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Thinking about Williams College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Williams College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Williams College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Williams College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Williams College experience. These Williams College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So one you is coffee. Is this copy? No, thank you. It's almost like a Starbucks. Lucky. It's really surprised. Two two here. But it's cool and we were able to get like sort of like confidence americanos. Smooth. I always come here every morning. So two. Espresso machine stuff, and it's really cool because Laurie you like, particularly on one sees they have this thing called stress busters and our halftime show. All the coffee is free like you. Give up cakes, cookies, things like that. Also like misuses and Gibbs. It's basically the students who sign up. You have to come early, though, because people are greedy and they never leave. Yeah, this is also a great place to study. Let's go upstairs to the study. Campus benches. It's really nice system. And this area is open, like all the time even shot. So really cool place. Study your breakfast friends or just like hide from, which is what I like to do. I really, really need to get work done. Down the back. Top floor. A meeting. And so sometimes I'll come in here to study when I I really, really want to be alone. You're nobody. This is where l come. It's very pretty. There's a fireplace, doesn't work. Fireplace looks nice, and I can pretend there is a fire. It's also kind of warm in here. But yeah, that's one of the three hidden gems. Williams that I think everybody should know about. They, like, advertise it on, well, websites. But the actual ex scope, like howling until they are campus, is something that's really cool. So come to William, Definitely check these places. I have to. I said it hurts. So if I were in high school again hours giving advice to myself, I would say that you should be talking to him, but I'm also talking. Okay. This advice too. No. I would say that you should do what you love and the rest will follow. I know definitely in high school that I really overworked myself trying to impress college admissions officers. And I did things that I genuinely did not enjoy doing. Andi, I signed up for clubs that I had no interest in, and I took classes that I really didn't like. Who should be calculus. And I just, you know, you don't have to do it. You do not have to do that. I mean, I think it's important for you to start getting into that mentality now, because in college, you there will be classes where you just won't have to take. If you do not like it, you don't have to take If you just knowing that and knowing plate how to be comfortable in what you like and what you don't like it something that's really important, um, something that no one can teach you. You have to teach it to yourself. Um, and so the ability to recognize. Okay, I'm done. I'm going to do this for my benefit and not somebody else's or not to impress somebody else is a skill that's really important. Toe. And then also doing things that you don't like to do is a waste of your time when you could be having fun taking a nap, You know, So don't do it. Just, uh, focus on what you love. Rest will follow, and you will. Sorry. Right, Stevens. With this special collections, and I wanted to show you guys holding person this part of the library, because it's it serves is like an academic component for me. That's really, really so. One of the things that I do pursue, like life has become a curator. And so I spent a lot of time Kai's because later in the semester I will have the upper to curate my own, accepted for feminist from my feminist poetry class, which is using different articles from that time period to try to compose like come up with, like, a story to tell to the outside world. So being in this gallery, he's really special to me because this it is the beginning of something that I could create, something that I can exhibit something that I can show this room right now. Is it war? And so, primary sources in here. Yeah, Here. Yeah, Thiss Galeries. Also really, because there are so many books and so many resources. Actually, I can't film in there. I wish I could So I could show you Williams. Actually. The copies, The Declaration of Independence. Right there. Really appreciate history being in that space. It's really, and it just shows like much. Williams like is dedicated, giving access and resources to there. Fill their education so that it's like you to be So I think it's time to show you guys my room, right? So a week into it, there is a code that you have to take that is given to you. Enter. This is it. So this is what a typical don't looks like. It's pretty spacious. There's your desk. Your bed. Thank you. Bookshelf Which used to the fullest. They give you your own. And then you have your wardrobe For whose and stuff. And so this wardrobe, like all of your coats and things. I tried, only put out or wearing there. Then you have to understand these were just miscellaneous things and towels. It comes with your mirror. And so that's it, not it for storage. But it's pretty big. And then underneath my bed, I have my dresser. So this is a type of dresser that you'll use. I'm depending on how many clothes that you have. This may be a good size. This may not be much. One six key thing that you could always do in college to Max in my storage is to raise your bed. Which is what? So I when I move, she Williams I brought around seventy bases and they are all behind that George so, like and their large suitcases. So it's a really good way for me to, like, keep clutter like not in my face and makes my room look like it's organized. Um, and then I have this thing e like this box thing. Um, my hamper. I have my power cord s and stuff over there, and then I have the desk that they give me. I actually don't do a lot of work on here, because being my room is just distracting. So I'd like to