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Thinking about Middlebury College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Middlebury College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Middlebury College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Middlebury College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Middlebury College experience. These Middlebury College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Tori Koontz

International Global Studies Latin America, Class of 2020



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So my class is over for today and I'm walking home now. But I thought I would stop and show you another center of campus didn't really have quads. But over here on this field that I'm overlooking is called Hotel Beach. And when it's sunny, it's a great place to hang out, and you always find people on the grass. Um, it's really, really just a cool space visa for contact sometimes, but it's called Hotel Beach because this building right here is hotel, which is the largest freshman dorm. It is split between two Commons, and there's a good chance that if you came here, you'd probably be house there. So anyway, this is the Myrtle Beach So I'm at my comments house right now. As you can see in the back from a really cool hang out event, all the rest like staff. I'm here with a cell over his life member Audrey on. She's gonna tell you guys about the common system here at mid. Okay, so the common system is basically the first years, and we'll all residents are put into these common systems. And you grew up like, through your time in college, you stay within the common system. And, um, you live with the same people for two years basically. And the comments puts on events such as, like bonding moments with snacks and also educational events that, you know, a raise awareness for issues that are happening on campus. On it is a great way to get to know people and to have a good family right from the start, when you enter Middlebury, especially since there's I just got out of my geography class here and by Hall, and I thought I'd show you guys the classroom. Sorry, I couldn't get any of the kids in it, but none of them were keen on Ping in my little block. But, yes, this is what I think you could expect from normal science classes. I don't think a lab would be in here, but this is definitely a pretty common basic room here in by house, a little less evicted discussion style set up, but also still, like, really cozy and quaint. There's not too many kids in my class, and this style works really well, I think. All right. I'm with my friend Zeke here, who's a first year amid and we're going to get ahead and take a tour of his reign. Yeah, I really like living in Stuart because I'm in a pretty central location. I'm near the dining hall's in the athletic center. I also just love the living situation at Middlebury because they provide you with a desk, a dresser, some hangers and a book rack, which is really So behind me is McCullough, which has our students enter here amid. And there's three really important places inside you absolutely need to know about. First one is the grill, which is our restaurant slash Fast Food hangout. Place two. We have crossroads, which is our cafe, And then three is the Mid Express, which is like a convenience store. So it's just a real equal space in general. So I'm gonna go ahead and show it to you guys. All right? This wait. And now we are upstairs from Crossroads in middle berries restaurant area, which great. Yeah. This is super popular hangout spot, and it's an amazing work in my favor. No, hello. We have Met Express, which essentially our convenience store. That's a really great place to pick up. Um, some essentials if you're running out, but they also have a wide variety of snack food as well. It was honestly kind of hard to find you guys like a lecture hall to show you because I've never been in any like intro science classes. But this is about as close as we would get here amid, because you can see it's really still not like that big. I think maybe fifty people could fit in here. Um, I give classes here are really small, even intro sciences. So this is probably the biggest you would ever get, that this is what I would consider So this is a really good example. Off campus housing were apparently in Wave bridge, which is the sustainable local food. That's great community, awesome. Like this. Essentially in a house on a lot of my friends left. Totally love it. Right now, we're actually at Saturday brunch, which is one of the great community events. So all of them will make some local food, and we'll eat it together. There's also a really great time to hang out and just every time. So we don't have a lot of off campus housing. But if you are interested in that, this is kind of what you probably expect. Kind of the same house style community, all kind of based around a different topic or theme. So this house, his name is sustainable. So I am currently in Ross dining. It is kind of difficult for me to be here only because men we have, like, really big royalty dining. So you're their proper your rock. I am a frog person having to come to Ross to make this a little jeopardizing. I don't the wrong people see here. Totally joking, but it's like a pretty big thing. Like what? Dining. All you go, Teo, don't really go to Ross, but it is pretty nice space you can see around it is the dinner