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My least favorite thing about the school is a small thing. But it would probably be that there's no big social spaces for students to hang out in, which I think is important in a school in a small town like Middletown, Connecticut, because students aren't hanging out in town. So it does make the campus feel sometimes a bit segmented and separated because the only place for social events really our program houses, which is kind of small and senior houses, which are really small. Um, so during the spring and in the fall, when the weather is nice, the campus feels really kind of unified, and that's a great thing. Andi think it would be great if there were bigger social spaces so that that could happen all year round because, like I said, Mom, there's a lot of crossover Hi, everyone. So I thought that I would say good bye here on college row, which was one of the first places I saw, um, at Wesleyan when I visited my first time as a pre frosh, pre frosh week. All freshmen frosh and then pre frosh. You get it? Um, see, I just want to say bye. Here. Um, thank you so much for following a week of my life, and I hope I could get across, You know, just some logistics. So, like, housing, dining, um, schedules, stuff like that. But here's some people going to class. But yeah, I really hope I really hope I portrayed it in a good light. I really, really, really love Leslie and I This was a very, like, specific experience. Just because everyone is so different at Wesleyan. I mean, so I don't know. I just love it so much. And I hope you enjoyed it and liked it. And I hope you saw some things that I see in it. And yeah, I hope you come to us. Okay. This is you to start off lit. You have meeting rooms with your insides sometimes where you know practices will be held or very groups are auditions with house here, you hear me? Their culture's TV. There is a prince. Uh, basically, like you could just come here and chill out. There's a pool table over there, and that's pretty cool. There's also a store with my food and drinks and coffee. Are you just gonna grab a quick snack before class? Also upstairs is the cafeteria, which is really great. They're too big sides of Korea. Simple. Y your idea food to choose from. This is also where the mailing room is. So you come here whenever you ever package or we check your mailbox for any male that maybe your parents sent to you, so it's pretty cool. Well, everyone, this is my friend Olivia that I work with. Um you've probably already seen her, but we are right now in West Hartford, where we are getting lunch. If you have a car on campus, it's not often you go off campus. Still eat. But a lot of people do sometimes. I don't know. It's fun. Yeah, it's fun. It's fun to, like, get off campus. Um, less. Hartford is, like twenty to thirty minute drive away. Um, and there's a lot of restaurants here. I'll do like a pan out front, so we're seeing. But yeah. So that's another thing you could do when you go to bless. Okay, Goodbye. Okay. And this is Freeman. Um, so Freeman is the gym here at West Land. It's really, really nice. It's up to date way. Have everything from tennis courts, Teo ice skating rink to an indoor track and so much other things that I honestly cannot name. Um, uh, I'm not any of that often, but it's super great when I want to work out, you know, hiding anything. Yeah, we have hockey rates, basketball courts. And you, Jacques. We got trainers, come on. Squash courts, witnesses, football fields and more. Hello. Okay, So this is my room. First, there's my friend Julia. So I where I live on campus, is called Boss one. And this is a two room double. Which basically means I saw me. But we both have our own rooms, and our rooms are just connected by this store. Right here. Um, a couple things I love about this dorm is that we I have a lot of storage space. So for one, I have a closet right here, Which is amazing. Anything you want here. I put my fridge in here and my clothes, and then I also have this dresser, which is great, don't ask. Every single room has a dresser and a desk, which is great. Um, what every doesn't have is that on my roommate's room, we have more closets, which is great, because I can still use this one. And I use that one. And he's right here. It's a ton of sports store space. I love it. So this is my room right now. It's not really that decorated. Get something else I really love about. This location, though, is that we have our own balcony and that we share with everyone else like right here, which is like, I don't know, maybe five other people. I really love this stopping in particular because it looks over. Hey, it looks over campus. I can see only library, which always amazing and it's just really great cause everyone's always walking by. It's also right above West Shop, which is the campus grocery store. So it's I don't even have to leave my dorm ticket, which was amazing. I expect to spend a lot of money the semester because of it. Yeah, so listen. Fight. Okay, okay, this is Olin library, and a lot of people are always here. It's really great because that has these really big windows, which allows a lot of natural light to come into the room. So it's really great to study. They're they're really nice couches. So people like to sit there and read, Um, you'll