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Hi, guys. My name is Elizabeth, huh? And I am a first year Vanderbilt student. Um, our school calls freshmen first years, so I'll just refer to myself as a first year. And right now I'm in my dorm room. So, um, you get a tour of that later after I clean up. Um, anyway, more about me. I am from York, Pennsylvania. I was a regular MIT student to Vanderbilt. And, um, I am a potential near signs major, um, environmental science. Minor, maybe Spanish minor also, um, and no need to freak out about what classes you're taking or like, what you want to do in college, What classes you want to take? What major you think you want to be? Because that's something that you can decide your first two years of college. Um, you can take time, try out new things. And also, some clubs or organizations that I'm involved in are, um, the multicultural Leadership Council. We refer to that as the OLC. I'm on. I'm a freshman representative for that. I'm also a freshman representative for the Korean Undergraduate Student Association. And then I am a first freshman representative for cards for a cause. Which is a organization that makes cards for patients around Nashville's if that's something you want to do, super interesting and fun, Shameless plug. And, um, I am on the pre med track as well as, uh, a lot of other people, they said, like sixty percent of the class is arts and science and like they're eight hundred pre med students. Or like something like that, which is a lot of kids. And, of course, that number drops throughout the years. But on a lighter note, uh, make sure you check out my other tours and welcome to Vandy. Hi guys. So I'm on the Commons lawn and I'm going to show you some great places to relax, study and chill around campus. So if you see in front of each building, there are little red parasols. So those are parasols and tables and seats for you can sit down and study. And each dorm building actually has one, at least on upper quad and then Hank and Stambaugh. So, yeah, upper quad buildings each have like a parasol, a little study area. And there are sunbeds as well as parasols and chairs in front of Commons. So you can sit down and they are usually where this white tent area is. They just put it out for an event. And if you see around the corner of the building there, there's a, um, table with, um, solar panels as like the parasol thing. That's our schools effort to stay green. That's also a great place to study. Um, and these places are super popular, so you might have a hard time finding them, but usually one or Hi, guys. Oh, it's Saturday and Saturday afternoon We just came from Pallotti's. So this is the rec center, and our school has group sessions every day, um and the mornings, afternoons and evenings and they're free and they provide any equipment. So our pallotti's crossed provided like mad and the circle thing. These that are used Tio, squeeze your muscles and I'll give you a tour of the rat. So right now we are on the second floor and they're different studios here that you go in to take classes. Or you could just practice in them dance and and the upper level actually has a trap. Seven. Let's go check that out. No. We are walking to the treadmill area where there also. Bicycles. So that's the channel area. They're people exercising right now. What? And there's a lifting area right there. And we'll go downstairs now. So that's the indoor basketball court pretty large. And then this is our rock climbing wall, and you can do this any time. I think Monday through Thursday is supported Monday through Thursday, forty eight PM, and then Friday for two six and then Saturday and Sunday. It's closed, but it's free, so you can come and try this rock climbing wall and then in the back, we also have a smoothie king. So after your workout, you can come over here, grab snacks. Grab a smoothie which we're going to dio. There's also a pool table, another study area in the back with chairs on DH. There's also a piano. Oh, and then there's the bowling plane. Fully lines. Yeah, um, I don't know if you can see that well, but we have four bowling lanes and you can rent them. You can run shoes and per hour, so that's available. Yeah, can. Oh, and then there are more treadmills and bikes down here on the first floor, more weight lifting. And I think we're almost to the pool. So we can go in. Okay, so there There's someone there is like a team practicing right now. But that's the pool. The Nets are for water polo. There's also aquatics. I think that team right there right now is Thie water polo team or intramural do intramural. You can do clubs. And the rec center. So And here, lockers and, um, changing area. And then we have an axillary Jim with a basketball. That is a large axillary region. Okay, some That's the rec center. Guys, check out my next place on the tour. My guys. So I'm with my friends here in our favorite place to hang out and their names are still Hannah and you see so lush in the background right here. And Rachel and Rachel, right? So, no. We're in the common area common area of our floor, which is populated, please, for people to study and relax, eat and chill. So this is where we hang out most of the time. And do you guys want to introduce yourself? Yeah. So we'll start with the stuff. You, uh, might have seen a star already. And one of my other videos, she was walking with me around campus, so yeah, she's gonna introduce herself. I'm a child, studies me major body fresh. Okay, I'm here and I'm