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Thinking about CUNY Brooklyn College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting CUNY Brooklyn College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet CUNY Brooklyn College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to CUNY Brooklyn College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the CUNY Brooklyn College experience. These CUNY Brooklyn College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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What's quiet building? Well, this reflection of campus is beautiful way. Love that. No. So this way have issues or finding a way to get your idea to get your idea. This is where you saw upstairs. There's also advisors. Only stuff is all in here. So right now this is the basketball court way. Actually, have a basketball team, you know, we're not a big sports school. Yes, but we were CUNY champions two years ago. You beat all the other kids way made the tournament in women's basketball. Yeah, very impressive way also have slimming out before. So we actually can't film in the pool because people are using it. But this is the pool. Here is your vice offices. And financially, downstairs is just like a quick self service, but appears when you can sit down and really talk. We have amazing view for these. Uh, we have two of these amazing, beautiful studios that have this awesome view of campus. I love these windows. I actually think a dance course. It's really fun. I take it doesn't elective. I take it in the other dance classroom. But there is a class and they're so I'm filming in here. So for the CUNY tennis champion, see? So I mean, if you want to play tennis and you're taking with you, this's the one. So this is the gym, and it's the fitness center. Jim, it's you everything that you would find at a gym you would pay for. So, like weights, ellipticals, all that equipment is in here. I'm not going to film in here the fitness centre just because there's always people working out in here. But you get the gist. And this is the recreational basketball, where they also will practice, and you can use it for recreation, just for fun. This is our little sports field. I can't go on right now because things happening. But we have tons of different sports all on this one field. Sorry. Now it's softball season, so your soccer season's coming up. Uh, track track is actually during certain hours of the day. Now, it is, uh, open for recreational use as well as you know, that fitness room so which is which is a morbid bird. So I'm gonna just a quick tour as quick as I can of this enormous building. So right now we're going to go into the anger. Saul, the new extension. I'm here with Nick. Well, and he's gonna take us on a tour because he's in this building more than me. I am. So this most of the science and math building out through that door, you get short of the midway point between it and no anger. Solid. Is this? Yeah. There's always these weird hallways and between the old and new a lot more new nothing. You can see the catch Cool leaders one forty, which is brand new. Ensure that they just built Wait Nationals. The distance between Critical. So this is a traditional lecture hall. This is in this science building. Anger saw this One of our old fashioned ones we have You have newer ones just like the one that I just showed you previously. This is the same building Wild leaving finger song go over Lilly Pond, which is another hangout spot. Wei have so many outdoor seating areas from these little umbrella things like this and then toe How is it you guys? I'm going to talk to you about academics and your classes. Like a lot of schools, you have to take your general ads, which are classes like math and science. And you have to take history. It's basically like, you know what you took in high school and to take all those classes. Besides, you're major. So you know, there classic recon, meet friends, get to know people, um I would really recommend as a freshman. I wish someone told me this You should take. Also, I feel like all my friends, all my friends wish somebody told them this. But you should take all of your general adds your freshman year. Get them talking over with freshman sophomore year. You want to be done so that you could really focus on your major. But you should also take one major classes semester. So your first introduction class for your major you should try to take. Do not take electives until you're a senior. It's just gonna be a waste. And, you know, try not to take electives until your senior because you want your senior year to be easy and breezy because you're gonna have to work on your thesis If you know your major requires a thesis. Um, I know you'LL know what a thesis is probably right, but of the thesis, if not all majors require, but some do. And, um, it's basically you pick something and you focus on that for, you know, your senior year or a semester depending and you just, you know, connected to your major and that's your passion. And that's what you want to do, and it's just it's really fun. But it can be very hard your classes. So you should really take one of your major classes. You rush me because you want to know you like it. What if you get to your sophomore year and you're like, Wait, I don't like this And then you're a sophomore and you don't know what your major it That's a little difficult. You should know what your major is. Buy yourself more year. Freshman year. I think you should, you know, take your intro class decided That's what you wanted, Teo. Um, but don't just take all intro. Take your gen eds And then I would say one intro class and then your next semester Gen eds and one intro class for the same thing. If you decide you like it, or if you didn't decided, then you can try to take another one, then that intro class. If you decide that that's not your major you can use. Use that as an elective. That's what I