find the people here are usually all night, but it's a really great place to Hey, guys. So going out? So because there's so many different types of people here at Wesleyan, there's This will be like a very specific going out, like a schedule. But like other events that I usually don't attend to, but there's a lot there's like concerts, And then there's dance performances. And like when I say, like going out to dance performances like, People will get drunk and then go to the day of performances. And then there's like, usually dance parties after staying with concerts and stuff like that. And there's probably other various things that go on with going out. I'm sometime and people kickback Teo, if they want. But my going out schedule is I go out Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Wednesdays, depending on my workload, because we had this, like, work hard play hard mentality. So gotta work hard first. And then I couldn't play hard, eh? So if I was efficient enough, I'll got on Wednesday to the bar, and then Thursday is like a keg. And so keg is when all the seniors pitch in for like a bunch of kegs. And every Thursday there's a diff. There's like a new keg at a senior house. If you don't know what I mean by Senior House. You should go to the housing video, but yeah, so that's fun. And then there's also like Bar Night now on Thursdays were like Everyone goes to this one bar HMAS owes on DH. That's really fun. I would have filmed it. I did go to bar night this week, but I tried filming. It was really dark and like loud and crowded and like, That's fun. But it was really hard to film. And then Friday or Saturday, I personally like pre game with my friends, either in my apartment or a house. Um, so yeah, so like usually around like ten all like get a meet up with some friends and then will, like, hang out together during together and them. We'll go either to an event that's happening on campus or just like, if that's not the case, then we'll goto like fountain and Fountain is one of the like streets that a bunch of, like senior houses are on. And so that's one of the loud streets. There's like quiet streets and loud streets for, like, senior housing, and that's like the loud street. So a lot of people go there and the like, party house parties there, which was really fun. In my opinion. Personally, I didn't go out at all in high school, so, um, I don't know. I really do enjoy. I think it's fun seeing familiar faces because it is a small school. I like that. But, yeah, it's just super find. And then I'm back in the swing of things school wise on Sunday. So yeah, that's like my going out Academic climate at Westland is is kind of intense, but at the same time very relaxed as most students are again. Most things are passion about a certain area of study, and so they're good at it and they really strive to be good at it. So they're going to work really hard to do that. But at the same time they have, Ah, you know, ah, relaxed demeanor about it, so it doesn't come off as being. Um, maybe too pretentious or two are too intimidating because everyone is just really calm about that kind So dining Leslie and requires that all students enroll in a meal plan here, and our meal plans consist of meal swipes and points. And so meal swipes are just basically like you swipe your card and that's like a meal. And then points are like you get like five hundred points, and you can spend it any way you want at any of the dining halls or any of Yeah, I mean, the dining halls are like grocery stores or something. Um, on the whole point of it is like it's supposed to wean you off meal plans like your fresh marry. You have a lot of meal plans and as many points. But then you're Syria. Your senior year, you have all points. And so it supposed to, like, teach. You had, like, manage your money and like, how do we basically start cooking? Because, like when you go off into the real world, you can't just always have meal plans with meals, wipes. So it's actually a really good program. And I'm actually feeling it now because I'm having to start to cook more Mohr. But it's fine. I'm learning. My roommate's helping me, so yeah, so there's two dining halls that take meals wipes, which are We'll use Dan and summer fields, which we call it some ease. And then there's places that take points. So West Wing's, which is swings that will take points. And we have a grocery store in campus, which is called West Shop. And so you can go there and spend your points. Al Fidel, which is the literary society, has star in Crescent, which is like a lunch and dinner kind of like restaurant in their house, where he could use points. Pai Cafe, which isn't actually you can use points. CIA. I think I got them all. A spot, So you news points. But that's like coffee shop. Yeah, so there's a lot of dining options. There's really, really a lot of tiny options, which is nice. And actually, if I'm being brutally honest, which it tells me to be brutally honest, I really, really, really, really, really like the food here has, like an A plus rating on like Nietzsche, whatever online and like at the at the dining hall, there's like the kosher line. And then there's the vegan line. I'm not vegan or kosher, but I'm really glad that those options are available for the for people who are say it. Super great, love the food.