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Thinking about Fairfield University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Fairfield University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Fairfield University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Fairfield University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Fairfield University experience. These Fairfield University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys, I'm back. So right now we're on our way to my favorite spot to study. We are currently in the nursing building. We're on the fourth floor right now, just stepping out. See this spectacular view we have behind us. That is the view of Alumni Stadium. We're currently on the first fourth floor. Like I said behind me, we have these rooms. They're called some in our rooms. These rooms are awesome because they're always open, no matter what time of day. They're prepped for going in, studying with your friends. If you want to be by yourself, it's good to. They all have TVs. They have group tables. Here. I'll take you inside of one. So we have the TV's in the background from monitoring for practicing presentations. We have group space, so there's four chairs there in the room next to me. We have bigger ones. More, more, more, more tables. The monitors are perfect. Last week I had a presentation in Spanish and I didn't know I was nervous to go up. So I came in and I decided to come in here and practice by myself, presenting to a fake classroom. There's about four or five of these clashes on every floor. Like I said in nursing, there's four floors. Do the math. You have about twenty a little bit under twenty options for classrooms while we're in the fourth for I would like to show you this is a classroom in the nursing building. Eso this classroom will fit about thirty two thirty five, maybe forty people. Um, these are newer buildings, so they do have much more updated equipment. We have the interactive boards for teaching and the newer furniture. Yeah, this building. I feel it's perfect. And it's one of my favorite places to study because it's always quiet whenever you're stunning. You want to get away, get your work done. So definitely I always come here to do my work. And, yeah, the view appears always great. Second floor is all right, but the fourth one when you come up here, you come over the windows, sit down at one of these tables and you just look out. You see this beautiful view of campus from the fourth floor of the nursing building Here it fair for Clear. So right now we're outside of the Egan Chapel. So we are a Jesuit institution here. But one of the most important things to know here is that whether you're Christian, Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, we do offer services here for everyone. There's mass during the week on the weekends. Weekend mass is run by the students, our priests and fathers. Here are some of the best people you'll ever meet. Um, Father Mark Scalise, who is one of the priests, is honestly one of my best friends here at school. Um, and important to know. Also, if you do not find a service here, you can take school school transportation, which are the red vans that we have here. And you could drive to your service. Yeah, that's the church. The Egan Chapel up? Yeah. Okay, so right now we're in Gonzaga, This one of the freshmen dormitories. I'm gonna take you into one of my friends rooms. So this is Harrison. This is so this is one of the freshmen dorms similar to the sophomore nor my shows. You everyone room does come with us, Michael. Fridge and a microwave. Um, similar beds. You do get awards over on Justin's on the bottom, you get a dusk chair and an additional dresser, too. So I should get the fridge in the micro courage. Teo. So you don't have to buy any of that extra stuff. It all comes with us. Freshman dorm's are not air conditioned. Unfortunately. So the first. Yeah. The first two weeks. A little rough. You do have to bring a fan. Um, but come winter, they do have heat. So that's one of the good things. This's the toy. So this is just redone a few months ago. It's right here. We have our brick oven pizza. This is what we call little Italy right here. Three pizzas. Ah, specialty pasta dish every day. Fountain sorters. They have dessert here. Just ice cream party for here's the deli. Over here. We have a salad bar. We have fresh fruit in the morning. Watermelon looks so good. Salads, fresh fruit. This is for people with allergies. Um, here's Alice, and she's making a bagel right now. This is our breakfast section in here. You could make office over here. Fresh fruit. This is breakfast. Hopefully here. Basil doesn't catch on fire, please. And over here is our main food area. So we have our gluten free over here. We have breakfast over here. Um, this is like the grill section. You have breakfast? This is their pride section of Castle in five breakfast. And then here's our drinks and then specialty through. Yeah, this is the Tully. You guys. So