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What's going on? Everyone? Ben Martin here. And today we'll be doing a video that I've been wanting to do for such a long time. Okay, so I put up on instagram poll asking you guys to send in any questions you have for me. We're gonna answer those questions, But before that, I mean, this'd been hard doing some shit. Flex Flex keeps me Dassin buses going. Mark, wait, wait. I try so hard, Okay, I We've been fasting for about 10 hours. I'm currently going to be leaving, going to Bethel. We're gonna get our basal metabolic rate tested. That's basically just going to see how efficient my body burns like sugars and fats and calories a day. I'm gonna be burning my resting rate. And so that a lot of tests gonna be done in the biomechanics lab, so hopefully we'll get some footage of that. What kind of information? Data. So what that's gonna do is it's gonna tell us back breath in, step on their face in there. Fit for 15,000. No, Dickie, brother, I did it again. Sure you don't. That's your world. Are you good? Actually, for 18 minutes, 16 seconds. So I was gonna start running down the list arrested energy expenditure. So if you were gonna sit in a chair all day doing nothing, you're whining about 90 calories myself. Something from there you can no more information about. So that's some stills. Factory activity, trying to gain weight. That number. You're our cue, which is your respiratory quotient. That's kind of talked about before. We're in batter, you sugar. Anywhere it is. Years was right around 0.901 of them being That shows that you're bringing a little more sugar than that. You're still not one sided. That's something that changed your diet. Party stuff, fast workouts. You change what you're so what? It predicted your metabolism. You was 1691 and you were actually 97 calories. So you're mad at your dad was tired. That would expect That shows that you You think so? I should know that type of all your average 7 39.7 ladies taking in every breath, which is a ce faras Theo. Too usually 0.5. When you arrested 3.9, you utilize more to do with your breasts to get oxygen to the tissues do get camera shy. You have like like you've seen action. Actually, that's weird because so I've been I've been eating, like, typically 2500 day. And so it says that movements 1609 100. What it said is that your estimation was 1600. So based on your weight and height, that's what it should be. Okay, above that. Is this a 18 90 cents? Yeah, basically. So that's that's your predicted. And that's your actual is 18 87. So you burn about 1900 calories a day, Okay, resting and then add, like, 403 3 400 said 23. That's for me. That's right. That's for maintenance. Okay, 2600 before I exercise of the protein. You're balking right now, right? Yeah. Yeah. Just a slight book. Otherwise, too much. Too much for making ninja really hard. Yeah. Yeah. So we're gonna recount for six months. Okay, so that was really helpful. Alright, guys. So we are gonna go over the Q and A that I have finally been able to do for so long. I've been wanting to, you know, have this sort of video. Sit down, give the opportunity for us asking questions and have me answer them over a video style like this. So I'm just gonna go over Ah, handful of them, not all of them today. But I'm gonna go over kind of my favorite ones, starting off biggest fear, either fear of failure or fear of success. So what I mean by fear of success is sometimes I hold myself back from engaging in opportunities that you know that are right in front of me because I'm afraid of, you know, I know I won't know what to do if I do. Well, I won't know what to do, you know, when I start advancing in the upper levels and that has definitely been an element with Ninja Warrior. But I've really conscious of that fear of success that I have. And so being able to recognize that it's been super helpful for me in hopes off targeting it and making it less of inhibitors for me. Are you ever going to pursue free running again? I would love to. The reason why I kind of stopped or tone down on the free running is because everything that I've been doing now takes so much time, you know? So training with weights, training, ninja training, all of these things that I've been doing, it takes so much time. It takes a lot of energy out of me. But I would definitely for sure love to pursue fearing not, you know, obviously professionally, but as a recreational thing, once again, making videos, that's just always been a really huge hobby of mine. So I'm definitely gonna try and get back into that dick length. Um, yeah, we're not okay. That's all I have to say about that one favorite exercise or work out you've ever done so recently, I have been designing these little circuits. They last about 2 to 3 minutes on, and they're super intense, really quick bursts of energy that really engaged all of the muscles in the body. I really like this style of training because it's sort of replicates. You know how a Ninja warrior obstacle course how it would attack your cardiovascular system. And so it really trains you for that style off anaerobic activity. What is your favorite diet friendly food? So recently, I have been, you know, all over diet. You know, it's