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Thinking about Baker University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Baker University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Baker University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Baker University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Baker University experience. These Baker University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So I'm just going to be honest with you all. There was a giant class in maybe four hundred, the other larger lecture hall, and I could not get a good shot of all of them through the window. So I brought you into another typical classroom that's reminiscent of the one in my poli, um, hall video. But this building houses are psychology, business, exercise science department, which is, like pre Petey or pre exercise based medicine. Basically, um and then we also have our athletic department's office is in here and the gym and the cardio room in the weight room. So I'm going to show you the maybe Jim, which is cool. There's just fun stuff that goes on in there. So talk about that in a minute. But I want to bring you in here, get up to date on everything else that is in this building. Um, and, you know, maybe one hundred. We saw that we saw the gym we saw. We saw the weight room. We saw the cardio room. I'll show you the gym. And then here's just another looks yet kind of a typical size classroom. Normal desks. This classroom has white borns projector things that normal classrooms have. Also, these windows, they're just really pretty. And maybe, and that was the science Department is really cool and a lot of exercise science classes are in this room, so this is a full on Jim. It's not like a gym like Gold's Gym or the gym that were in part one of this video. This is a full on Jim. It's correct. We have wrestling and dance here, so they practice in here and you could see there's mirrors, so to do returns in here with the mirrors if mats in here for wrestlers. But something that's really fun about this part of campus is that their activities in here sometimes. So we have the single grocery bingo. We play bingo for a bag of groceries, which is super great when you don't have a lot of money and you don't have a lot of food. So hey, fun activity. And then another thing that I've done here is a dodgeball mixer with another fraternity on campus, which was super duper super duper fun. Had a great time doing that, So I just want you to show this It's pretty wild But there's like, ah, whole gym in this building. Thank you for coming on my tour of Be home. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope you enjoy the tours of the other buildings. Jenna, What building is this? This is a mole. Vain. This is where you can learn all about science is we're gonna take you inside J k only I am where? No. So now I'm in mobile science, huh? Mole game is our science building. Duh. It's called Moving Science Hill, a k a. The Boyd Center. Everything at Baker's like, six names, but something that's cool in here for the tar, degrades and turn breeds are microscopic animals that live in like an in Moscow on trees and bigger does a lot of research with them. We actually have two students who were published in scientific journals while they were undergrads here. So something kind of unique and cool about going to a liberal arts college is that you get opportunities to do research and put your hands into your major. The second you step on campus and do those things and get published. All the cool things that really make. So this is a staircase in little vein. And as you can see, this is no, don't. But it's actually the old exterior of the building. So the building outside If you look back in the beginning of this video, you can see that it's the same as this wall. So this whole thing is in addition, and they just had to leave the wall exposed so that it kept some historical integrity. It really makes for a cool staircase. That's weird to say your favorite staircase on campus, but if I had to pick one, this would definitely be Good afternoon. Just waking up from my afternoon nap and in my room. I'm going to give you a little tour of this. I live in a sorority. It's pretty common to be in Greek life at Baker. So I'm going to show you what it's like to be in here. Over here. We have my bed. We have my desk. So get ready. And then we have my lovely collage jewel and my dresser. And over here is my closet all my closer in here. It's my snowman onesie. A central where it daily? Um, but the freshmen dorms on campus, usually freshmen live in dorms. And then if you do decide to join a Greek house than you could move in on your sophomore status, Um, we have Irwin Hall and we have an l see, Andi, I lived in that Well, see, it was really fun. And it's I mean, it's kind of similar. You have your desk, you've your bed. And then you have your bathroom attached to it on DH. We have, like, a communal bathroom in the house. But you have your own bathroom in the dorm. A baker, Which is cool. Yeah, This is where I live right now. It's pretty fun. I have a roommate herself, so where they're her side is always a little bit cleaner than mine. But it's super fun to live with a bunch of women. I've learned a lot about myself, become super comfortable with myself. I feel like I could work with someone you different types of people now. So Baker Greek life is ranked like numbers here in the nation tonight, ten would