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Hey guys in So he and in this video, I'm gonna be talking to you a little bit about application advice for just like applying to colleges in general is well, as applying to High Point University specifically. So I wrote down the questions that I'm going to answer as well as some, like, extra advice that I want to give you guys. Okay, So the first question is, what application advice would you give to someone applying to High Point University? So, for example, for my experience with applying, I was the first class to apply as, like high point, being a test optional school, which essentially means that you don't have to submit your CT or scores. And when I found this about high point it, like, literally made me it made me so happy. I am pretty sure I start crying when I found that this out because I and not the best test taker and I did not have the best essay here scores on. They definitely weren't where I want them to be for applying to high points with seven. The high point was my first choice school. If you haven't seen other videos where I do talk about this The college application process with High Point University specifically as well as advice for applying to colleges. A swell, just some basic advice for applying to college in general. So the first question is, what application vice would you give to someone applying to hyper university? So my experience with applying to high point is a little bit different than, like the average application. So this summer, before applying, I got an email that said that high point was now a test optional school, which means that you don't have to send in your S A T scores. And this was like a total game changer for me. I have been studying for the S A T and A C T is for like, the longest time. I'm not the best test taker. So when I found this out, I was so happy, I was like, I'm pretty sure I start crying Son of so excited. So personally, I didn't send in my a c t auras say scores. What kind of changes? How much money this school can give you. So the application just some common up, which is like similar to every other school. Personally, I wouldn't like. I don't have any, like, specific advice for high point on going like we are attacks on test optional school. So, like if you're not the best test taker like you have the option to go on. But I would just say something that really helped to me was going to the open house is making connections with the person who is going to be reading your application. I'm pretty sure, like I literally like it went up to him when he came to visit my school and was like, Hi, I'm Zack McGinnis. I'm applying your CD like this, my top choice, and I've literally shook it and I looked in the eye and I was like, I want to go to your school so bad and put yourself out there like I know it's pretty scary to be like I want to go to your school, but like, it's just like something that you need to do, like if you want it that badly. And if you want to be a specific school that I'd like. These are the things I think you need to do. I've never really done something like that so after, like I kind of went through the process and was just, like, open about the fact that, like I wanted to be there that bad, like it, kind of just like, made me more confident when applying. And when I had to, like, fill out the questions, I was like, more excited. I guess so, yeah, with applying the hype or whatever they say, like make your connections, get out there. Tell the people that you want to be at that school. But it gives you, like, a lasting impression for like when they're reading your application when finally comes in. The next question is, what do you wish you knew when applying honestly, like there isn't anything that I would change throughout my application process, like it was honestly, a dream come true from like the moment I set foot on campus to like the moment I got my acceptance letter, I think that, like I would just, like, tell myself like calm down and, like everything is gonna work out the way it needs to work out. Remember, they're like these three questions you had to answer in, like, fifty words or less, and there were like nights where I would be working on it and I would just feel like crying in front of my computer because, like, I wanted to be accepted so badly. And I want all of my answers to be perfect, but like they can't be perfect and hope it, like all works out for the best. So, like, I guess I would just tell myself to, like, calm down and, like, not be so hard on myself through the application process because it's all gonna work out in the end. And then, lastly, I wrote down the little notes like other application advice. So I have, like, I have a lot, but I'm gonna try to get through quickly. I would definitely say to knock out all of your essays over this summer. It's so much nicer. And if you can see if your school has, like an essay class or like seminar over the summer, all right, just one of those and was able to get my get, like three essays done like over the summer done so you don't have to worry about that. You don't have to worry about like your school specific questions, um, that are in your comin up next. I know everyone say this, but like, definitely be honest. You don't want, like, hyper cell about more and show that you have, like, more achievements and you actually dio because especially if you have to do like interviews and they're like reading for your application or like, oh, tell us how you're fluent in Spanish and your lake. But I ain't so don't, like, lie or say you've accomplished things that you haven't because all that will definitely come back to bite you in the But another thing that I would say is to, like, reach out to students already go there. So, like whenever people like, post about like if we're going there, they always use, like, half times on instagram. So definitely like for me, I looked up the cash like HP twenty one. I'm class twenty two. So the one instagram like find people who are possibly in your major on instagram like I don't know how you'll be able to find that were like, fine connections. See if you can, like, talk to him who already go there like this is what campus rules such a cool website because you're eight. You're getting all of this information without even like having to reach out. So, like use cameras rolling. You guys are already on top of things. Don't over apply. It's expensive distresses you. You have more work to do for deciding. It stresses you out for more work. So to get the applications in. But also like if you get into a lot of schools like that's just going to put more stress on you in deciding so deftly narrow down the schools were going to apply to before you even applied to them. So I hope that sound this application vice helped you with applying to High Point University or even just any university general. I just want to remember that your