and miscellaneous things are cutting board and also my, like, shower, caddy and stuff. And then right over here, we have Mattel paying on this, which was actually originally for my mirror, but like the command hook that had this up get falling off the wall. Um uh on. Then, here's my clothing. Here. My shirts. I do this thing, um, that's a phone fax. I respect. Right there. We have a microphone stand and a nickel board. And then, like wooden box that I haven't built yet in the back. It's for my kid. If we continue moving over, you have my bed where I do a lot of important things. My guitar is there right now for some reason. Got my sunny step on it. My sister got this for me. I love it so much. Oh, my God. This is kind of what the bed situation is. So I have a bunch of posters. I have a Washington state, one gems, a celestial chart, my pasta poser, which everybody loves. Look at that. Oh, my God. And then a jen's evil. What I am. Mmm. Lights like everybody has just around the edges because I like how it looks. These sheets are from my Kia there, just like this light blue color. Obviously, you can see that. And I'm getting a phone call. My life, it and stuff is for Mikey s. Oh, that's just kind of like where basically, all the stuff is from. If you're curious going back over here, we have my full like organization intensive like dishes and everything. I got this online, I think, on Amazon or something, and it's actually, like, really useful. I can actually, like, stacked everything up. You know, up here I have my wife board, which I don't really keep updated like This is stuff from, like two weeks ago. But that's okay. And then I have, like, lists of songs I maybe want to do covers. When I initially came up with the plan to do Mondays and Fridays, that's when I wrote it right there, and that's been there since then. And clearly someone else's here tip. And then I have my sets, humans which were so expensive not worth it. You have everything I eat. I have all my dishes like Pyrex, super important. You could make soup in it. Hot water in it. Anything, really a copy maker, all that business. You know, you kind of get the idea. It's mainly from target, like you. If you're curious, I guess this is my microwave. It gets the job, then it heats things up. That's what I needed to do. This is my friend, has a single sad magna on is that my grandma sent me but it's cute. Little pair inside. We have food, as you would expect, a bunch of half drinking like teas and stuff because I can never finish anything. That's pretty much it for that. I have some expired nondairy creamer in there because I'm disgusting. I needed from my friends out of the freezer. This is the really important, not the freezer. Sometimes people just show up in my room here. He's actually fired the decor. He's right. No, this'll is my bass guitars just chilling over here. The top is obviously sticking out a little bit. This is a guitar case, which is why you'd still, like, be upright. I have a Washington State Fairies poster because I love Washington state of fairies, except one. They're not running on time, then it kind of sex. These look like Dolphin, which is hilarious. But like it or not, I have another poster here for the Western Film series. I'm actually going to the one tonight. I am going to Howl's moving Castle, so that's exciting. This is my organization. That's just like you'd staffed. I have like spices and cereal and paper towels and like random, other surfaces, and he was supposed to be here. It's It's just got, like all the stuff I use. It's kind of self explanatory. I don't really need to go in depth, have some books. I got my Scooby snacks. Of course, those are really necessary. And then I have my spider jar because I kept finding bugs in my room that I had to take outside. So this is designated for and then a bunch of, like, last things that I washed to reuse and like my coffee and then Rahman because, you know, you got, like, you know, everywhere for stealing food from the dining hall. My candy bar snack cracker box Home it because home again, this is from my Kia. It's like one of these little rolling carts, but I just keep hats and, like, random other stuff in there like I don't know for breathe motion shoes for country. This is my tapestry. It's from society. Six. It's like it's called Mother Nature or something like that. I really like it with the naked eye right there on then, of course I have my mirror so I can take all of them your selfies for Instagram and such. Go follow me. You know the drill. This is a really overpowered speaker, but it it's amazing. I love it so much. And then I have boundary stuff, a guitar case, a guitar. That's kind of what you would expect for me. I guess I have my posters. I opened for both of these fans. I don't want to explain. I've seen posters that I made the other day because I was just I was not having a good time. I like there was another shooting and like, it's just like a bunch of things. And I feel like I've been really disconnected from my activism that I was super involved with in high school. So it's just it just felt so weird. And I was like, I need to do something So I made Pistol is basically over here. I have another poster. I made these air sticky notes with quotes that my friends have said. Is it to someone like the best quote since I got here? Basically, it's just car thing that my grandma sent me and then a Polaroid of me and Mason as cows Isn't that adorable? Oh my God, I was a car Halloween with George and his house. That's what's up. That move is this season, my trash cans and then my tripod is down there. That's a random like file thing down there. Like I was just kind of random stuff. This is my George. You just keep stabbing over here. I have my desk move. Yeah, this is my desk. I do a lot of work here. Mainly, like music stuff happens here. I mainly do work for school and like YouTube in like one of the library's. So just like make up near Hey, this is like full of my YouTube editing stuff. This normally has my like, watch and necklace in it, but I'm wearing both of those things currently, so it's not their school supplies for the school in this cool lamp from Baekje surprised a computer because everybody puts their computer on their nest for amateurs. I don't really know why, but it's there a mantle. I have a microphone which actually don't use very often. This is far from being like a voice over something, and then I have, like a perfume and then my medium cheddar cheese, because that it's probably one of the most important things I have with me. Move. Excuse because I am a smart ical particle. Basically everything that's all my window still here has some sort of like meaning to me or like a story behind it. So I probably seems really random, but like my karate instructor made these for me. And like this is like in my family. This is guitar fixed. Not really a special meaning behind there, but they're necessary. I've got some, like body spray cologne stuff. And then just like more things like that to your cards got my gemstones