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Thinking about Simpson College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Simpson College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Simpson College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Simpson College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Simpson College experience. These Simpson College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys, what's up? So if you washed the last video, it should be the apartment to her after the apartment or it was pretty late. So I sat down with my room and watch a scary movie. And of course, now it's the next morning. So that means I didn't sleep at all. But following this room tour, I I thought that we should talk about some of the essentials that you should bring to your room. Eso won. The biggest things that my roommate and I had talked about was a full size trash can thirteen fourteen gallon trash can with trash bags we have are over here. Um, I think the biggest reason was because we had all brought, like, a small about bathroom sized trash can and the amount of times that we had to take it out. We decided that it would just be easier to get a full sized trash can. And as you move up from like your freshman dorm style room to the apartment your junior senior year, it actually is a lot easier. That's not something you have to go on by because you already have it. You've already got a good use out of it. And even once you leave something, that's something else that you could take cheered house or apartment after college. Thes second thing that we said was super important was, if you are going to brand TV, they don't provide cable, you can pay for it. I think their rates went up, so I don't currently know what they're at s so you could pay for cable monthly. Or you could get, um, a smart TV. So this is a TV? It actually is. A smartie has a smart Hove. You can hook it up to the WiFi itself. Down here is a DVD player. This DVD player actually, is how we play all of our Netflix Hu Lu, etcetera. It's a blue ray. I think you can get regular DVD players that do this as well. They just connect to the Internet. You have your blue, uh, Netflix. Anything else you would want YouTube right off of here. You could also try something like a row coup or apple TV, You know, kind of whatever device you want. All those connect to the Internet and you don't have to pay for the Internet. So it's kind of one less thing you have to worry about when you get here. Other than that, I mean, definitely don't create the essential shower caddy, shower shoes. Uh, any type of extra storage. You would want extra long twin sheets and yeah, Let it training class rooms, uh, clinical health science. Any majors related to that? They keep changing the name, so it's hard to keep track. So conveniently You're actually down here across the hall from the gym, which I will show you in the later video. The gym thie. Um, wait, room. All that good stuff is done with Hall. Here. Um so this is one of the classrooms, actually, on the other side of that glass over there is their lab area where they can run like certain tests for different research that they're doing. Um, these Mets actually fold up onto the bench tops so that they can do whatever like demonstration they need to do. She'll like proper stretching, proper forms, work on tape, being any of that kind of stuff. So all these tables in this room are equipped for that? A zits. Only certain questions that need them is to leave this classroom in this hallway. Um, I know that this department is a super big heart for something, and they do a really good job of making sure that all of the kids who were in this athletic training environment get the kind of, like, pre work that they need. So each of them is required. Tio, uh, work with certain teams during their season. A lot of the times that includes football. Uh, football usually needs more athletic trainers and the rest of the team's just because they are larger team and they see a larger amount of injuries. I'm so down the hall is actually more classrooms, and I'm trying to help the people in them. Thanks. So there's two out there and you're coming back towards coaches offices and you have two more classrooms here. It's kind of a general classroom set up. There was someone in the back of that one, and you also saw him back this way and then, like right down here. That's where you finally coach offices. Avery nicely made by some old guy. Hey, guys, we're back. This is Logan, and she's going to give us a tour of the library, so we're gonna head on in. All right, we're heading on in to done library. So on the first floor, we have a larger printer right next to the computer room with Max and other computers. Um, certain software's on these computers just so students can do work and not have to pay for this offer themselves to put it on their own computers. What we have over here, Logan well, over here is just study spaces. So we've got couches and table. We have a whole room that is used for some classes, and we have rooms on the side that are used for studying. And this is where freshmen will come and do there studies able hours. If they're an athlete, we have my favorite part, so their academic coaching inns and this is awesome. Tutoring. And we have two years for all different subjects and all their hours are posted over there. And tutoring that can happen anywhere in the library. Just have to come and make an appointment with the tutor. So up here we have a whole bunch of study. Um, classrooms, study areas we have Oh, along this wall. What are any student? Consider any time. And this is where you'LL find all of you. General books