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you should play by one of the most hate. The hands of the biggest box that seemed far I am making today. I'm giving your a species of our God, especially for your freshman year. I should make HBCU in Rome has increased heavily but in the past three years. I believe that income. Suze, I'm a couple more socially and politically aware of the things that happen to people just like them. So they want to be in an environment. Captain actually appreciates love suspects something with May know what agency is? Some people I know. So for those that do not know HBCU is a historically black college or university, everybody's gonna tell you that class got shit, but I'm gonna give you the river. The truth. See, this is exactly what took number one. What? What dress to impress. Just press turn. Every day is a fashion show. Every week is a fashion week. So you need to come with it, Period. One you need to amp it up. Got five in my school way. Really pop out. Always speaking of my school eyes and be a Lester Tennessee State University here in Nashville, Tennessee, and I have a senior college major. Fresh fine number two. Oh, my God. Keep your foot on administration's necks. And by this, I mean financial A housing and missions. The records office, whatever department's giving you trouble really teaches you Brazilians for sure. And we really, really want something. Really, really got to go get it. You put a new administration would definitely give you the run around or no answers at all, but just got persecuted. Have everything is not used up on number three game All stay evolved. Okay, Don't join. The organization is just to be a T shirt where? Go join the organization. Just because you're afraid of what? I got the information by yourself. Don't do it. It is some appointed toe, actually Hold right positions and actually be active in these organizations because that's going a resume. And it feels character, leadership skills as well. If I get involved, Real black is, of course, in air, you know, Greek, Latin and actually see you is a very, very serious matter. But I do say so myself. So you just take it seriously. Number four Show on network, didn't it? Now I will be very beneficial and essential during your manipulations. Annotations used. So please take advantage of any opportunities that arise Is that you should be out to talk to people that you don't know. You don't look like you people not say so because you just never know when you're gonna meet him. It's over. Might be somebody to last. Tips of number five. You have it adjusted. You're gonna be around you. But it's not people who don't like seven morning. Everybody's friendly door. Look, anything like the night home. You're not gonna look like a nice little pass into your home. You just have to learn how to get to the day that changed. Wasn't things that slowly change, son. Write me up so I can issue you. Don't pass on your girl. I did not comment. You tell me. You tell us this tea, okay? And I need you to scrap so the streets about your what is up to you to prove I am back with another video. So this video is really, like, long overdue, like, actually being in this video. But it's okay. I'm going now. So if your call I looking to Mary wasn't all last semester in August or whatever. I got my gun degrade everything. Um, it was easy, like process. Like saying everything every day was hold. But what is it really like to stay at Mary? Was home. What's usually dorm in women with Very wasn't hot. Like all our is gonna be like night. You're gonna get your key. Um What? It'll be a nice experience, however, like it gets. I want so bad. But when the parents leaving school actually starts, um, it is definitely a change. I feel like it's okay. The dorm modern wasn't dirty. Everything but what we were as a person to say. Like a big, dirty or not like my room was never daddy. You know, I would take out the trash. My roommate was taking out the trash. Normally, my roommate would clean up. I try to keep my side of the room clean. She would take out she would sleep My shake my rug out here. Stuff like it so light your personal It really just appears on who you are. Your roommate is, however, like the bathrooms, People's air travel. Oh, peoples are very trifling. I know my floor alone. It was three incidents wine, but was there was a period blood on the seats on asshole and I have the pictures to prove it. I think I have the pictures to prove it. However, I'm not gonna put them on video. Just noticeable fact that that's just too much. It is disgusting, but somebody was period blow on a toilet seat. Oh, somebody also do number two in the shower. And I'm sure that there was something else. But that's just like, basically happy. Most are like, That's just two scenarios to show you. I like the sea must disgusted like AA lot of the dirty dancing and stuff from the dorms really comes from the females. Like they really be the theme of doing did nasty stuff like housing pictures of used hair pies on the floor, some juice or something spilled on the floor. Nobody cleaned it up, so, like you're gonna goes like that type of shape. Like there's no way around it. Like you can take it because we had a whole Wilson Hall group shot. You could take something trying to like, Oh, you're trifling ideas. Ya that. You gotta stop doing that. But that ain't nobody gonna be like, Yeah, I did that I was before I left my pad on the phone. Nobody. Nobody is gonna say that, like, so you don't really have to live with it. And that's why I had to get about it there because I was not ready like that. I'm not gonna be that type of environment. I'm not. That's not me. I'm not another like issue that you heard. Billy is the Washington or the laundry room will really d'oh bother me. But a lot of girls would get mad when, like, females will leave their clothes in the washer of the most leave dirt clothes in the dryer, which after me. Pardon me. I feel like you should send a timer like that's what I do. Is the wash herself? 