rush. There's quite a few people here, so it's definitely pretty popular and bigger than prom, the main eating area of Ross. One thing that now cereal. bodies more like summer. She burns through the night like a number on all those things we try to get And I remember way all find we find Sonny dreams and way back eliminate. I serve it up because down 75 degrees in adopt So you need to live, Find a little sun shock wave and I'll be running because I figured slow down that way Ocean on that night. All right, guys. So I got to where we the Amtrak I got to the end track. I'm like the last one. Yeah, I was the last one. I did? Yeah. So right now my posse, this'd do. Leela, this is Genesis. Genesis. Say hi. This is sarees. Yeah, we're gonna get food because I fell asleep halfway. You're packing. And I woke up at 6 a.m. And proceeded to not only pack like all my clothes, but also like my laptop, my work. All of that on my mom broke up. It was like, How are you not done? Yeah, like I wish I knew. I don't know. Uh huh. All right, guys, I'm ready to sleep. I send my prior life. You said too much energy Yeah, Guys, this isn't This is Brian. Say hi, Brian. Where is this? Is Rama? To Obama to just from one of our posse members is like taking a plane because she believes you like that. And one he has some squash squash. So we wish the best for last. Say hi. What's up? We're doing a documentary right now. This isn't a lot. This is This is a showcase of all Henry right now. Expedition way supposed to get poor honey. Alec won something, and then we get to Middlebury. I like to something, and then he goes on from there. What happened? Yeah. You look a lot like sarees. Thing is way, okay? These houses are gravity. I love someone in charge of it. Oh, man, that's just move, right? It's that, like, this old man, like a group of, like, vulnerable to write, like he chats up to become friends. Trust. Okay, Anything. What way? What does it say? So, no, I assume you're not here. 20% drivers that I mean, you wouldn't suspect way. All right, so I will complete five minutes ago, and they just said that for Henry is finding No, I like 20 minutes away for 10 years playing that's away. So I'm gonna be a forehand me And, like, 20 minutes on the report. Henry, we're gonna take a shuttle from Middleburg. Look at this. Nice Cedars. I find this in your exceeding. Yeah. See you guys later, Caitlyn. Yes, on the show. But you wanted to hide my long lost. So what's your name? Hi, this is Lily. Wait. All right, guys. So it's like 2:30 p.m. In Middleburg. Took a plane because she knows you, like, $11 way. I am going. This is Jasmine. See what? Hee Wake up. Is she having a conversation? That's about it. I want my blood. We wanna be in your blood. Just happy you're here. Yeah, I'm excited to be t you tired, you know? How was the flight? It wasn't a flight. It was the inside. Oh, my God. Really? Like, Well, a lot of folks who were driving got stuck with a lot of the world. Yeah, it didn't sound like you got a little crazy, so I'm glad that you made it so nice. Way. All right way. Can you eat right now? Work right, guys. So It's about 3 37 PM I'm on campus. I just met up with my host. When we went over to this place, it was like a like a senior house. So, like, that's pretty dope. But right now I'm heading over it like that, but expensive for an academic fair. I'm meeting with the rest of my policy. I'm not sure where they are, but yeah, it's like bringing a lot of 89 campuses. No, I'm a little mix twitter and then give me, like, attack like a name from because you keep doing. I'm no chance. The rapper my, my whole company. Like I need to know about school anymore. Booth. Wait. All I did was also the history and artistic sits on a Spanish class I want to do. Yes, we got all the moves down there. I went to the others like sheep into history of architecture. I'm also into this like Spanish. It was pretty good. Our teachers really nice block. No, no, it's not because I g sat out satellites at L. D. C. Nine g nine, Jeanine. All right, but you gotta go. All right, so I know we're at a wake you're young. Four floors. Wait, It's getting cold. What time is it? It's like six o'clock first. No way with the animal. Avi are gonna say hi, then I even looking. Wait, don't smile. Okay, Your Honor, We time in that way. And the views. Excuse me. It's not even facing that. So I know we're going. Atwater Communists were going. I should. Are you doing? Only lasts for a pretty shitty job. Damn Go. You ready? You're doing it better than I am. I can't even get my radio. So, log, we're at water. Thank you. Just possibly. Yeah. Honorary. All right, then. You wait. Most wait. I feel really blogger? Yes. Committing way. Just going, T o wait. All right, guys. What time is it? What time is it? What time is it? 10. 58. And we're heading back toward dorms for the Yes. I said included Day one at Middlebury College days. Yeah. Thanks for watching. Make sure comment like, yeah, being Rice. We're walking into a really great cafe here in Middlebury that we all really liked to go to. So I thought I'd show you what the downtown Main street looks like. It's very stereotypical, like a small town. But this part specifically, this is a bridge, and it's so jaw dropping. There's a waterfall that front Middlebury and then down there in that area's marble works other another really great place to get some food and view the waterfall. Uh, this is Main Street.