an elementary at Major, also a Peabody, and I must. So since I am in arson science student, I gave you guys a lot of information about arts and science. But I think they can also give you more information about Peabody, since I'm not as well aware of that school. So what is key body on? Peabody's the like education and like humanity's kind of sort of side of Commander Bill. And it's like like pretty high, highly ranked amongst like schools like, for example, it's like number four in America right now for elementary education. Andi. It's known to have, like, really like, good like inclusivity programs such as the Susan Grey Preschool, which is located on our campus in between Peabody and Main campus. Do you have anything else to add? And, like grad programs are like like a lot of grad students, like for one of my cause. Out of listen to vote men like grad students we actually work with like, wasn't meant instant flavour like education related institutes laid like calming and light. Attend the class and add more information based on their experience. So I really help us like an underground to see that like what kind of path you would eventually go. And then just adding more information based on I love it data and in style is also an international student. Yes. So, anything different about your experience here at Vandy? She went to international school in Korea. So if she's not, um, like super separated from like, American American culture and language culture wise, I mean, for like one thing you have to come in early. Yeah, so, like, there's like a separate or intention for international school. So, like, you come like a week before everybody else like it's just like if you extra time to, like, get adjusted to. But like the orientation schedule itself is very stressed. Please, like if you bring no phone, you like, it's a very you have to find like you have to go to Like the associate was student life sunder, which is like really far away. But if you don't have like a map, I didn't know what she can drew her, Matthew. Yeah, so, like, yeah, the first week. Um, your orientation week here, it's pretty hectic and, like, events go on for the next couple of weeks as well. So even after you ten classes like you might have an event in the evening, which is mandatory. Uh, and they sometimes they're fun, and sometimes they're just things that you need to get through as part of a freshman. I think it's interesting that all three of us were like, you know, we're on the same floor in the same house, but we all had three different like first experiences with Andy because she had to come in a week early for, um, international rotation. I came in, like, three days early because I did a medium version, which is something that you can apply for, um, before your freshman year, where you can become like early on, immersed in student media, and then which can, like, really better for you when you want. If you want to pursue that even after me immersion and you also like, since you get to move in early, you get the perk of, like getting kicks where the campus without other people being around as much because you couldn't, like, go and, like, look for buildings and stuff on your own. And then you had normal movin. So you got, like, the whole everyone cheering for you, Like bring your stuff up for you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Eso like something special that Mandy does on the first day on Moving day is like the upperclassmen will come for you. And you kind of pull up your car in the little circle area where the dorms are and they unload. And, um, you are suitcases, your packages everything and put them up to your room. So, super comedian, we're helpful for your parents. And it's pretty cool because it makes you feel at home right away. And, um, Hannah does the radio right now. Bandy. Um, yeah, w r view, which is not the vans deliver you, but it's the older station. We tend to play more of the, like, thie underground tracks. And, like, this is directly based off of what I came in for. Because I for medium Version, I came in on the radio track, and I chose to do a short show onto your view. And then I, uh, got to continue on with the training process and get a show last mister and have been doing it for two semesters now, which is like interesting because for other freshman they have to go through and, like a much longer training process because I didn't meet immersion. I've got Tio. I kind of skipped past that and just go straight into the radio, which is very like, interesting for me, because that's a whole nother community of people that I get to interact with that I wouldn't have otherwise. So even if it's not something you want to pursue it as a career, there are a lot of stuff to char out around campus. And also, with the first week just kind of like knock on people's doors and introduce yourself because that's how I met these two lovely young ladies. I kind of just like, went to their room and was like, not knocked on their door and opened the door and was like, Hi, guys, My name's Willis. So some people who just like, leave their doors open for you to like, come in, Yeah, and you always have an ar e on your form whose willing to talk to you any time, so it's a pretty friendly community. That was These are my friends, guys, and this is our favorite place to hang out just like, show you around. This is kind of what our common area looks like. So there are a couple tables where we're actually sitting at one of the tables there, a couple so