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Hey, guys, what's up? Its emergency And welcome back to my channel. This is my first time doing a video in my dorm this semester. Like sitting down. So, like, this is weird. I'm sorry if, like the focus is offer whatever, if it goes off or anything because I'm using my actual camera for this My using my phone. Can you guys hear that? I live with that. I guess today's video is going to sort of be like me spilling the tea, but not really spilling the tea. I'm just giving you my experience, my truth of the food system at G W. Without further ado, I'm gonna break this up in the three parts. The good, the bad and not the ugly because we're positive people around here Before I get in this video, I just want to say this is in no way bashing G W or their food system. These are just things that I personally believe that could be improved or things that I personally don't really like about the new system and that I like to see changed in the future, if possible. I'm very ill informed when it comes, like why things are the way they are. I'm just here letting you guys know what I feel. What is up. What's good. So you guys didn't sort of get an idea for what I've experienced with food and just like the dining plan after W. If you go here and you actually like, experienced this firsthand, let me know down the comments below what your experience is. Let me know if it's similar. Different if I'm crazy, if I'm actually making some sense, I just want to know. Sometimes it just be talking. I I really don't. I know where I'm going with this, but let's just get in the baby. So I feel like before I can actually get into, like the truth behind the dining plan at UW and need to give you a kind of like backstory of like what? That is, because our dining plan is pretty unique in that sense. Basically, G w. I know of explain. It's another videos, but G W does not have a central dining hall. We have, like one dining hall, and that's on the burn for burn kids. And, like for foggy kids soup, Auggie hits come go then what? But like that's like the main food source for people on the burn who lived anyways. Jamie doesn't have like a central dining hall, in the sense, like many other colleges do, like Iran goes to one dining angle and they eat. It's kind like cafeteria style, but no, that's not you. So instead of that, we have this dining plan called the World. Basically, our Jew world is like a little card. It's basically your student I D card, at least for freshmen. Every semester you get loaded $2300 per year for your meal plan. I want to say like it's kind of like a debit card in that sense, except you can only use your G world card at certain locations that are G W partners. The point of the system is like you're mostly using it for food and for like, school supplies. Sometimes, um, but you're not just using you like a difficult you're not going shopping with your aunt like that's the point. By that being said, we do have a lot of gov partners around D. C and around the area. I don't know the exact number behind how many partners are but I know they're definitely just know that there are a lot. Okay, So, basically, you can use your G world, swipe it at any of these places, and you're basically paying for your food That way, some of the restaurants we have here are like Panera, which is one of my favorites. We have this really good poke a place down in District Hall off. Oh, that's another thing we do have, like many hubs of like, food replaces in the basement of District House was like an unofficial dining hall because we have, like, Chick fil A, um, this place called Soul, this Greek restaurant, Um, let's poke a place and a pizza place. But all in that area that people generally buy from and that's like were people like study, eat, have, like, organ meetings all that. So there's that. That's like, I guess that's the closest thing you can kind of equate to like a Jew. You dining hall out by Explain that Well, if I didn't let me know, and I'll explain it further and like a description of the comments or something, So first I don't want to go into, like some of the good things about dying plants with good things about the world. And that is pretty much you can eat whenever are not wherever you like, whenever you want. And like within, like certain locations, because I feel like with an actual dining hall, they have certain hours. But with this dining plan, the only constrained hours you have, like the actual business hours of, like these restaurants and stuff, which can be a both the good and bad thing because some of the restaurants do close kind of early for being in a city like a lot of restaurants closed around like nine, which for if you're a student, is kind of early. Well, not for me, because, like, that's what time but for a lot of students at G w like they're still studying doing work. Then we'd like to get food or like a little snack in between their study sessions. So that is a little early, but we do also have a few places that have, like extended hours like I know the Starbucks underneath. Our library has extended hours, which is kind of different from like a regular Starbucks, like they close at midnight and they open up really early, like I think, 5 30 There also are some really good options on campus. Like the places I eat most often are probably Pinera. This new Japanese restaurant was not new, but like Japanese restaurant down the street from my whole thatjust like search accepting the world. So you get sushi on Jiro like real sushi, Not like the cheap sushi like really sushi underworld. And also this poke a place which is in district shut up to them if you're watching another, like I guess is sort of a good thing. But it kind of features you had a budget because you do have I don't want to say only, but I must say only because this is G W. We do only have $2300 a semester, which is about 14 weeks, and by the Matthew get about, like, $19 per day to spend on food, which does sound like a lot like it does sound like a lot, but I'll get into that later of why it's actually not that much money to be spending your budgeting. Yeah, teachers. You like some good budgeting strategies for, like, the real world or whatever. This also goes hand in hand because we do have a few grocery stores, you meaning like to grocery stores on the world. We have Whole Foods and Safeway even like paying attention to elect the options that we have here. You probably starting to realize what some of the main problems are with zero. And with that, I guess it was sort of like transition into the bad. And the first thing about that is that a lot of options here are very expensive. That's because one it's like D. C. And everything's really expensive here and to like a Jew road kind of like jacks up the prices a little bit. I know I mentioned earlier that you have about $19 per day, like when one of your meals, like, say, like your breakfast or lunch or something is around like $10 at least actually, at least around like $10 of They're kind of like, really struggling like stay on budget unless you go grocery shopping implant had playing your meals. I'll give you example. Let's say you go to Panera, right like