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Thinking about Providence College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Providence College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Providence College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Providence College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Providence College experience. These Providence College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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you think Beautiful rate you should see, See? And well, you are one of our most Cody study spots on campus. You should see during this time a huge Christmas tree fireplaces always going. I never want to leave way. We're going to be going into one of our lecture halls which our development of Western civilization class their health. Let it. So set of class you're gonna be taking for your 1st 2 years were pieces. So what is 1/4 semester long Course that you will have to lectures a week and 17 are setting with a few students from your lecture, you'll have three different for professors switching on and off, giving lectures based on your reading assignments. So say you have a theology professor teach you got me. You'll probably have a reading from the Bible or you're getting out of history. But you may have a story you're gonna be learning about how society came to be from H mess of a team. You know, up until present day, our development of Western civilization program is the heart of our liberal arts curriculum. Here it has given me skills I didn't even know existed I've become such a critical thinker. I've developed reading and writing skills that have helped me. All my different classes in all different subject areas at my time. Here in PC, this home become a better student as a whole and really good at jeopardy. way our reigning dining hall primary. I want the weapons lower. Sleep thing is kind of the heart of this connective. Please. Here. All right, so right now they're a long night for you. You're fired like money, and you kind of get food made to order or kind of like a full course style. You like water in a chance? It's over. Comfortable down here. Get a goal and just keep up with. So here we are. One more psycho chose today affairs and umbrella organization, where all I'm more culture advocacy, campaign school under I'm part of the organization of American Students. We come here, we have a meeting to make sure that you don't Any of you celebrated and five here on campus? Along with that, we have our student conference. This like, student government, my hat in your high school. They wouldn't make sure things get done. You really into legislation and kind of like a student Body power coming way. Our board of programmers and we're gonna take a peek inside to see some of the members are here. Thomas. I'm Carl, were members of the board of Programmers. So essentially what we do on campuses, we plan almost all the events that go on throughout the year. So drop the weekly host of Trivia Night's karaoke unites open mic nights, different lectures, so many different things to do to 15 nights, always keeping students involved in engaged. And then on the weekends we have some bigger events. You have a country night. We have two yearly events called Clam jam and problem Lose A where we get the food, trucks and vendors and vans and different inflatables. And it's so much fun on. There were also responsible for planning our spring concert, which kind of creates a community at the school and making sure that everyone's having a great time in a safe time on campus. Keep on walking and you are You're evolving campaign, right? Yeah, I love reading. People were about it. Sure. So Campus ministries a really awesome way to get involved here on campus and actually abroad to sew. My freshman year, I got involved with a group on campus called Pure Ministry and Pure Ministry is a student blood and student run organization. So you actually meet biweekly with a group of students in your same grade, So really awesome way to meet new people starting, especially from last year when you don't really know anybody. Uh and so you, me, and just talk about where faith and college life kind of intersex and and where those big questions for when you're going through college, everybody's kind of going through the same thing as you. So it's really awesome opportunity to kind of just soundboard off of other people who are going to the same. So actually, last semester, when I was abroad in Seville, Spain, off my pure minister for my junior group, she actually was abroad with me and we would actually face time in Thio. Everybody else was traveling all around the world. So we had people in Dublin. We had people in Cork, Ireland, all throughout Spain, in Italy. So we had face time in once a month and really connect with other people. So pure ministry is a really awesome way to get involved as well as service opportunities through campus Ministry. She definitely Oh, okay. Woke up. W T o m. This is our on campus radio station. A lot of friends will group up together and host a radio show. There's all different types of genres between sports country music him hot. If you're into, that s, oh, it's a great way to join and be involved on campus. Your parents can listen across the globe, which is really fun, so definitely check it out. Tune in and hear us in all of the music that happens on Casey's campus and now follow Follow Me Thio PC TV, which is our television station on campus. There's all different segments that we host from sports to news to entertainment. We really are able Thio get a little peek into what it's like to be on PCs campus interviewing some athletes. We have road to the Shirt, which follows athletes on their intramural journey, which is always a lot of fun to highlight an interview. Some of those students and we also during our huge concerts, concerts on campus, interview some students and get a little peek into what peace is all about. So yeah, so much to do on PC campus and So this is our career Education center, which is a really awesome resource is for students on campus. So we have an alumni network of over 55,000 a long night all throughout the world and here domestically in the United States that are so willing to help you. But we also have this career education center right here on campus. So if you don't have a resume, coming into college will help create one. If you do have a resume, they'll help you get it to that really college level. So when