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Thinking about Duke University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Duke University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Duke University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Duke University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Duke University experience. These Duke University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Library. Boston When you come in, you'll see the newspapers, boys, a little map ofthe star. But the reason why away? Hi tech library here, Duke. So you can feel free to to research technology. What's? Proud of their have service desk to ask any questions here. You can reserve spaces, go for events, you know, check the math. You don't know where you're going. And these are study spaces. Victory if you want to work your own bus stuck is incredible because you get and those very, very, very comfortable space project rooms where you can reserve your space here. That and beautiful, beautiful couches bunker. So Yeah, Carrie, get access to him. Collaboration and teamwork that you want. Course there is Spears actually have books. Teo. So we have all these people who have contributed to make this happen. Do you care? But here in different libraries have Reuben Stain and you can. Really anything that is there. And Perkins is pretty much every Duke's reverend favorite library because a lot of books and it's very quiet out there. But I just you bastard, because it's my personal favorite. So I just finished my lunch on DH. I had it in the comments, which is like a fancy restaurant tab Augustinian Western in is like the dining place where all the upperclassmen go to eat for, like, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But all the freshmen, which is like, including me, um, we only go there for like lunch. So I'm going to show your aunt like my favorite restaurants in Western Union, there are tons of options. So, like, whatever you like to eat, I'm sure there's something that you could have. It was Union. I'm just going to show you around like my favorite Hey, guys. I'm here with Sarah. She's my aria for the hall. So she basically, like, supervises everybody here and make sure we're all safe. I just want to talk to Sara a little bit about, like, life at Duke and like her impression of your experience here. So somebody finally introduce yourself, like where you're from and everything OK? Hey, guys, I'm Sarah, as she said, my family's in Jacksonville, Florida, but I was actually born in Qatar, in the Middle East. And my family's from Sudan in north. So cool stuff. Love I and and intended physics Major. I don't know what I'm gonna do yet. Also premed. Still don't know what I'm going to do with that. I might drop it. Who knows? Uh, we'll see. And yeah, that's basically me. I love Doctor. Who? Science in general. But also I love music. I love music. I was actually just blasting music when she walked in. So Yeah, and candy, I guess s so the first question is, how would you describe, like, the Duke student body? And like, once an answer. Few sentences, OK, S o I think a lot of people, like like you always see the posters that are like, Hey, like this university is diverse in that universities, divers and the usually show like a thing with, like, the different races. And yes, that applies to do. But I think what, we're especially diversity divers and is our like interests you could talk to literally anybody, and you're going to, like, find something that they're super passionate about, that they can, like, rent about for, like, hours upon hours that they really wanted to. And I think that's like the cool thing about the student body. Everything has Everybody has something that they just like, are truly passionate about. Or they're searching for that thing. Yeah, I definitely agree with that. I think, like I've never met so many people with, like, different interest that they're actually passionate about until I came here. So what's like your favorite thing about college and then, like your least favorite thing about college? Okay, so favorite thing. Oh, gosh, everything. I think it's just the flexibility to be able to do what you really love and to explore different things, just like kind of going back to what I was saying before, like, through the people you meet, you'll be introduced to, like, I don't know, like Quidditch or something or like you've never played music before, and someone's like, Hey, I'm going to teach you some chords on this guitar, you know, huh? So I think my favorite part is just being able to, like, explore different things. And that could even be like a night out on, like in downtown Durham. There's just so many, like, cool stuff in the city. Um, so, yeah, I think that's my favorite part. My least favorite part. You know, I love you. I do. But you don't know no place is perfect. Um, I think my my least favorite part would have to be. So you're going to hear like, you hear this phrase a lot when you getthere, but kind of like being in this like Duke bubble. And it does get overwhelming, just like constantly being on campus. Like, sometimes I'll just, like, walk across the street toast to the store and like, I feel so good I'm like, thing got out of there, you know, uh, and then even, like a lot of there's kind of animosity that I've noticed between, like Durham locals and Duke students because just kind of like our view of this of, like Durmus, just so limited to like certain spots and stuff that, like even we have, like, biased views towards, like, the people that are living around here, like I've