say, you want like a sandwich a drink and I don't know you're feeling a little snack or she get like, a cookie or something to that's like 10 to $12 at least. So then you're stuck with, like, $7 like the rest of your day. But a lot of especially the healthier options on campus, are very, very expensive, like sweet greens this week. Our sweet green. Sorry, my old sweet green there sounds like 12 $13. I don't know how people do it. I don't know if, like the salad is all you're eating the day, but like another thing I'm not too happy about is, while we do have a lot of options of food, places Tiu, we don't have a lot of right. We have, like, maybe like four or five different, like half a style foods. We have two or three places that have pizza. We have quite a few options for seafood. They're all sort of like the same kinds of food, like we don't have any like full meals like you could get like a meal. A chick fil a bowl like That's not what I mean, like a full meal that you can eat and feel like satisfied for so you can kind of, like, justify paying the high price because you're gonna feel full and you're not gonna wanna eat for like, the rest of the day. Everything sort of like a sandwich or like a soup or something like that, Like breakfast Breakfast is really good example, because I'm really big breakfast person. There aren't that many breakfast options on campus like you're either getting a breakfast sandwich or you're getting a curse on you like a bagel or something that'll have me, like solid breakfast food to eat like day to day. So, like what I do is I basically kind of eat like Gov. Delhi every day and get those sandwiches in my alternate that like a parfait or something. Uh um, Panera GHB can have, like a diner and have that underworld not even like a sit down dinner like that would be nice, like diner ish type of food that you can get to go that could, like have, like reasonable prices can, like, have the same prices of look the rest of the food here. Maybe even like a little bit more, since it's like actual, like food that would sustain you but having that option would be nice. So yes, that is my piece. That is the bat. Now. I kind of want to give, like, some solutions or like some I don't know, I don't know, something like ad. So I'm not just complaining one thing that I could see as a kind of like I've said this before in the video. But one thing I kind of see sort of help. Some of these problems is cooking and grocery shopping. If your grocery shopping sort of like in bulk or not Sicilian buck like for like a week or two in advance and meal prepping. But it's a good way toe. Preserve your world in to make sure you're well fed, also, like I said, adding, like a diner like some more like filling options here. Like I said, in the beginning of you, we do have a ton and ton of great options, and we have a lot of good food here, just like the variety, and switching things up would be nice. Also, this one thing that I was thinking, I'm not really sure this would be possible or like a Bible. It all but like possibly switching up the restaurants and district like every couple of years. I'm honestly not sure I like the contracts or things like that really work either cycling the restaurants in district like every couple of years, or like having more pop ups because I know they did have a few public's last semester. We're like different restaurants around D. C would come in and accept the road for like that one day. Honestly, every time you go down the district, you see something and that's something that I like. And just seeing, like some new food options on there got me very excited, especially especially when they have, like, bubble tea down their bubble tea on Jiro. Good bubble tea on Jiro like I have come for tea come the district. Another thing I'm not really too sure about is making options little bit cheaper. Like I said, I'm not really sure how that would work or if that is possible. But like lowering the price is just even like a little bit would be great. Yeah, Before this video gets too long, I'm going to end it off right here. Guys, I hope you enjoyed help. No one got like offended, really, but hurt or anything? Like I said before, this is just like my opinion on Debbie dining. But it's something that I didn't say. It resonated with you or like you completely disagree with me. Let me know Donna Kamen's blow. Both opinions are completely fine if you're near the channel but definitely hit that subscribe button to become a roommate. There's always as you can see, there is always enough room for more roommates, because in that environment, they're mirror. Right now, you already know, like the video town post notifications and all that. But make sure if you haven't already toe follow me on Instagram and on Twitter Emergency and at our underscore r e w B r ob to keep up with me and to see some fire pictures on my instagram and some crazy thing Not crazy early, that interesting like some crazy things on Twitter that's gonna be it. Guys, Thank you so much for watching. I've been emergency and I'll see you guys next cycle it. I forgot to do this. Oh, yes, about about who you went, Where you got What grades? Oh, hey, guys, what's up? Emergency and welcome back to my channel. So school starts in about a month before I'm sort of the new year. I kind of just want to talk about or like, address some of the things from last year that kind of just didn't go well, So I figured that I would address said things and just get them off my plate in the form of video. So hopefully guys can learn from my pain and failures and just things like that, you know, just doing better than me. Basically, for this video, I'm going to be telling you guys about some of the biggest mistakes that I have made and my college life so far. So without further ado, let's get into this video on Let's get on to roasting made for being just stupid. So the first mistake I made in college was one that I think a lot will actually make. It's very common one. It's thinking that you can work in groups when you really can, and not just working groups, because good work is great. Group work is something that you need to take as a skill from like the real world. But having study groups just like it doesn't really work out, you know, it really depends on the people. You definitely. At least I'm the type of person. And I didn't find this out until, like my second semester at the end of my second semester, that I am not a person that can work in a study group with Britain's or like people that I even know where that I'm comfortable with because I can and will procrastinate and talk in, just goof around and end up wasting many hours of my time. But I could've spent just studying feeling for me. I'm going to work in a study group. I need to be working with people that I have no idea who they are, so I'm kind of like, Awkward as I am, I'm like an awkward person. If he did, enough me rooming awkward, Good. I guess if I don't know the people that I'm working with, that makes it so much easier to get work done because I don't really want to be in that situation to begin with. So if I could get the work done. I can leave and be done faster. So you see, you see, you