45 minutes name. If I have, I'm gonna do. I'm gonna sit in 45 minutes on my phone and I'm gonna be back in time to get my clothes. It's like if you are saying in Wilson you do happen. Thio, find yourself in that scenario and you have something to do, you may have to go check your mail. You may have to go talk to overpressure about something. Set a timer because it's just like the common courtesy. Because you're not the only one in the door, is you And 3 400 other girls. So you just have to be my foot. The fact that you're not the only one living here, you gotta own one has to wash her clothes. So I would advise, like setting a timer. So that way you and I get caught like they will take so fast in a Gucci clothes. The cookie jar closed like they will take so bad I had because my thinking is, if my gold in the dryer I'm not back in time, I want nobody touching my clothes like this and they will they will take your call down and I would sit him to decide. So you have to be mindful of like other people around you. Another guest you have experience just like going to the mandatory name story meetings and which are not really that bad. However, like when you are the meetings, Sometimes the IRA's and the director here and this is the director, they will kind of kicked attitude. We just want to look like that Like a lot of girls don't listen during me in life. Uh, Matt Cain looking back at it now I can't really be mad at already. And the director forgetting I haven't had to because the girls when I say girl, let me one of the girls that live in the door they had to do it. You are vegans. I didn't talk to you like they're your their child like it is, but it's like I don't really blame them for doing that because the girls egg like kids like talking while the dorm director's talking just talking in general, why anyone is talking like that's just rude, like we learned at school. Don't talk with somebody else talking like that symbol, but I feel like because us a whole lot of girls, a lot of women in staying like area, like it's a lot of normals. A lot of attitude is, is a lot. So you had to go in with the mindset like, don't take it personal because you don't know what everybody else is. This girl that may not have said Hey back to you or may have roller either. Choose, she may be dealing with some of the financial aid office. She possibly maybe get purged, you know, So, like, he was really can't take things personal because that's a quick way to start a beat like entrustment. You will find yourself in beef life. You will If you're not smart, you don't stay away from me. But way really just can't take like, Oh, I had to like Miss Hendrix, which is a dorm direct bear or any of the others and can just take that so hard because you don't know what they're going to. You know what they do Only if you do feel like the dorm diamond. One of the already they had get had attitude with you. Come back. The next thing you'll be like, Hey, can I talk to you? Like what was that? I do something like, don't pop off. That's not like because from one we already black women agent, were already seen is ignorant and just ready to pop out ready tow. Like, you know, you don't have the angry woman. So that's like if you do have a problem with the dorm director assistant or any of the arias light. How so? I don't just be like she up in a go check, huh? I know. Don't keep that Unity approached him, and respectful way approached him like you're a grown woman, as you claim to be. The light in my youth is like a lot of girls had that mentality like, Oh, no. I'm gonna go out on Miss Hendricks. Who is the dormitory? I'm gonna go off on her. I'm gonna go off on this. All right? I've been we've been had. I know that's not even necessary. Is not that dorm was not even first holiday like Prohibition, but give medals topic. Oh, the door was So they are small, which I hate. I hate it. They are pretty small about the size of my room. Like a home. The whole room. So you you are living in this small space. Please make sure keep warning. You'll stuff for your side, but keep it all inside me is Heidi like, don't nobody want balloon with dirty roommate in a little bit of room light. No, there's just No. Oh, Max. Bar is like Quinn. Lease is a good day. Like I really blame the girls. I do. My trash will be piled of I don't see this. Trash can is full. Take it. So the dumpster is not that big of a deal like, No, it will be times when you just chili maybe on a Saturday morning. Maybe even brave it. Be chilling on a regular week game. I'm gonna handle any, um, classes and somebody's going to get a car. Good morning, lady from a was a hot, don't you? I expect that a lot because you don't make it a calm and is really annoying. But they have to do it and make all times of