charging on the window sill you feel are cool rock I found in Oregon. I love this bad boy, and then my plants and watering can plants used to be over there, but they were ever here now because I can appreciate them. These lines are really nice because they, like, block out all the light. Which also means I can't get up in the morning because it suits dart. The really nice because they're definitely like privacy. Since I'm on the first floor, it's like a little bit like, uh, use my backpack and my board. She's still pretty. I got new wheels for her recently. So, um, it's really nice down here. I have my amp for my bass guitar, and then I also have another guitar case back there. Over here. Have some storage bins. This is where I keep machines is just kind of storage under that. And that's kind of like it for what's usually in here. George has a dorm tour from his freshman year upon this channel. Go get a freshman, George. Legacy continues. Yeah, I know that. I'm gonna cut you and the city. If you under this video make sure to let me know by leaving a lycan. Subscribing. I also felt like it was my responsibility to let you know that the beautiful tree that was in Friday's video, the beautiful red one that I was freaking out about isn't out naked follows confusing to me. But it's okay. It's okay. All right. That's everything I had to say. See you later. Bye. I'm suddenly much taller than I ever was before. Has Oh no, no. e. I realized I was supposed to be blogging today, and I just like, didn't for the first class. I think I was just like I completely forgot today. I'm doing a day in the life college freshman year blood type thing. So let's just let's just do this. Also, I'm trying to hit two K by Halloween, which is a big goal. But if you want to help me out, make sure you subscribe below. All right, let's just do this. Let's just have ah have a college day, right? Yeah. So I went to my first class. It was German. It was fun. And now I'm gonna probably go to, like, you stand to work. That's like pounds with students summer. And I'll probably just, like, hang out for a while. Do some readings I have to do for tomorrow and some other stuff. And then I'm getting lunch with some of my friends. So I'll take you along for the Well, Theo, it's the last time I've logged. I also have these classes. This'll order classes going from a film. Classes start will start in three minutes. Uh, so we're in documentary filmmaking class? I don't know what we're doing. Well, I really like that. That greatest look bad. How's your, um I stayed here and I did nothing. All right. This'll is our first day back classes from Probably accept everyone. Sort of just like trying to get back into it and also retired. Yeah. So now it's time for him to pay. I thought I could talk to my camera. Really? Is the water like a pound? So my musical absent for another 15 minutes. So I'm just sort of just like going around filming things. Normally, I would spend this time in, like, one of the practice rooms, like making music, you know, having a good time. But it's just so beautiful that I can not be filming like everything right now. Secondly, like, time for me to get the files. So I just got my music, love. My plan now is I actually ordered food from some ease, and I'm just gonna pick that up in, like, half an hour, and then I'm gonna dio like work for the rest of the night. There's nothing like just like getting back and knowing that you could just chill out. I still have some work to do. But I just feel so good because I already ordered my food and my tummy's grumbling. My fingers air so called because I was outside just taking more footage because everything is so pretty that I just can't not go out of the plant because they they need it. Love you. Okay, so I just got my food, and I feel like this is a good time for me to give you some like Cool Wesley. In fact, so we have this thing called because ago we're basically like you get this little tag during orientation. You can also just buy them if you like, And then you can hand it in for a lunch at the main dining hall and get a to go container. That's plastic. Reasons are you can order from some ese, which is the other, like dining place on campus, and basically you get your food to go. I've only ever gotten some ease when it's to go because I usually just like that's when I just want to be in my room and just, like eat a frickin burrito. I usually get burrito and fries for some reason. It's also the only time I ever drink soda. So I got my Dr Pepper. Yeah. So that's, like a little fun thing. We basically get a takeaway food, and they're like, eco friendly containers. So it's just like it's just you like this video. Make sure to subscribe. Like comment anything that you want to comment. Let me know if you like this kind of log thing. Yeah, that's all. I hope you have a wonderful So dining Leslie and requires that all students enroll in a meal plan here, and our meal plans consist of meal swipes and points. And so meal swipes are just basically like you swipe your card and that's like a meal. And then points are like you get like five hundred points, and you can spend it any way you want at any of the dining halls or any of Yeah, I mean, the dining halls are like grocery stores or something. Um, on the whole point of it is like it's supposed to wean you off meal plans like your fresh marry. You have a lot of meal plans and as many points. But then you're Syria. Your senior year, you have all points. And so it supposed to, like, teach. You had, like, manage your money and like, how do we basically start cooking? Because, like when you go off into the real world, you can't just always have meal plans with meals, wipes. So it's actually a really good program. And I'm actually feeling it now because I'm having to start to cook more Mohr. But it's fine. I'm learning. My roommate's helping me, so yeah, so there's two dining halls that take meals wipes, which are We'll use Dan and summer fields, which we call it some ease. And then there's places that take points. So West Wing's, which is swings that will take points. And we have a grocery store in campus, which is called West Shop. And so you can go there and spend your points. Al Fidel, which is the literary society, has star in Crescent, which is like a lunch and dinner kind of like restaurant in their house, where he could use points. Pai Cafe, which isn't actually you can use points. CIA. I think I got them all. A spot, So you news points. But that's like coffee shop. Yeah, so there's a lot of dining options. There's really, really a lot of tiny options, which is nice. And actually, if I'm being brutally honest, which it tells me to be brutally honest, I really, really, really, really, really like the food here has, like an A plus rating on like Nietzsche, whatever online and like at the at the dining hall, there's like the kosher line. And then there's the vegan line. I'm not vegan or kosher, but I'm really glad that those options are available for the for people who are say it. Super great, love the food.