see what I'm doing. But I'm not working alone. Always works. The second mistake that I made was not getting involved with words or just like any riel extracurriculars my first year for me. Oh, she's mostly school in YouTube, which I count is an extracurricular account. This is like an organ organ born. Yeah, I don't really join any words or was, like, really serious about being in any student organizations or clubs or like cultural clubs or dance clubs, like there's a ton of different organizations out there. I just I didn't do any of them. I feel like I really missed out on some really cool friends and experiences and raising a building. So if you're a freshman and you're looking to be involved on campus ordered, don't be like me and have, like, five friends by the end of the year, just just get out there, put yourself out there do better than me. You know, I remember you by. Their mistake was that I ended up pushing a lot of my assignments, not even just like my assignments. A lot of just things I had to do till the last minute. The night before the day before, a couple hours before you know it, just like whenever you can get it done. I remember from my UW class, which is basically the freshman college writing corpse, that we had to read a book that was like, 600 pages. It was like a tiki girl is like Like I don't you know, compared to it was just, like, big, like, big, like a brick, Honestly, Like maybe like two bricks. Actually, our professor gave us that look at the beginning of the semester and was like, You know, you cannot get in and this class, unless you finish in, annotate this book. I was like, no worries, Okay? I dunno. We brought the last minute. I'll read it throughout the semester. What I'm doing and debris, like, 50 pages, Max for most of the semester had to end up reading about 500 pages three days before the end of the semester, where we had to, like, annotate and read it. And like, a reading is fine. But like an anti like an irritating, because you gotta like, Open up. Look. Look, Paige, what about that? Oh, interesting. Wow. I can't believe you did that. Like annotations are super. Yeah, that was like crunch time. Like I was spending more time reading that book that I wasn't, like actual home working like setting for finals. Don't push things up to the last minute. That was my mistake. I got it done, though I did get it. I'm very proud of that. I got all that done in three days because I just non stop. Just read and read and write and read. Audible is not your friend. Also, I know I'm just like killing any chance for like, an audible sponsorship right now, but like Audible is not your friend for that because you do not have time in the day to capture all that information to do other things. Or maybe you do. I don't know I don't. But anyways, anyways, anyways, don't procrastinate. Don't push things off the last minute because you, with so many mental problems, because you end up with so many issues and end up losing so much sleep that it's just not worth it. So get your stuff done like make a schedule for yourself, What you're gonna do, It's like now I've been nice about what he's done left for myself. My fourth mistake that I made was that I ended up wasting tons and tons and tons of time just doing nothing, doing things that I wasn't really supposed to be doing at that time. So let's just say for this hypothetical day I have two classes when they're both in the morning. So I have the afternoon completely free. But I have a test next day that I'm supposed to be setting for but saying my calendar after those two classes, I'm going to study for, like, four hours to get that studying done, to really understand material to get just like some final things before the test, right? And then I also schedule in one hour lunch in between there. So I'm not just like, overwhelmed, you know, just like timeto really refresh My soup itself would decide to take that our lunch and turn into me like three hours. Let's not just eat out, eat that. I walk around and socialized gold my phone. Then I go to my dorm, take a nap because you know some care, and then I end up being hours later, and I have much less time, actually study. And then I end up just failing the test. I'm kidding, but I'm also not kidding. You know, that would just be a one time thing either. Like, I consistently just waste time doing nothing. Exactly. Freeze that. I'm being honest. I'm really disappointed myself. But you know what's going to explain? My mistake was probably the biggest mistake that I made my freshman year in. That was I put too much focus on other people, like all aspects of that phrase. And because I was comparing myself to other people that would cause me to, you know, just, like hop in on other people's business. Yes, I was nosey. I was I was out there trying to get a scoop on everybody, at least for like, my personal. Her semester was, like, really bad for me for that. Because, like I was all in other people's business, Close, Constant trying to go. What are you doing? Huh? What are you doing? 00 you said that about who you went where you got what grades. Oh, and that was a lot of my first semester, which was very toxic. Don't get me wrong. Do not do that. I would not recommend. I definitely should not have spend so much sign books and what other before doing, because I really, really need to focus on when I was doing so. That's something I learned. This one that took away from that mistake was just like stay in your own lane and just, like, focus on you because you come like try and affect you or like do whatever you like. You are in control of yourself, so just like keeping that in mind when you're moving forward is the way to go. You know, What I did was I tried to stop comparing myself to other people, would just focus on what I was doing and not worried about what you were doing or saying or thinking and just kind of like, paved the way for myself. I kind of lost count of how many mistakes I made because there are a lot. So my next in the bio mystic that I can remember making my first year was that I really pushed myself into doing something that I really, really did. not want to do If you guys have been following me for a while, you know that I initially started college as a bio major. Now I thought I always cools, but I'm fresh. I thought it was gonna be like the next thing. As a who? Genetics? Yes. Money. Yes, I could modify genes. Yes, I thought when I actually got there, I realized that bio wasn't really for me. And I actually realized pretty early on, but I didn't really do anything about it because I thought like I just pushed on and get better. Like it more as like, time went on as months went on, his classes progress, grades went, and it just didn't really get better. Like my grades are fine as far as that goes. I was doing okay, but my enjoyment for what I was doing just wasn't there like I wasn't feeling bio, so I decided to drop it. I didn't drop classes, but I decided to just, like leave bio behind after this year. And I would say that my biggest mistake was sort of putting myself through that even though I was, I knew I wasn't enjoying it. That's not to say that you shouldn't, like, push through things