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So right now i'm going to the chocolate bar, which is in the first floor of stoke south, which is a coffee bar, a place where you can get lost days and stuff like that. And i already explained it kind of in my meal plan video. But it's in the one hundred seventy five dollars that you have to spend at the chocolate bar and hillside, and they also have, like pastries and other foods that you can get if you're hungry. So right now i'm in the chocolate bar and i already kind of described it, but there's a bunch of seating available if you want to do your homework here or you want to grab some coffee. So the lines there do get pretty long in between classes. Usually if you're, um towards the front of the line, when it starts to get long, you'll make it to your class. But i would definitely be aware that it might take you a moment to actually get your coffee. If you're trying to just grab it in between two back to back losses. So the use of the stairs in between stokes north and south and it's usually really quiet and a great place to go in between classes to just do your homework if you want a place to relax and also down serious is the chocolate bar so you can get coffee and then you can So could you describe the food options on campus? Right? Yeah. So there's some really great places to go, especially for lunch at B. C. The Eagle's Nest is my favorite place, and they have some really good salads and harvest bulls. You know, like make it your own. So they're really good. And there's also the rat that every Thursday has amazing Mac and cheese, So there's only good options that you can pick what you like. All right. Could you please describe the food options for me on campus? My favorite food options. How to be this bacon cheese that's one hundred seven Hands down. Go to others that you have to wait. Night got pretty healthy food options at the Senate Barbecue salad bar. I really go there, but you know people All right. So Hey, guys, Um, I'm in Eagle's right now, getting lunch. And this is probably my favorite place to get launch on campus. You can make your own salads. You can get sandwiches, You can get kind of paninis. And you could make these bowls that have either like e ma r Rice and like a bunch of vegetables and other things in them. And the lines are always really long. So if you're going to come here, definitely be prepared or go like in the middle of class times would not that many people will be here. This is a salad bar. Whatever. Let's go that they still have sandwiches over here and Okay, so right now I'm outside the lower dining hall, which is on lower campus, and a lot of people say that it's one of the better dining halls on campus. Arguably, it's just the same as the other ones. But it does have an upstairs, which is entirely student run like section of the dining hall, and they have a lot better food than what's normally available, and they have, like, meatballs and flatbreads and salads and all stuff like that, so yeah, sure, you guys around? Beautiful Katie. No, this is held in theirs.