been really crazy for me because for about three weeks I was on a predominantly plant based diet. I wouldn't say full vegan because I was having, you know, some animal based products in my diet every now and then. What sparked that decision was watching the documentary What the Health, a super popular movie that is on Netflix. I saw so much better disagreement and just argument between both sides of whether veganism is like the ultimate end all curole diet or whether you know animal based diets are actually Heil, healthy and do support athletes on DSO. I don't want to. I don't want to get into the details. I don't want to pick sides, but I am now finished with my plant based diet. I'm not gonna restricting myself eating only plant based foods. I felt really lethargic. I felt not a strong on every time I would do really intense anaerobic activity. I got quite nauseous. So currently I'm just doing if it fits your macro style of diet, I think that's going to something that I can really maintain and keep hitting consistently. And especially now that we went in to do some testing in the Bethel lab so the results show that I burn. My basal metabolic resting rate is 1900 calories. So basically, if I don't do any activity during the day, I'm only burning about 1900 calories and sewn on that I know that number. I could take it, manipulate it. And now I can have, you know, the set amount of calories that I need for per day in order to lose weight at a decent rate. Also maintain my strength and size. So my favorite diet friendly food right now I would have to say is Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna get my drink and my favorite foods. My favorite drink is a dark chocolate, um, almond milk mocha. I just love coffee. It tastes so good. And even though it might not be like the most diet friendly thing, it's not going to, like ruin your diet. You know what I'm saying? All the milk, a great choice. Dark chocolate all. It's a great choice. And coffee is super healthy for you. That is my favorite drink. A cz forest Food is far. Snacks go. I'd say, Oh, gosh, what would I say? I don't even know. Let me think let me think e like bananas are really great. Snacking might have been enjoying a lot more like for some reason, my entire life. I've just never eaten a lot of bananas. And so now I've been trying to eat more because they just taste really good. Um, and it's kind of boring answer, you know, bananas. But also I would definitely throw in their dried fruit chips. So, like apple crisps or apple chips or banana chips, I really enjoy those. So yeah, as faras diet friendly things. Those are kind of like my favorite right now. I've been trying to avoid dairy. It'll toss. That's kind of the thing. Why do you stink? Well, because when your body, when lactic acid builds up in the muscles, your body's physiological response is to release sweat out of the glands in your skin on dso by releasing this what? Sometimes that leaves you with an odor on DSO. That would explain why I stink. Why you so cute? Um, that's a good question. You know, I don't really know how to answer that one right out, but great question. All right. So continuing on with the questions you guys since And so right now I weigh about 150 to 1 £60 I'm meeting with my coach said. Next year, two more competitive. I need to gain about 20 to £30. Maur lead mass. Any suggestions on how to do this? So when you're looking to build mass and especially lean mass, you really have to watch your diet. That's really how you're gonna be adding those pounds because you know how you train in the gym or how you train for your sport. That will not necessarily influence your weight, your weight loss or your weight gain, because your diet just plays such a huge role in that there is no right way to approach dieting. Whether you're trying to gain or lose, pick a method that works for you. And so beginning. I would not start with anything too drastic anything really crazy, because that tends to be pretty difficult to maintain, to keep a long term. So it's really important to know is your bmr or your TV? Emr has already talked about it. It's really important to know how much how efficient your body is burning calories and how much you're burning the typical day T v e or total daily energy expenditure. Knowing that is going to really set up the layout and be the road map of how you want to construct your diet. And so your T v E is gonna be your BMR based on your activity level, how much you're moving a day and there are tons of calculators for those out on the Internet. I'm gonna throw some calculators in the description below US contract goes out. So once you know how many calories that you should be eating for maintenance, that means you won't be gaining or losing weight. I've covered this in previous topics. If you're looking to gain weight in over a year, getting 20 to £30 more specifically, good news for you. If you're new to lifting, you haven't really intensely hit the gym before. Um, this is actually attainable for you. Otherwise, if you've already been lifting for a few years 20 to £30 of lean mass, it's not really realistic unless you're using steroids. So I would advise to have a 300 to 500 calories surplus meeting. You gonna take that