announcement. You will have, like, mandatory room checks. They will come through my check your religion. And I haven't anything like a candle or some like that. Anything illegal in the dorm? Basically, you can get finally say I know my friend. She had a lighter, a lighter y'all in her room and she got $575. Oh, sorry. I'm I'm not I e I wouldn't pay this. No, like, that's not, you know? No, But they do have room takes. So make sure you keep your room clean clothes, part of room to make sure you keep your room queen. Making sure you're not like the calls of any types of road choose or anything like that. Speaking of Roaches there, they had the piggies Roaches. Like when I think I remember I was outside taking my midterm on the side of Mary. Was the hall on the steps with some people. Got his big old roach like it was literally pay about this big. Yeah, this date this wise and we hit it with a shoe, a slide. We hit it with a slide. It is still being dialing that they killed Renny. So if you don't want them problems because like Roaches, but they had not like regular just being Roshan's. I know they are huge. So if you keep your own clean, you're gonna have those look just in your room. And there's only heart killed him. Us No, player. Oh, Visitation two. Don't expect it. Don't expect visitation. I don't like most of the time, we didn't have visitation. I don't know why I give you a share because my boyfriend sales campaign So I wasn't really worried about visitation because I could just go out. Captain wants and goes my boyfriend. There's no curfew. Bray. This is the list. Are they really been cracking down on, like people dropping girls off at Wilson? I know my friend her boyfriend over was driving like, late at night, and her women was gonna drive her up to the door. I could get past the gate little gate right there, go to the gay and got the hell to marry one so day. Basically, she didn't let her weapon type up. There is 11 12 o'clock at night light. That's when we messed up. Because you thinking happy. Especially all these kids, like they think they're making the campus secure. But they're really not. I don't know why I just did that, but they think they were gonna camp secure, but they're really not like they have to gates. But then on the other side of campus, you can get in. Like what? There's no security back to anybody who walked onto campus whenever they please. So, yeah, just be careful with that. So don't They will tell you like I know you have to walk up there like he's my son, but thanks again. Station. I mean it. Really. You're not going to get in public the 1st 2 months? I say first mother too. It really depends on, like how the whole door has been acting as a whole. So I just thought, if this deal right, trash everywhere well, I people not taking out the trash like he was Hendricks who was the governor? Just say she is goingto light yet. I don't have a detention period like No, I have. Oh, also, we are moving in like you're gonna have from Blue Bean. Please take the blue leaders back downstairs to the basement because they're gonna get on the intercom sometimes. Bring the blue bands back. Then we need Lupin. If you have a blue babe, make sure you bring those blue beings back their leaders because they're going to call in your car Mostel times and say I didn't think I had pretty much covered everything. Honestly, it's not that bad. State in the dorm is really just the girls that are true rightly. I mean, they have genitals that come in every week in clean the dorm. Um, but it's just the girls, like the girls are right when they do the nasty stuff. And me, that's not who are you that's not I would never leave no dirty tampon on the floor. I should say I would never drink my period blood on the policy like this. That's nasty. And so I had to get the environment because that's that ain't me. All of that said, especially you just make sure you say clean probation. You'll areas like we have rooms clean. Good luck to all of you that we move in. And so was saying in the fall Go look, don't trust me now, boys. Don't do it. Don't do it because the whole don't be coming for your head. But don't do it. But I am out of here out, guns. With this video, I will be back with video and take off a watch and make sure you like coming. It's like especially so scrap. Make sure you subscribe. Make sure you like, imagine coming. You have any questions or concerns you already know. I'm ready to answer. All right, I am out of Good one, guys. Today is moving day. We are. Everyone's getting ready. Me Mama and my grandmother were here when we stayed in a hotel or whatever In Murfreesboro. Dr Nashville issue. I had a little bit. Yeah, it's moving day. Like excited, like, yes. So we don't finish up. No, we're gonna do here, then. I will see you all soon. So I got to get my stuff, and we'll just stay at a hotel. Of course, you couldn't keep the stuff on the back of the truck, so we just left it in his apartment or whatever. So now we gotta load the truck. Back up. Let me go. What are you getting on to me By not helping. Let me just teamwork makes the dream work, right? We don't know this time right here. I don't know. You know? You got it. Okay. Loaded. Keep just failed. So we have packed it struck up. He is just happiness of some suffers in Will's card. Yeah, that was kind of hard. Listen, never free driving skid some myself less happy, but, um, yeah, we will