about all kinds of academic subject. You'LL also find children's books in the corner and they're all arranged by the dew dust. No system and fun fact. We're cleaning all of them, so they're super clean. I'm ready to be read. So then, if we can find an open study, you recall. So each one has a really nice large for us alight. On a nice view of the kids, I see the campus cultural. We also have, uh, al. It's in every single one of your computers, phones, whatever else you might be in charge while you're here study. For library. Also crossers where some costs and they can also be used as a group like that night O. R one. Crossings you used for educational purposes like Teo Train Education majors in teaching. There's a third floor for what? I'm just a secluded area of dozens of study rooms for study in this quiet little lounge news. Accurate. Have, um, students support services offices for students who are part of the program. Yeah, it's just really quiet. Wait. I wasn't expecting you. Don't be a sore loser. I wait like Tio Oh, sixty two. Okay, guys. So this is the apartment tour. Over here. We have a dining table and chairs. This's all supplied by the college, so there's a dining room. There's a mere here that we covered up with tapestry because we don't like looking at ourselves in the morning and we have a kitchen in here. The departments we live in, the microwaves are supplied for you as well as, of course, the full size fridge and the oven stove. Um our permits also have a dishwasher. There's two buildings that have dishwashers in all of the rooms. I believe in the rest of them. Don't. Over here. We have the living room. You get one chair, one couch and a table as well as a bookshelf in all of the rooms. The black church over there in the corner we actually brought with us. Um, it is night time, but there is a balcony out here. Um, we have some chairs out there and then in this bedroom, this one is mine. I don't currently have a roommate. She moved out semester, so we got two dressers. The one is under this bed here, and the other one is in a closet that I'll show you later. And then two desks with chairs. Um, underneath the bed on the left. There is, um, all the equipment to locks, the beds if you wanted to. And then we have one closet over here with a shelf on the top that we're using for extra storage. And then down this hallway, we have another closet with bi fold doors. The other dressers in here, most my clothes, some cabinets Because this usedto act actually be a nice little laundry area, and then you have the bathroom. Well, um, so my bathroom is actually a little smaller than my roommates, So I have a toilet, and then I had, like, a stall shower on, and they actually have a full shower with tub and their bathroom, but you can go to hell. So then, over here on the other side of the living room, um, have my roommates room. Uh, there is two of them who live in here right now. The ones just washing her sheets. So we have another desk chair dresser, second dresser, Um, the second two desk and chair for this bedroom behind their door. This actually is not a closet. It is all of the water heater furnace equipment. Oh, man. This is another by full door thie otherside the furnace equipment so that they can change the filter for it. We also have some of the equipment till off beds in here on the other side of this hallway. They have their slang door closet. This one's deeper than the one, and either in the closet in the other room. They also have this Bible closet here, some shelving right next to the bathroom. And then this is the bathroom Here. You walked straight here on this limb versus where you actually have to walk in and turn right seeing way. Have the shower here with these stores, and they want the actual tub with it. He and I think that completes the tour of the apartment. So you two shop, it's called Milly's. It's an extension of a Starbucks. So any of your regular start extremes to get inside. It's all the same. They also sell something like three package according to your bottle of everything there. Candy bars come over here threatening just closed frozen yogurt and a top star doing these evils. I heard. Those are so that's one mom supposed to get a smoothie before. After practice, baby. Here. All pain is also closed. Now they do sandwiches. The suit's there, actually. Here. Same thing and then last time to grill. So hammers cheeseburgers from prize cheese curds, mozzarella sticks, anything like that. You can get there and that's about it. So I showed you guys everything that was going on in Ken's and five for five very actually had to come on filming short because they were closing and the ladies were cleaning up and they were not exactly appreciative that I was taking videos. So when fiver, you have a lot of different options. The first section that you would see when you walk in is a Bart Iberia. It's changes on the daily. So in the breakfast pancakes, eggs, uh, sausage, bacon, some kind of meat like that, Um, dinner, lunch changes. We have chicken nuggets or some of the popular ones. Taco bar kind of deal, um, so kind of whatever they're feeling. And there is a schedule for that online. The next station is a pizza station, so there's always pizza there for lunch and dinner in the morning. That's usually open unless they're having some kind of special mom. The station is desert or in the morning. Symon rules. So is the kind of the station by the ice cream. They throw cookies. They're cakes Jell O's kind of whatever they made that day. Um, a lot of those were really good, and I would recommend Oh, right around the corner from the ice cream dessert section. There is a make your own sandwich, so it's kind