seen people be disrespectful, toe like locals and stuff, and vice versa, too, Like it's not just one way. So I say, like kind of like that Duke bubble would be my least favorite part about it. Yeah. Do you have any advice for, like, refreshment or any like application tips? You'd give advice. Um, pay attention to food points. Mueller has our report it. I'm not very smart with food points, and that always bites back. And then in terms of applications, just like I know you heard this a lot, but, like, be honest, just it's very easy, I think, with some like how open ended some of their questions are just like, really find something that you enjoy talking about and just like, talk about it like unabashedly and I would encourage you to do and just, like, be creative with it. Great. Thank you so much for sitting down. We love Sarah. She's like the coolest are ever s Brian students. That's it. Aces. Very students. It's expensive here. It's this company this rating. I was here, it's it's. That partitions do store way. It's Sawyer. What? It's incident and yeah, come. You check the box because of a very important mission. You need to make sure. Right here. You could see maybe any lines. That's their response to get. And one of the things that integration is happening in East Campus, which is ours. Coming from one. Thank you. Solutions. Get back to busy with my classes. My life. So we just Bostock and Perkins. Fine. Six and a few things first. So right now, Prince, as you can see it's is that space look. Pretty much thank you for everything. Is that Perkins here? If you're looking for really thanks Very old. You know things very delicate that they only want off your light. You definitely have to go to group in style library best when they have a real pictures from slavery and Amy, anything. They're off looking for and it doesn't matter if it's for a class or his personal reading, they will take you very seriously, will bring you down there. I'm sure you do his different boxes containing whatever you want and think about the library. Your duty is that when you go to Duke Libraries website, you can always choose to bask in labor, just Russian. And they reply in like one minute it's oppression. There were things are located. Front line. It is actually hard. Feel free to ask and pointed, you know, and coming here present Favorite library, too. Pasta is like it's always a great adventure. But you know what? I don't hate them. Duke student. It's just amazing. He has two floors. And so the second where student health ISS find medical practitioners apps, wishes of psychological services, psychological and counseling services. They're pretty amazing. Oh, and there was always a piano playing there. No. My personal favorite is the first floor because that's where do What is this? And as a matter of fact, I just came from there and it's very wide and super piece one of the greatest things there. Musashi here soon? Yes, Cheers. As a student, you can who would use at any time? Just calm down. A letter comedy midterms, A letter. How many pills you just quick? Thanks. So Miss Lane outside. Please. Just just gonna leave you So here, Brian Todd. Give me a ticket to our concert, and it's a breast cancer awareness concert. Let's have the other. Thank you. I want to come out to be a great performance. So what? Is this really there? So it's helping to raise money for pretty in Pink Foundation, which is a local foundation that helps people who don't have a lot of economic means help getting mammograms and, you know, help with rescue. Oh, how did you guys get involved in this? So we're part of Duke Deja Blue. Teo Helen Group on campus on. So it's one of our contracts that were actually coordinating other archipelago. What on? What do you think is the coolest thing that's going to happen like that? Have a song? Pricewise. Strange, interesting. Only fun because way. Haven't met the other groups, but we'll be seeing a lot of range. Okay. Thank you, guys. Two days, so rich, okay? It is going to sound actually research, research when I came here to do just right so different where my researches who did that Express, sir? Figures quick removing certain aspects jeans, matings. You're a section creations. It's just doing so. The building right there is a biological sciences shit. Keep. Still some of me class, it's French. Chemistry. Chemistry labs are. That's where I'll take it. I can't. Yeah. Here. That's weird. Not so. We're getting close. Yes, right. As usual, Nicole and Carolina playing Frisbee in the hall again. You guys missed it. But Caroline almost just like killed Nicole with whatever throws my love. Dangerous. Yeah. This is stained dress. So here is my room. It's a little bit messy right now, but my roommate night normally clean it like on Saturday or Sunday. So a little bit messy. My roommate is actually in the crew team for Duke, so she gets up like five leaves by, like, five. Thirty. She normally doesn't really make your butt. I'm totally okay with that. Um, this is my buddy. Uh, wait. Don't make it be very just because I am a little bit lazy. That's totally okay. Um, that's moving mates test. And that's my desk. And then we each have our own walk in closet. Um, and this is, I think, a little bit bigger than the typical size for dude. There are some rooms that are about, like, two thirds, like, half the size of this, um, and that's in, like, some of the dorm. Soon. Summon. The Germans will have, like, bigger rooms, like, um, one here on, and then some of them are centrally air conditioned. But we have this little air conditioning unit that we call. No. Yep, that's my room.