TV ad 3 to 500 calories, and then you're gonna count for exercise. You do during the day. I love to use my fitness, pal, because you love your meals, your calories, your mac rose and your exercise, and you can know how much you're gonna be. I need to add or take out of in a single day first macro nutrient breakdown. I will cover that in upcoming video. I don't wanna go to in depth on these topics, but that is a great question on one that is super commonly asked after washing your videos on supplements. Which ones do you personally use or would recommend for someone who's just trying to pull a muscle? So when it comes to supplements, I would say that there are really staple essential nutrients about your body, regardless of what your goal is. So in this case, you want to be building muscle gaining weight. But regardless of that, you're gonna be trying to lose muscle cut weight or who's lose fat cut way or build muscle. I would definitely recommend to use fish oil and a multi vitamin. Those are super important, a sw far as how your body runs, providing your body with another threes for also for building lean Mass. I would also throw in a way protein or a protein source. Not so anyway, if you use plant based if way isn't good for you, whether you're a vegan or if you're telling me so. Having a protein supplement in there is also great for building that mass because it's gonna be easier to hit those macro nutrient goals at the end of the day. Creating also is a great one for throwing on some mass because it really increases the water retention of the muscle cells. And so you will see a rapid weight gain, most likely in the first a couple weeks that you're using. Creating on that is mostly just water weight, so it's not. It's no lead mass that you're seeing on the scale, so you might be a little encouraged by that. But it's not gonna be sustainable lean mass because it's just your body soaking up water. But if you keep using the creating, keep using these supplements, then it will provide more long term results. Obviously, there are a lot of other supplements that can be thrown in the mix, like BC A's pre workouts I love pre workout, but those aren't really necessary for building muscle, because supplements at the end of the day, they do get really expensive and you're just feeding. You're feeding the industry money. So it's always best to try and get as much as you can from as little rs few supplements as possible, because your diet is really gonna be what's providing your body with the really great nutrients and you can't really supplement a bad diet. Final question, Then can you tell me what your diet looks like when you are cutting? So yes, when you're trying to cut weight, this is pretty much the opposite of the previous two questions I just address when you're trying to lose weight. Um, who's fat and keep your muscle? You're gonna be assuming that since you're cutting, you already have either box or built up enough lean mass to where do you think that losing fat you're gonna look pretty solid and there's gonna be enough lean muscle left to spare calories in calories Out is super Florence and knowing your BMR Andrew T. That's gonna be super important to manipulate your calories on dhe toe, put yourself in a deficit so that you will be burning enough calories. Ah, one mistake that I have been making a lot of people make is they don't track their exercise, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because at the end of the day, it's just about deficit. And so, if you're set up to be eating safer me, a deficit would look like 242,200 calories a day. If you're eating $2500 a day and you're working out, say twice a day and you don't account for those workouts, you're gonna be burning in extra 600 dish calories that you're not accounting for, which means that you can allow yourself to eat an extra 600 calories. And if you're if you're not tracking for that, that is just gonna speed up the weight loss. But it can also put your muscle more at risk for being for being burned, because the higher the deficit, the less calories your body has to work with. And the more it's gonna be eating away at that precious muscle tissue, the diet In general, you can use Kato veganism, intermittent fasting. You use any of these tools, and I've used all of them. I haven't really found any perfect one. The one that I tend to favor the most is just a simple, flexible dieting. So tracking your macro was finding out how much you need. Usually a gram of protein per pound of body weight. 