see you in a minute. We're not only gonna be on our way t issue some room and it's a movie chopping. It's crazy. We're never gonna get it. Is seven like 17? Like I said, our booking our movement time is from 6 a.m. Tonight. I am. And it's tempting t and we nowhere near Nashville, and we're still in traffic. Jesus, we're in radio. Wait. All right. Okay, so we had just finished putting everything up. All right, So we have a sink in a mirror area here. That's his trainers. That looking as we've been moving in. Like I said, I have no roommate. This is basically what it looks like. I still need to hang somewhere Decorations of here. But who's going away to do that? Glad to buy somewhere stuff. I have my desk area here area. Do you have some snacks or refrigerators? T me? Well, I got will. Right here. I don't know what to do. Deceive you home t issue 20. So the only thing that's so much for watching you want me to do a delorme tour like this Video comment subscribe. Let me know. The child wanted to adorn entire video, and I would I will do it. Hello, everyone. I am back with another video. This video I have been waiting to do all it is officially be in my freshman year at Okay, So, first and foremost, I know you're all, like Why car like one up? Well, I'm not a problem, like actually set up to get home. All right is dark or whatever. So I'm not gonna have to, like, actually set up and video. Plus video's gonna be quick it short. So, yeah, why not do it in my car to go take my medical terminology says here, you So I figured I might just want to just go ahead and useful video. So first things first. My classes were greatest investor. I may always my classic symptom and glad hurt really hurt. It's okay. Still made to be clues and all of that, uh, I have a class this semester like, Yeah, like I had to work because I was taking a foreign language class on top of two sides classes, So I had definitely putting a lot of work to get those grades. But so now what? I'm currently working on dental hygiene application, which I basically have a date that I'm just waiting on my team transcript in the mail. Like today, I just have to put it all together and Warren Bugle envelope and then to the person family Take it too. So that's very exciting. However, it is broken because I like it. I don't get it. I'm gonna flip my homey. Yeah. So I very nervous, however, is it? I can't stress about anything that's out of my control. This is God. People that look up my application. I can't talk about it because I have no control over. So right now my class was pregnant. Why am I don't know if I am probably not going to take some classes. Summer class, your life. I'm supposed to take art appreciation with the way you like. If I don't get accepted, I'm not taking it because I want to live this summer. Like to do the boys know? Sure you never want to do without word about a class like I don't wanna worry about no type of class and somebody just because next summer might have by next summer. I want to live with this summer and next summer. If I do that, if I do get except follow 19. My plus with my classes are chemistry, college, algebra, Spanish to first aid, like art dealing. So let's say I don't get accepted or I get wait listed. That's gonna be my schedule for the falls. 19. However, let's say I do get accepted at changed a whole schedule around because on top of taking 100 courses and chemistry, algebra man is just not gonna work. I'm gonna out of Carly. Noticed there's not gonna work it off. So if I do good, except they're my cold schedule is just gonna, like, change or whatever. So I'll, but my upcoming freshman is coming to see issue. If you disagree, Iceman in general and you are going to college or whatever. Good luck. You're gonna make a lot of friends. You're gonna be a lot of people. You don't make a lot. You're gonna make fun of me. I don't know why you gotta have drama. I am not even lying. Like what I tell you. College is just high school on a bigger level. Like these people right here. They steal, like, steals, petty stuff. They steal our to do. So, uh, Duke, Michigan head on straight number one Advice. Keep your adjective first. Why? Your magazine must come before anything. Any party in hiding, like anything. So measuring central everything around you're extending life, everything in my life e structure around my life. Like my work schedule instruction around my life. I don't really have classes. We are. But this time I work. Except for last year. This semester I had about 30 class. I don't work, so I'll have to leave work at five o'clock or every Tuesday. I went to either Michael, but I was tutoring for Advanta. Me too. So every Tuesday at work, Yes. By raising your classes, your future comes buyers like period like in a discussion my second little bit by Flippy to remember that a right he is not your friend. And you can't come with the college thinking that everyone is going to be a friend that's going to make so many friends, everyone there like you because we all come from different backgrounds. We all were raised differently. Way have Thio keep in mind that like I said, not everyone is like you know Everyone is want to be your friend. That's okay. That's okay why in the world But you can't like force. Don't push yourself on somebody like don't force a friendship I don't force just like Lego. My third piece of advice is to always remember who you are and