recommend checking it out. FAA cues that we get is, uh, what is it like to go to school in a smaller town in a roll community? And I've really enjoyed it. It's what makes the Baker experience. Baker. Baldwin City is super charming. We have this thing called Maple Leaf Festival, which is every October. It's a big festival where the town Oh, my gosh, there's a hawk. Can you see it? Well, bigger is also an arboretum, so they're like birds everywhere. So that was a little tangent. But anyway, So So the kind of cool thing is that we're all always like doing things that the community super involved with, that which is really, really fun. For example, the Education Department. They go out to area schools to do their teacher practica mes and have great relationships with people in the community because they might already know that. Um So I love going to school in a small town. It's super Q and super fun being in a small town. That means this is a small university. Um, and it's under one thousand students. But that makes Baker Baker, and I was scared of that first. For sure. I was like Well, I like this. Why is it so small? Whatever above a lot. But it's it's so cool. Our student faculty ratio is thirteen to one, so you have a really close relationship with your professors and advisors. Um, and you also know pretty much everyone on campus or no of them. So you say hi to tons of people on your way to class. We have ten minutes in between each class, if you like, have a class back to back because it only takes like maybe five minutes to walk to your other class, which is really nice. Even I live off campus and it doesn't take me that long to walk to class. So that's a big plus. You constantly see people, you know. Another question we get is what is the weather like here? And well, as you can see right now, it's really funny. I should've worn my sunglasses, but we do get all four seasons and in Kansas, which is a really nice in Washington. I definitely didn't get that. So here it's cool to experience every season and see the leaves change. Since there are so many leaves on campus, fall is definitely my favorites have a beer. Way. Welcome to the very center of campus. Baker doesn't have a quad. So because we're such a small school, it's, like, literally located in a few blocks. There's not really space for a giant main quad, so we have this rotunda back here. I'm gonna use my banana's a pointer if you don't mind. We have, um, the great barber back there, and then we have another rotunda outside the union. But there's a lot of green grass, beautiful green grass over here, over here and over here on DSO, students really take advantage of that space to hammock. Um, Spike Ball is really popular here. It's like a little trampoline where you spike a ah, a yellow ball onto the net. And then it shoots back up at you and you play in a circle. It's really fun, super popular, and people just like studio here lay out their blankets. It's the evening right now is That's where there aren't a lot of people buzzing around me, but that's kind of you know how it is. There isn't really a main quad, so people spread out. There's ever little events sometimes will do tables over here in the grass that rotunda over there that I mentioned earlier through the grape arbor. They have lots of different table ing type things over. Their student life will do different tables. S a C Student activities council's something super fun to get involved in. They bring comedians to campus all kinds of stuff. There's always something to do, like every single night, and they're in charge of that. They will have little booths over there. Sometimes we'll have snow cones, all kinds of fun stuff. So that's a little bit about our student life. And even though we don't have a quad, campus is Welcome back to another, you know. Home. My gosh, it's Annie Schmucker Smuggle. What's up? We're doing an interview. And really, as you can see, Baker is friends. So the second time we've been in Europe, this is We tried to make this video once before and, oh, a little gentle nostril touch is going to be on the Internet forever. Okay, bye. Well, who? We've been interrupted. But who was? Who are you? I'm Jenna Black. I am a senior here. Baker. I'm public relations major. Uh, yeah, I do a lot of stuff here. I'm staying really busy. Very cool. So describe the student body. Big urgent work. The student body at Baker is, like, very inclusive, really tight knit. Everybody knows everybody. If you see somebody you don't know, there's a good chance that you'll get to know them soon. If you've already don't know them. Um, yeah, it's just you walk down the sidewalks and you'll see somebody and they're always talking to you, asking you they probably know what class you're just in like, it's a landing adjusted. Yeah. It's a good feeling to know that you're known here and you're not just the number And you said your public relations manager, I am. If you could describe the academic climate a baker just in your major and then in general, how would you describe in my major? I really enjoy it because we are able to form like such tight knit relationships with our professors, which has been a really good a tribute to coming to Baker because I'm used to it cause I went to a very small school. And so I'm used to interacting with the professors and teachers back in high school as well. But it's been a great experience to be a public relations major in our department. This's probably distracted Teo and