60 to 70 grams of fat is where I like to lie for my weight and then fill in the rest with carbohydrates, tracking those macros. That's what I found to be most effective because I'm not restricting, you know, certain foods necessarily. But it all does point to the angle of fat loss. All right, thank you guys. So much for watching. If you haven't already, please feel free to subscribe to my channel. Leave the video alike and feel free to ask any questions. Leave any video suggestions in the comments section below on. We will see you guys on the next one one of us is what we think. It start today with the back fifths of cheap. Right? Prepare for lunch. Southwest. Bold backpack for school. Sure. Shoot. You know, I'm sorry, guys. I'm not super animated right now, but I had a look of, like, seven. Something really energetic morning before my coffee. First day of school day, we're gonna get back and kind of give a glimpse into what daily life there is. Like, this video sponsored by campus riel. And I'll explain what that company is later. This is the first work out of the school year. It's back day, so it's a great way to start off. I do have a back injuries. That's another great way to start off. We're gonna work around it. Most of machine work, light stuff to make sure I don't hurt my Lord back even more. And then Marty's doing lower. How would you like us? You got it. It's pretty intuitive. All right, so we just finished the work out. I'm gonna go head down to lunch central and make our food, You know, working. It's not I have my provide things before. Okay? You know what? I don't belong here. You know more material things, Michael. Is there protein clothes and money? That's my freshman year. You have your This is the abyss to 20 and year biz to 30. Okay, so two rentals where I come in here, you take it. It feels good. It's very professional. All right, we got the hair done. What do you usually get here? So I've already had quite a busy day. Went to class constantly. Fun. I just had one today, so that was really nice. I don't start up with a huge load of classes. It was my media production class. So basically, just learning more camera techniques about more camera gear, some software tips. But I highly doubt I'm gonna learn anything related to Premiere Pro because I feel like I'm already intermediate, too advanced, and they're not gonna be teaching that because it's a pretty introductory class. But nonetheless, I'm excited for that course, and it was good to be back on campus. Great to see all of my friends. So now I'm going to teach a class here, just do my job so I can pay for tuition on then. Right after that, I'm gonna be working out. So that's gonna be the second workout of the day. I'm just ninja focused. And then after that, it's a busy day to really, really stack Today. After that, I'm gonna had to Josh his house. He's kind of the head of our park or team that I'm on spark free running and we're gonna film a video there. One thing that's definitely in the books, definitely in my plan for the future is to create some tutorials for, like, Parker and Fury and stuff. Most I think we'll start off with, like, how to do a backflip, huh? You know, start with the basics. But first I have to obviously, but my back hell before I can film those. So hopefully soon we can get started on those projects. Prison. Just prison. Just Oh, Theo. All right, thank you guys. So much for watching. This is a really fun video to make. Sometimes it's a little awkward shooting at Bethel being like, What's going on? Guys, it's been murdered, You little cringe e. But thank you for bearing with me. I hope you guys enjoy this content and this whole thing with campus really, really excited. It's basically a website that allows you to take a look into certain campuses and get a grip on students daily lives that it's been for parents and incoming students to see. You know what campus would be the best fit for them. So I'm really honored to be a part of that help really shed a light into what what's going on in one today we're doing a push. Work out. There's no matter what the skill is. Your dinner Indian dance lifter. Just definitely gonna give you a challenge. Definitely. Before we dive into the workout, I just wanna give you guys a quick update. So yeah, I'm here in college and I'm really loving it, loving it here. It's been hard to come up with content on a regular basis because your college life keeps you busy. But right now I'm actually in the dorm, so we're gonna head over to you do well in the center. It's only a couple of years. And the weightlifting facility there, it's phenomenal. So we're gonna go get that push workout in someone new friends I made in college. The goal is to be going to fill strength and get a little more muscle. So for our workouts that I would be doing three sets of inclined flies, it's gonna pre activity chest forceps, A bench press reports it's Arnold Press and tried to push down with four sets of dips. Guys, welcome to the voice over. But today we're doing our work out in the wellness center of Bethel University. And just before I dive in and talk about the workout more in depth, kind of. I'm just touch on college and the experiences I've had so far, and honestly, I've been absolutely loving it. Campus here is so beautiful that nature, as I've grown up in a family that has had a religious practice and go to church, got all those things have been, you know, really common for me. But I've never felt a deep in close connection with God before, and I've been here for two weeks. You can't even keep track of how many times I've been to worship, but feels if God is reaching out. And as it feels, if God is reaching out to me and he's touching my heart and I just really excited to finally develop that relationship with God, you know, whether you guys believe in God or whatever your practices are, you know, it really doesn't matter to me. I don't judge based on practice is a race. So you guys do you