that are difficult. I'm just saying that if you are 100% not feeling it, you know your heart is not there. Then maybe you should consider other options because they probably could have pushed through and graduated with a bio degree. But I really wouldn't have been joined getting it. And I wouldn't feel like a wasted a ton of time getting something that I'm really not interested in. If you're not doing it, then did. That's that's just the T. That's that's when I got to say, exactly are all the mistakes I made this year. But I don't want this for you to get too long. So if you want to see a part too, don't let me enough down the comments below. But anyways, thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you learned something from this. You know the channel that is that's a scrap. But to become a roommate to know my post certification. So you never miss an upload bombing on all my socials on instagram Twitter, Tic tac, every. Make sure you show this to you with a friend, you feel like they need to know what not to do when going to college and be sure to leave, like on the video on your way out. But other than that, guys, thank you so much for watching. I've been a rickety and I'll see you guys girl's stories about creepy guys in college are true. And for guys don't be creeps. Well, hey, didn't see there. Oh, you're looking for a freshman advice video. Okay, that's coming up next. I just I'm just hear everything right now. Uh, I'm editing my friends Music Video. My friend Will Barnett. She hasn't a single creature comfort. And I think it's out now, actually, and you can find it in the link in the description below In comments that room he sent you, but, uh, yeah, sorry. Sorry. Let's get on with the video. My dad and you Take your time. Hey, guys, what's up? Its emergency. Welcome back to my channel. I hope you enjoy the little insurance thing. Yeah, you should actually check up on me to be as pretty. But today is a continuation off our little back to school, Siri's. And today I'm going to be talking you guys about home. You know what the first week of college is really like? Because you guys want to know. I mean, I think you guys want to know. I mean, I actually got an instagram would you like to see? And that's was most popular, but you should follow me on Instagram so you could participate. Except maybe yes. We're gonna be talking about the first week of college, the arguably most hitter mess period of time in college. This video is more geared towards incoming freshmen. But, I mean, if your transfer student or if you're an upperclassman and just up college amnesia and don't remember what the first week was like, stick around and let's go down memory lane. So as I said, the first week is a pretty hit or miss time. You can. You have a really great time where you can have, like, a a pretty bad time. But don't let that scare you, because the first week of something that most people never forget at least I haven't forgotten my pursuit. There are three to protect emotions you are guaranteed to feel in your first week, and that is a state of confusion, state of feeling lost and just being surprised. And that is for a variety of reasons, but most because you're going to be in a new environment. But you gladly never been in before, and you'll be meeting a ton of different people with a very small supports a SIM behind you. I know it's something serious, but don't be afraid, because that is very normal. That's a normal experience. A lot of people, almost everybody feels those emotions and everyone's going through it with you. So just know that you're not alone. Some people just hide it better than others, and that is like a life tip. So in order to talk about what the first week is really like, I need to break it down into four four sections. So let's get into the 1st 1 So the first thing you need know about first week is that you're going to be experiencing a lot of what I like to call first week bigness and again, not a bad thing. It's just what happens. What this means is that there is a lot of in genuineness going on, and what that means is everyone's in like a heightened version of themselves. So there's like, very extra. So instead of being like, Hey, what's up? I'm like, Hey, what's up? I'm really like that because the bull for a lot of people during the first week, it's make as many friends as possible and to not be on loan so everyone's gonna be super extras. Everyone's gonna be super friendly mask on different lunch dates. They're gonna ask you to go to different events. Worried things, First week, activities, classes, everything. Don't want to be alone during your first week. So you're gonna always be with someone for the most part, which causes, like, those freshmen packs. But there are a lot of things about, you know, like where there's, like a bunch of freshmen just all walking in one direction together that happened in high school. It's gonna happen again in college because, like in high school, no one wants to be alone. And you should definitely take up everyone on this offer because you need friends, too, and it's a nice way to get yourself out there. You could possibly find a good friend or you can find some decent first week, threatens to kick it with ditch eventually never talked to again because that happens to first week. Friends were re alive. Said this in multiple videos before, But first league friends are real. You will meet these people and think you're besties with them for a solid seven days, maybe even a month a month was like pushing it. But then after that, you're never gonna talk to them again. You'll see them and I go, Hey, what's up? What's up? There's gonna remind you of a time where you're weak and loss and confuse. And here's a black who Don't talk to me. Please don't wanna go back there. So all this fakeness generally slows down by at the latest the first month. Once the first month is over, people kind of find their people in our as outgoing as they once were, because they're not necessarily as outgoing in real life anyway, much of what it means. People stop keeping the doors open as long and just sort of go back to their home life and stop trying to feed him for other people's get. That's That's how it is you want. You want the truth. There it is. Moving on to the second thing is classes would be honest. The first week of classes should not be difficult. It should not be hard. It is just introductions because professors know that a lot of people added drop classes during this time, so we're not gonna get into super heavy material unless you're in like a super high level class going into your first year, which, if you do, could see you. But you kind of your urine for for the most part, it's just intro getting to know who you are or if you're in a lecture hall, not getting a noble you are and just going over the syllabus. And then it's just doing simple review to just buy time until they have an actual set classless after add drop is over, so you should not be stressing about this. But if you're anything like me and just like the stress for no reason you're going to stress about anyway, I think it's the end of the world and will spend all of your time just trying to study for the