this is kind of a quick video, but I just wanted to point out one of the great things here. Fairfield University is our landscape here. Um, if you look behind me, this is called the Belem and Lawn. So it's the lawn right outside of the library. And what's so nice about this is when we have nice days like this, where the weather is just gorgeous. Sometimes students. It's a little cold out today, but I'm warmer days. Sometimes students will come out and just sit there, play Frisbee in the winter when there's snow. If there is snow here in Fairfield, people go out sledding and make forts and everything. So this is just one of the beauty, beautiful scenes that we have your Fairfield. And I just think it's important for us incoming students to know that outside of the classroom and outside of your dorm, there is places to hang out. You don't have to be sitting at a bunch or desk. You could be laying on the grass and a blanket, doing your homework and just getting away from the classroom environment. Yeah, that's the bellman. So right now we're indolence. This is the dole on business? No, thank you. No communication measure. So I've never been down here, but I assume when I take a marketing class, I'll probably have to be down here. This is one of our more outdated buildings. Um, there's the Dolan Cafe down there. Stage. Be sure here, most of the village, most of the rooms in this building are officers. There is a few classrooms in here, but for the majority of the classes are starting to shift up into campus rather than down south. We are in the process of building a new business school, which is going to be state of the art coming in the next two years. That should be done. So incoming freshmen, we'll definitely be able to take advantage of that if they decide to major in business. Um, but as you can see this building sort of, they're starting to phase it out. It is going to become more of an office building until it is a bit eventually changed over or reconstructed into more dated building just the door in business school Okay. Hey, guys. So if you ever have the time to make the journey of the Belem in hell, um, you'll get to see this beauty behind me. This is the bellman mansion. It's also the Bella menthol. It is possible to have a class up here. This is called the President's Mansion. And basically it's just a very large structure that the school uses for mixed purposes. Sometimes classrooms. There is an art museum. In their last fall, I took art history, and one of my assignments was to go up into the museum, and I had to do a paper on it. So how nice it was. I could just walk up the hill and goes to the museum. So it's always nice to know that all around campus, we have these beautiful buildings. If you walk around the back of the building, there's a hill. It looks straight out to the sound, perfect to just go out there and hang out with your friends. And just if you're ever bored, you can stop by the art museum. We have featured artwork there from famous to just regular painters. Yeah, that's a poem in Hey, guys, I'm back right now. It is getting close to Halloween and we're making jack lanterns. This is my mother there. So here, Fairfield. A lot of times in our campus center, most events like this based on the themes for the months commonsense. Halloween's coming up. We're doing pumpkins, so this is just one of the things that student life has to offer here. So Hey, guys, we're back in, uh, broke campus center right now, and I just wanted to show you a little bit more study space, huh? So upstairs, we have all the studies. Say it's over here. Don't we have some down here? We're actually right next to our bagel shop, our coffee shop on campus. So we do not have a Starbucks, but we do have a Einstein bagels. Um, it is closed right now. They're closed on the weekends. But basically this is another alternative. Uh, if you don't want to eat in the Tully, you can come downstairs and get a bagel or cough. Um, and that does not use a meal. Sweet. You do have to pay for that. You can use your stag card, your stag bucks, but it's a good alternative. Teo, a quick breakfast on yourself. With you. So that's good. Right now, I'm gonna walk you through the only quad on campus, which is the freshman Kwan. So right here, this is Gonzaga Hall. This is the hall where I showed you my friend's room. Uh, it is a freshman hall. The first floor is for sophomores. It's overflow for kids who didn't make it into the village to the right. Over here we have loyal hall. This is one of our living and learning communities. So it is IG Nation. That means there is a religious aspect to the building. Um, that is overflow for sophomores, too. But you sometimes have to apply for that building. Um, walking in. This is the quad. So to the right, we have well on straight through here. We have jobs. And McCormick I'm a chronic, is one of the newer rez halls. It is a living and learning community, so there is an application to get into that building. And then to the left. We have jokes.