want. I really recommend because if you're taking classes and you're not sure about it, those can end up being elective. So they count. Don't try to take electives that first get your general. That's out of the way and also freshman years for you to figure out what you want to dio figure out your major freshman year. That's what I would say I'm about to interview right now was stuck in a library. They stepped out for a minute. So that pan of their home some club room later It's so cute, stuck in the life of a literary magazine on campus. And it's a really cool way for students to get their way. Hey, my name is Mary. I'm part of a really amazing club here called Stuck in Library. We're a creative magazine here, a Brooklyn college, all cute students on. We publish poetry, literature, literature, our photography on. We're open to all creative students. We have likes and have huge publication events where we released our magazines. That's just, um, I'm Erin. Uh, I worked with her, and so we also were trying to Bridget out more of just a literature community, so that is sort of just a overall creative community. Way wrong, You mentioned we've run pay nights in the past. We've also got involved Phil department before we want to do that again. Way also hopes bi weekly writing workshops where people come together, they can range from small group Teo near twenty people where they're writing exercises problems. That way, people can exercise their skills and share it in an environment that's comfortable for them. Those lights and all Beyonce and candles and everything. That's good. Come check it out. Okay, easy there. Welcome to don't. It finishes off because those in the city streets for But anyway, most people live in an apartment. Your campus, Because let's be really nobody wants to live in the dorms the whole time. Even if people dahling in the norms that usually commute anyway. So I'm just going to show you what a typical New York apartment looks like. So, most years, weapons will have a living room and kitchen joined together. So this is ours. Hey, marvelous. This is fine. One of the perks about the apartment is that you can have one of these for babies. You cannot have that in the dorm. This isn't a bathroom, it's actually pretty good. And this is my bedroom. Also Greek. It's about not with Mr Is. You don't have to share a room with someone if you don't want Teo, which in turn you can well about herself. But it's gonna cost a lot for you, Hello. My name is Nick. I am a junior broken college of a political science major. And she was broken college, basically because I originally went to school and the tuition rates for incredibly close to thirty thousand in state students were getting without honesty was close to fifty thousand. Ridiculous. So I started researching different schools and I saw broken College. They provided no good financial aid assistance that their political science program was good. Handsome family, broken ice. I go from the move and come here study. I really enjoyed it. So So the student body is I think, the first thing he knows about student by its incredible type works. We have people from all walks of life, all different clans. Different communities are Brooklyn, awesome and queens. Another thing about sued by that sort of hard to connect to it sort of part of interactive at some point just due to the fact that it's community school. But, I mean, there's definitely been events on campus receivables to body. That's always nice to see. You can unite around something sometime, but somebody is passionate. I think that they care more about their education and sort of you know, different to your school tuition might be more prisoners involved that I think that people around here are very excited about school and excited about what they do here. The Book of Science forever. Just great. I think there's a couple reasons for that. I think the big thing that has made the political science program so great is the incredible diversity and one of the professors that we have in their academic back and to the variety of classes you could take. So basically, you know. So another great thing about college is the diversity in classes and visibly knowledge they were for you as a political science major. There's so many political science major respond to the diversity in classes mean another assignment alone completely. Thanks. You know, I focus on the international politics of developing countries while he may have focused on, you know, United States politics. So I think the science is great that way. I think we have some of the best faculty of any school in the United States. We have suits, you know, they say, You see, Burke, we have people have been on Fox News and PR in the Washington Post. We have incredible journalists, incredible teachers here. Andi. I think it's a really great program, and I'm really proud of you for Come get it, pop. I think my favorite part of college is our campus. Campus is beautiful. It's one of the only riel campuses in New York City with outdoor space with greenery. You're huge quads. You don't really have them when you were a cuties. I think it provides a nice place where people relax and she'll on campus and makes a little bit more social on your compared to someplace a counter where you know, it's just buildings right in the city. And so you have more disconnected. There are campus of villains are beautiful, very historic. Our libraries incredible is you .'LL see the tour. My least favorite part of group in college is honestly that sometimes it's a hard time connecting with people. Just do the nature of the commuting to school People might not spend our time on campus. Is that what it may be a state school? Or that you really have to make a lot of effort so I usually film most stuff on my camera, but right now I'm using my phone because I am going to the movies and I don't want them to be like you have a camera. Like, what do you two do film