review stuff, thinking that there's gonna be a test or a quisling. It's really just like the easiest thing ever, and you're just wasting your first week. Yeah, stop through that, Okay, it's not worth it. First week is still of this weekend, so this week should be easy. So that being said, you're gonna see a lot of people pop in and pop out of your glasses because it is that drop time. So it's okay to, like, kind of conversation. Just kick it with some people. But don't get too attached to people until after I drop is over, because you could find your best friend the first day and then find out they're not in your class anymore. And then you have no way to contact them because he only got toe like Hi. Hello. How are you in your first class? So either full of seven, that friendship during your first class or just accept that you'll never see them again and just make some friends. One class actually starts, but know that really matters if you can't get the class, which is something that a lot struggle with, and that is something that I struggled during the first week is getting the class and finding out where my classes actually are, because whether you have a small campus or a big campus, be destruction, funny little schedule or never helpful enough because they say, like the 1st 3 letters of your building and then like the room number, like how? How is that helpful to me? I don't know what monitor 1 16 is okay. So in times like this, the best thing to do is actually to reach out to an upperclassman or someone who looks like they know what they're doing. I know, I know. I know this may be intimidating. You may be like, Oh, why would I talk to number glasses? But like, it's fine. It's not like high school. When you're in college, everyone is practically an adult, unless you make it obvious. Lecture every class. Men are generally really helpful towards first years because everyone's been through the same experience and everyone wants to help out. For the most part, of course, that's not like a law sentenced anything you will still come across in the brig. Classman That hurt especially stink. But that will be a very rare case if that happened to you. First time I am sorry. That thing on the third thing is parties, and you know, that's the fun part. That's what everyone wants to know. I have never actually talked about partying on one channel forces. First time I'm actually doing this, so let's get into it. You guys want the truth. I'll give you the truth parties. So the first week of first couple of weeks of school is a prime time party season. That's when all the back to school functions happen. You have your little door parties, especially if you're a freshman. Go crazy your first week, but always end up getting shut down. For whatever reason you have your frat party is all the crap brochure to get a piece of the fresh meat. Sorry, that was and then you have your school organized parties, which are more like, for the most part because they're kind of not to anyone. Swap with. They're not as entertaining. You want more of a PG setting, then you're in the right place. But if you want some more entertainment, then you wanna go to dormant properties not saying that you shouldn't go toe like the school or gonna ask things because those were good for pre merchant, just free food. Yeah, preferred that to I'd say that regardless of your party first or not, you're going to end up in a party for some kind of function during your first week. And if you say like, no, I'm not gonna do that. I am a child of God, but just relax. Even if you're not a party person, I recommend that you go to at least one your first week or not your first year because you never known to you try and it's a good way to make friends like you make a lot of friends and parties, and you don't always need to be doing the unwholesome stuff either. You could just be there, a chilling for the most part because you're the only of all someone there. No one's gonna really remember you did anything or not. So that's just the tea. You are one of those parties chorizo. You're a guarantee. During your first week to see that freshman, you'll either know that freshman or you'll deed that freshman. And that freshman is the person who goes a little bit too hard there. First week. There isn't just one that freshman there are multiple that freshman, because colleges big. A lot of people make mistakes, but just don't be that freshman. Just don't do it. Another word of advice. This is more like a warning, but if you guys to go to parties, girls go with friends. Be careful. Be alert because there are creeps up there. This story's about creepy. Guys in college are true. I always go with multiple friends. Don't be alone. Stay alert enough so you can have good judgment of where you are and what you're doing. And if not, have someone around you that is alert enough to make sure you're safe and for guys don't be creeps. Respect a woman's boundaries. If she's not into you, she's not into you, period. Parent with that TSA over. Let's not catch a case our first week, huh? Moving hard is your room. So for a lot of people, your first week of college is gonna be your first week actually living with other people. But aren't your family, that's all. It's gonna be an experience. For one. You're going to have roommates boom and not be online ones either. The real life flesh and blood, tons of emotions, tons of problems. Roommates for me, I was in a quiet and it felt weird my first night sleeping with three other people in the room. Just because I've never done that before. Generally overall, the first week is pretty good because, like I said in the beginning of the video, a lot before. So on their heightened sense himself, they're not going to really show all their ugly side yet because everyone is an ugly side. Let's just be honest. Everyone has an ugly side. It's just whether you wanna show it or not is the thing. And during the first week now people want to show their ugly X. I have really found their friends to deal with the ugly it so first week should be fine. You're just going to learn people sleeping and living patterns. Just gonna be interesting to find out your roommate snores. You're gonna find out, Houston, Or because your roommates will tell you you're also gonna really feel that sense of independence because no one's gonna be telling you to come home every night so you could be out literally 5 a.m. every night and come back, get two hours sleep and get up to your A M. If you want to, like you could do that. But the responsibility really kicks in the first week, and you're gonna feel that responsibility almost immediately. Well, maybe not immediately, but after the first a couple of days you'll start feeling it. The next thing you're definitely gonna see during your first week is a ton of student organizations stuff. There's probably likely going to be like a workfare something along those lines where you could get a whole bunch of free stuff for emerge from different organizations. And I say Go to those So you can one figure out what works there on campus and to get free gym in study merch because you never really know how fast you go through clothes. And just having a random