why you're here. Because the issue is very easy till I get distracted. Just remember like who you are and why you came here in the first place. Like always. Keep that the back of your mind because you know when even now even just like, pretend it's getting destructive. But even when you're feeling down like, Oh, you made a background of hunger, taste there possibly found clan. But you came here because you won't make your family proud. You will make your brother proud with your little sister crowd. You want Thio be able to like, you know, maybe a first generation college. I know I so like just keeping a sense of motivation in the back of your head is gonna help. So, yeah, that's all that I have to face. Trust me. It was also a legacy issue for making moves Spurs my freshman year that first year of college awesome, have a blessed homecoming. All activities that were thrown at a blessed at tiger phase. Freshman. I wish you all look. I wish you all good luck with your classes. I hope four point. Oh, and I hope to succeed in your entire college career. Remember, Freshman year is the foundation. So we're Emma. Hi. Okay, if I know, period. Okay. Coming. All that. We have a question you have, and I will see you stuff. Good morning. Welcome back from our channel. Oh, I just got ready. And about the head out the door to class we got here that little annoyances because they're doing, like, construction on the roof. I'm sorry that I can't sleep. Put it on. Yeah, I yeah, about the Follow me my day, See what it's like, Um, I guess to be a college student. Uh, yes. Let's get on with this video. Could be class. Okay, So walking. I hate to spinal hate to these in Thursday's I don't like Tuesdays and Thursdays. Kind of smart. First class is literally all the way on the other side of campus. Okay, Is for you to wear actually going to the same class. So you right when he says meet me either. Oh, my gosh. I'm struggling through and it's been arraigned. I knew I brought my own. So see ya later. I'm gonna go take fits this music appreciation class. It's the most. I don't know this class so boring. I really hate it, but I rather taking music appreciation in our appreciation early. Okay, so we just finished a taste. Okay, See me because of my glasses, but we'll get some breakfast now. It wasn't that bad, though. Like it's a few tricky questions. But it was that bad. Tonight you'll get some breakfast. I'm hungry. It was not that I didn't do it. I live with that. She's in a band. Does she know days? What? Like college? All right, John Long like a black Escalade. You're moving in a way where you're going. Way my stomach. It's cool. Oh, my gosh. Marie, Asleep. I could not look out. I'm sorry, but you always cool. That's what they're supposed todo We're not talking. I don't want to hear that. I was just talking. I was just talking about my luscious talking, All right? They hate you. They did before they grab a few options there, blow out my American history class sociology into a sociology. That class I know watching that Netflix documentary. So probably just work on my research paper for American history in there because I don't care about the documentary. The day's almost over. Okay, guys. So I just got out of my sociology class, so good. Now I want a little bit all the documentary a little bit. I'm talking about really fast because It's about to pour down rain. Oh, my God. I'm not gonna be stuck in the rain waiting at the fight. Okay? What is that? Okay, you're so I just got up here in my room. I don't sell st Oh, my gosh. Um, but I have to go right back out because, um, my future employer, I guess that's what Chicken Carly. Basically, I am. What does China you too, dawg, But I have a job at the wine. See? A They're after care program being, and I still have to complete some paperwork, So Yeah. I'm so sorry. I'm not together now and turning from stuff that I need to turn in, do some paperwork, stuff him stuff like that. And then after that, no. Yeah. She said I could come in later, but it's just like I can't. It won't be no later. Like I will lay on this day. Why? It's a new girl. It'll be a married Jane. It won't. It won't be a later like Okay. My body can't stop. Won't stop. Stop. So I keep going. If I cannot bid and lay on my pillow, I'm gonna pass out some time, so yeah, I'm not to go there now. I'll probably go ahead and a peck. My own beds, because I'm going home tomorrow. Somebody will go ahead and pick your bags before I go. Just go ahead and get that out of the way. I'm starting. All right, John. Life, Scott's Hawaiian Sea. Okay, y'all. So I'm about to go to the Y M C A right now and then I had to come back on Hampton's because I have the head of meaning with Mari. Since I won't be here this Friday when they have room inspections and our fourth floor meeting from going and that meeting with her, I don't know if they're going to the room check. She might do that. Today. We have our meeting or she might do. And next week I don't know how that goes, but I'm going to the worms right now in 1.6 miles. Take exit 49 onto Shelby Avenue toward Korean Vets Boulevard. No, I literally get stuck in traffic every time I drive on the highway. I mean, every time they don't let her. Like what time it is? Bob Club. Three o'clock, eight o'clock in the morning. lonely on how you look in the morning. No matter, Like literally any time of the day, I'm stuck in traffic. This