of like subway. You walk through, you tell him what you want on the sandwich, and they were together for you in the right. Next thatyou have soups, and then we have the salad bar per usual and your drink station. Um, so a little bit of hardboard plan works is you get so many bored and so many flex, and the important part is you can use board and flex in Pfeiffer, or can't any of the places that you saw in the videos and aboard is equivalent to seven dollars. So five cost you one board, and it's all you can eat. So you just keep going back up, get a new play, get as much food as you want for your seven dollars. When you go into cans a little differently, they charge you for each individual. I don't must set amount, depending on what that item is, and if it adds up to seven dollars exactly or a little over or a little under, you can charge aboard for it. And then anything over you would say like Borden flecks. Or you can play Justin Flex so it's kind of up to you and how you want to spend that, Um, some people, once they get over five six dollars there like it's close enough to a board, just charge it that way. So it's kind of how you want to do it, and I would say, definitely kind of be aware of how much you have throughout the semester. A lot of people either end up running out in the middle of the semester or you end up with too much. There's usually hard to find a balance, but I think it's definitely manageable if you just keep track Strip along. And just every day I say kill me. Okay, so we're walking a new Carver Science. All right. Now, um, named after the famous George Washington Carver. Which we have a memorial for me there. If you don't know who he is, go look him up on the Internet. A lot of people like his claim to fame, which is, too. He created peanut butter. So love a good peep butter and jelly sandwich. Thank you. So this is the main lobby. Is a computer a lot over here? Welcome precedents to use cross unless the one that's in the library see if you can. I really hope this is open. Guys. Um, so this is one of the classrooms in Carver. This one is on the first floor. It's actually been recently redone. Um, so when I came in here my freshman year, all the deaths were in rows facing the front board over here, and we still have the side boards. They just weren't set up for usage. Really? So they swish all the tables. They replaced the carpet and did some painting. And then if you're standing from back here, there's actually not two projectors, one on each side of the room to kind of make it easier for students who are on either side to see. And the layout now of the room makes it easier for students to see the sideboards as well. So that's just a normal, like classroom Carver. We also have. Yeah, I got a double checking backs. Amanda Largest lecture hall in campus. Yes. So this is during lecture hall. I don't want it there. Okay. Who is this Jordan lecture hall? It is the largest lecture hall on campus. Um, I haven't actually had too many causes in here. I think I've had two of my three years here. Um, they do really try to reserve it for larger classes that I don't have two sections because the professor can't physically teach two sections of that class. Um, yeah, it's has a nice old pulled, this kind of set up auditorium style back here. The atrium. This is actually a popular spot for studying a lot of natural light. Do we want to see if we can go downstairs and find an open tap? Aren't you gonna open it? Hey. What? You have a question? Go? No. Yeah, e wait. Experience couple shares here, Simpson. But possibly to give students a chance to get onstage for trying for themselves. This is because students to experience presently never put themselves out there to raise part of that. I mean, for a special two politicians like system, maybe to to express themselves. So the purpose of tonight, President, wait. Sorry. Seriously. It's. What? Sure, A lot. Sure it wasn't just giving. Tonight we're going toe, which isn't working. You are rich four. So you're straight forward with one five. You have get what? Wait something, by the way. Wait. Tell me a little. Wait. All right, so we're outside of all this whole now. Um, this is where All of the offices for sociology. Criminology. There's an education history. What is across the hall from C. J. There's office is in there. There there's more than I'm naming. Um, priest. I have a lot of psychology classes in here as well, even though the office's air held in a different building. But that building doesn't have a ton of classrooms. So we're gonna walk in. And when you walk in on this one, actually, no. Main forward to it. You have to go up or down stairs either way. Yeah. This is a education classroom, typically. So I mean, pretty standard. All the blossoms in this building actually still have blackboards with chalk. Um, it's a nice touch. I don't think they've really does a lot to like that set up since this building has been here. Um, so this is a ground level. So you notice like you're obviously kind of like at the foot height of people who are walking in, We just kind of all. Stan, you have a different classroom leader because this is actually an education classroom. Um, so they kind of do a lot more group collaborative stuff. And so that's one of the classic first floor staying actually has four for us to it and all the classrooms are pretty much the same. It's kind of a little odds. Come back here. You have classrooms on either side. Upstairs. There's offices on either side. Could, depending on what floor you're on. And then there's a men's restroom here on this floor. There's a women's on the next floor, up in the same location, and then the elevator is back here with