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Hey, everyone. So I am just getting hole. I live in Potomac Park apartments, which is right, but is off campus housing. It's a two bedroom place. I share it with two other girls. Here's their own. And for the record off campus, housing is a lot less expensive than G w. So I would highly recommend getting off campus. Here's our small little bathroom now headed to the living room. You got my friend Lenny here. I'm gonna interview her in a second. Now our goal in my room, You know, I got the best. So here's my unmade bed. California represent FC Barcelona, our stayed abroad. And my favorite part about this room is what I really love this dresser. But I also love the you Good morning and Happy Friday everyone. My name's Aaron. I'm a senior at George Washington University, majoring in marketing, monitoring and sustainability. It is Friday today, so I don't have any classes on Friday, which is pretty typical for a senior. But I know freshman year I have four classes on Friday. All I can say is if you come here trying not to schedule your classes on Friday because Thursday's our big night out here and kind of got a little bit of a late start. But I am headed to do because right now, which is school of business, which I'm in, there's the business technology talk today, and I'm going to go listen to Google present in about five minutes so I can give you a snapshot of what one of our lecture halls look like, as well as what Google has to say. There's a lot of really cool events like this around campus. Uh, there's a lot of good networking. Opportunity is, I can tell you about internships I've had So I'm currently at the Elliott school. Um, I'm part of the Elliott School of International Affairs with my major for I A and the Constellation National Security and Conflict Resolution. So basically, my workload is very hectic. I take six classes currently, but they're actually all prerequisite. Um, I have to Wyatt classes, all freshmen who are in our studying international fares. Hats take to international affairs classes during their first semester or second semester. So I spend a lot of time in this building. I'll take the prerequisite courses of math, history, Science. In order to major in international affairs, you have to be a major in the bachelor, the art. So the basic liberal arts requirements math, history, science, human geography, biological anthropology and many more. So my workload is actually pretty heavy. I have homework essentially every single day. So after my classes, which end at around four p. M. I go back to my dorm and I study and I do all my computer homework. I rarely ever go to a library just because of my personal choice. I usually go outside sometime, study or go to Starbucks and do some computer work. But besides that I'm usually doing work from four p. M till, like, six. I get dinner and then I come back to my dorm and then I saw you Eh? Oh, um, So I'm here with my best friend, Jordan. She's gonna tell you guys about her major and what she thinks about the academic climb here. So originally, I came to G w to study political science. However, I was told, um, at my c I to try something new. So I decide to take an art history class for the first time, and I absolutely fell in love with the subject. The professors here are really passionate about what they're teaching. They're really excited to help students. So during one of my classes, I was sitting and I realized I want to study this for the next four years, and I decided on being an art history major. Now, when it comes to the academic climate, it is a very challenging class. Um, surprisingly, we don't really use textbooks. My professor now she has a CD with a lot of pictures of art that are extremely hard to get like. For example, when you go to museum, sometimes you can't take pictures. But she has photocopies of the original paintings and tapestries that you can't get anywhere else. So it's important and focal to the class. But if there's ever a problem or ever have any questions about the class, she helps me. Thanks. And by the way, see Isaac Lowe Colonial inaugurations. So you could come here. You'll probably go that over the summer and you learn about to W and school everything about that registered class and social. Guys. My name is Linda. Cool. I'm from for you, New Jersey. And I go to George Washington University. I'm studying international fairs, and I'm having concentration in national security and conflict resolution. And I can't wait to show you this tour of the George Washington University, including our dorms, the library places to go in D. C and so much more fine. This campus has no very good a vegetable place. You have. In whole foods. They have a dining out True. Serve yourself or you can order food. But most students also used this. With. Over here. The Avenue word. It's an off campus living option, but a lot of ways here in their open classman years. This's roading. Um, Editori. Followed by Sweet Green and all these places tape the year old car, which is their dining up dining part. He's also rain for bottom over So you're required. Um, if you're a student to live on campus with G w u housing for three years, so freshman sophomore junior year, and then your senior year, you can live off campus and won the apartments. But essentially, the difference between all of them is that as you get older as you go up the ranks of your class and become an upperclassman, then the dorms essentially get better. So in Thurston, like you saw are that you can see in the living dot gov you dot eighty website that I showed you before. If you google it, you can see that Thurston has the option of having six people in one dorm sharing one bathroom. That's very common. And then you also have triples. You have quads. Your five people have your own dorm, but then share a bathroom with the whole floor. But as you get older than you have definitely more housing opportunities. You can live with Greek life. They have their own house on campus. You can live in a townhouse. The bunch of other people you could live in affinities. They have their own dorms in district um, and then your fourth year. You, Khun move out, um of campus and you could live in any apartment. But they do have one fourth your housing on it. Called Southall. It is beautiful. It's big. It holds tons of people. It basically looks like a hotel. So it really depends on what you want. Essentially, your first, your dorm is fine. But as the years go on and as you get older, you definitely have more options. So this typical classroom in the elite School of International Affairs. This's also in the Elliott School of International Affairs. And you can see the death do vary depending on the kind of class that you're in. Yeah, all right. This is my political science classes also classroom style. And here is my international affairs discussion section, which happens every week. Um, it's basically a smaller class from the lecture hall, and we talk about what we learned and the articles that we had do. There's about thirty, twenty or thirty kids in each classroom. We are my friend Luke Way, have different pastries and stuff. There's something love, a cinnamon roll Here. Here we have a strong hall, which is a sorority housing. The bottom wars are high. Five top floors or chi omega. Wait here. We are still straight eighty. Very beautiful, very nice. And they're always usually events out here. So today there's histories for the senior class run by one of my good friends, Luke. When you're doing other matter. And this right here is strong Hall. It's senior only dorms. I don't live in a dorm. I live in an apartment building, which I could show Guys. So behind me is our main dining hall. Um, when you did, you got you have a G world card which I showed you before. And instead of having one dying all we have tons of different places like Starbuck. Been on a subway that