fun. So it's really nice to children, you know, there's like a white port. Yeah, there's a white board on the side there, and, uh, there were saying by the window. So we're actually looking afraid of Crawford, right? It's kind of dark out, but we're across from Crawford. We're just looking out and then like the IRA's like, also right there. So, like, if you really do need anything right, the IRA room has a lot of like, It's the one with the white sign. So right across from the common area and super easy to access. Great to have you guys in my video, Hi guys. So today I'm going to show you Stevenson center, which is where I'm standing right now. And I'm going to show you one of the main academic buildings, which is this building right here. And since I can't switch between camera views, I'll just give you the pano you and this area right here is like, um, a little study area. You can eat one cheer. It's usually full when the weather is warm. Um, so you might have a hard time finding a spot. Um, usually when it's cold winter time. Or, uh, when it's raining. Yeah, no one's going to be sitting there, but today is Friday and it's late afternoon. It's about four o'Clock and most classes are done, which is why you don't see anyone sitting here. Otherwise you would. Because the weather is great today, it's about seventy degrees. Come on. So this is building is what I'm going to show you today. It's called Stephenson Center Lecture hall, and it's where most of your, um, science big science classes are gonna take place. So, like, can bio organic chemistry. Those class sizes are usually around two hundred fifty people, so they have big lecture halls inside this building for those classes, so let's take a look around. And right now I am technically on the second, the third floor. We call like the first floor, The second floor. Yeah, kind of confusing, but it's big because we have Oh, no, we're on the second floor. Okay? Yeah, Kind of confusing, but we are on the second floor right now, and it's called the second floor because downstairs, um, and technically, what you would call the basement area are our science lobs, um, and another entrance to the lecture halls and also our library. So let me show you what a luxury homes in this academic building looks like. Taxes, So Okay, so I just walked into the room, and this is what the fuck's your hall? Where you're Kem One lecture. Um, take place. And there are little pop up desks which are pretty big, big enough to write on. And if we walk down these stairs, you see another door on the right side, and that's the other entrance I was talking about earlier. So if we go out the store, it'll be, uh, science and engineering building number five. So that's the lecture halls is called signs engineering for. And then this is a science engineering. Uh, the inspire. Entire Stevenson complex consists different buildings, Numbers. I think they're a number like one through eight. And it is a complex. So you might be a little disoriented the first couple weeks, but Stevenson, four and five six are connected. So no, once you enter one, it's pretty easy to fight. Figure your way around. So if you look gives you little directions. So we just came from the lecture halls right here. And now we're gonna go look on the left sign science and engineering building where they have discussion rooms, uh, recitation rooms which could also be used us cost rooms, and also our science labs. Um, he probably won't be in this building unless you're in arts and science student and also like taking signs classes because, uh, the other classes that say, like, for example, Blair or a Peabody student, those are humanity's and our music schools. Um, the classes that they would take on the main campus, which is where all the arts and science causes are would probably be in different buildings, smaller buildings. So this is one of their com bobs. And if we walk here, they give you nice signs which are super helpful when you go online and toes E. What room you're in and pro Tip is five indicates what science and engineering building you're supposed to be in. I like what Stevenson building you're supposed to be in. Two indicates what floor you're on and then always like the room, but all the rooms will be bored. With the entire number. So, like this one's this five to fourteen. So if we take a left here, we are going to see station. There we go. We can actually go inside. So a couple of tables and the TA will probably be writing on the board or sitting up by dusk and you're turning your papers. Uh, so because it is a recitation room you might have like, for example, and Cam, you might have, um, weekly quiz is also, I know you can. This is also a time where you can talk to your TA ask some questions. So it's not on ly for quizzes and there for other classes for, like, language classes such as Chinese. I know they have discussion to practice the language, so it probably is a different format from science discussions. But the signs discussions usually consist of a quiz or a problem set that we saw. It's usually like one page front and back. And you were turned that into your ta once you're done. So we're going to go out now. We are going to head to the library, the Stevenson Library, which is connected to this building, like I said So hi guys were at the common center. We're right inside the doors. Just walked in. This is a great area to relax and chill also is who? A pool ball and for food. Bob, there's a TV area. Switch the channel to whatever you want to watch it Also. Pool table on the other side. Um, upstairs is Yeah, Jim. Um, and there's not great ventilation, so it might, Steve, which is why a lot of people also go to the rec to work out. But it's super close, so it's convenient. And they're after a lot of people in here right now because everyone's doing tours. That's such a nice day today. Seventy three degrees. Um, and this just right here is the information desk. So you can go there Tio to run out the ping pong table pads. The people on tables upstairs with Jim. That's our twenty twenty one photo. And if you need any help, so through those wooden doors, it's the comments dining Paul, which we are going to see next. Here, and we're walking two months. So this is comments, mention mark, and you can use your meal swipe here. This is a coffee bar right here. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Great. In the morning, you need that fist ice cream on these air entrees inside some of the snacks along the wall. Or like they also sell T shirts, tissues, that kind of stuff. If you are in an emergency and I mean that in your dorm, those will be on your Commodore cash, which is on your commoner part. But everything else you can use with real money, even you with your meals wipe. Yeah, and we're going to go see the dining hall. Yeah. So there is a second floor where you can go up and eat. Also eat, study. Their rooms reconsider, too. And this is the Commons dining hall, so it's a little loud, but this is the grill usually has. Today is a little different because it's a sign cheese has your burgers, hot dogs, fries, really good fries. And like a little topping station for your burgers, sweet potatoes and big potatoes. Also, I highly recommend those are really good and healthy cereal bar. And then this is the chef's table. They usually have menus that change every day, unlike the grill, which is pretty set menu. Um, and then this is usually walk where they sell more Asian inspired foods. Right now, it's a weekend, and on the weekends we don't have a mom a lot of food options other than, like breakfast. They continue breakfast like for most of a day. So right now you know that it's a waffle station and that Chef's table station that we were just at scrambled eggs, bacon, that kind of short and we have drinking from here free. This area is usually a smoothie bar in the morning, which is really good accounts as an entree. And then we have suits right here. And this is a breakfast table area where you can put it peanut butter, banana, strawberries. Right here's an omelet station in the morning. But you can also that's also an area. Other dishes. And this is the side. So where we usually have pasta. Okay. What bread today, as you can see, the menu that we usually have at the station. More coffee. Um, have about this big desert area right here. Kate, Ground me, Brickies star. There's a big variety variety for these companies, and they change sometimes every day. Something to look forward to. And then this is the checkout area where you swipe your cars for your meals, swipe or meal money in this area, right here is our dining area. So really great. Because of the Classman knows, there's a lot of great lighting here. Super spacious makes you feel like you're at home. Also surrounded by a lot of people. And in those years, Terrace lead to the second floor. It is another eating area. So now I'm gonna go grab one. See you guys in the studio. What's up, guys? So I am getting ready to show you guys my absolute favorite building on campus. I was his butler. Call It is a super nice building. I just love how it looks. So I'm really just going tto play the videos and they're kind of cinematographic shots, but it's just really a beautiful building that class I've had or that building I've had women in gender studies class American, African American guy ask for his class. I've had a business class in there, had it e con economics class in there. So I mean, I've had quite a few experiences with Buttrick. Andi I've loved it every time. I definitely had a mix of classes that I've had there, which is pretty cool because most buildings, really you only have, like, certain kinds of classes in those buildings. Sisy Buttrick is kind of like a mixing pot of a lot of different classes that you have the opportunity to take it being like such a nice space just makes it really cool place to hang out. So a lot of students after classes are out, we'LL just sit, find a room and study in there, um, around finals. You cannot find a clear room because students just camp out there. Um, yeah, Here goes Theo. So this is what a typical classroom and buttery it looks like. Um, so they all have the same chairs and death. Things like that. Um, it might be arranged slightly differently, but this is basically it probably would sit about thirty students, but the classes that I've had him but sri have often had less students. So these classrooms, we're still pretty small. And this is how most classrooms are Vandy. Hey, what's up, guys? So it's me and Reagan. Um, we are at ran. Teo, get some dinner. Uh, there are significantly less options at dinner, but there's also less people, so I can show you guys everything. Wait. All right, guys, So empty in there. I threw in munchie Mark. Uh, so I talked a little bit about it in my meal plan video. Um, but as you can see, there's a ton of snacks and drinks and stuff like that. So you can either get three snacks or like, a big snack. And to use that little snacks, it's like a frozen meal or something