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Thinking about Syracuse University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Syracuse University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Syracuse University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Syracuse University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Syracuse University experience. These Syracuse University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So I'm here with my friend Elliot. We just finished up a photo shoot. Where you from? What's your major? I come from outside of Baltimore. A place called Race your sound and I'm art photography, insurance, media. So what is transmitting about insurance? Medium? It's the digital arts. It's sown photo video and, uh, animation students. So why did you choose Syracuse? I really liked my program. I looked up the trance video program, and I really liked what work they were doing. I also really enjoyed the service is and how they were connected to light. No, kind of all the connections in the in itself. So if you could change one thing about Syracuse of the campus, what would you change? I find that the administration doesn't always support student interests. I also find sometimes Greek really overwhelming guns. I'm personally not involved, but I find like some parts of it are really good. Also, a lot of parts. I need proof. So what? What was like the good things that you think I really enjoy the people on campus you meet, people were really passionate about what they're doing, and they're all doing really amazing things. So that kind of motivates me to kind of push myself to do better. Also, I find, like most people I meet are very helpful out this random stuff. Even if you're like, two completely different studies will be helping ER Also like there's such a wide variety of what people do like there's some people do biology, some people who are engineers. Then there's like theater people. And like art students, it's like a real next of But this is the dining hall in my damn. It's typical for a Sunday afternoon open from seven a. M. To seven at night, and it's basically facetime exclusions. The dining hall's. Unless you have a lot of options every day and do a great job adapting to dietary restrictions and allergies, you can either choose to dining in or today I got about because I have work to Now I am not a thief. A dining hall on campus. In my opinion, it's time dining holiday com. Um oh, and I love eating here because they always have really good food. Really good off today for breakfast. I'm having a baby with cheese, some avocado and some and this is the best. I love it. Usually when I come here, it always always have to get some kind of dessert. This is actually one of the first year dining halls. I mean, everyone. Usually a question because it's on the have the drink station. Canis Just getting some water, but way. Have coffee. We have cheese over there. Hi. On another front of designing Hall. What's your name? My name is Chan Rams. What's your name? Uh, I am undeclared on women in the house. So? So why did you choose? So I just Sarah keys. Because of the program I got into as well as the alumni network surrounding my program is very strong. So what's the academic climate? Life? Yeah. So I said, the academic climate is definitely work heavy, but not so much that you get stressed out a lot of interactive classes on DH Overall, it's been going really well. Drive the student fund, and I say that the student body is extremely diverse in the sense that and Ward said, side me someone from a different background every single day, no matter where I am on campus, so what's your favor? My favorite thing about Syracuse would have to be just school spirit. Everyone loves Syracuse. Everyone loves going to Syracuse events going to sporting games, which is something different than I had a high school. So I said, That's my favourite thing so far and what you're everything about you least favorite thing probably have to be the steps because I live on the mouth and when I go out for the day, I go out until tenor that night because I don't want to the steps of a bunch of times, probably. Do you have any? Go for it. Hello. Huh? So here we have One of my friends from orange seeds were currently out of service. Avenge. But what's your name? My name is Lauren Miller. I am officially undecided Newhouse, but I'm probably going to be photo journalism and then doubling and CC, which acidic and citizenship engagement with a minor in Spanish. Uh, yeah, that's That's why I'm at school. What's your favorite thing about Syracuse? Um, I have to say, it's definitely the people. It's like when you when you join different org's You start to find your people and you find your community and it takes a while because it can seem like a really big campus. But when you start to join those org's, you start to see people everywhere. And it seemed like a school where you don't know anyone. But then the more you do, the more you joined, the more I start to see my friends every day. So it's like it's really cool that this huge community can get very small and that, like I feel homey on campus. But I also don't feel like I'm being suffocated, so that's probably my favorite thing is that I let you get to see my friends every day, and I could, like, go to certain spots on campus, like, Okay, I'm going to run into like, I'm an orientation is I'm like, I'm going to run into oils here, and I really make my day feel better and yeah, so what's your least everything about Syracuse? Not a big fan of the administration. Honestly, I don't like what they're doing in response to a lot of stuff, like with fate, a talent with Greek life and granted, I am in Greek life, but I think they could be doing a lot better to be a lot more inclusive on campus and could be doing a lot better to make students with different voices and different identities feel like they have a place and have a belonging and to sort of help make the universe's mix. Because often time, there's a lot of like segregation on camp on campus and see their self segregation or its outward segregation. And I think that's really unfortunate. So what is the sitter