So there are three different dining halls on campus. There's Parkside Hillside and Beachside Side dining Monday through Friday. You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then brunch and dinner are hosted on Saturdays at Hillside Dining. So no matter where you live on campus, you can go to any of these dining halls. I always have to have your idea when you go to the dining hall. That way, they could monitor, like if one meal plan is your plan working now? Like how mills can you get? All plans are non transferrable. You couldn't bring guests into the residential dining halls, but they have to pay the rates. So for breakfast, it's eight forty two and then for brunch, it's ten twenty four and then lunch. It's ten twenty four and dinner is eleven seventy three, and then they also have vegetarian or vegan on trays every day. So some of the stuff that they have is like a cereal bar with, like cereal, milk and milk alternatives. They have a deli bar where you can make your own sandwich wraps of a salad bar, which has like a very like large selection of vegetables. The beverage station where you could get tea, coffee and found drinks and juices. And they have ice cream novelties and frozen yogurt that is available after eleven a. M. The difference. I need plans ten Meal plan, which is ten mils per week at any residential dining facility. And students may enter any dining facility once per meal period at you as much as they want up to ten meals. Used meals are not refundable of a nineteen meal plan. You get ninety mills at any residential, Danny location. Gin, I think when they mean once per meal period. That means breakfast legend dinner so you can come in at breakfast time and get one meal. But you can't come in again until lunch, and then then you can't come again until dinner. And you could do that up until we hit the nineteen meal plan limits. They also have a two hundred ten block plan, and this allows for two hundred ten meals. Person Master. They have the seventy all access, which allows unlimited meals at any residential location and then some meal plans. If you look on the counseling, which website? They have the same cough flex dollars so basically that allow students to purchase food, any forty niner location on campus and convenience store locations. And those are also non refundable, so flex dollars would work at someplace like Panda Express or the Beach Hut convenience and or someplace like that. But it is more expensive to have a dining plan that gets you into the dining hall for the residents, but also at the fourteen year your shops.