room sucks, But the view is cute like, Well, I think this is not the way. So this traffic is no joke. It's actually really good today. I normally give you, like at a standstill. No cars moving, but we Actually, Roland, that's really good. Yes, but I have GPS. Better take me back like the street way. I want to get on the highway. Traffic on the other side, too. Gps stuff. You know what? Okay, guys. So I basically got everything squared away. I met with my Ari and stuff like that. I'm basically done for the day. Now it's just time for me to have some me time, I guess. Um, Michael, give me something to eat. I'm tired of eating the cafeteria food to go get some. Maybe some Popeyes. Some skin right now. Thank you all so much for watching this video. I hope you like comment and subscribe. Light Cummings was crying like comment. Subscribe, Subscribe, Comment. Like all of that. Make sure y'all subscribe. Y'all please. Okay. Oh, I hate my loners. They make me smile ugly. But yes. Thank you for watching. I love Got so much like coming. Subscribe. I'm out of here. It's key. Dump again who I am? Don't forget my name. I'll get my name. Bio, I'm out of here. tell me. Warmest salutations. Um, so it is exam Lee girl. My roommate is having a prize Fairness. Hey, Hallelujah. It is exam week at the Tennessee State University. Finally, Jim, it is crushed time. Um, I'm gonna pass questions. Any dances? Honestly, right now I'm going over someone, you know, Ass is And, um, whatever these things cost, I mean, Wani at any missiles singing at Fidelity name something are but nothing names. But I forgot what they're actually called as a whole. But that's what I'm doing right now. Is getting really is getting really, honey. Okay, so I'm about to do No, I'm talking on his microphone through my earphones because my good friend Dr Ari told me I need to stop blogging. Oh, my phone without a mike because he couldn't hear me, so he couldn't hear me knocking him either. So, for now, this is what you're gonna get for me until I get my SIM card, which he's actually giving me. My guys. Theo, I'm at the skating rink because my losses birthday is tomorrow. I actually hate skating, like with a passion. I think it's so lame. I'm up here doing my homework studying for my Hopefully do not go tomorrow. If I do, then I'm just gonna be s Oh, my God. I just got the life, son. So I think we're about to go. I'm really pissed off because I pay $8. Why am I paying $8 I'm not eating it, and I'm not status just pissed me off. I don't know where they're at, so I got my rights. You wait, Wait. Way completely. One of my easiest exams And I'm in the bookstore Shot off Awesome snacks. Not so pale, my real money because I ran out of Devi. I think that means dying books. But it's like the diamond dollars. Whatever you call it, y'all institution. But I'm trying to find something to snack on. I kind of want some chips, but I want some sweet too. So I'm just looking at these ruffles. I love hot ruffles, fun facts. I think it would get those. I know I'm getting this. I love cran grape. Oh, maybe I could get some candy because that's over here. No, I don't see anything that I want, but I'm gonna get some. So let me Let me just focus and see what I really want. You know, I look at my sister E. Hey, uh, I see what you're made up. It all like you always do. Now, this Jima shed a female Jeffrey. Gina. Ah, I just had to come see all and show you all my good skin. Okay, shots of this lights. Uh, your bro is fine. A so I'm doing a face mask right now. Um, in my apartment. I've had a day it ISS 6 21 This is kind of painful, probably. Have you gotten me into No saying his mask. Oh, God. So this is me, my sister. Hey, we're doing mask and natural hair care. Okay, so this is a Well, let me have my room again. So we get things to get their house today. Feels wonderful. It wasn't that productive by little. Some some. It's okay, but yes, I will be back to show our good skin in a minute. Give us about another 10 minutes, perhaps, and we'll be back. Tell Jeff. Oh, so we're about to go. So Shinji Oh, this is a party. Wow, I was me, But I looked on my block Open your birth. We are about to hear about being festival Christmas, ugly Christmas sweater party. And I think we're gonna have the best looking totally questions. Sure, sure. Oh, yes. You got the little bail hearing. Got a prize combination of that. Should like the ugliest players. Or like most fittest, did look the most best Yes. Holiday season E I want a Christmas tree. Never gonna hit No. Hoist the nights sleek. Hello. Hello? I mean, he's e I am back. So I'm about to go to this club called Limelight. What's your graduation is tomorrow and my mind is always Corbin Bleu. Oh, my God. It's what's not failed. But, um not my eyes almost love lies always lit with congratulations. So that's why I'm going. Plus, I got half off not half by happy hour drinks. Come on, It's not far. I'm lonely. I'm baby, I'm bliss I made it, but yes. Oh, I must go to this club, get a few drinks or whatever and then we're having a sleepover and my losses his house. But wait, wait, wait, wait. Say I You like princes? You know, I just wanna see my enemies. I don't get it I can take you. We have a lovely graduate. I'm blogging. I'm saving. Okay. Okay. Wait, wait. Yeah, I got a What is this? A mango fish ball? Many phone. She got raspberry. Well, I don't know. No way. What are you doing? Wait, wait.