shirt from like, the kind of club toe wear out is a lifesaver. So just climb all the free market you can as almost there just like shirts and stuff you can get like one bottle, one pop socket from like one place you don't need, like 50 of those in the file component to what the first week of college is really like is the food. So I got a D. W. If you didn't know that before and we have a kind of different form of meal plan, we don't have like a general cafeteria. We have basically the equivalent to a debit card, like a campus debit card that we use a different restaurants around campus and that first week the food is hidden so hard. Can we just take a moment of silence for how many taste buds are going to be rocked the first week? Thank you. Food will be delicious that first week, and I'm not so sure about how it is for a like general Cafeteria. But I'm pretty sure the food is pretty good the first week because the cafeteria people wanna impress because parents are still around and want to make sure that what they're paying for is being used effectively. So, yeah, that first big it's gonna be. But after that again, speaking for what you have used student perspective, you're gonna get tired of that food so quickly so quickly I'm gonna be a sophomore. I don't understand. People who are seniors deal with that because I'm already like, not looking forward to it because I am tired of the food complete First world problem. I know you did. With that, you should be prepared to take on your first week of college. At least. I hope so. Thank you guys. So much for watching. You can do this. You know that. Subscribe button down below to become a roommate. He enjoyed the video. Let me know by leaving alike and calming down below anything that I've missed or anything that she would like to add to. This conversation makes sure to turn on post notifications. Never miss an upload or community tab. Post. Share this video of the friend your loved one that will be going to college soon, bombing my soldiers floating around here to keep up with my life and participate in future videos and watch will of Arnett's music video in the description below, because I directed and produced an extreme hurry people too much everywhere because it's a bomb. But other than that, guys, thank you so much for watching I've been emergency and I'll catch you guys You definitely shouldn't go into college singing that you remains gonna like, Do you dirty like that's gonna, like take for me when you're not there, Blake. Sometimes it happens. Hey, guys, it's emergency. Welcome back to my channel. So today we're talking about college as per usual, but it's a little different, you see. So today we're gonna be talking about rooming in college and not just ruining my the whole sort of housing experience, Sort of. I'm trying to be, like, super elusive and mysterious, but it's not really working, and you could probably just like Real Title is anyway and just figure out what's going on video. But anyway, let's let's just ignore that. I'm sorry, but in particular I'm going to be talking about how to survive in basically any college dorm. And I know it's a really big test because college dorms were like, really different and like there's a lot of different opponents that goes in like the culture and environment, for each dormitory is up with doormen. Short board. This is why I don't have a degree yet. I also feel like I'm like, super qualified to be talking about this because I'm going to be in a hurry next year, right? I crazy, but I actually haven't been trained yet and I don't know how to do it. Let's just forget about that. I've lived in a dorm for years. Let's just assume that I know what I'm talking about. Let's get another video. So I feel like in order to survive in like your residents all you just need the abide by a couple of things to make sure your time there is a seamless and as comfortable as it can be because, as I said before, I know that door most can range from a variety of different levels quality and just cleanliness. And just I'm just gonna say it. Some of them could be really freaking growth. That's like no shade toe like, actually, is it like specifically what I'm talking about? Like different dorms like especially like big universities, if you like, we have the money to really make up like a good dorm, all like they just don't because of just like different time restraints. I feel like there's a valuable character developing moment by living and like a shoddy dorm hall for a year, because you learn how to just really live on the edge. You know, when there's mold all over the bathroom. There's really thin walls here. Everything there may or may not be rodents in the building. There's just something you get from that that you don't get anywhere else. And of course I'm speaking from experience, So if I could do it, you can definitely do it. And I know just saying that if you've never been to college before that, maybe some little scary little daunting like why would I want to do that? I'm paying all that money, but you need to understand, like that's just part of the character. The first thing I'd say that is really essential to helping you survive in a dorm hall is getting to know the back of the work. There means arias are basically resin advisors. I know a lot of these positions have different name is spinning on the university campus. It's on. But like arias, which are basically the student advisers, like they watch over other students on the floor of the generally upperclassmen, the R D's who are the step above that which generally grad students already is short for like resident director by the way, and then a sees, which is like area coordinator, which are like the super fancy, amazing people that oversee all of that. So get to know them because they probably know more about the building. Then you can take a little bit about the history, like the culture of the building, what works, what doesn't work. So they're all great resource is to use just to help you be more informed. And they're also the people that you can go to whenever things go wrong. Would that be about the building itself, where the people in it So getting to know that only makes you experience a little bit easier because you know that you have someone to count on or someone to help you out. If things go very, very self, additionally, want to get to know the different facilities workers so that people that are actually coming in like fixing different things that you w where I go, our people are called fix it and like they come in the fix stuff, as the name implies, just knowing what they dio and knowing how to contact them in case like your refrigerator breaks or like your ceiling falls down like that doesn't happen. Almost ever help. But like, if it does, you know who to go. So, yeah, just knowing people who can help you out isn't never a bad thing and conduct one of your bitch. The second tip that can help you like your residential adventures, our master in the art of money. You're in business now. I say this in the most serious way possible, but a lot of the time, if you're living in a residential space for a lot of different people are going to see a lot of different things. Those