like bigger like that on like two bags of ships or whatever. Hopefully you guys enjoyed seeing a little bit of how we eat around here, and I included the video of Rand. There actually are not a lot of food options open in that video, because at night, those are the options that we're given on dso again referring to my meal plan video. A lot of food is just very sparse at a lot of times, and that's during the week on DH. So if food is that spars during the week. It's like, you know, if you have any dietary restrictions or anything, there's basically, like, so little for you to eat. So that's why I chose to include that. Randy is my favorite dieting called during lunch, but I think it's important for you guys to also see that a lot of times there's not food. What's up, guys? I am going to show you a little bit of the warning. More residents. Hall s. Oh, just for some background. This is the second news building on campus. The newest news ability on campus was just finished up this year. Um, but yeah. So I'm going to take you guys around on DH show you guys. It won't be too long, so yeah, hopefully, you guys enjoy this video. All right, guys. So this is one of the many common rooms. Um, each floor, uh, has one. Um, but depending on the floor, they're usually smaller than this. This is on the first floor, so it's a little bit more space. Um, here are some of the pictures we've hung up of just people who live on this floor. Listen, one of my friends, um yeah, and they have this nook for a lot of people like to study. It's kind of back behind here, and then you have a little bookcase. Um, were you know, you can take some books. Alright, folks. So this is the kitchen. So it's one big communal kitchen, and there is one in this building, so literally a lot of people use this kitchen. Um, and as you can see, you know, has a fridge and oven stove. The basics. It even looks like this is a dishwasher. No. So, yeah, So this is the floor that I live on, and this is what most of the common rooms look like. And so you see how they have these cubbies for studying, But also couches, You know, things like that. The cool single on my floor is ah, still open so you can see down stairs and then you can also see the lanterns that we hung up for Chinese New Year. And those papers, you can see him inside There are like, goals. Um that some of the residents wrote down And then at the end of the year, we'LL take it and you know, we visit them. Alright, Goes So this is the the courtyard. Um, so this is a pretty nice area. Kind of, you know, just in the middle of the buildings on dso on the other side there it's just tables like this for students to, you know, sit and e or just hang out, um, on things like Hi guys. So I'm going to give you a tour of my dorm room, and I actually have, like, the room across from the corner room. The corner rooms are usually the biggest, um, on any dorm housing building at Vanderbilt. And then I just have the room across from that. So it's like a normal sized room. And my room layout is kind of unique because it is kind of like indented as you'll see, and I think there was actually a map, so I'll show you what I mean. So this is like the layout of the rooms on the floor, five of Murray House, and but that's basically how most of the rooms in all of the Commons buildings are. So this is our, like common area right here and then, Yeah, double rooms are usually just like straight across like this. You can see if you look closer that this is my room right here, and it's kind of like intent indented right here instead of being like straight. We have like, this little extra space here because there's like the staircase and they had to make room for that. And so the corner room I am I was talking about is right here. And so like you, Khun, see, it is a bit larger than it's for, say, like these double rooms and size might vary a little between the rooms. So that's my room layout. And each room has in AA has an air condition troller controlling thing. And unlike, like my house air conditioning, where if he said it to a certain temperature, it'll turn on and off by itself To adjust to that temperature, this you have to turn on, um, you have to turn on high, medium low if you want any air conditioning or heating to come on. And you can set the temperature with the thermometer right there. So, um, and that's something you should talk with your roommate about at the beginning of the year to decide. Oh, um, this is the temperature that I think we should have a room out. And so right now, Iris is at seventy five, which I know like that might be a little warm to other people, but I think, um, on colder days like yesterday was about seventy degrees outside. So I think we actually, like, turn down the temperature a little bit, but today it's also at forty, um, like the late for you. So, like, forty eight degrees. So it kind of turned it up a little, um, and as soon as you walk into our room, unlike the right side, right here is my roommates closet. So you can see, like, that's her closet and we remember trash cans in a little corner. That's her shower caddy. We have, like, two towel racks, and then this is, like a very every day look of a college dorm because it isn't us clean, and it's like, very everyday. It's not your picture perfect Dorman's that you might see in, like a Vanderbilt College, no tour manual type of thing or what they would show you on your campus tours. They usually show you the rooms and Hank and we actually call the Hank in ground building, which