the movie? So, yeah, that's why I don't like so unlike other schools, I mean, Brooklyn College is obviously in New York City. So it sounds just like a campus or like, college town where you could, like, walk around like you've got to get on the train in the bus, you gotta go places. So I'm just going to show you a typical weekend in New York City. So right now I'm headed to the movies and I go to the movies Ally Way have so many theaters in New York like so many to choose from. So that's it, um, walking to the movies right now. And this is the theater that I go to in Herald Square. It's a few guys. I'm just chilling right now. I'm actually about to go to a concert with my friend, and I thought since I should use one activity, I do a lot, which is the movies. Um don't talk to you a little bit about other things that you could do for fun besides school, obviously. So we don't really have ah party culture, our sororities and fraternities to a lot of on campus stuff. They're not like the typical sororities and fraternities that live together. I mean, they can, but like they don't really have. And we don't really have, you know, like type of frat party five ever at her school. Sometimes, though, like rent out a bar and have little parties, innit? And you can go and it's like five bucks, and you just it's a place to hang out with other kids from her school, which is really cool. But, um, we don't really have this stereotypical mom, uh, frat parties and stuff like that. So if that's what you're looking for, you're not gonna find it here. But wait, you have concerts. And I really loved the music scene in New York City. You could go to shows in a local shows by tiny little bands for free or really cheap. Um, and also all of the big name artists always tour in New York City. So if the bands and music you like really, really famous or really, really nish and small. It's so easy toe be a part of just the music scene in general. There's always a concert going on, which is one of the things that I think a lot of people like to do is go to concerts and shows, and we're in New York City. There's so much to dio, Um, even around campus, we have, you know, restaurants and a lot of people will just when you're on campus hangout at, like the target that we have, Um, right across the street from our campus, we have a big target. Uh, we have a bunch of restaurants, have chains from like Applebee's to McDonald's. And then we have restaurants like little local businesses, that Q. We have just There's always something to Teo. Then we don't really have a community that's like you live near campus and you stay there and you never leave because we're New York City. Everyone's always traveling throughout the whole city, So if you from the city now you know the city is your campus literally like, I think that's probably that model of another New York City school. But it's true the city is your campus, like how big the city is because Hey, guys. Nick and I are here, and we're gonna show you the cafeteria. OK, so we do not have a dining plan of college because we have so many commuters and our dorms cortical our dorms. The residents all here has sweets, so there's a kitchen in them, so we just have a little cafeteria. And we have salad bar sandwiches, too. She, uh, lots of other stuff in here. I'LL show you, and we're gonna get in line for sandwiches right now. Wait. Yeah, we have these awesome, biodegradable trays that you don't have to just eat in the cafeteria. You can take your food outside. Um, we also have a job, a juice, and here way. Have pizza. We have, uh, yogurt and pre chopped fruit and stuff like that. We're going to go buy our sandwiches now. Ready to eat now to find a spot. Did you get what you get? What's in it? Six. Come on, Chip way. Have to soothe. It gets that smooth. Other sushi. So now I'm gonna talk to you about getting an apartment. So if you want to get an apartment your freshman year and obviously you don't know anyone yet, um or maybe you do Maybe a friends from high school with that, and you live in the city you want to get. But if you don't know anyone, then I would recommend going on Brooklyn College. Facebook Page. We have just like a Brooklyn college page. But Brooklyn College, in the know is what it's called. I'm gonna take you there and then there's Brooklyn College and then to which I think has more members in it. So there's two pages, but, you know, add both of them, I would say, because different people posting both and say that you know, you're looking for a roommate, African College and you know people will pry, and people will, you know, help you find an apartment. If you are coming from another state and you, you know you can't really find someone that has an apartment already. I would say that the door was a beer best option, because it's really hard to find an apartment being out of state. But if you're, you know, close enough that you can come look at apartments. Then I would do that, too, but, um, your best. But if you are trying to get an apartment freshman year is to find someone that is, I'm looking for a roommate or someone that already has an apartment that needs a room to be filled So you can go on those Facebook pages to meet people that go to the school that need roommates, you know, And you can add him on Facebook and you could talk to them. So it's not like a stranger. The dorms is a little weird because, you know, when you do get your assigned roommate, you only get to meet them like, two weeks before, At least I did. It might be changed, but I only got to meet my roommate two weeks before we moved in. So it was really weird because it was still kind of like a stranger, but yeah, so that's a really good option, Teo. I wish someone had told me that because I definitely would have gone on the book in college. Paige, I'm close enough that I could have come and look at apartments Teo on the train. Um, but yeah, definitely. I would say Consider that as