for me, You know, guys, my thing. And I encourage you guys to find something, find a higher power, find something to believe in. All right, so quite obviously, bench press is my favorite exercise. I have to say, that's for sure, and one, because it feels really great to like Smash ers and get games, too. I feel like the bond create between you and your lifting partner. When you're spied on each other. I feel like it's just, you know, it's an intimate bond because you're holding their life in your hands, and I just I like the dynamic of spot each other on the bench especially. And since we did incline Dumbo flies before we started our bench press that reactivate our chest split. Our packs are going to be the primary mover. All right, wait, Bush. Bush. What? It's next super set pairs to my two of my favorite exercises for push days together, which is the Arnold Press for the Shoulders and then the tricep rope push down for the triceps. And now the reason why I like the Arnold Press so much is because the range of motion I just feel some natural and it does take a little bit of time to get used to it, to get comfortable with it. But once you really lock that movement in it feels so good to just perform, and then you can increase the weight and keep going. Having having also, you can't eagle up for this exercise because it is difficult to do with, even, like £50. And if you're a beginner and you're not comfortable with this variation, that's totally okay. You guys could just hit the seeded dumbbell military press, and that will activate the shoulders really nicely as well. Try, set, push down. One thing I like to do is to pull the ropes apart at the bottom half of the movement, and so, as you're going through the range of motion tryto pull it apart, squeeze the triceps and lock the arms straight out. As hard as you can see, one thing that I hear a lot of people say about dips. Bench dips, especially, is that it's too easy. Lose too basic for them, and it won't give them enough stimulation toe actually get muscle growth from it. However, I think whether you're a beginner advanced, no matter the skill level, I think that including bodyweight exercises is absolutely essential because it really focuses on the functionality really emphasizes your strength size ratio so I think bench tips are great for triceps on some plate raises the reason why we didn't use cables and just because we couldn't find a decent cable machine. But the plates work pretty well. Toe. Activate the shoulders. When you're doing these lateral raises, play to shit in a club from if you want coast. All right, guys, thank you so much for watching this video before I leave you. I just want to give you kind of some positive words. I think it's gonna be a common thing that we're doing at the end of my videos. So basically, today's message, I guess, is the reason why so many people are in secure these days. Especially, I feel like we always there are low behind seen parts of our lives Facebook, Snapchat I think that's just so people's highlight. Everyone struggles. So almost a year ago, I went to Bethel University for one of the first time staying overnight with their business academy program. And so this year, I'm doing the same thing. Except I'm a counselor. I'm super soaked to be going back to this program, helping out and providing the kids with a similar experience that I had. So if you guys remember, my very first I g TV video that I uploaded on instagram was about the whole overnight program and how that went for me, this kind of logs for the deal. So go check that out. I'm gonna throw that link in the description, and we're gonna be doing a similar thing this year except from the counselor perspective. So I'm super excited to be a fun time gonna be working out a lot. So I'm making this kind of fitness or individual as well as sort of kind of some fun things we do in the side. So just got to the dorm room they'll be staying in. It's actually the same sweet, the same talent house that I stayed in last year, So that's gonna be fun. Um, I got first dibs on the room because, you know, I'm the counselor. I'm the special guy here. Just kidding. But yeah, we're situated up. Come on. Bags to Jim. Shark eggs, gym shirt. And then a bunch of three fifties. I just got the schedule. We ran down. All the activities will be doing. It could be a fun few days with these kids. And I'm super excited to learn more about them and to coordinate the activities and get to know them on an individual level. I've worked with high schools in high school. I haven't worked with high schoolers in awhile, so this is gonna be really fun time. So I decided to do an upper body workout. Hi. Oh, I just ate dinners like film, food coming up. So best choice. What time is it? 11. You were copying the door. That's right. Now on what it's like freaking midnight sneak out about to do. I don't think so. Let's go talk to the cop who wanted to get you. I have. It's good post most of the fittest. All right, so being a counselor here is, like, the most chill job, and it's so fun. I get so much downtime. So right now, we're just chilling. The students are often the activity, so we're gonna go hit our leg workout today. So you guys having it done your time? I kept