is another dorm building like hang kowtow because the rooms there I think our largest between, uh, all the dorm buildings and actually the dorms on Lower Quad. So, like Gillette area, those rooms air. I think smaller because, um, a lot of my friends, like, complain about them, but I don't think they're that much smaller than our room. I think they might be, like, the same size. I think Hank is just like, the only, um building that has, like, a general like stereotype about having big rooms. So you see that she kind of I'm also bought, like, an extra desk. This chair came with the room, but this dusted it. And she just did that because of the foreman of our room, because that is the dust out we usually do have already in the room. And then we have two juries. But because my bed is right here and hers is right there, that it wasn't really a place to put it across like the wall, the dusk, her desks. So she put a drawer to, I think, put both her doors under her bed and then heard she, like, bought an extra dusk, I guess because she, like, thought that wasn't a big enough area. So yeah, so like a lot of people would Dockery their rims, says she has a lot of picture. She has like a little bald bullet. And where she was pretty good at decorating her side of room. I'm not much of like a decorating person. So you'll see mine is more like bandy swag than it is personal. Some pictures, but definitely bring something that reminds you of home because you will get homesick. So I put one of my drawers under my bed and then, like the rest right here is just for storing purposes. You see water right there. You can also buy bottled water at munchies. So, you know, if you're like, if you don't think you need to buy bottled water here, I guess you don't have to You. But I would recommend it unless you have, like, a breed. A water filter. That's pretty Khun B into have I also got that, um, to use so basically, like food that I might have brought from home. And then, like my drawer, you can see like, sheep. Uh, both her drawers under her bed and the heights of our beds are different because you can. I think when you come into the room, they might be bumped. So we actually, like, debunk the beds. And then my bed was like, up here, even though it wasn't a bunk bed like hers wasn't underneath or anything. Both of our beds were like up here, so you can actually lower the beds with, like, a hammer thing that they'll give you, so I kind of lower mine. I wanted to fit my, uh, door, and then we put stuff on top of my drawers so you can see, like, mine has a little space between my bed in my drawers. So it's, like, a little higher than hers, whereas she liked can put anything between her bed and her drawers. So this is the dusk, and she actually separated all of it. But like, I have my dust on my drawers put together, and then this is our window and right across from us, you can kind of see through the blinds. It's like upper quad. So you see the little lawn area and our other houses. So Sutherland and Crawford on the left side is memorial, which you can't see from this view. So my side of the room here's my bad And then my discus. Super messy. So I like, show you the bottom of my desk. But actually, my top of my desk. So, um, we have two refrigerators, but a lot of the times. Roommates, we'll share our fridge. I just thought I was gonna have a lot of food in mine, so I didn't want to take up space in hers. We did talk about at the beginning, and she's that like I could use hers. But down, I just thought it was easier to have Tio and like, there's no restraint. Um, but the school has, as far as I know, about having, like, the number of fridges and oh, dorm rooms. So that's something that wasn't a problem. You have like, storage baskets for food. It's minus hers, and then we have my girl away. This is actually my microwave, but we using both together and then, um, there's, like, right next to my bed, There's like a little rack things. I usually put my umbrella and like my tout like a little towel on it, because it's just convenient for me to use that instead of the towel rack that he showed your earlier by the door. And then this is my closet. So my closet actually doesn't have a current like hers, because I just for me personally, I didn't want to have to like, open and close open close, but it's really convenient to have occurred. And like when you change and stuff and then this is like my bare wall of decorations, you concealing mostly Vandy swag, and then that's like the top of my desk and I'll show you like the bottom. So that's my chair came with the room on DH, then this is one of my drawers. I usually just put my school supplies and this one, and then the other one that you saw underneath my bed. I usually put like my clothes, like some more clothes. Um, and I think I put, like, food and this one as well as school supplies, because I'm used to have, like, I'm used to having, like, desk supplies as well. And then this is the actual desk. And actually, I'll show you like I have a shoe rack under my closet, and that's really convenient. So that's not a thing that a lot of people might think of when they come, Um, too like a college dorm and think of having but super helpful. So I highly recommend. And yes, oh, that was a tour of our dorm room, and now I'm by the door again. So that was our tour. And I'll just get, like give you a little view of the map once more to show you what? The room layout. My because ours Hillary unique. So. Yeah, and I hope you go check out, um,