body like? Student body is awesome. It's very diverse, like it's just about putting yourself in the spaces where people from all different background makes. And I think that's one thing that we really should work on is like There's so many cool people with so many like cool backgrounds and stories, and it just like putting like I suddenly put itself in places and spaces like get to know all of them like theirs. Like last year I had people on my floor that, like, live next to me, that we're from Puerto Rico from Las Vegas, Someone that was from Dubai, you know, and it's just about like, engaging in conversation, doing that. So, yeah, the student body, There's people from there. But then there's also like these people that I'm out from, like, twenty minutes from home. You know him from Chicago. So it's like the whole gamut. Can you explain to me a little bit more about the academic climate? Odd at Syracuse? Um, so academic definitely varies. Depending on what school you're in being in new house. Mine is a lot more like. It's a lot more project base, so I don't have a CZ much day to day homework or like tests or quiz is. A lot of my grades are dependent upon the videos that produced the work. I show the graphics I designed, you know, all of that stuff. So my climate is a lot different from someone That's like an engineering who's like so much based on their lab, so much based on their tests and all of that stuff or it, just like I said, it really depends on what schooling what major you go into. So I really like the climate. I don't think it's like two Stressful, and it's a big project person with big like I like writings. I prefer that over tests. I needed it square cool. Do you have any last advice to any high school student that may be watching very. You mean like, what do I know from my dad? Uh, just like so cliche. But like, be yourself like the genuine and do what you love. Then you'll attract because, like, the moment you try to do things that alright, you is a moment that you start with the wrong people. Cool. So glad I found an empty costume. Because I can tell you about the classroom culture and what classes like Syracuse. So I don't have prints on what? Your jury's, um, some classes or lecture bay. Some classes are discussion Bassem classes or makes up both my classes, Um, arm or experiential, because I am an acting major, so I'm really like my class. Is our hands on really sitting down at lectures? All we corps? Um, you know, like, we have discussions, but really, it's more about you acting so some classes are mics. So I don't depends on your major. I haven't been in the class that's bigger than thirty students. Uh, my eye was in one lecture class, and it was a lot of students like how you would imagine a lecture hall would be. And other than that, like my classes are less than fifteen. Susan's think it's Syracuse. There is an opportunity to build a good relationship with your professors because they're really adamant about their office hours and providing Leslie's for students to go to it. They don't understand something, and so they're really open. Tio, um, supporting you in every way that you need to be supported. So if you want to see what it looks like, it's just well done uh, a computer that connects to the projector, the projector that comes from their in a speaker. And that's it. But it's cool. So now we're just gonna take a look at what a classic clash looks like at the stage. So just follow me. I'll show you around way. Also have my friend here. This is Trevor. He is also an acting major. Uh, and it looks like there's tough past going on. That's pretty cool. And so this is usually where Wei would hold our lectures. Each classroom has a piano because it's an art school, and these are just, you know, the dust that we have love and put your laptop, your books there and the projector is up here. The projector comes down. There's a lot. Yeah, just project stuff. And that's pretty much it with classic clash like stage. And this is when the Assam looks like when it's filled with student, Yeah. Wait where we are just okay? Hello, friends. She really had me going, Tio. No. And this is where we could get lunch there in lunch time. Try. I think this is the floor. It's off the wall, but it's lunchtime. But it's something like the larger What's your name? Elizabeth. Uh, what's your major acting? Nice high. We've seen you already high. Thank you. Alicia. Refreshment. Acting cool. Okay. Have a good time at lunch. We love you. Bye. Um, and now we're just waiting for the bus. Because in order for us to get from this stage two main campus, we need to take a bus. We could walk there, but it's like one minute, much way. Don't want to. It's gonna wait for the bus. So I'm here with my Ira. Leon. Uh, So where you from? And what your major. I am originally from Manila, in the Philippines, and I majored in broadcast individual journalism and admires in information management and Spanish. Why did you shoot Syracuse? When I was first applying for college, I actually applied to four different countries. And I wanted to make sure I had an experience that gave me the academic. The rigorous, rigorous ness of the oven academic curriculum that I'm one with good student life at the same time was affordable to some extent. So Syracuse gave me the package I needed. They gave me a good amount of aid, and they also gave me the major I wanted. And they also gave me the honors program. So it was a huge risk. But coming here and coming here to circus, I had never visit the campus before. But it was so worth it. And I'm so glad I came because I love it here. If you could change one thing about the campus or about S u, what would you change? Less known? Wait. We're like fifty to sixty degrees all the time. I would be content. Thank you so much, please. Hi. My name is Maria Vic. Sorry, Oppa Long ago. I'm first year acting student from New York City, and I am so excited to show you're on Syracuse this week. We have a lot of cool events happening, so get excited. Hi. I am currently at BlackBerry, but I just wanted to say good bye and I hope that you've learned something from this tour. I really hope they decide to come to Syracuse and join the family.