a baker in general. It's it's pretty rigorous, so I'm not going to lie to you. But that's why I like. That's why Baker is the way that it is. Really see this. They like to call us. The Harvard of the Midwest is what I've been told. I don't know if that's accurate, but yeah, really. Baker gives you a great education that's really well rounded, and it gives you the opportunity to focus on all the different things rather than just a major. Hey, so Jenna, come back again. What was your favorite part of school? And what is your least favorite part of school? My It's OK. My favorite part of school is talking to all my friends are very popular. My favorite part of school is the community aspect of it. And I love being busy. So the community is not only like a part of campus fall, so the campus is a part of the community like as involved in city. So behind us, there's like an elderly couple was going to go in the cafeteria, so that's pretty cute. Um, my favorite part of school is honestly seeing all my friends and like I'm, I'm like, involved in a lot of different things. And so you get to know a lot of different groups of people On my least favorite part of school, it is. I don't know. I don't want to graduate. I never want to graduate. I don't want to believe you want to leave. Don't make me leave. Well, Jenna, thanks for talking to me and being in my campus. Riel Interview video catch you on the flip Come outside, maybe hall, but to take you in. But this is a fun fact about Baker. That's a squirrel. And they're squirrels like everywhere all the time. Schools have their own Twitter account called Baker's Growth. Sushi followed. They make like jokes and post squirrel gifts. Kind of weird, cool thing. But this is also the cool thing. Not weird, but this is maybe Hall historic building. Well, come on. President Taft came to get speech in here. Another core presidential connection here, a baker. Oh, over here is our biggest lecture hall. It's maybe one hundred. It seats one hundred twenty students, but it's never, ever full. The biggest class size of Baker is about seventy students, and that's for like, our human development class, because there's so many different majors. I have to take that. Yeah, but our facts. Sinister ratios. Thirteen toe one. And if you watch my pole Liam Hall video, you'll see a more typical size classroom. That's the biggest one that we have next. I'm going to take you into our gym, which is also located in Maybe All this is our weight room, part of our gym facilities here. A baker. It's open toe athletes and non student athletes. I am not a student athlete, but I work out here. You can see these orange racks back here. They were donated by bigger alum Mike McCarthy, coach of the Packers. This is a really nice facility. We're really excited to have this. Especially as an enemy. I Well, that's really nice. All hands of equipment we have over flags show all of our accomplishments back there. The cool thing about Baker is when you go to sports games, if you like a non student athlete, you're watching your friends play like you're supporting your friends. When you go to a bigger school, you might not know people who are competing personally, like you're like, Oh, that guy's in my account of glass. But like if you go to K you, there's a good chance you don't know Frank Mason. But there is a chance that you do know Dan Young on the basketball team here. He's my friend and he plays basketball. So that's one of the reasons I got into basketball games. It's because one, it's fun to watch basketball, but to my friends on the team. But this is our cardio facility. This is an area that's constant, getting updates, which is really cool. It was like, establishes an area of most need two students in the past couple years. So we got these mirrors of my freshman year on DH. Then all these treadmills back here, we got Oh last summer, so that's kind of fun on this is an elliptical machine, So I kind of just talk more about athletics here, a bigger lime on Philip School. So if you are in a sport in high school and you're like pretty good and you liked doing it, there's a good chance that you could play in the N. A n A. Is not like a D one or due to school where you have to be like d one bound like super Amazing. And it's really fun to be involved on athletics. And if you're not mathlete, you get this cool Jim for like, no membership fee, which is really nice and stay fit in college. Yeah, so I hope you know what this tour of our little gym, Andi, I'm going to take you to a term part of, maybe to show you another example of a larger lecture hall. I'm in the cafeteria. This is my friend Morgan. Say hi, Morgan. Nowhere to go. Oh, she left. She's over here. Uh, we're in the caf. She flex me and she's super nice. And here's my friend Grant. He's waving at music. What's up, Grant? What's up, guys? Uh, I'm just going to teach you how to eat cat food. It's really good food. I got some arrows right here. You got some green beans right here. Very healthy meal across country shout out. Thank you, Grant. Fine. But we have the classic. That's great is eating. We have the chef's table, which is like they fire it up for you. This is Isabel is Well, Ashley. Hey, what do you get it eating turkey on wheat? Delicious. Sammy Sammis. Freshly made. It's basically like a subway in here. There's also a grill. There's all kinds of stuff. See you later. So it's pretty neat. I'm gonna go eat my lunch and then I'm going to get ice cream.