things may be positive. Negative, weird, creepy. But for the most part, you need to realize that you're only in control of yourself. So you're distracting away staying in your own lane, minding your own business, then a lot of that weird, crazy, creepy stuff may not happen to you, or it may just, like be in the background. You want to keep it in back because you don't want it to come back to you, especially when it comes to drama. Because if you look for dummy will find drama in college trusting that So how does one master the art of minding your own business? I'll give you some examples. You're walking around your dorm, hauling. You see people arguing in the hallway, your own business. You see a couple looking up in the lunch room. Find into the laundry room. Just mind your own business. You see someone narrow time running around the whole way that when you could take out your phone record it. But afterwards, your own business. You see the theme here. Whatever's coming at, you just gotta turn your head. Mind your own business, and that's something you should be a good Samaritan and not like reports of the things you see if they're like, dangerous or like, I'm weird to like our A or something. But I'm just saying you don't need to involve yourself in that because that's a lot of energy in April. We have a lot of other things going on in your life that taught involved all of whatever that was, so he's gotta keep it moving. Next thing that you should know is that you should figure out what our peak times for different utilities in your building, like the laundry or like you have communal bathrooms, showers or the toilet because they're definitely are certain times where everyone is doing laundry. Everyone showering. So if you want to avoid the huge line of people just waiting to do the same thing, try and find times when people aren't necessarily in their door. I thought last year at the best time to do laundry are directly in the middle of the day, so you have, like a break in between classes in the middle of the deck. Do under them because people are in class is just like hanging out and then also late at night on the weekends. So if you're not going out partying her sleeping, do your laundry because everyone else's doing those things. So the laundry room and shower will be very, very empty, although I'd say for showers. Be careful. Big people have little accident moments in the showers over weekends, so just watch your next thing sort of transitions into the sort of roommate section of things because unless you're in a single, you can't really talk about housing talking about remains. So I definitely said that you wanna have a good time in a decent relationship with your roommate that you make a roommate agreement. Really? I know a lot of schools require you to make a roommate agreement with your roommates, but if they don't, I'd say that you should definitely make one because they are life savers. And I don't. That may sound like roommate agreement. That sounds I don't know if I need that. He might remain a romance are pretty close. That group that way never betray each other. We're down for each other. That's my ride or die. But they're gonna fix you up at one time or another. They're going to do something that really irks you, or they're gonna like pushup battery that there really shouldn't have pushed at some point. So setting up a roommate agreement in the beginning sort of alleviates some of that pressure and anger and frustration and ever made agreement doesn't need to be something that, like to perhaps you're you're into anything. It's just like guidelines. This stuff, what is like acceptable and what is not sort of like saying those batteries. So if you don't like guests in your room after a certain time because you like to study or sleep then say that it's something like that does happen. You have, like, physical evidence and, like physical, something visible. The show, like we have agreed that that's not okay, So what are you doing? And also make sure that everything that you're putting in agreement is very clear. So there isn't, like much discrepancy. 11 We way that we could go on, Mike. I know everyone should find a loophole was convenient to them like I did that I'm not gonna lie. Making the agreements clear, but also not super demanding were like limiting. Because you're going to change is a person of your college career in some things that you thought that you wouldn't do or be interested in. You may change your mind and actually end up wanting to do some of those things which may or may not be in conflict of your roommate agreement because you thought you'd be a different person when you went to college. But then college up in here like whoa, Yeah. Being clear, concise, but also like, realistic and reasonable. That makes sense. Last thing under mitts that's gonna make your life so much easier. It's like a little shady, but like whatever. Make yourself a little stash of things that are essentially you. That means, like toilet paper's snacks, different facial products, basically anything that could be shareable that you don't necessarily want to share. But people will take advantage of it. I want you to share anyway. You definitely shouldn't go in the college singing that you remains gonna like you dirty like that's gonna, like take from you when you're not there. But like sometimes it happens. Sometimes you're feeling a little hungry and there's nothing in the room except for those cheeses that your mate has. And I mean, you gotta eat. So if you don't want that happening, you've been created stash of things that are really important to you and that you'd liketo use at your own pace and not have, like, stolen or like, taken for eaten from you just like hide him away in, like, a suitcase or a drawer or something, where it's like, not easily accessible. I felt like I just need to be said I'm sorry. The next step, the surviving your dorm is sort of like a psychological thing, and that is to sort of change the way you think about your dorm. Where's our good dorms of bad dorms? If you're in, like, a really good dorm, this is really apply to you because you already have, like, this superiority complex that you living in the best storm and you're like driving in your environment. But for those of you who are like me and got one of the worst storms on campus, you sort of need to, like, reevaluate how you think about things, because hard time is really easy to tack that on to things that are sort of like counted against you. I know how first world that sounds, but like it's real for some people. For me. My first year, I live in their skin hall, which is known to be like the worst dorm at UW. And just hearing that every time you tell somewhere you live like oh, yeah, I live in very soon like, Whoa, you first. I was crazy and curious. People like, No, it's okay. We mean dirty, dirty, dirty. So you yourself don't constantly think of your dorm is like a really bad dormer. Just think of it as a dorm or like ideas in dorm like a good door, then that could really change your attitude in perspective on where you're living and can make your experience a lot better. So for those of you living in some crusty