acceptances don't define who you are as a person or your intelligence. And then everything works out in the end. As cheesy as it sounds, I know, I know. So this is a little overview of the gym and rec centre, which is located in Slain, which is our student center. Uh, this is there's like a track that goes around the top, and there's two open areas on the sides for wherever you'd like to do some floor work, uh, brush of a lip to goals and treadmills and then some other machines over here. Some like weird stair climbing machines, possum bikes, a rowing machine and then just some other things or a stair climber there and then out the windows. There is where the pool is located. So absurd is mostly machines. And then if you go downstairs, you have a lot of weight and other things you can use in the gym. And then outside we have a pool, which it's getting nice out. So a lot of people are sitting outside and tanning Jacuzzi, and then we also have an outdoor basketball court, which is right outside the gym and an outdoor volleyball court, which is right across from the pool and the dorm that's in front of his French, which is the honors warm and a really cool part of our HP rec center and her apart is our private angry exercise classes on the app I am leagues so you can sign up for any way of classes when, like yoga, spinning bosses and Zuba. And then more specific classes were like parts of your body that you want strengthen tone. This is just like a little overview of, like, the op and what you can sign up for and all those classes that they offer. Oh, yeah. You could also rent a bicycle or, like a trick or a tandem bike and used that around campus as well, which is super fun. So, uh, that's a little overview of each rock. Hope you enjoyed that. Hey, guys. Okay, so this video is going to be about housing on campus as well as my room tour. So I just wrote down the Colluded with things that I wanted, like mentions it. I make sure hit all my points I want talk about Also. First, let me talk about housing overall. So, freshman at high point, our guarantee housing on campus and on campus housing is really popular through like a regular four year track at college. So specifically for freshman is how I want to be talking about the most. So there are a lot of options for where freshmen want to live on campus for our first year, and our housing is separated into five tiers, and we talk about tears wanted to, which are the choices that freshmen have when they're first coming to high point. So you have your base costs, which is tear one and then tear to would be adding around things like three thousand dollars to your base cost. So the freshmen dorms on campus are Belk Blessing Finch, which is the honors dorm Millis, which is the Boys Dorm, Juan IQ and University Center to also is you see too, And the women's complex, which separate it into four hallways. God Can Wesley North and McEwan. McEwan is where I live, So I do live in the women's complex, though I do live in a Tier one dorm, so I don't have like a kitchen and I have a twin size bed. But we still have like a refrigerator and like a microwave like you have in your normal dorm. So even though I live in to your one, I still think that High Point has like a really nice storms. I still think that the doorman of super spacious me, I won't even have a closet that we share and put all our stuff in, and what's different is in the hallway that I live in. McEwan is that different from the three other hallways. Islamic human is sweet style, so I do share a bathroom with my sweet mate who lives next door so that that's a little bit about housing. There is also a lot of information on High Points website. We even have three sixty tours for all the housing options are offered at high point, and that's definitely what helped me the most in deciding where I wanted to live my freshman year. So, yeah, that's a little bit about housing. And now I can't show you my room. Okay? So quickly as a disclaimer. My roommate is working on one of her video projects right now, so there's a lot of camera equipment in the room, but yeah, just tried to ignore that. Best you can. Okay, so this is like a little overview of what you see when you first walked in. The biggest thing in our room is that we're just trying to, like, get as much storage as possible for, like, the space that we have. So, like I said, a lot of camera equipment in here. Okay, so this is my side of the room, and this is my roommate side of the room. So I could start here. We have some hangers behind the door, which is really nice. And then this is inside of our cool oz. It So, Like I said, we just try, like, use as much stores is because we're given. So we have some, like cubbies that we made up here, and actually this rack here we actually bought to give us more space because it only came with this side, so you would actually have ah lot more room in the closet. But this is just what we decided to dio. I got some she racks, and I also have this which I hold some sweaters in, and then just lots of stuff to hang, and then you have some more hang rocks on the back. Wait, keep our garbage pails here and then more on my side. What's cool is we actually have these, like two little shelves, which were kind of inconvenient first. But I actually really like them because But I could just, like, add more stuff. There's more swords. Like I said, we have these drawers here which are actually pretty spacious. They, like, pull out pretty far. I keep my shirts in here, and you could actually add a lot of stuff in them. Storage under the bed, which goes all the way behind. This doesn't take up the entire under the bed. And then this is just like my desk, where I look like snacks and extra books, and then you also have some more room under the desk. And then you also have, like, this little addition that goes above the desk. We shouldn't just, like, add more stuff, so they definitely like, keep in mind the amount of space you have, so we try to, like, do stored as best as possible. That's what room myself. We just have our refrigerator, microwave, curate, etcetera. And then this is just a little vanity where we each have our staffs. My roommate stuff, my stuff that we have some more room under the sink and then, just like four drawers and then into the bathroom, some more hanging here, which comes with it. Khun and toilet shower more stored on here. And this showers actually like way bigger than I thought it was going to be. So you can just he said. We all have those tarts for proof you'LL find is that And then over here is my suitemates room, but it's pretty much the same set up. So yeah, I hope that gave you a better insight into what a freshman dorm and the women's complex looks like. Like I said, if you have any more questions or if you want, like more in depth information like the dimensions, all of that is on High Points website, so you can get all that information if you need