up that do coffee tonight. Careful. Careful. What if language. You ready? All right, so we'll start the workout off. Warm up with some leg girls. We're gonna keep the raps slow. Controlled, precise. Here you go. Thank you. I called this lover and this went down equipment. So what we have learned, um, to treat this movement is to treat it like the bottom half of a light press. You're able to contract at the hamstrings. Okay. For this one upset, we're going for 15 wraps. Good. Please excuse half right here while we're working it out. Students be right out there. You're a little squeeze at the top of the rep, huh? Good. It stands alone. Yeah. Yeah. For 12 months from there, we're going to a super set goto like press right after that bridge. So we're back to the glutes with the like press. We're going to a narrow stance, really hitting those quads. So we're super set. I reset that. It's too late. Not really. Really? Hey, try to go as far down as you can. Have the weights touch the There you go. Well, 10. 12. Make it heavier for you. It's pretty easy what we're doing. I was mostly high volume work going higher wreck ranges. That's We're gonna make that quick shift. Two low volume heavyweights. What? I can't do it. You can do it. No. Yeah, yeah. I don't live with your hands. Just use it to support. We're gonna be doing sumo, which is race. Will you take a wider stance? Water approach? It's talking the hamstrings a lot more. In my opinion, those of the most important muscles in your lower body, period. Wider stance. You can't go in your life. Stand up there. Your angle your toes out a little bit. Hands when we go in the booth. Yep. Just stand up there. Good. What's your head? Just be a neutral position to do that. One step is to keep the bar closed. Your sheds, it's gonna help you stay Waits in front of you. Marcos, My foot was like, All right, so next we're gonna pretend that there are, like, a speed ladder. Hurdles just on the turf. It's going to subside. Side shuffles, working on agility and, like speed drills. So this is kind of a condition part of the workout, So Wait. Ah, great workout. Just finished up about noon, So we're gonna have some lunch now. Um, have you missed the d. C? I've missed the food. That's pretty bad, but good workout today. Stop Is the second night in a row. Absolutely. Where is she? I went a lot smoother, though, Like it wasn't sketchy picnic yesterday when we went there is like, security stop does because we were sitting in his car. And so I was, like, one of the morning we were parking that screams like, What do you guys doing? Like just dealing drugs. All right, guys. So the event has come thio close. I'm gonna play a video that was taken, filmed and edited by Tim Cromer All through his social media folk. In the description below, I'm gonna play that video that was created. I have an awesome job. It really encapsulated the whole experience and how wonderful it really waas. So I didn't get much footage myself, but I had a truly wonderful time over the past three days, so hopefully I could do this again next year. Come back and really be the hands a few of Oh, my gosh, It is so cold outside. Why is it cold already? It's far too early. I mean, come on, guys. It's still summer, right? I'm not ready for this Minnesota winter Like the lunch for today. I'm a little man purse. See, I would just eat at the Dyeing Centre, Bethel. But if I had a meal plan so I would take full advantage of it if I had it was the hair of my microphone. But unfortunately, I don't have a meal plan, so I gotta bring my own foods. Which is completely fine, though, but welcome to the video, guys. Welcome to my channel. This video sponsored by campus riel yet again. So thank you for stopping by the channel. We're gonna be doing a fun and exciting video entry teaching you how to do a back foot. Okay, We're gonna start from kind of the base beginner side of it and then work all the way up to progressions and challenges. Yes, can add. So stay tuned. For that goodness sakes. I need I need me a sweatshirt. I mean, you guys saw in my forest summer video that my girlfriend's parents are in Minnesota currently they were here for about a little bit over a month. It was really fun getting the meat. I'm getting to know them, but they are leaving. This is the last day. It's kind of sad because I'm gonna be leaving and going back to Costa Rico. I did have a great time talking with them and hanging out with him, but it is gonna be kind of bittersweet watching them go. Anything in the park or community that is awesome right now is that the Red Bull art emotion is a foot and my close friend Josh has gone out to Mattera, Italy. He competed on the on site qualifiers as Spiderman and Frank team for making like like the team that made these pants. So that was super fun and awesome to see a one other Parker related thing is that I was working in a five star the other day coaching the adult class. So we were doing ninja work and there was this guy. He's vote. I think he's 14. He goes to the high school in Roseville and he was talking. He was Yeah, no, I do park or two and I was like What do you do? It? Are you at the Roseville High School Park or club? And I was like, Well, I started that. So that was cool