dorms, just reevaluate yourself and sort of going along with that a lot of times in order to survive in your dorm, we also need to get out of your dorm. I know it sounds like a little counterintuitive, but like it makes sense, like sometimes, no matter how much positive talk you do, there's always gonna be something or someone that really just, like, irks you in the dorm, where you just physically can't be in there for, like a certain period of time. I need to get outside of your door, and this is where making friends outside of your door keep. So I have something like that does happen and you need to get out your door. You go into your friend's doorman here. With that makes, you can get a change in scenery and new perspective in all of that good stuff and a lot of the time. Spending time of another friend's dorm will make you appreciate your dorm even more because the culture and layout of every building is different and is a new experience. He may find some things that you're building extra does better than your friend's building my laughs. It was kind of separate from every other point that is bringing some sort of bug killing instrument substance device. Oh, just bring something to kill bugs. I'm just inserting this in here for anyone who doesn't like bugs because me and bugs do not get along. And last year there were many incidents where bugs were a problem, except for this one time where a spider must have, like, laid eggs in our bathroom like they're a bunch of baby spiders everywhere. But, you know, so I got chills just remembering it, but in that case called Fix It and they came in like sprayed, killed everything. But I got something that extreme would happen in Europe. But in the event that it does and you don't have, like a fixit person or like a roommate that just isn't afraid of bugs, bring some bug spray, some bug traps just to keep yourself safe, so you don't have to really worry about that. That's something that applies to you with all that, you should be good to just go move in and start killing at your dorm. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you knew the channel hit that subscribe button to join the roommates recordings, we just hit 14,000 subscribers. So join the emergency. Hi. Train while you can. If you enjoy this video, let me know about leaving alike and common Double. Oh, this will help for my post certification. See, Never missed. Upload our community top posts. Call me on. My cell was floating around down here to get behind the scenes info and also participate in future videos. And be sure to share this video with a friend or a roommate so you guys could be on the same page. But that guy's Thanks again. So much for watching. I've been emergency and I'll catch you guys in the next video. Hey, everyone. So I am just getting hole. I live in Potomac Park apartments, which is right, but is off campus housing. It's a two bedroom place. I share it with two other girls. Here's their own. And for the record off campus, housing is a lot less expensive than G w. So I would highly recommend getting off campus. Here's our small little bathroom now headed to the living room. You got my friend Lenny here. I'm gonna interview her in a second. Now our goal in my room, You know, I got the best. So here's my unmade bed. California represent FC Barcelona, our stayed abroad. And my favorite part about this room is what I really love this dresser. But I also love the you So I'm currently at the Elliott school. Um, I'm part of the Elliott School of International Affairs with my major for I A and the Constellation National Security and Conflict Resolution. So basically, my workload is very hectic. I take six classes currently, but they're actually all prerequisite. Um, I have to Wyatt classes, all freshmen who are in our studying international fares. Hats take to international affairs classes during their first semester or second semester. So I spend a lot of time in this building. I'll take the prerequisite courses of math, history, Science. In order to major in international affairs, you have to be a major in the bachelor, the art. So the basic liberal arts requirements math, history, science, human geography, biological anthropology and many more. So my workload is actually pretty heavy. I have homework essentially every single day. So after my classes, which end at around four p. M. I go back to my dorm and I study and I do all my computer homework. I rarely ever go to a library just because of my personal choice. I usually go outside sometime, study or go to Starbucks and do some computer work. But besides that I'm usually doing work from four p. M till, like, six. I get dinner and then I come back to my dorm and then I saw you Guys. My name is Linda. Cool. I'm from for you, New Jersey. And I go to George Washington University. I'm studying international fairs, and I'm having concentration in national security and conflict resolution. And I can't wait to show you this tour of the George Washington University, including our dorms, the library places to go in D. C and so much more fine. So this typical classroom in the elite School of International Affairs. This's also in the Elliott School of International Affairs. And you can see the death do vary depending on the kind of class that you're in. Yeah, all right. This is my political science classes also classroom style. And here is my international affairs discussion section, which happens every week. Um, it's basically a smaller class from the lecture hall, and we talk about what we learned and the articles that we had do. There's about thirty, twenty or thirty kids in each classroom. Eh? Oh, um, So I'm here with my best friend, Jordan. She's gonna tell you guys about her major and what she thinks about the academic climb here. So originally, I came to G w to study political science. However, I was told, um, at my c I to try something new. So I decide to take an art history class for the first time, and I absolutely fell in love with the subject. The professors here are really passionate about what they're teaching. They're really excited to help students. So during one of my classes, I was sitting and I realized I want to study this for the next four years, and I decided on being an art history major. Now, when it comes to the academic climate, it is a very challenging class. Um, surprisingly, we don't really use textbooks. My professor now she has a CD with a lot of pictures of art that are extremely hard to get like. For example, when you go to museum, sometimes you can't take pictures. But she has photocopies of the original paintings and tapestries that you can't get anywhere else. So it's important and focal to the class. But if there's ever a problem or ever have any questions about the class, she helps me. Thanks. And by the way, see Isaac Lowe Colonial inaugurations. So you could come here. You'll probably go that over the summer and you learn about to W and school everything about that registered class and social. Guys. So behind me is our main dining hall. Um, when you did, you got you have a G world card which I showed you before. And instead of having one dying all we have tons of different places like Starbuck. Been on a subway that