get ready here. Two quickbooks here or I like to plan out my day here. So right now, I'm eating the book on the strategy and tactics in chest. Trying to get better chess? Don't know. Succeeded. So yeah, that's my door. That's really nice to have. So yeah, those are the essentials that she wouldn't need for your door. Obviously, you can, like, have more stuff and decorations, things like that. But those are and all that you need to have in your room. Uh, so if you have any, So if you're really confusing like where you should buy stuff, I found out Target is overpriced, so don't go there. Wal Mart stuff. It's cheaper, but it's not as nice. So the way that I found like Teo get like really nice balance between the two. I brought all my stuff in bulk, so I who was one of those, like dorm websites like I want a room if i dot com and I want everything So they sheets my comforter. This blanket. Oh, yeah. Blankets. Another dorm room Essential. No matter where you go, it's gonna get cold. It's either gonna be way too hot or too cold. And there's very little opportunity for you to be able to adjust those temperatures. So fan blanket and you're good to go. Even multiple blankets. Yeah, sorry if i dot com, my comforter, my sheets. My hamper. My hangers Hangers are also something that you really are going to need. Uh, what else? Thank you. Units like that. I got this blanket. They gave me a little sand I haven't used because it's so tiny. So about that one. But definitely get that one too. And it's all just like in this huge package. And you can either get it shipped to your house or ship to the college, and it'll be there for you. So you just take it up to your room, take the box out and what you have a outfitted? So yeah, Those are Central's. Thank you. Don't have to have what it's going to make your life so much easier if you do. So one interesting thing that I noticed about Williams is that the quads are here. They're not. Is used as other colleges. So right now I'm in quads, which is called Courier. And when there is a really cool thing right now, there's like an art oil on. So you'll see, like funky our campus, which is really. But, um and since it's like getting colder now, a lot of people spend a lot of time on the fly. But it is. So this is Curry. You're quite guys, which is really close to mediate the museum. If you ever want to, like I live in close to a museum, that's something that's really cool on then there's also this is this housing these dorms, these buildings, all of these buildings, upperclassmen, dorms so he wouldn't live here as a freshman, but sophomore junior senior? Probably So one downside or upside depending on where you're from. What you like is that Williams is basically in the middle of nowhere. Williamstown is essentially one street with a few little shops that all close at six p. M. But they're nice and I love them, Um, and I'm walking toward them right now. Just because we're in the middle of nowhere, it doesn't mean that you'll be stranded. There's post office. There's a smoothie place. There's a coffee shop that's actually better than Starbucks. So he will definitely have everything that you need. And there's also a weekly shuttle that leaves on Sunday to go to Walmart or a stop in a shop or any other place that you would need to go. Williams is very accommodating because it knows that there, but we're in the middle of nowhere, and so it's really helpful when you need to go out places. So what we're currently looking at is the main street of William's Town, which is also called Spring Street s. So that building right there is a post office you have your local movie theater called Images would show really cool movies every single month. Um, then down this ways where all the good stuff is so wait. I have our bank, you know, for banking purposes. Um, we have the para bistro, which has really good Mediterranean food, definitely would recommend ten out of ten. But my absolute favorite part of Spring Street is the Williams bookstore. I'm taking you there right now. A because it provides endless supply books and worms merch. But also, it's a really nice place to be in. And then there's lickety split, which is the student run ice cream shop here on its open, usually during the spring and summer. It's actually closing in a few days, but ice cream here is great have really cool flavors, and occasionally they give out free ice cream. Are you guys? So currently I'm in, like an example of one of, like the discussion typed classroom. Um, so there are lecture halls like they're like arly large lecture rooms. But sometimes there are, like small discussion based classes, so usually depends on, like the class the state. So if it says seminar on the thing that's probably a discussion based classifies his lecture, then don't probably be a lecture based class. Even like doesn't matter like the type of classroom. But there are, like, different types of class setup. But you is the cost that so right now, this is my car. Women Thunder and Sexuality studies class. So it's like an acid future is, um, class, which is really cool. Um, so, yeah, in a few minutes, my professor and other costume, it should be getting here. And you should be getting, like, a little sneak peek. Uh, what A classes like it, Williams no. Industrial development were met by the physical and mental fixed Asian, African and the Native American people Is experienced, though, was merely the condition for black radicalism, its immediate reason for an object being foundation for its nature. Hey, guys. My name's Kalen. And I'm a freshman here at Williams College. So today I'm gonna be showing you around this lovely New England campus and what it has to offer. And hopefully by doing so, you want to Thank you. So this quote right here is called Flash Squad. And this is the other freshmen Housing live. So this a lot of people use it to play Frisbee. Um, just chill out and study. However, it's freezing right now, so not a lot of people are out here, but you especially like it's really pretty. Just to like, even if you're not even if you really pretty Like look at the buildings, guys.