connection, cause like I started that club that is like my legacy at Rosewood High School, which is super cool. And I'm honored to kind of have that. And apparently people are still talking about because he was like, Well, everyone's like, you know, it was like talking about Ben. He's like, I have no clue this Ben guy, it's super cool, kind of small, but at the same time, big park or community is so yes, campus riel. We're gonna be going to battle university, hang on campus for a while, do some classes, study and then decent back for us. Our guys. So I apologize for any crazy sounds that are going on a loud environment right now for the back foot we're gonna start off with. It's just jumping straight up in the air, getting comfortable with getting a lot of height from a standing position. Keep this. You really want to bring your arms back as you bend your legs down to get the get the spring as you extend. You wanna swing your arm, you're gonna go back and out. Swing up Step two. We're gonna add a little tux. You get on your knees up to your chest, you're gonna tuck him, and preferably you're gonna have spread instead of too close together in the rare event that you will land hitting your knee on your chin because that really hurts. Next, it will be helpful to have a trampoline or at least soft grass. I'm doing a concrete, but you guys who are just getting and starting this movement off, I definitely would command you guys starting on a springy surface with forgiving landing here. Assuming you guys have something safe to do this back, Bond, you're going to begin the actual flipping stage. So to initiate rotation what you're gonna be doing, you have to be using your head with back your momentum. That's not really great for back tuck. As you throw your arms up, you're gonna keep your arms in the air and you're gonna bring your knees to your hands. That's kind of what you want to be doing. So when you're going for the tuck, you're not bringing your hands down you bring in your knees to your hands, and that's gonna initiate that rotation while you're in the air. It's helpful to pick a spot right in front of you to look at and try and maintain eye contact with that spot for as long as you can until your rotated on your head is facing in the way that you could stop looking at it. But then, when you come back around for the full rotation you want, maintain that eye contact one method that some people find to be easier than doing a regular backlit. It's to a wall foot because it's kind of like doing a backflip off of a ledge, which gives them extra height and an extra aerial awareness that extra period to be more aware in the air. So that's something. My gosh, these trucks, guys, I'm just gonna show you what a walk with looks like. All right, guys. Soto overview. You really want to emphasize getting a lot of height before even starting rotation? How you're gonna do that as your as your knees extend. You wanna swing your arms out and then swing them up. Bring your knees to your arms so that you can generate that rotation, not making sure you're not cutting out on any of your momentum. And then you rotate makes you're looking straight ahead, spotting something, going for the rotation and landing. Looking at that same item, I think for the most part, that was that was a bad quick tutorial. I like to a wall flip tutorial. I didn't really explain the mechanics of a wall foot. We're gonna train now. And then I'm going to give you guys kind of a campus tour and not have asked Father Truth. You showed your tongue, and here was for so you must leave you Wait. A hot medium caramel cappuccino today. Buffalo cheese flex in actual group What we're doing. It's not nearly as far. What is your favorite invest spot? Hello, Graham. Yeah, like above our d, like in the computers were like, I do like a tour. As you guys can tell. We have state of the art brand spanking new printers have a great computer lab area for the for classes and for individuals to come and study. The downstairs area is more of the social hub of the library A to make your way upstairs. Be more quiet. That's why I have a hushed tone. Pretty much only reason why someone will come upstairs is to either use the group study room. Um, sit somewhere really quiet and studied by themselves or with a friend. If it if you want to be awkward or to search for the more scholarly resource is. And books Reason when we were in the library because we want to check out a book. So we got way sleep. What was going to study it together? Kind of learn more about, you know, the benefits and reasons why sleep is so important. They have a wide variety of books in the library. I was quite impressed. Well, and they can checkbooks out of other campuses. True. Yeah, it's like links Internship. Yeah. All right, guys, thank you so much for watching. I hope that you enjoyed that sort of style of content because we're gonna be doing more of it in the future. We're going to be doing s'more. Bethel tours many tourists, so I hope that you guys enjoy the library peak, stay tuned and subscribe to the channel. Give this video alike and comment in the section below. What kind of concept you guys like? What kind of contact you want? Speed be Seymour off. We'll catch in the next video.