you're looking for internships and job opportunities will help you revise that for whatever needs to happen. Also, even practice interviews here, and you can rent out this space. Thio. If you have an interview and it's out in Chicago, were out in California and you want to do a Skype interview, you could rent out the space to use it for that. This is a really awesome resource, and we have a little saying here. That's don't wait, slave in one away, trying to get everyone as early as freshmen here to use this space on get on motivated for jobs and internships. Now let's go get a glimpse of what some of the faculty doesn't here. Okay, So what is it? Are you a career counselor? I am a senior associate director in the Centre for Career Education and Professional Development. So I have a career coach and also an administrator. Well, okay, really a long title. So what do you what is involved in a typical day of Miss Sarah? Okay. Well, what I love about the job is that it is different every single day. I'm meeting students running workshops, cops worry about Do Excel. I'm meeting with Team. We have a dead person team, which is really unique for college this size. And so every day is a little bit different. It's pretty action packed even in the summer. There's a lot to be. Yeah. So, um, forget it all revolves around student success and outcomes in terms of professional development and career focus. Also, do you have maybe a success story that you share with us? Sure. I think the biggest success story this past year has been that we built on exile certification testing center right in the basement of this room. The lower level, I should say cool and we have successfully had over 100 students go through The Learning platform, which is called Jasper Active, is sit for the Microsoft Office certification test so they're officially certified by for some office, and that's on their linked in Page is on. Their rest resume. So employers concede that they actually have the skills needed to be really effective in excel. That is phenomenal. Thank you so much for your time How you doing? Good. We're just doing our campus feels right now to show prospective students what is with you. Introduce yourself. Sure. I'm Ryan, a rising senior finance major. And so right now we're on our slave center, which is equivalent to a student union. What other schools? So right. What do you like to do here? Studying right now? Uh, yeah. Studying right now, rising seniors. What is your favorite thing about PC Favorite thing about PC? I love the people here, and I love all the clubs and activities that are able to be so easy Get involved. So I just highly encourage going on something awesome. Thanks so much. Right. Okay, So this area where we are right now, this is upper slaving. Over Sutton is a really popular study space for students because there's so many couches available. Right, Here's our slaving in the ticket office. Slaving in phone. Ticket office is really awesome research that we have on campus also a student employment opportunity actually work there. My software here. I'm so off all the activities that go on on campus or off campus that need tickets. Come on here and buy some. So freshman year and hear my roommate and I went to go and see a Red Sox Yankees game and we got our tickets there. We've also got tickets to go see the Providence Performing Arts Center, Way saw Les Miz and The Lion King, and I cried the entire Hey, guys can in the Senate, So it Here, you can see we've got some time almost every morning early and stay there until late at night. Gonna fit in your schedule. Also, our equipment gets wish every few years running on women's starting this fall. Good, So impure. In the Peterson Center, we have a bunch of different fun event. So we have our black and white ball, which began as a traditional therapy. See, during my freshman year, when we celebrate our centennial, they check out the place. You can't even recognize it as people play basketball. It's beautiful. It's a lot of fun for faster. They're all dressed up with a lot of band, and it's just a lot of fun. And then we also have a career fair. So once a semester, a bunch of different employers would come and set up in here. The whole place goes up and everyone could go down. Doesn't matter what great for. Uh, we also have our involvement fair. So that's when all are different clubs on campus. We sit up and same thing. There's so many different moves, so students spend a lot of time down there getting a different class you were playing in their clubs where the reason I am here? Uh, no. But actually, this year I'm going to sign up birth into 2/4. I think it's cool. So will your shirt in that it's a really great My guys are about to get a quick workout in, so I'm going to give you a little sneak preview of the gym. PC is a very active campus, whether that be do one sport club teams. Intramurals are intramural. Program is one of the most populated in the country. Theo Jim is always busy. Everyone's very active. You can check the P C Ap and see how busy the gym is and fitted into your schedule. So I'm about to go in. I'll show you a quick preview. Hi, everyone. I'm currently heading over to Raymond Dining Hall, which is the main dining hall here on campus in his incoming freshmen. You will have unlimited swipes today, which is great cause raise open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A fan favorite right is Chicken Nugget. Thursday. I've seen people line up outside. Actually, I've even seen professors in line waiting for chicken nuggets and curly fries. And as a picky eater, I was terrified of Kahlo's food. But I can't say that. Raise a happy surprise and I'm always least with the options. I have it right, finished up dinner and right. How was the meal? It was good. welcome to Planet. So we're not double right now, and all doubles, triples and quads comes with the frame, a desk and a dresser. Life will make sure that you have a comfortable space to live in. And if you ever have issues, you always have your salary. And it was like to go back to as an r a. I think we really tried our best to make sure everyone's in there comfortably. Oh, it is our laundry room. This building has a much room per floor. Somebody in the basement. It's a really cool because you don't have to carry around like a sack of coins with you was included in your tuitions. We could just come in popping your laundry and head on out. And I am also has a laundry tracker. So you always know how many washes driver opening.